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  1. This. Sort of. I think the mechanic instead should be that he drops a map when he dies (regardless if pearled or not) that reveals 2-3 sunken chests locations (should spawn randomly once he dies) showing the secret treasure of the crab king. These chests should be special, and have nice loot. Sort of like an alternative Klaus. Also please rework the strident trident to be a well rounded weapon (on land included). It could even be upgradable with gems, to keep the crab king gem upgrading theme. My point is that if the loot is good, people will work hard to learn the fight. Currently Crab King is only a stone in your shoe on your way to celestial.
  2. A long time ago someone suggested that all torso clothing items had a few extra storage slots, and depending the tier of the clothing, the amount of slots. But never as much as a backpack. I like that idea better.
  3. Whatever comes next, the ocean needs more content, we can all agree on that. Compared to shipwrecked's it feels quite barren.
  4. Tbh giving it the same DPS as a melee with the same base damage at this point would probably work okay, it would mean that his max ranged DPS would be ranged tentacle spike DPS with marble. Even if he kites less, what would be his real max DPS? Like Wortox with a fresh hambat using invincibility frames? he would still be way behind Wanda, Wolfgang, or even Warly in terms of max damage, and offer mobility instead. Also let’s not forget that the slingshot compensates by the fact that you have to grind crafting the ammo: it’s still much more expensive than any melee weapon. Slow as it is now, the slingshot is only good to draw aggro of some enemies( which you would probably do better with an ice staff or a boomerang later on) and to kill birds/butterflies in the first 10 days. After that point what I’ve consistently seen in most servers where the Walter player has some experience at the game, is that the slingshot usually ends up forgotten in a chest or just fed to a Lureplant. It’s really sad and a wasted opportunity to make Walter a lot more fun
  5. They are alright to keep aggro off you and kill some birds during Wagstaff's quest. They can also work to take the attention of the hounds while you chase mactusk. Other than that and the aforementioned locking maxwell in insanity, they have no practical use IMO.
  6. I found the post: And here is the mod's link: Essentially this refreshes her existing books to be somewhat better.
  7. Mage I like Wickerbotom, her extra knowledge allows her to make a saddle and a bell a lot faster than with most other characters (no alchemy required). While mounted all your book spellcrafting is safer: you can escape nightmares faster and tentacles may not insta kill you. I think people don't really know the stuff she can still do, since we now have easier and more straightforward characters. Wicker is now somewhat behind the refreshed characters, since she still is very grindy. But most wicker mains at this point (specially those that have played her before the reworks started) would most likely tell you the same things: She can kickstart certain crop types super fast, and also harvest dragonfruit (+the seed) in any season immediately just with a book and a one-man-band She can advance forests age to be almost dead, and summon treeguards faster. She can still get krampus sacks for the whole team She can still farm some bosses with tentacles She still has advantages at mass crafting darts or electric darts. I think Wicker needs more books though, and perhaps improvements over the books that do exist. Recently someone made a post and a mod that refreshed her books which was really on point (Sorry I don't remember his/her SN, if you are reading this please link your mod its awesome)
  8. Could a hard mode be implemented through gameplay itself instead of settings? In DS we were able to seek the pieces maxwell left around, then take a few items with you and travel to a new world (which was like regenerating the world but keeping your character) Maybe something like that could be implemented in DST except that the new world is more challenging. EG: the landmass is divided in 3 separate islands so the biomes are spread and locked behind sailing, the ocean has much more life, (both good and bad) some random places have mysterious altars that spawn nightmare creatures at nights, mactusk comes and moves in hunting groups of 3 ma tusk per igloo and seek you out much further than normal, warrior pigs set pieces are more common, Charlie attacks you faster, etc. Yknow the same thing but a slightly more alien.
  9. I'm sorry I can't like this post more times. You happen to be lucky to never have played with above average skilled players then. For some reason (and some youtubers sadly keep encouraging it) rushing the ruins in the first days while destroying all sort of non-renewable resources (destroy all pig houses for the skins, shoveling all blue mushrooms) is seen as the ultimate flex, when its actually something to be made on single player worlds. If you plan on a normal long term playthrough, having pigs extinct and the ruins empty from the start seriously disrupts your progression: basically your world is wrecked. And as Keller said, most people that does this do not share anything of the loot, not even pig skins to rebuild a few houses, which is seriously infuriating. I have nothing against rushing the ruins in the first days if they choose to do so, but the loot should be shared among the other players. Destroying pig houses and shoveling mushrooms in the first days of the game is defintely a big nono though. I think people should be more mindful and respectful of the other players. Greedy/selfish playthrough is definitely a soft griefing: your playthrough damages the experience of the others. ANYWAY... back on topic, I tend to rush beefalos (except for Wanda and Woodie) and shadow manipulators.
  10. The loot of sunken chests is quite underwhelming considering the amount of time and effort it requires to look for them: Crafting a boat is expensive enough already, and chests usually tend to appear on the other side of the map further extending your travel time. I think they should have much higher chances of getting better items from it (high tier gems, thulecite, gears, pick/axe, thul armor) and specially they should increase the chance of getting walking canes, so people who joined late or were not lucky enough with mactusk still have a chance to get one throughout the year if they work for it.
  11. I say no, keep it RNG. For a solo gameplay it sounds great, but for a multiplayer server the start of a new world will become a race to see who gets the lazy first, which would be incredibly frustrating. Specially if you joined after day 6 or 7 which is the average time in which they will most likely have killed it. It is problematic enough already when there are many players in a server and there is only one mactusk in the world. What they should do instead, is increase massively the chances of getting a cane from sunken chests: this opens up the possibility for everyone willing to invest time on a boat to get a cane even if they were not during winter time, or were not lucky enough with mactusk/greedy players took them first.
  12. Wicker can still sort of do that, juicy berry bushes take far longer to grow berries than regular berry bushes (but they grow 3 instead of 1) If you plant and fertilize 10 of them, each time you read a book you will get 30 juicy berries, and you can keep reading up until you get 150 berries, almost instantly. Then you can even dig out your bushes if you don't want to deal with them during summer. It's actually a very reliable and fast way to obtain fillers at any point outside of winter. (During winter you have ice to replace it) In our server despite having all sorts of food sources we always make a berry bush farm. It's a quick way to obtain berries and turkey legs, kickstarting your food at base after everyone's been gone for a while. And even if better food sources are available, its always an appreciated trash filler that takes zero effort to harvest.