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  1. Im wondering why gesture wheel wasn't added on PC, since it was sort of implemented on console (its not exactly the mod, but it's Klei's take on the same solution). I mean, having to type a command in chat for something as simple as waving ingame, is not user friendly at all.
  2. The last character?

    I can totally see Willow's ingame quote already: "Soo.. Wurt's up?"
  3. The last character?

    They can have someone/something else replace her as the darkness monster, or, make her "evil" darkness related side and her "human" charlie side, split into 2 beings.
  4. Wurt

    Indeed. I guess we don't really know if he/she won't be able to eat meat, but if that is the case then maybe there must be some pretty good perk that compensates and makes life easier. Nevertheless it's fun to think about a no-meat based strategy (for any non-wigfrid, non-Warly character, that is)
  5. Wurt

    If it's going to be a DLC character, it has to be interesting, otherwise nobody will buy him/her. So I have good faith that gameplay wise it's going to be interesting and wacky enough. I don't mind if he/she is non-human, although an interesting human DLC char would be cool. Also as it was mentioned in the other thread that Merms are vegetarian only, perhaps it is a good timing to introduce a vegetarian only character given how many new veggies we got recently, and the fact that the new lunar rock fruit grows all year long.
  6. Cookie Cutters and Pumpkin Cookies

    I didnt know this, pretty cool info, so can you actually lure them away with, lets say, a board?
  7. [Game Update] - 371739

    Every time you guys bump this thread to the top I get all excited and jump in to see if its a new update, only to realize its the previous one. Well played forum, well played.
  8. I think you can also do it by placing a bunch of fireflies sticked to each bee hive, the bees will consider the glow enough light to come out, although I haven't done this in a long time and im not sure if it was patched.
  9. I'd be wee tusk, mostly following the hunting party lead looking all brave, but essentially not doing anything productive. I drop a large meat though.
  10. This, absolutely agree, and regarding OP weapons suggestions, I think he is right that they need rebalance, but not by nerfing, rather than updating the less used ones: Dark swords are very cheap to make and readily available, however they have a permanent con, that basically makes you crazy by simply holding them. I think its a fair balance and the other weapons need to be better than dark swords, with the penalty of needing to go to a specific place to craft: - Make thul clubs deal the same damage as dark swords, and lower their cost to just 1 living log, 2 thul, 4 fuel. Their durability could remain the same or be slightly increased. This will make the effort of making them at the ruins worth taking, since it gives you a far superior weapon (dark sword damage, no sanity penalty, bonus tentacle damage, bonus speed) - Make glass swords have only a tiny less durability than dark swords. Again, it will then be better weapon than dark sword, almost same durability, more durability against shadows, no sanity penalty. The idea is that Dark sword should be the cheap, readily available and low effort top tier weapon, and the others that required more work to obtain, are about as cheap, but give a bit more for the extra effort of having to move. And all 3 will be at the same top tier damage.
  11. Sorry for the laugh reaction, I understand it was a rather painful experience, but this part of the story was pretty funny: Anyway, the lunar Island can also get you covered in food for a good while too, if you know what to look in it. The early game jackpot of the lunar island are the stone fruit bushes. Just dig out 20 of those, take them to wherever you want to do your base back at the main continent, plant them and fertilize them, and they will be a huuge head-start in food and rocks (and they keep producing even in winter!) But as the magnificent man above @x0VERSUS1y mentioned, you need a bit of planning ahead before going there: you need abundant food, another goose idol to come back, something to heal (it can be healing food, or non food healing, like salves or glands, but you need healing) and a shovel to dig out the bushes, or a beaver idol. And yeah saladmanders as you discovered in the worst way, are tanky and strong as heck, I saw 2 of them defeat a late game hound wave with little to no effort. I'd leave the animals of the island alone until coming back with a ship and good equipment.
  12. I'm with Kiwi here, it should be an upgrade to the current salt lick, and not a replacement. Beefalo domestication is already annoying, wasteful and time consuming, without requiring you to spend the time it takes to build a proper exploration boat (not just the raft with an oar) and going to find and mine the crystals. As a side note I hope we get an update to beefalo taming at some point in the updates, what I believe could make beefalos worth the hassle is: Beefalos could be domesticated somewhat faster ( maybe 15 days without brush, 10 with brush) Players can domesticate as many beefalos as they want, but only one domesticated beefalo per server is assigned to the player. You can choose which beef is assigned to you, somehow (an Item they follow and teleport to, maybe? like chester or glommer) Players can choose to leave the server with your personal assigned fully domesticated beefalo. Players can travel to the caves with their assigned, fully domesticated beefs. Fully domesticated beefalos will not reproduce anymore ever, even if they go back to feral: this is to prevent exploiting them if the game doesnt recognize which herd they originally belonged to, or if you abandon them in the caves. They wont make new herds.
  13. You can, and it will also work, the main difference is that Wendy flowers can be placed a lot tighter together than planting them, so their auras will stack a lot more and you will have a MUCH stronger effect. Planting butterflies has a minimum distance apart, which means that in a certain area you will be able to plant not that many flowers, With Abigail flowers that distance is a lot smaller. The link I included in my previous post has a very useful video made by @lakhnish and it explains how to do it in the most efficient way.
  14. On one hand is the fun of the change of gameplay style, although at such a high day count it won't make a big difference. A few common usages: Winona and the catapults, for easier boss farming, shadow monkey farming, and catapult boats. Wendy and evil flowers sanity station. Full details here Warly for the mass bundled spiced foods. Wickerbottom for mass grinding grass and twigs to last for years. I suppose tentacle farms add nothing at that point in the game, but you can have fun summoning birds and killing them to collect more krampus sacks. If you do it in winter over the right turf, you can also mass collect the feathers required for crafting darts, which you can later use as main weapon with a stronger character like Wolfgang, for massive ranged DPS. Mine every piece of rock from the caves as Maxwell with 4 miners, so you can use for whatever project you may have Summon a lot of treeguards (anyone can do it, but its probably faster with Woodie) in an area of the map and use them to auto kill things. Leave 10-15 of Willow's Bernies in a small enclosed wall area, if you want easier nightmare fuel farming in that area of the map.
  15. Wendy has a canon age

    - 25% damage penalty. And a dumb undead sister that suicides to treeguards.