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  1. I think Wurt is too similar to the goldfish skin. Maybe they could add a nice clothing to her, like an ancient chinese or japanese empress dress (given that she is a Koi fish, which is popular as a decorative pet on asian styled garden ponds)
  2. I love Wicker and Webber. I support this. Warrior spider Webber sounds like a good idea.
  3. I have a few ideas of how I think a fun pvp mode could be implemented through a mod, sadly I have no idea how to code and pvp is rather frown upon by the current community. But seeing how much people still plays the forge mod (some being the only thing they play of the game) it gives me hope that at least a certain public, or a completely different one, would probably enjoy such mode.
  4. It probably doesn't count for the halloween contest, but it's scary nevertheless.
  5. The combat system is technically fine, I think, I mean many popular games including MOBAS have the exact same system of hitting and dodging with right timings, the main difference in DST is that you have to know how to manage your inventory, and that the "special" effects of attacks are very few. The forge did a lot of things right, and I think we're slowly seeing implementations of that in the base game. I think what could be expanded upon are the weapons effects not just outright boosting damage. For example the fire staff should probably behave more like in the forge, instead of a ranged ignition tool. How to balance that is a matter of debate, but I think you get the idea. Walter is indeed a cool alternative, but also somewhat missing opportunity. I think his greatest perks with the slingshot should be crowd control, over damage: The poop pellets should probably have a longer lasting effect, specially on mobs that instantly re-aggro, like hounds. The freezing pellet should probably have a small splash radius (like a flingo snowball) and the slow pellet... I dont know.. probably get some AOE too? or leave a small area on the ground for a few seconds that all enemies touching it get slowed, or something, it's just not that useful for how expensive it is... But the point is that maybe with the combination of speed, freezing, de-aggro and slowing he should be keeping enemies busy while slowly dealing damage at range OR letting other damage dealers (Wigfrid, Wolfgang, Wendy, Weremoose) do the real damage while he keeps them busy. I think that would add a lot of "uniqueness" to his combat style. The weremoose, having a special AOE attack offers a completely unique way to fight as you can use the charge to attack, dodge, reposition, flee, catch up on far away enemies, or damage many enemies at a time. Wortox also offers a unique way to fight having a permanent dodge perk, and a unique healing. Wendy has a permanent AOE with Abigail, and with correct positioning you can also use Abi as a mobile shield. Wicker is due for a rework still but even today, being able to spam sleepytime stories, gives her a unique approach to fights. However given how the sleep effects works on some mobs, its only useful in certain situations, but that kind of approach of fights could certainly be expanded as well. TL;DR: It's not so bad, it could grow in both niche character specific things, and new weapon effects and uses.
  6. Fair enough. I think I understand why Klei accepts in game screenshots then.
  7. Sorry to be that guy, and I know everyone wants skins or spools (myself included) but wasn't the point of this to have a showcase of real life stuff? Like real life disguises of people, pets, pumpkin carvings, or physical paper artwork, handcrafts, etc made for the occasion. Maybe screenshots could be a category, but it would seem most people will just be submitting in game, halloween themed screenshots. I'm not saying screenshots are bad and I know how much effort and time it takes to make a really nice looking thematic base, but it would seem to me that it would be an entirely different contest, or point. Or maybe I'm getting it all wrong
  8. How would Wurt and Wortox work? Would the merms hate him/her? Would it be able to eat souls, since its not a plant based food? If its all positive it would be one of the best combos: workers for resources, higher stats via merm king, high mobility, healing, and obtaining souls by making merms kill eachother. If all negative then its just a wortox who can't eat souls nor meat based items.
  9. Here's some of the WORST combinations I can think of: - Woodie and Wurt: Wurt would remove the possibility of woodie to eat idols, removing a big chunk of his perks. - Wormwood and Maxwell: 75 max hp + harder healing. Good luck with that! - Wes + Wormwood: on the bright side seeing a mime with a giant flower in his head would be quite a sight.
  10. Well yeah, you could also stay mighty eating cooked monster meat then regenerating with Wigs perk. Wigfrid has not only a meat only diet, but also a tiny stomach. And Wolfgang has increased hunger. If the cons combine you'd get tiny stomach + increased hunger. So you'd get the mightiest being in the constant, but during the times you are not fighting having to eat meat so often would probably be annoying, more than challenging. Still the mightiest being alive though
  11. It does sound like a nightmare though Having to get mighty on meat only, and having a tiny stomach with increased food needs could be challenging, but when your meat needs are set then yeah, it would be a godly being.
  12. I pick Woodie first and even though having Wigfrid's helmets and regenerative perks would be really nice, I think in the long run Wickerbottom would be the best pick. Healing during transformations is not such a big problem once you have jellybeans. I often find myself switching between Woodie and Wickerbottom actually, since Wicker gives all "the important stuff" Woodie doesn't have:
  13. crittersbrain.lua appears in other logs recently reported giving crashes, it affects characters having critters, or Woby. As @Hornete mentioned this is a known bug by now.
  14. I hope it stays as an unintended feature too, as it requires highly coordinated teamwork to do this, and that is the essence of DST: do something complex together and if done right, get a nice reward. It goes well with the other aspect of the game's design which is discovery, this is still a secret of sorts that will be taught from player to player. Also the first times you do this the results are super ugly and it becomes a very funny process. It's not entirely gamebreaking either, you have to get the materials and craft every item anyway, and the most powerful things you can get are: - Stacked drying racks - A flingo with a lightning rod - Max heat furnaces - A better looking well equipped boat - A more efficient and super high energy consuming catapult circle. (Again, it still requires you to have built all the catapults anyway, and it will still consume as many gems as it would if it was more spread) The rest of the benefits are decorative. Personally, I think this is for DST what for skyrim was the "placing a basket on the traders head so they don't see while you steal" exploit: The devs saw it hours after the game's release, and decided it was too great and funny to patch.