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  1. He has no faster rate, just smaller max hunger. DST was never AFK friendly, 7 out of 10 times you go AFK for 8 minutes will get you killed, mostly with any character. This is a valid point, but it's a small nuisance, though. Just move away from the Walter group and the Woby next to you will be the right one. Klei could add a small QOL fix by adding the player's name before the Woby when you mouse over it. EG: "Shadowduelist's Woby". And a super cheap and fast portable beefalo. Not a small detail at all.
  2. A few not very known facts about Walter I've found, plus some tips and tricks I thought about sharing: A single stone lets you craft 10 stone pellets. Feeding 7 stone pellets to a rock lobster gets you maximum loyalty time. That means that Walter can befriend a rock lobster for a long time with only one stone. A slingshot without ammo lets you command the attack of any followers you may have at a safe distance, without catching aggro. You can shoot enemies as they come to you, before switching to your melee. This usually lets you place 3-4 shots before reaching melee range, giving a big advantage over conventional fights. This is specially useful when fighting Krampii. Mactusk's hounds won't attack you if you are at slingshot distance of Mactusk, and they are at follower distance of him. This means that shooting mactusk will cause him to go into ranged battle with you, while the hounds stare behind him. Bearger gets mostly stunlocked by the slingshot. Shooting a slow pellet once and then increases this effect even further. If the slingshots start to stockpile in your world, you can burn them by dropping it to the ground and lighting it with a torch. Lureplants however won't eat it, and you can't use it as fuel. Woby burns, but takes no damage for it. I've seen it being used to provide light in winter. Woby can, and will be attacked by snurtles if you carry minerals in her inventory. She won't take any damage for the attack, but they will steal the minerals. Woby can also get her inventory stolen by monkeys, unless you are actively riding her. You can avoid other players from looting your Woby by quickly opening it before they do. When a suspicious player gets nearby, I immediately open Woby and just stay like that until they move further away. A well fed Woby can "almost" outrun hounds (they run at the same speed, but they sometimes stop to bark or get distracted, and they don't catch up with you as fast as they would without Woby). Its very useful to always carry monster jerky, feed 3 to woby right before a hound wave, and then safely lead your hounds pack to toothtraps, beefalos, or anything else that gets them killed. Sometimes you get such a large headstart from the hounds, that you can land a few hits with your slingshot, and maybe kill a few on the way. You can technically kill all of them by shooting from Woby and running fast, but it's super stressful, time consuming, and hard to pull off every time. As long as they don't spawn right over you, you can stunlock shadows with your slingshot by keeping F pressed. When you are running out of gold, keep at least one nugget, and go to pig king. Killing birds and giving morsels to PK will quickly get your pockets with gold. Plus you give Krampus sack farming a few tries, as a bonus. Final note: Walter is very good.
  3. In one world I spent a summer and a half, trying to get those goggles. Being RNG related gives the chance to have very bad luck, I guess. Someone once suggested that characters that already know the fashion goggles recipe, should get a much higher chance to get the full hat recipe, and I couldn't agree more.
  4. It would probably feel like a second chance for those who had nothing to lose in first place, like Willow, but otherwise I agree with most responses above, with permanent death, getting injured every day, being sleepy, muddy, cold and blistering hot, fighting constantly just for mere survival, still feels like a horrible punishment. I suppose after a while you must sort of get used to it and not feel so stressed all the time, much like what happened after long wars, for example WW2 soldiers marching for years, had a crappy every day life, but in the end being in the same situation all the time they learned to cope with death and suffering as the normal thing. Perhaps the survivors are already at that point and they start to value their companionship, celebrating winter's feast together and other stuff to boost morale. I'd assume everyone would want to leave at one point or another, have another goal in life other than just making it through the day without dying, and stop making survival and death so meaningless. Perhaps the very idea of fighting through the day to be a step closer to escape, would be a powerful way to keep the mind healthy and have an actual reason to bear with all you experience in there.
  5. Abe, from the Oddworld series. Abe is a fairly weak and clumsy character, but he has a special chant that lets him mind-control temporally other creatures, and play as them. I'd love to see a mechanic like that in DST.
  6. Anenemies are also based upon 2 real world beings that are animals(starfish and anemone), so I'd assume its handled as an animal in DST. I always thought Wormwood was going to have some treeguard/poison birchnut advantage, as they are mostly the same as he is (he is made from living logs too) and in the end he has troubles summoning them (you lose sanity by damaging trees in first place). But I guess befriending treeguards would be too OP.
  7. I agree with everything said in this thread, but I'm not so sure about the clever disguise thing, or at least it requires a bit more in depth thought. I understand the problem that comes after Wurts have been building but they are not around to take care of their King or the merms, but if the clever disguise becomes infinite, Wurt will become the new improved Winona, basically the late game character you switch to once, craft the merm soldier houses, the king, a couple of clever disguises, and change back to any other character, and never return as Wurt. And since the merm army is mobile across the same shard, it would be much more profitable investing in it rather than the catapults. A few ways I can think of to prevent this, and still make Wurt relevant, would be that maybe non wurt players have a limited max amount of merms they can hire at any given time (EG: 4 per player). And if they implement a way to make merms fishers or farmers, non Wurt players can't access these features. Same goes for special interactions of trading with the Merm king, or Wurt getting better stats herself and for the other merms, only if the king has lived long enough. TL;DR: With an infinite clever disguise, there must be some kind of irreplaceable synergy if the combination of King-Wurt is present at the same time. A merm army without Wurt should be clearly not as powerful or efficient as if there was a Wurt alive in the world.
  8. But they perform better, once you went into all the trouble to get them and got stone fruits. They are not less efficient, they are less convenient IMHO.
  9. I agree with some of the bad aspects of Wurt, but not with the merms being less efficient: They are available 24/7 and never sleep, unlike the other mobs Unlike pigs just chopping during the day, merms chop trees and also mine. And as said above they work 24/7 so it lets you gather much more in a full day, for your invested recruitment food. They move faster than the other mobs, and the warrior merms deal more damage I know the fact that merms kite is seen as bad compared to bunnymen, but I've found its better for you to also fight. Bunnymen clutter enemies, sometimes wont let you move, and they most likely die all at once by aoe, merms survive much more things and if you fight as well as if you were alone, most boss fights will be a walk in the park. Warrior merms don't freak out over powerful screeches of bosses Wurt is not so bad, its probably as mentioned earlier not the best of the 3 DLCs. Wurt also manages to become a super strong late game character, even in multiplayer settings where showing up with 20 warrior merms to battles deals more DPS than a Wolfgang The order I'd get them would be: Wortox: easier pick, super powerful mobile character, good for nomad playstyle, good for multiplayer, decent for solo. Wormwood: base character, farmer simulator, sort of challenge character. Good for multiplayer, okay-ish for solo. I personally don't like Wormwood at all and according to my personal playstyle I'd pick him last instead, but I agree that he is more stable than Wurt, specially early game, so trying to be as neutral as possible, I rank him higher. Wurt: Base character, weak early game, super powerful late game. Its mostly a solo character. It can work in multiplayer if you play on closed servers, or long lasting public servers with friends, but you will find yourself playing alone and doing your own things 90% of the time. If your thing is casual hopping into public servers, or nomad gamestyle, Wurt is the worst pick. If your thing is building, decorating, and playing DST mostly alone, then Wurt is a solid option.
  10. Pigs civil wars can happen, but they are not as common or easy to start as with spiders or bunnymen. Pigs are usually killed by either: Keeping them permanently lured, then waiting for the full moon to transform into werepigs (and killing them one by one) Manually feeding all the pigs with a morsel or any meat, then making all of them attack just one at a time Giving them monster meat and were-pigging them one by one. This is without taking into account automated farms such as with catapults, fire farms, etc.
  11. I picked Charlie, Warly and Walter. Walter seems to have entered by bad luck, Warly for the the reasons already mentioned, and Charlie 'cause she was probably the first victim in this whole mess.
  12. I play without music because after 3000 hours the same music became dull. But I'd definitely recommend to play with the music on to anyone, it has a great soundtrack and it takes a looong time to get bored of it.
  13. It had a range of 8, now it has a range of 10. It basically puts you further away than a deerclops attack, and lets you land at least 2-3 hits on most mobs before they get to you. Paired with Big Woby and the fact that you can cancel the animation if you are going to get hit, It's reallyreally good.