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  1. Well I don't blame them, I'm not Canadian at all, and I feel a bit more Canadian after listening to it. And my computer mouse turned into a hockey stick.
  2. I didn't know this bit of trivia, I'm listening to the original song now, pretty cool actually, thanks Patchy!
  3. Sailing Competition

    This looks like its going somewhere, really fun to watch, seems fun to play and it has a lot of potential. We could dedicate servers to this, like, "10 days preparation, the race starts the 11th" since its a longer day (full moon) and the survival aspect of getting enough food, what character you picked and how well you made your boat would be important factors. There could be different categories like, circunnavigating the mainland and return where everyone started, or shorter races like a smaller course inbetween lunar island and the mainland, and having to complete X amout of laps. We could even make teams, like in a server of 6, there are 3 teams of 2 making the boat and then sailing. Of course burning other players boats or stealing materials and stuff like that should be entirely avoided, I even think during building time sharing science stations and msterials should be encouraged. But other stuff like bumping against eachother with the boat during the race could be allowed. I know competition is frown by many in DST community due to attracting a toxic side of gamers, but from all the "pvp" posibillities of competition, with well established rules and fair play, this seems like the least toxic and one that could lead to hillarious situations.
  4. Probably sort of related but I want the waves to evolve to not just be hound waves, we should be attacked by many different things to spice that up.
  5. Taming more creatures

    Or were-koalephants and that's why we find them following the same tracks. And Ewecus are sheep-cursed were-koalafants.
  6. Yeah, I was thinking that instead of making WX a "jack of all trades" like woodie is, your choices would matter and depending your playstyle, your WX will behave differently. And since you can combine those 2 modules as you want (the choice of what gears do, and the choice of what being overcharged does) its basically like having a bunch of new characters in one. A blank slate that you personalize as you progress in the game. to prevent the OP side again, I was also thinking that maybe each module could add new cons or weaknesses, like, if you pick the "deal more damage when overcharged" perk you take even more damage from wetness making it extremely dangerous, and make gears not restore HP, forcing you to have to think what the gears module will do for you to compensate that (and thus, losing some other cool perk that you could instead put there). Or if you pick the "restores HP and sanity passively while overcharged" module you also gain an increased hunger... I dont know, I didn't give it much thought about the cons, but it could make WX a very in depth character mostly aimed for late game and to plan how you want him to be.
  7. I think WX could take a more RPG-ish direction, like crafting different modules that grant different perks and weaknesses, completely overriding his original perks. Like a Module that changes what eating gears affect, and another module that changes what being overcharged affect. By default he will behave mostly as he is now, but installing a module will make you drop all the gears you had, and any charge you had before. His wetness con could be increased accordingly with how wet he is: The more wetness he has the more damage he takes, up to 5 or 6 per tic which would be a lot of damage. EG: Possible changes to what do eating gears affect, instead of boosting stats. Can only pick one. They still require you to eat the same amount of gears to be fully upgraded and reach the cap: Increased natural resistance to all damage, up to a 35% cap Increased time each lightning keeps him overcharged, decreased penalty of consecutive strikes, up to +100% of overcharged time. Increased resistance to wetness, up to 80% at cap Increased internal insulation, allowing him to keep thermals at the specified temperature for longer (up to 100% more time) and food from spoiling inside his body inventory up to 50% more time. Possible changes to what being overcharged affects instead of the speed and resistance to freezing (The light I'd keep it, as its sort of a trademark to show that he is overcharged). Can only pick one: Fighter charged module: Deals extra (up to 50%) more damage in electrical damage (stacks with Warly's foods), can also briefly stun lock most enemies that melee attack him by electrocuting them like in the forge. Healer charged module: Passively restores HP and sanity at a slow rate (like 5 sanity and hp every minute). His glow also restores any ally within reach some hp and sanity (the glow has a very tiny radius) Builder Charged module: Can pick up items instantly, craft most alchemy engine items with a discount, his glow makes most plants within radius grow faster, and is immune to overheating. All-or-nothing charged module: Can trade all his charge for a brief full power unleash; for just 10 seconds he emits a lot more light, becomes 100% immune to all damage, runs faster and deals 100% more electrical damage, but after those 10 seconds, no matter how much charge he had before, he will get depleted and lose charge. This power requires a cooldown to use again, even if he gets charged once more instantly. (It could be an ingame half a day, or so) etc... Better modules require harder to obtain items, like green or yellow gems. Changing modules makes you lose some of your gears and your charge. TL;DR: The basic Idea is that even if 4 Wxs are on the same server, the combination of perks they have is completely different due to their selected modules. And it is discouraged to be switching modules often. Its a basic draft of an idea anyway, it would certainly require a lot more fine tuning.
  8. Count to 200 without interruption

  9. They are most likely pushing the new batch of content, which according to their description it should be "meaty". We'll probably get another collection of skins with the new updates (along the year, not specifically during next one), verdant part 2 may be among them.
  10. Count to 200 without interruption

    How come you can't count right even after all these pages, for 43's sake?
  11. Why did you make me google the meaning of the word concur?
  12. So I just wanted to say that I may or may not start checking my inbox every 10 minutes for valentines invitations, cards, random Hi, or even admin's valentine's warnings... and yeah.. just throwing it out there...
  13. No Steam Overlay

    Glad it was finally sorted. You can hide the topic yourself if you want to, but If I was you I'd leave it on, maybe someone else will have this issue and your solution could help them.
  14. Also a naval type of character would get more interesting if they add lakes or smaller oceans with new and different threats in the caves. Otherwise any water related perks would not have any meaning in the underworld. The only 2 "water related" characters at this point, Wurt and Woodie, have many other advantages at the caves, not making you miss water down there.
  15. Unless the game adds many threats in the water that require a side player "scouting" the ocean, or the possibility to literally live moving across islands I see no point to add Walani, even with the changes suggested. She'd be a character that would fall flat really fast in the game, adding nearly nothing interesting to the team. I can see that she is liked due to her personaility and the fact that she is a surfer, which is indeed pretty cool, but I don't find any interesting mid to late game uses in the perks suggested. If a sea character is added it needs to complement the other players and the current boating system, not just give them surfboards or take them for a ride. We already have a sea scout as Woodie, its redundant to add "just a beter one". Also there are other sea mechanics that a sea character could focus on, like easier fishing or befriending the sea life.