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  1. Is that supposed to mean that because other games contain certain features or concepts, DST is forced to contain the same features and concepts, e.g. since using console on the other games is a typical thing it must also be a typical thing on DST and any other game?
  2. It still drops as intended, and even after rolling back 20 times there's still a >10% chance for the Krampus Sack not to drop. So in that case you're just unlucky. If you really want a sack: Keep rolling back till you get one. Edit: If you want to know how often you need to rollback till you get a Krampus Sack with a chance of x, here's the formula: Amount of required rollbacks = log(1-x) / log(0.9) Getting a sack with a chance of 99% or 0.99 requires you to do at least 44 rollbacks, and for 100% you'll require to do an infinite amount of rollbacks.
  3. Can't reproduce it at all: The only thing which can be destroyed is the sketch, but it is renewable by harvesting tumbleweeds. The heads and the statues on the other hand can't be destroyed by meteorites.
  4. Bruh, calling clueless players rats ain't very friendly: There'll be always players who'll join an almost empty server during autumn, especially because it's autumn.
  5. That's true for some griefers, other griefers/jerks on the other hand don't tend to change their names alot. But in that case, since that "social justice gamer" guy (31. January 2020: Played as Wickerbottom, spawned Tentacles at Spawn and Touch Stones and kept killing others with 'The End is Nigh!') calls himself "Deladap" right now, he's also one of the griefers who tend to change their names before griefing a server. Well, the best thing I can recommend others if they notice a griefer is to ignore their steam account and/or to note their steam ID and either rollback and kick the griefer if possible, or leave the server and join another one. Reporting them on Steam or in the Klei Forums won't help at all, and only critical ways of griefing like using "c_startvote" to regenerate the world as soon as you join are going to be fixed by Klei. Reporting griefers on the Forum feels like "Feeding the Troll" and "Teaching newcomer griefers how to grief" at once.
  6. I've never seen a world without MacTusk at all, which does mean that I might be still wrong. Did you at least find the Moon Stone? Because that's the area where you should always find a Walrus Camp, try to scout the whole forest there or send us a picture of the map there and I might tell you where the camp is hiding at.
  7. While this is a known bug and has been reported many times, I still wanted to tell you that your video is incorrect since you placed your gates in your video wrong, not showing what happens if you place them in the correct spot.
  8. Move Glommer away from base: He's safe from any kind of dangers while offscreen and doesn't stop his poop production. You'll be able to visit him over time and collect all the goop he produced.
  9. According to a previous post, there are two ways to equip the beard you want to have: Use the relative Wilson skin Use the Clean Sweeper on yourself to change between beards
  10. What about the other developers? Does everyone have a house full of young kids, or do they have other reasons not to play on public servers, like being afraid of griefers?
  11. -your, +our Considering the fact, that I was the first one who suggested to make them respawnable via Suspicious Dirt Piles while you were the one who suggested to make them available when tracking during rain.
  12. Can you explain why you consider Walter "exceptional" at ruins rushing?