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  1. Have you tried this mod? Its specifically desgined for that task. If you made a huge megabase though, it will probably be unstable regardless.
  2. She probably has trouble to separate the don't starve world from a very complex theatrical play, and keeps acting 24/7 (tropical thunder anyone?). I mean when darkness surrounds her she says "and the curtain falls" as if it was the end of an act. The don't starve world is such a bizarre place that, maybe to her logic nothing is real, and she is just in a masterpiece theatrical show, where she is a glorious viking. It probably makes it easier for her to cope with the situations.
  3. Don't Starve Shower Thoughts

    Perhaps Wes's breath is highly damaging and/or poisonus. Thus his baloons popping deal damage when nearby, and he does not talk to prevent mass extinction.
  4. I'd be 2 on Efficiency, and 5 on all the rest. I hate base building and I play quite nomadic, usually only plan ahead 2-3 days. I help building stuff only if the team is commited to megabasing or something, otherwise Im the small ugly base guy.
  5. Dst does not require you to make any file management to launch as far as I know, you will get a direct icon to start the game. What error are you getting when trying to start the game? If you are speaking that you got a pirate copy of the game your post will be immediately locked btw, so I hope thats not what you mean.
  6. Iridescent Gem Future Use?

    Make Wes talk. "Wow!" Then its consumed, and you need another gem.
  7. But this is like the only thing going for him... and they even nerfed it in dst compared to ds, since it now takes some practice to do it without aggroing the spiders towards you. If they take this away from him he'd have nothing.
  8. Sorry, I don't understand this statement. What specific use would get a wickerbottom out of more than one purple gem? Agreed! I've done this extensively as her, but usually on solo runs. Tentacles are incredibly useful, but also dangerous and unreliable, even a tiny distraction or lag spike will get you (or more often, a teammate) stunlocked and killed. In team coop games there are usually easier and less dangerous ways to farm these things. The Bee Queen is the most common boss that proves troublesome even to a bunch of Wolfgangs, so they usually accept having a tentacle farm support to help with the grumble bees spam. My statement was meant to reflect what I've seen more often on long lived coop servers, and it does not reflect all Wicker's potential as a character. Don't get me wrong, she's a great character and I really like her, but for example, having more than one Wickerbottom in a decent team will get you no benefits, whereas having 2 Wolfgangs will. You've made a good point in which I probably wasn't very clear. I only meant to explain things that would "exploit" the natural special abilities each character has, since that's the point of the thread. Of course any char can accomplish and rush everything in many ways, I just meant that, for example, it's obviously easier to have a Maxwell on a team running around a rock biome with a piggyback and 3 shadow miners to get the job done, than a WX with a Luxury Pick. However, eventually any char can get to walk bearger over a petrified forest, and the trinkets obtained of the ruins regenerations will yield more gold via Pig King than anyone can use. But if you want to get all the basic materials to construct peacefully and with little effort at the early game, unless I have other long term plans, I'd go Maxwell. I like to think what I want to do the most before starting a game and focus on that first, and as the game goes by new objectives come up. But that's probably just me anyway. Other people seem to like characters just for the character itself, and for role playing purposes, without minding much about their advantages/disadvantages. And among those people are the ones that main Willow or Woodie. Completely agree on this one, these changes have made him somewhat less unique. I've mained Waxwell quite a long time as well and I also love the char (Hence, my forum name). I believe he could remain unique if his duelists could actually handle some things, and didn't suck almost completely. But that's probably for another topic.
  9. Wickerbottom may seem powerful early on, but once there is a running general base and food is no longer a problem, her powers quickly balance down to be just a support character. Like I mentioned earlier, in long games very awesome players Ive been with seem to use Wendy and Wolfgang mostly, I assume it's because their special skills never really lose their momentum whether its day 10 or day 2000: Wolfgangs keep raiding bosses over and over with very little effort, and Wendys seem to enjoy to keep mass murdering ruins stuff (specially monkeys) and on the surface world they beefalo ride to compensate their damage penalty (With the orb of destruction "Abigail" as an extra bodyguard unique to her). On the other hand, Wickerbottom "loses" her original ability of not needing a science machine since everyone will eventually get to that point (for most players that happens in 20 days or less) and her books are not really required that often once there are several food sources. In lategame Wickerbottoms seem to play their role just fixing tentacle fields near bee queen, and overcharging WXs if there are any. Im not suggesting any of these needs a nerf or a buff, just that their roles are different and it all depends on your goals in the game. If you goal is to make it to the second autumn with all the basics quick and efficiently covered, then Wickerbottom is probably your char. If your goal is to mass murder everything that is not a boss in the game, go Wendy. If your goal is to kill bosses and swim on boss loot, go Wolfgang/Wigfrid. If your goal is to stockpile food and healing forever, and live most of the time alone in a corner of the world, go Webber. If your goal is to build huge pretty bases quickly, without going through the problems of gathering wood and stone, go Maxwell. If your goal is to explore the land effortless and not die very often, go WX. If you don't really want to have any advantage/disadvantage because you don't like that part of the game much, go Wilson. If your goal is to suffer, and yet hide your constant pain to prove that you are better than the other players on the server, go Wes. It all goes down to which playstyle you like, what role you want to fill on a team, and what character you like more. Some characters are less picked than others, because their skills may seem boring, not fun, or not challenging enough to many of the players. Thats why I suggested to perhaps add a little something to those instead but for "fun" purposes mostly, not to make them as powerful as X char. (IMHO those requiring a little spice up their world would be Woodie and Willow I've given extensive suggestions about them in other posts).
  10. I'll add my 2 cents here: From what I've seen in very long term games and playing with 1k + hours players, wickerbottoms are rare on servers and just do their magic once and then, and then act as any other character. Most very experienced players gravitate towards Wendy or Wolfgang, to the point where sometimes every char on the server is one of those. Not saying they are OP, just that it all depends on player skill, and since the game is not competitive I'd only buff a little the characters that are less liked/ used so we see them more often (Willow and Woodie)
  11. I was looking for a new game to play with my girlfriend, since she didn't like much the previous co-op games we tried (She's not much into gaming in general, and gets motion-sick with FPS games). While browsing I saw that DST was on sale, and when reading the reviews at that time I found most to be very funny, I don't really remember them exactly but they were all sort of like: -"The game was hard enough alone, now I have people that steals food from my fridge" -"You will make a happy base, then you will fail miserably and die... and yet you will try again and again... why, why do you keep doing this?" -"They didn't accept me in a camp, so I made my own camp. They made a mistake and everything on their camp burned. Now I'm not accepting them. By the way the mistake was me and a torch at night." -"I was doing fine in my relationship with my wife, until we started playing this game" So yeah, I thought at least it would be funny to try. I got very into the game immediately, and since my GF didn't like to talk about the game as much as I did... well that's why I'm here!
  12. Base design and griefers

    The longest running games ive played at were in strictly unprofessional endless public servers, which are rarely reset and usually last 5k days or more. In this setting, bases are created and destroyed constsntly, sometimes due to pillage, sometimes because of mistakes and bad luck, and sometimes because of griefing. Under these circumstances Ive seen gorgeous bases coming from the common effort of dozens of players being destroyed just "because" by a single willow, at some time when no admins were around. The only bases that usually survived through the ages unmodified, or even improve over time, where those hidden in really far away and hard to access places, such as ruins megabases. Ive also survived reliably hundreds of days in borrowed tiny ugly bases in dark remote cave areas. TL;DR: I think the only thing that prevents griefing on a base, regardless of size, prettiness or order, is how hard it is to find for a griefer. Griefers are usually not so good exploring or surviving for long.
  13. Winona. Nobody mentioned her. I am dissapoint.
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Maxwell Spider Memes: The Spider There, fixed the topic for you guys, enjoy yerselves.
  15. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    We're being outmeme'd! Seen several memes including DST lately on 9gag and Knowyourmeme.