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  1. I haven't done the math honestly but sometimes when a new skin set that I like comes out, and there is some option that also includes some skins that I already have, I purchase that one: its usually pretty cheap, gives me the new skins that I like and and a lot of spools from the repeated ones.
  2. For solo survival worlds, or with a few experienced players it’s entirely manageable. Annoying, but manageable. Now for pub worlds, or simply playing with a lot of players, it forces you to always base at Oasis or in caves, and even following that limitation, given that there are always so many places loaded of the world at once it’s nigh impossible to not be losing stuff of the world all the time slightly off camera: Reeds, Cactii, random pig houses, tallbird nests, etc. The best solution the players found to mega base with many other players, without disabling Wildfires was glitching moslings to stay all summer and cause massive rains every 4-5 days. Flingos were still used in such setting but to put out specific fires, not on all the time. And it gets a lot harder to lose random unrenewable resources. Unfortunately the glitching moslings method was frown upon the game design, but I still think it was a clever high risk high reward way to deal with wildfires. TL;DR: They should definitely implement a late game/advanced but not excessively grindy way to cause rains for 4-5 days so mega bases in summer with wildfires on, can be a thing. Alternatively, make flingos have a much larger fuel tank: once fully loaded they will stay on for straight 15 days. That way managing flingos is not such a big chore, and literally covering a vast portion of your world in flingos is something manageable.
  3. Mactusks on public servers, I mean in servers where there is just one Mactusk igloo, gets players in a race to get it killed before anyone else. Glommer who comes earlier and respawns slower, will suffer an even worse fate if there is an item that can be done with the wings that is as good as what's described above. I'm sort of with @Terra B Welch on this one, unless this item can only be crafted in the very late game (where he gets killed every night anyway, since with the moonstorm event it keeps respawning daily and lets people gamble for their Krampus sacks) I think glommer should even be buffed, like, provide a larger sanity aura, so players are interested to keep it alive before the moonstorm event.
  4. You can shave a random beefalo, link it with a bell, take it to caves and as soon as you go down it will have hair and can be shaved again. Shaved beefalos can't be ridden though, they have a really tiny mounting time regardless of what you do, so if you shave a beeefalo in the surface and you are planning to ride it in the caves where it has hair again, it will not work, for some reason it remembers having been shaved recently and will behave as if it was bald.
  5. One of the possible names of the pigs is named “cheeky Chris” after a fellow forumer Chris1448 who “leaked” some information he got first hand of the cyclum puzzles, back in the day. Actual scene, there is even another scene where they show the “you are dead” of ROG. Someone invilved in that movie was clearly a fan of the game I got ninja’d!
  6. Duh, I was following the birds and listening to their albums before they were mainstream yknow.
  7. From what I’ve read the people that enjoys megabasing and decorations were very happy with it. I enjoy more the adventure side of the game, the exploration, and the fights, so yeah for the ones like me, this event doesn’t really have much going. I guess it’s not easy to please everyone for a game with so many layers and ways to play it. I’m still happy with the fact that they added a new sentient species to the lore which I hope to see more about in the future, and basically that hey: new free content.
  8. I want new islands mostly. With different themes, inhabitants, difficulty and loot.
  9. I am not sure if I can or should reproduce my beefalo’s name here.
  10. You can prepare a teleportation staff and a focus with gems, to instantly go back to base whenever you need to, without console commands. Unfortunately it doesn’t work in caves.
  11. Warly has probably the strongest late game with a beefalo, which is amazing. Unfortunately takes quite a bunch of effort and time to get there, but it sure is fun. I've just realized you will probably be having a bunch of toma root, so you can use roasted toma root to heal the beefalo instead, and Dragonpies for after fight healing. Don't forget to get kelp and Stone Fruits, it's literally free filler all year long that grows really fast. And if you are struggling at some point you can just shove 5-6 meatballs with it and keep going for at least 2 days.
  12. Yes, so long as you eat them yourself. In my experience it's much better to use other foods with less nutritional value, such as roasted potatoes or blue mushrooms. Dragonpie has a long chewing animation also. I use dragon pies only to recover the beef after fights. If you are riding the beefalo, the effects of the buffs you ate pass on to the beefalo since the game considers you to be part of the beefalo. This also includes armor from the garlic spice. So eating spicy chaud froid + garlic meatballs then riding will make the beefalo tankier and stronger
  13. So the other survivors have become monsters already?