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  1. Already done. Tentacles aren't doing such a good job anymore, but there are other ways of killing players as soon as they join.
  2. Stop playing on private 1k worlds and join a public server, the new challenge & all the players around there should keep you entertained for a bit longer. While doing so you can also try some other things like picking different characters or setting up your base in a totally different spot.
  3. How does the YotB event improve beefalos: Introduces an item to bind your beefalo to you Allows you to perform more actions while riding beefalos Adds new features to make taming beefalos easier Makes beefalos renewable even if they become extinct Introduces skins for your beefalo How to earn Lucky Gold Nuggets in the YotB event: Win a race against other beefalos Prove the strength of your beefalo in an obstacle course Guess the Curio Collector's favourite beefalo skin What you can do to increase the amount of obtained Lucky Gold Nuggets: Increase the size of your race Tame your beefalo harder Learn all available beefalo skins Event themed items you can purchase with your Lucky Gold Nuggets: New saddles with special effects Anything to help you with taming beefalos More beefalo skins It's not about beefalos, it's about skins!
  4. Disable your Lag Compensation and you'll ride in full speed again.
  5. Your beefalo merges into a nearby existing herd or creates a new herd whenever you enter or exit caves with it; by utiliziing different cave entrances/exits you can maximise the amount of beefalos born during spring Make sure to move them bit away from the entrance/exit to prevent beefalos from attacking you if they're in heat and you enter/exit the caves Beefalos do neither fall asleep in the caves during night nor wake up in the caves during daytime; according to a post from Swanky Psammead, beefalos do not loose domestication while asleep; to put your beefalo asleep, simply feed it a Moon Shroom (or use a Pan Flute or Wickerbottom's Sleepytime Stories) it does wake up by rebooting your world, rollbacking, taking damage (by mobs or earthquake), being ridden, or if triggered by any source (while in heat or if other nearby beefalos get attacked) Damage from Earthquakes, Cacti, etc. is completly negated if you ride a beefalo Your beefalo does take damage when doing so but the taken damage is mostly negated by his natural health regeneration
  6. 9/10 Griefers agree with you: Everyone (besides you) should suffer for everything you do.
  7. Your mods might be loading while the crash occurs but that's not the actual reason for the crash.
  8. My game keeps crashing if I enter the Item Collection and stay there for ~15 seconds. Reason for Crash: client_logs.txt doesn't wanna tell me.
  9. Thanks for the Update, now my game keeps crashing for no reason.
  10. Remaining not yet refreshed characters: Wilson Wolfgang WX-78 Wickerbottom Wes Waxwell Webber Who'll be the lucky one who gets his refresh 2023?
  11. 3 Stars: Potato: Can be mixed 1:1 with Toma Roots, restores 20 Health and 25 Hunger if cooked Toma Root: Can be mixed 1:1 with Potatoes, restores 20 Health if cooked or 33 Sanity if prepared in Crock Pot Onion: Restores 25 Hunger and 33 Sanity if prepared in Crock Pot Corn: Restores 25 Hunger if uncooked 2.5 Stars: Pumpkin: Replaces Onions during Winter, restores 37.5 Hunger; but doesn't prefer spring Garlic: Replaces Corn during Winter, turns Compost into other nutrients during any season 2 Stars: Dragon Fruit: Replaces Potatoes during Summer, restores 75 Hunger and 40 Health if prepared in Crock Pot; but spoils quickly Asparagus: Replaces Corn during Winter, restores 25 Hunger if cooked Eggplant: Compared to Potato: restores better stats if uncooked but doesn't prefer winter Watermelon: Can be mixed 1:1 with Onions, restores 7.5 sanity if cooked; but spoils quickly Carrot: Replaces Onion during Winter or Pumpkin during Winter & Spring 1 Star: Durian: Prefers only Spring Pomegranate: Spoils quickly, worse than Toma Root Pepper: Not as good as Fire Nettles
  12. It's cheap enough to use it for birds, but the damage output (and accuracy) is too low to use it effectively against mobs. You can avoid taking damage when attacking mobs with the Slingshot but you still need to kite due to its slow attack speed. Increasing its cost and damage would turn it more into a weapon rather than a bird farming tool.
  13. One issue I would like to talk about is the current situation of Pigs, it's questionable whether smashing Pig Houses counts as griefing or not. Almost every DST guide out there suggest players to smash Pig Houses for basic ressources, even players say it's fine to smash Pig Houses since they are renewable and nobody is anyway going to farm pigs in an infested forest. But if players keep Pig Houses, then there won't be any pigs left in the world until 1st winter. Once all Pig Houses got smashed, the only ways of obtaining Pig Skin are via Deconstruction Staff or Star Caller's Staff: - Deconstruction Staff: Find a Football Helmet in the Labyrinth or in the Atrium and deconstruct it to obtain 1x Pig Skin - Star Caller's Staff: Use it on the Moonstone during Full Moon and kill Werepigs for Pig Skin But both ways require you to visit the ruins, and if there are no more Pseudoscience Stations left in the ruins (another issue which should be investigated) then you'll need to kill Fuelweaver to retrieve the main ingredient for the most basic headslot armor. I would like to see some changes which either introduce some alternative ways of obtaining Pig Skin or reduce the amount of players who try to erase Pigs from the constant, for example: Make Pig Houses located near Pig King or the Pig Village (if available) indestructable or rebuildable without Pig Skin, to give everyone a chance to farm Pig Skin and to bring more life to Pig King and the Pig Village Add some alternate reliable ways of farming Pig Skin, e.g. introduce Vampire Bats from DS:Hamlet to the guano biome in the caves which will also make the biome more useful, or introduce some kind of Porkfish in the ocean dropping Pig Skin Change the recipe of Pig Houses from 4x Pig Skin to e.g. 10x Gold Nugget, to discourage players to smash pigs for Pig Skin and to allow players to renew Pig Houses more easily Make natural Pig Houses not drop any loot at all, discouraging players to smash pigs for loot
  14. I do not want to say that this mod is a bad mod, but: Source: Yesterday when I was farming Snurtles. Now imagine the chaos in the chat if everyone would use that mod. Another problem is the fact that not everybody can use the mod properly. Some players will be aware that a certain player might be a griefer, others on the other hand will just start kicking everyone as soon as the mod announces them that that player equipped a torch.
  15. Make sure that you are the player who has the most days or survived for >= 20 days Open your Scoreboard Press on the 'Server Actions...' Button on the top left of your Scoreboard Press on 'Rollback' Confirm with 'Do it!' Press on 'Yes' If the vote is successful, wait for 5 seconds => Server did rollback Now, since I did answer your question, please show me your client sided mod which makes the Loot Stash drop a Krampus Sack with a 100% chance. Come on, show me that mod already or just admit that you're dumb.