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  1. world generation

    I do not understand OP's concerns much either, but what has been happening to me lately and I can relate to, is that I keep getting juicy berries and/or twiggy trees worlds more often, with normal unchanged settings and no server mods. its probably just RNG, or some of the latest updates increased the possibilities of those type of worlds, I'm not sure.
  2. I've been thinking something that we're not giving the attention it deserves: using web as a WEAPON. Yes I know this would be an obvious nod to spider man, and I don't mean that we see webber swinging across the constant (or do I?) what I mean is: With some silk (EG: 3 silk, 1 spidergland) Webber can create one small yarn-ball-looking ball of silk you can toss. Tossing the web ball works with the same arc and dynamic as water baloons tossing Causes non-boss mobs to get stuck for a few seconds in an animation like the snot of the Ewecus, (except that it would be silk, not snot of course). Each crafting gives you one ball, they are stackable up to 20, and anyone can use it. Bosses can't get stuck no matter how many you throw. When you hit bosses, giants, or simply miss and it falls to the ground, it creates a webbing area on the ground that slows down and stays there for a few seconds before dissapearing. The slow down effect should probably be stronger than the usual spider nest webbing. Non flying giants should be affected by the slowing effect. Spiders and Spider queens are immune to all its effects. Flying creatures are immune to the slow effect of the ground webbing (smaller flying mobs like bats can get stuck though) The reasoning: -------------------------- As a side note I'd like to see some way to get more interactions with spiders, like having specific minions you can keep until they die, or upgrading them in some way, but I'd explain that in another post (maybe, perhaps)
  3. Can crock pots explode?

    I come to offer a different theory
  4. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    This. Through a mod or vanilla accesibility toggle, those that get sick with his feature should be able to get the blurry area changed for just pitch black. Then you'd see the world only at the tiny area he sees okay without glasses. The point is that you can barely see anything without glasses and that you should wear them all the time, as @FreyaMaluk has been explaining. His con is to limit the usage of headgears.
  5. I see him as one of those side characters that pop as a comic relief for a few minutes thing. Hopefully if we keep making waves he will eventually become a somewhat important part, although im not sure how people feels about an imp from another dimension different than earth or the constant , being part of the gang.
  6. I'll give my 2 cents: no perk of webber should be removed, he has a good set of skills, the issue they have is that he becomes lacking and boring past early game. Also the nightvision perk suggested by OP would break entirely the charlie mechanic, I dont think that would solve his problems. I agree that he should be able to build cave spiders dens: Probably as a mid game upgrade for webber, using for example 2 spider dens, 2 nightmare fuel and some rocks. The only thing I dont know is how would you go and reliably summon the cave spider variants to be used... Regarding the "Riding spider queens" idea: arent they way too slow to be of any actual use? Also they are short lived too (only a few days). This sounds like fun as an idea for the first 2 minutes, but in practice I can only see me facetanking bosses a little bit until they die, since they are too slow to even kite. I think he should instead be able to command them via an upgraded version of spiderhat he can build, with spiderhat as an ingredient for it (and maybe anyone can use).That way you can sort of coordinate to get to spawn 2 or 3 queens in an area and when they do, command them to do something. This could be a lategame strategy for webber. Sleeping in dens: I see no problem in that, its a small little addition that would be fitting. Since he can upgrade the tier 1 and tier 2 dens, to prevent the game mechanics from being complicated when you mouse over the den, he should be able to sleep in tier 3 dens only, since he can no longer upgrade those. Also I'd lower the spider den crafting cost a bit to just 3 papyrus instead of 6. Nobody ever makes dens that way since you can easily get a stack by going around the map and upgrade those existing.
  7. I guess the second best thing to do is to drop bernie to the ground, and get insane near him. He will do a little zombiewalk and if you are lucky show you the dance of his people.
  8. Wagstaff Tips and Tricks

    From what I've tested: Fryfocals are a cool looking new ranged weapon, although they dont really deal much direct damage and have a short range: took me 3 blasts to kill a hound, since it has 10 uses only and costs a red gem this is probably not the best use. The main use I've been giving them are a fire staff replacement, setting mobs on fire when there are multiple threats at the same time, letting you deal with less enemies at the same time. EG: set Bishops on fire so they panic around, while you deal with another clockwork. Telebrella and telipad: I like the concept, teleport to a specific location for a pretty cheap cost, and a great way to get out of trouble. If you make more than one you will always go to the nearest, so depending what you want to do with them is how many I'd place: If I want to use it to go to camp fast, I'd set a camp near the center of maps and place just one there. But this may leave you out of range at some maps spots. If I wanted to use it as a way to escape "ohcrap" situations, I'd lay a few around the map that go to safe minibases so you always have one in range to go and recover. I wish you could pick which one you go to if you have more than one at range though [EDIT:You can, check YiinHikari post below]. He takes damage over eating food without cooking, so wherever the telipad takes you, it would probably be wise to have at least a crock pot and a campfire near it to use quickly whenever he needs to. Infroggles let you have really cheap and durable moggles since the start of the game, the downside I see so far is that they don't let you see shadow creatures. Not sure if this is an oversight or intended. You must be extra careful or just not wear them if insane. The thumper is going to leave woodie out of job just plant a lot of trees in a circle area around the device and when they reach max growth, activate the device. You can have multiple if you calculate the range of each, to cover large forests, it costs no maintenance or fuel once it was placed. It deals 25 damage to mobs, and given how slow it is, its probably not great for killing most creatures, although maybe it could work to kill mobs with a tiny hp pool like birds or butterflies, havent tested yet. Overall my experience so far found myself going around with several types of glasses and switching between them at need, and when severely injured, full inventory, or out of cooked food, teleporting back to camp. Not my kind of character but he definately includes cool concepts and gadgets to the game. I hope we get to see him on DST as well.
  9. On Set Pieces

    I often get the setpiece of a bunch of treeguards together around a dead body with the miner's hat.
  10. The true queen of dragons, Dragonfrid.
  11. costume with tail

    There are full suits that include pants or a skirt, and when you use one of wortox pants, the original suit cover the leg area and only the tail comes out. Eg: Wilson's mad scientist robe, the shadow armor, etc.
  12. costume with tail

    I think its probably the uncorrupted wortox set pants, they give a tiny "dog like" brown short tail. Check the link below if this was the one you saw:
  13. Can you Unravel Wortox?

    My guess is that if you already have the character, (weaved, purchased, or gifted by Klei's sponsor) and you make another wortox related purchase, you only get the skins. And any duplicate skin you purchase can be unraveled as normal (be it some or all). In theory you shouldn't get 2 wortox or be able to unravel him, even if you buy the same wortox pack over and over you'd just be getting duplicates of the same skins, but not the character itself. So back to your question: If you want to use wortox without his skins now, just weave him, and later any pack you purchase will give you his skins. Or wait, save the spools and get both the character and the skins together. Depends how long will it take for you to make the purchase and how badly you want to try him out really, both options have pros and cons. But I doubt that you will get spools for "duplicate wortoxes", you will for any duplicate skin of his though.
  14. no light after spawn?

    Klei's new secret "Dont join at night" update
  15. Where is everyone at

    Yeah, well I agree, not everyone likes the same things of a stream, some people like more the social side, others the funny comments or situations. Personally I enjoy watching streamers that show deep knowledge and new clever solutions that I can learn (I've learned all I know about the game 50% from experience and 50% from watching good players) so personally (and this is completely subjective) I dont mind if they talk or not, as long as what they do in the game is advanced enough for me and I learn new things. This is why I also watch chinese or russian streamers often, despite not understanding a word of what they say. Those ackward moments when everyone on the chinese stream is laughing and I feel like...