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  1. I voted on the creative side, simply because there are multiple unfun mechanics for megabasing that could pretty easily be patched/updated without much effort that ruin a lot of issues with basing. In particular, here are a select few I especially struggle with after 5000 days: There is still no reliable way to obtain infinite light, with the extreme exception of the oasis fireflies. This is especially sucky in a DST context, because the glowcaps allow for a variety of cool colors that can really spruce up a significant amount of builds. I feel like the easiest solution would be klaus dropping an additional gift wrap that contains 3-4 festive lights, so you could progressively get light as the world ages without waiting for an event that comes for 1/12th of the year. The other solution would be simply making the mushlights/glowcaps not perish anything in them, which would be really nice. Some recipes are really bad for lategame. Particular ones include ridiculous cost of moon rock walls (where you get 12 for 4). Even thulecite walls have a 1 to 6 ratio. Others I especially struggle with are refining and using boards (especially if you are using a lot of manmade turf), or making marble beans. WORLD REGROWTH. This mechanic single handedly kills 85% of creative builds you could try with natural turf, because in a year or so that area is going to have a bunch of random trees and plants evreywhere that do not contribute to the build. It’s especially terrible in forests, where the dense cluster of trees translates to being in your build. The worst thing about it is there is technically a mechanic that stops stuff from regrowing within a 20 unit radius of structures, but this is not valid for the 2 main regrowth methods: the regrowth than spawns from other trees, and the regrowth that slowly comes with the world. I’ve tried bug reporting it, but it seems the devs are busy so I haven’t really gotten a response. Changing the mechanic to include those two would easily clear up a lot of issues I have with megabasing. Petrification of trees, while nice, absolutely destroys using evergreens for decor, which is unfortunate because they look really nice for a “natural” look. My solution to this is only petrifying trees world regrowth/the game spawns with and not the ones you plant, as there is already a significant amount of trees the world can petrify. Disease existing hurts for a multitude of reasons, but one especially is for decor. I know there’s a lot of talk about it, but one solution that would fix most issues is to only allow a plant to start diseasing if it has been fertilized more then once or picked multiple times. That way, you could have plants for decor without worrying about the issues of disease. Aside from the endgame, I’m not sure how I would go about the early game. I don’t really enjoy mechanics that the game forces upon you (like antlion...) and I’m never one to think of ideas unless there is usually a base for them. And, as of right now, it seems like RoT has a solid foundation, and I am just waiting on what they will add.
  2. Amazing job! I’m impressed what the PS4 community can do, especially given its restrictions you always have. Happy you can pull something like this off! Also, I’m ridiculously jello of your Deerclops eye storage. I have huge struggles with farming houndious, and you have a ridiculous amount just sitting in a chest : P
  3. I’m usually not a fan of April fools jokes, but this one had some pretty high effort into it, so I’m pleased. Also, I know the challenges are a joke, but I feel like the beefalo walking cane one is far easier then the others : P
  4. In the game files, there are mechanics to stop world regrowth, primarily for trees/other trees spawning from nothing and a similar mechanic, but for things like rabbit holes in carrots in a 20 unit radius from any structure/wall. However, this does not apply to regrowth from trees spawning saplings from themselves, and the grass tufts/saplings/berry bushes and their variants from spawning. In particular the endless regrowth can spawn without checking for anything, and can result in it getting spawned into structures. In particular, this makes making creative builds exceedingly difficult to maintain without constantly chopping all of the trees or other resources that will constantly generate if the build does not feature any man made flooring, which greatly limits options. Below are 2 pictures, one after completing a build that was based in a forest, and the build after ~500 days, neither of which involved me planting any pine cones of any kind, and only minor changes with the turf
  5. I find that highly unlikely, since not only would that be very impractical, but there are far easier tools at a griefer’s disposal. The main thing that seems to do it is really wonky decid generation. In most of the glommerless examples, the decid gets really odd when it’s near PK, which might indicate the glommer set piece spawns on invalid terrain and as a result doesn’t generate. And, unless I’m mistaken, it’s not on the list of things that are force generated in the world (and that includes the pig king, the ancient guardian, and the Maxwell statue with 8 harp statues and a knight), so there’s a small but possible chance to just have it not exist at all.
  6. Oh yeah, this is a classic instance of a worldgen issue messing up. It creates some pretty interesting things, like the butchered ruins gen you got. If you are wondering why this occurs, it has to do with how the ruins biomes generate. Ruins biomes can only connect with ruins biomes due to a lock and key system, and the only biome that doesn’t do this is the lichen fields, which is always connected to a muddy biome with normal cave gen. However, when you do things like mess with land looping, the entire system for generating the biomes like that breaks down, and you get wild results like this. The key system was especially broken during the early Turn of Tides days, as the ruins biomes were pretty much generated in the same fashion you got.
  7. Huh, good to know for later. So you still can get fire hounds, but it’s based on player data and it has to be day 15. Thanks for the info! You wouldn’t want to damage them, but there’s a lot of ways to accidentally hurt them. From Abigail/other followers hitting them to normal attacking hitting the dears, there’s a lot of ways you can accidentally hurt them a decent amount. It’s pretty rare for them to be in a serious state, but it doesn’t mean it’s truly impossible.
  8. This is not true. While the dears have a staggering amount of HP (1500 exactly), they can and will die if they have been hurt before or hounds gang up on them, which will quickly lead to klaus enraging and causing chaos. In addition, fire hounds can also spawn during the first autumn. While the chance of it is incredibly low (10% of the hounds can be fire hounds past day 10), it is possible and can be very deadly. As for dealing with them, I pretty much use other mobs, darts, or other things characters might have. And if you really don’t want to deal with them, there is always relogging.
  9. I always thought that was the point of walls. They suck for defense (unless for some extremely specific niche cases with mobs not attacking walls at all), but they are pretty good for decor : P As for the design, I usually like to aim for corners/edges to have walls higher then the base ones, and vary the heights depending on what you like, but typically going below the base, since walls at that point don’t look really good. There are some exceptions, such as if you are going for a ruined feel. Occasionally I do fully smash them if I am making pathways as well. For what I usually like to do (and a shrine, I guess?), here’s a picture of my central area when I hit 5000 days. I like how the corner walls look when they are the highest, and I kept the walls before the openings tier 3. There’s also some random applications, such as making a fancy throne to sit on (because why not?).
  10. Maxil20

    [Game Update] - 401443

    For anyone wondering about the damage modifiers against debuffed targets, it seems to be 1.1X for all players/allies, and 1.155X as Wendy only. This stacks with any damage multiplier (if a player uses spiced volt goat chaud froid against a wet target, they will do 3.3X damage, and Wendy will do 3.465X damage). Its an interesting change, since this is technically the first real debuff in the game that’s not direct freezing or burning. I would like to see more interesting things like this. Edit: should probably mention the 1.115X damage for Wendy is calculated after the initial damage reduction. For comparison, Wes will hit for 0.825X against the same target.
  11. I get the reason behind this, but for now there is a pretty simple way to realize you didn’t turn on caves while you are creating a world, which is the world generation screen (not the generating prompt you get that you can cancel with cave worlds). If at any point you generate a world and see this screen, you did not make a cave world. The reason why is while a cave world is 2 dedicated servers running simultaneously, a single world is just simply hosted from your PC. As a result, the screen doesn’t appear for the caves because it boots up 2 servers in the background before letting you in the world, but always appears for non cave worlds since it immediately occurs. The only exception to see this screen on a cave world is if you are regenerating the world due to the ingame prompt to force regenerate one with the same settings.
  12. As others have said, it’s primarily for bragging rights. As for the mechanic itself, I don’t mind it too much. I kinda like it even for solo play, as it is a nice random activity to do when you are bored. Fun fact: the source of the fish actually does track it from sources that are not actually fished up by players (for instance, if you hammered a merm house and put the resulting fish in the tank, it shows the source is from a ”family of merms”). As a result, there is actually a lot of different variations for the standard fish.
  13. If a player inquires the winters feast buff, their hunger drain gets set to zero and they slowly regen hunger. If this player is Wolfgang, they also incur no hunger drain and slowly gain hunger. This results in Wolfgang being permanently at 2X hunger with 25% extra speed from anything for the duration of the buff without anything equipped, which can lead to some ridiculous combos (especially if volt goat chaud froid is thrown into the mix).
  14. Houndious are a thing that practically are gated by what server you play, how old the world is, and how frequently you do the ruins. The fact that this item is restricted by Deerclops alone makes it incredibly difficult to stockpile. Not only is it one of the few bosses whose boss drop cannot be duplicated and can’t be respawned every 20 days, it also is already used in an exceedingly valuable recipe: the eyebrella. The only exception to this is Klaus, which has a 20% chance to drop an additional eyeball, which still doesn’t really speed up the process much. Ruins regen also makes this difficult to get. You only get one horn per regen, and gating the regen is the fuelweaver itself. Unless the ruins are frequently cleared stockpiling the horns is going to be exceedingly difficult to do without a solid fuelweaver killing chamber (and a guardian one too). These 2 issues combined make hoarding houndious extremely difficult. To top that off, most of their uses were topped by the catapult, which while it is time consuming is entirely possible to efficiently use without much struggle, and also supports AOE (which is good or bad depending on the setup). This isn’t a bad thing, as I always considered an early game defense structure to be nice and does require fuel to maintain unlike the houndious, but what really tops it off is the houndious doesn’t drop anything when it dies. This means that if you place it in a not ideal spot, the eye and horn you used are essentially voided off. All of that combined makes it virtually impossible to see it on servers under 500-1000 days, especially if it’s a public one. Now, as for actually using the structure, it does have some nice uses. Aside from the obvious hound one, I really like hoarding a bunch for some boss killing. The turrets have incredibly good health regen, to the point where I’m entirely fine with it getting hit a few times by bosses since I know the HP that was lost will be long gone by the time the boss attacks it again, not to mention how it practically doesn’t if a player is attacking a raid boss. Heres a few images of some houndious setups I currently have on my solo 5000+ day world. They are completely unnecessary, but why not have them around?
  15. I really like the ruins theme. It sounds pretty chaotic-y, which is odd at first. However, once you realize you are mostly fighting monkeys, worms, and all of the broken clockworks, the theme does fit well. It especially does in the clockwork areas with 2 rooks and a bishop. It’s an interesting tune, but it’s one I certainly do remember and enjoy the most. A runner up is the summer one. I really like the theme it provides, and it does fit the summer tone well. Shame I don’t hear it much because surface summer is not very fun though. Bit unrelated, but I like how the shadows are so odd they don’t even play a theme at all when fighting them. It adds to their mysterious nature, and I appreciate it.
  16. I wanted something to fill up my decid biome since I don’t normally base in it (I really hate klaus spawners), so I made a giant turf art of Webber! Scaled turf isn’t quite the black I desired, but it came out alright in the end. I probably will work on making it look cleaner by removing things like signs, but stuff like the dens/marble statues is probably going to stay. Bonus: Behind the scenes screenshot of the scale duping! I did have a fair amount of scales to start, but I ended up using 55 deconstruction staffs anyways.
  17. In DS, there’s a considerable amount of variety with turf options. You have ROG/SW/HAM to find new turf, and customize your builds with a large amount of variety. Turf is the foundation of a base, and having a lot of ways to make it whatever you want is a nice thing for a bit of personality to a build. In DST however, your options are significantly more limited. You have three different turf options that were not in ROG, and 2/3rds of these were only introduced in return of them (the other being scaled flooring, added in A New Reign). The lack of variety makes a lot of bases look similar to each other with their turf types, especially given how manmade turf is also important to stop world regrowth. A way to help improve this is to simply add more turf types, preferably new manmade ones. Hamlet had a good amount variety with what you could make, and the recipes were extremely reasonable (grass was usually a base compared to boards, and the second ingredient was usually something like rocks or nitre). It would be nice to spiffy up with some new manmade turf, especially since the events had some really neat options you can’t obtain ingame. Alternatively, another method that seems reasonable is to simply add new skins for turf itself. There’s a lot of options for it (having skins for cobblestones, for instance, would be neat to see), and it would help improve variety while not adding new recipes for turf. The main limit here is how difficult it would be to add/code a skinned turf, but it seems doable given how some skins already directly impact some items, such as fences. I think it would be nice to see, especially given how many possibilities there are for turf and how it can already impact a huge part of the creative community with just the addition of 2-3 turf types.
  18. Honestly most of the seasons have something that forces you to play in a way that’s fun the first time and not so much 2000+ days in. Fall The only season that has nothing related to the weather getting in your way by a significant amount. Rain happens, but I’ve never had issues of it being a torrent like spring, and unlike spring you can’t get frogs from it. Fire hounds, which means having one die in a decorative area by a mob is going to have huge consequences if something is flammable in there. It’s still manageable though, since you get 30 seconds in advance. Winter You better hope you have zero plans for building or turf digging for the next 2 hours once autumn ends, otherwise those plans will be massively more difficult (unless you use a mod, which while I don’t use I know of people who use it just to remove the white blanket, since it’s a massive strain on the eyes and another issue of winter in general). The natural season of Deerclops, who will make you regret forgetting a timer, and also the fact this is the only time you can get it’s eyeball for crafting so you really can’t miss it either. Pretty much the entire existence of pengulls, the bane of land edge wall decor. Spring The entirety of moose goose arriving and destroying mobs + walls within an 8 meter radius, also not mentioning the fact that these spawned moose goose’s can move away from the nest and smack things far further then they normally can. They also can cause desyncs in rain cycles because of how the eggs trigger a lightning bolt when they spawn. Lureplants can spawn, gobbling up items you left on natural turf and are one of the primary reasons I don’t use much natural turf (the other being world regrowth). Frog rain, which is easily one of my least favorite mechanics in the game. Aside from forcing you to annoyingly move and drop items if you don’t these guys are capable of wanting to lick everything alive. I’ve lost clockworks from this, and I really like keeping clockworks around for the late game, since they do look neat and they are some fun endgame decor. Lightning strikes, and while it’s entirely possible to divert these with the good ranges of the lightning rod is not enough to prevent the random road strikes, and if you forget you can potentially lose stacks of flammable items. They are also pretty infamous for ruining goat pens when you don’t notice it. Summer You are practically restricted to caves or the oasis, especially if you don’t plan on playing with flingos or the reliability of lureplants. Antlion’s sinkholes can cause major issues, especially in the oasis itself. Thankfully it is one of the few issues that you can dispatch pretty easily, so that’s something. If you decide to use the oasis you have to deal with the sandstorm, which is harassing and not having them will massively cripple any oasis activity. Fire hounds are boosted in this season by 50%, raising their total to 75% of all of the hounds to be fire hounds. (Fun fact, this is the only time in the game where the elemental hound chance is augmented in some way, by default it’s 50% past day 100+). This makes them a far greater risk, but if it’s summer you probably are not near anything important anyways, and it synergies well with darts. I think I got most of my issues down. In general, 3/4 of the seasons have problems that while are not too are still a massive block in some ways or another. If I had to choose, it would probably be summer. I can’t stand the constant fear of smoldering incidents hitting something important and having it entirely go ablaze. Spring is definitely my main gripe one, but that’s mainly because I have had poor experiences with it quite a bit, especially with lureplants.
  19. Maxil20

    Winter's Feast Table

    If you had a table precrafted before a bug patch where they allowed them to remain if you crafted them and you never placed a table down and made a new one afterwards, the item is fully lost. You will have to wait for winters feast to craft new ones again.
  20. Maxil20

    Bolt Chests

    It actually is more profitable to buy some chests for getting spools then buying the some character skin sets themselves, though. For instance, Woodie’s individual triumphant/rose/guest of honor skins cost 5 dollars, and that’s exactly how much the forge weapons chest costs. Unraveling them all will give you the spools to weave the skin head and other items, and you will still have spools remaining. It’s minor since it’s only one skin set and the multiple one is cheaper, but it’s still pretty interesting IMO.
  21. Maxil20

    carrat don't give the red packet to me

    Problem is, the carrat won’t give the gold bag if the inventory the carrat goes into is a backpack : P
  22. Maxil20

    Normal penguins on a lunar island

    The reason this occurs is if pengulls spawn on any turf on the lunar island that’s not moonrock turf. As a result walking on the stone beach will spawn normal pengulls, while walking on the lunar mainland will spawn the moonrock ones. A similar thing occurs if you dig up the moonrock turf as well. I’m not sure how intentional or not it is, but it is how it currently works.
  23. That’s not true at all. All of the gems have a 5% chance of dropping separately, with the exception being red at 25%. It’s how you can get multiples of the “good” gems. As for a blue gem drop, I honestly would like to see one. A lot of people say it will create more of a mess, but in all honesty I am don’t see that being the case. At worst you get a new drop 25% of the time that a moleworm can take and an earthquake can break already, and moleworms are exceptional for clearing most ruins drops that are not nightmare fuel which people probably want anyways.
  24. Maxil20

    [Game Update] - 388775

    Thanks for this fix! It was really annoying, and I’m happy it got patched
  25. In the game, there’s a condition in the files for regrowth to never spawn within 20 units of a player or structure. This rule is respected by the regrowth types for both “regrowthmanager” (the renewal of carrots/flowers and the like), and desolation regrowth. However, in the case for plant and endless regrowth, this doesn’t respect it at all. It is quite possible to have random endless regrowth plants spawn on top of structures, and plant regrowth makes it exceedingly difficult to keep an area with structures sufficiently clear. To give a good example of this, I was doing a bunnymen clearing in the forest for decor. This is what the build used to look like: This was the build after ~1000 days later. While I did change the turf around, none of these trees were planted by me, and should not have spawned due to the standard regrowth rules.