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  1. I really don't like that we have to turn on an event for a couple of minutes on every world every single time, its a pretty bad solution. A beefalo skin system and the bell should be permanent beyond the event. Perhaps without the event on, the beefalo skins would be weavable, and the advantage of the event is, just not having to purchase them (like, during Hallowed nights you can use the costumes for free). But the mechanics should be integrated to the main game.
  2. Great ideas and design! To make her less pick and swap I still think her catapults, spotlight and nitre generator (not the gemarator) should be portable and deployable (like Warly’s crock pot) but only Winona can do that; for everyone else they are stationary. It’s a simple change that opens many new possibilities of gameplay.
  3. The fact that people after all these years are still collaborating and having fun doing this puzzle brings me fond memories of the time when we were all united as a community trying to figure out the meaning of each symbol. Klei please more stuff like this if possible, it is amazing.
  4. It’s not very decorative, but it’s probably the most efficient right now: always available, no “fuel” involved and unlike with the Varg or the tentacles there’s low risk of getting killed by it (just don’t hit them of course)
  5. I think hamlet is sort of a standalone thing for singleplayer and I doubt they would ever port the whole thing exactly as it is. That said, over the years there was a never stopping flood of requests of adding shipwrecked to DST, and the way they handled it was by adding a new ocean with a new and unique sailing system, new fishes, new sea mobs, new fishing system, etc. So judging from that, what I think is more likely to happen, which is also more original and profitable in the long term, is that we will slowly see a lot more mechanics, art and concepts from hamlet introduced to DST over the next few years, but with its own unique DST style.
  6. Sometimes when one of my subscribed mods auto updates, it shows as if the game updated briefly too.
  7. - New NPCs, with factions. EG: Pirate merms, Viking pigs - A lot more islands to explore - Much better sunken chest loot - Explore a bit more the concept of stealth into the game - Dangerous Cave lakes with an island where mysterious druidic bunnymen gather... - Random shenanigans events (if anyone played fallout new vegas, it would be like the Wild Wasteland trait concept) EG: finding a lonely merm, floating in a small raft in the middle of the ocean, fishing, hugging the fish then tossing them back to the ocean. Yknow, pointless little "WTF" moments.
  8. So based on the results until now the forums want a human, magic based, old lady.
  9. His beefalo was tamed normally. It also had the bond with the bell. The bonding of the bell IS useful and necessary to move the beefalo with you through wormholes, caves, and to take it with you if you leave the server. It’s not only a cosmetic thing. My question was that maybe and as long as we have this faulty AI behavior just un-bonding before boss fights would be safer so the beefalo doesn’t behave like this.
  10. I suppose it’s weird given that beefalos didn’t have that “Woby” behavior before. Esai always did the beefalo taming process before YOTB’s update and he is probably very used to the “normal” beefalo behavior, that is, not running away. That new “feature” probably gets any expert beefalo trainer player off guard. And IMO it’s a useless new thing to have, just as I think it was always useless on Woby.
  11. What was the advantage of this behavior in Woby in first place? At first I thought there was some mechanic I was not seeing, like that Woby would block you from reaching an area when unmounting or something, and that is why it was coded onto her. But with extensive mounting I still see no use for it; It creates horrible situations that make you take extra damage or die unnecesarily. I hate Woby just for this AI thing. And now this weird AI behavior was exported onto beefalos for a reason.