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  1. Lamp Post Placement

    As much as I know it's intended. Not everybody has the geometric placement mod and players should be able to place their Lamp Post perfectly at the border of the street turf.
  2. Examining Red Cap: "Hurts heart" Eating Red Cap: "Ouch" - Gained stats: +12.5 Hunger, -0 Health Examining Manure: "Mmm...Smells good!" Using Manure: +2 Health Digging up a Dung Pile with your bare hands: 3x +10 Sanity Getting Manure thrown at (by Splumonkeys or Prime Apes): -10 Sanity ... is that intended or not fixed yet? Got other strange things about him?
  3. The Genuine Hamlet™ Experience

    Keep your Pig Skin in your Backpack or store it in Cork Barrels to keep it safe from Pogs. Just imagine that you're playing DST and not DS and in DST there are Pogs (also known as Splumonkeys or Griefers) everywhere.
  4. Wormwood Farming Guide

    You'll need 4 pumpkins a day during Lush Season so pumpkins restore 2-4 minutes, 120-240 seconds or 1/4-1/2 days of Hunger.
  5. I enjoy playing as Wormwood and creating my own Farm and I'd like to share you some of my experience about farming with him. Make sure to have a Birdcage to gather more seeds & a Lightning Rod in your Farm to prevent it from burning down. How long does it take for a plant to grow? According to the Wiki "Seeds planted this way take four days to grow to reach full growth, and yield the same items as a regular farm would". It's not recommended to fertilize them with manure cause you would need a total of 6 manure to make a single plant grow instantly and 6 manure is worth 12 health. Four days, that's a total of 64 Day Segments, 32 Minutes or 1920 Seconds and Wormwoods belly lasts for only 2-1 days depending on season. But there's an easier way to make Crops grow faster: By using a Sprinkler you can make your Crops grow 12 times as fast, reducing the time to 5.333 Day Segments, 2.667 Minutes or 160 Seconds, but Sprinklers requires to be built close to water so you'll need to build your Improved Wormwood Farm close to a Lily Pond. The Sprinkler lasts for up to 15 Day Segments and has a range of about 2 Pitchfork Counts, allowing you to water up to 44 Plants at once: (Green = Crops; Red = Sprinkler; Blue = Pipe) Which Crops are the best to grow? For that question I just made myself a sheet: (Note that Food won't affect Wormwood's health so I marked the health value red) (Food Value: F - Fruit, V - Vegetable, M - Monster Food; Drop Rate: Chance to get it from Seeds (Birdcage for Seeds & Crop Seeds)) Different Crops also grant different unique recipes: Avoid Asparagus Soup (Bad stats compared to other dishes) or Fruit Medley (Not as good as other dishes & spoils fast). My Crop Results: Rank S: Pumpkin: Restores 25% (1/2 days) of your Hunger even without Crock Pot and lasts for a total of 10 days Corn: Most common crop (Shared with Carrots and Sweet Potatoes) and restores 16,67% (1/3 days) of your Hunger, lasts for a total of 10 days if uncooked or 15 days if cooked Rank A: Eggplant: Not as common & durable as Corn but restores the same amount of Hunger and can be used for Stuffed Eggplant Carrot, Sweet Potato: Most common crop which allows to get quickly a stack full of Carrot or Potato Seeds which take a total of 40 days to spoil and restore about 10 Hunger OR 10 Sanity + grant another plant for later. Radish: Same durability as Corn, same stats as Carrot or Sweet Potato, drop rate unknown but can be used for Spicy Vegetable Stinger which is useful as an emergency sanity food Rank B: Dragon Fruit: Lategame Crop - Really uncommon, grants almost no stats and spoils pretty fast but can be used for Dragonpie which restores 50% (1/2 days) of your hunger (useful to tame Beefalos in RoG as it also grants a lot of health) Rank C: Durian: Almost same stats as Eggplant but drains sanity, only half as common & can't be used for Meatballs if Monster Meat is used (making Monster Lasagna with 2x Durian + 2x Non-Stick-Fillers is a way to feed your Flytraps without gathering Meat) Aloe, Pomegranate, Watermelon: Stats aren't that good but they're still useful as Crock Pot Fillers Rank F: Asparagus: Pretty bad stats, spoils fast & ruins most of your recipes by turning them into Asparagus Soup which only restores 12.5% (1/4 days) of your Hunger (That's my actual ranking, it can still change depending on your comments.) Please share your Suggestions about my guide.
  6. Your Wormwood tips

    Best ways to heal yourself as Wormwood: Using the Siesta Lean-to (2x Silk, 4x Boards, 3x Rope; 6 usages, restores 60 Health, 50 Sanity at cost of 25 Hunger & skipping to dusk) 180 Health + 150 Sanity per Silk or 300 Health + 250 Sanity per Silk if hammered after 5 Uses Way cheaper than the Tent (Tent requires 6 Silk) Doesn't waste any time if used on the last time segment before Dusk Allows to skip the hunger drain during Lush Season Buying & Stacking Honey Poultice (30 health for 5 oincs) and Healing Salve (20 health for 4 oincs) from the 'Curly Tails Mud Spa' shop 6-5 Health per Oinc, usable everywhere Give a Gold Nugget to the Wishing Well (80% chance to heal 100 health and to cure Poison) 8 Health per Oinc, requires Wishing Well Best way in early game? (in case of emergency & if Wishing Well has been found)
  7. Royal gallery bug

    Did you do it during Night or were you during the night in the Royal Gallery? This Bug might be almost the same as that one:
  8. My suggestion for the Telelocator Focus: As Purple Gems seem to be more expensive in DST (No Teleportato available, needs to be shared between players, expensive Nightmare Amulet, Moon Rock Idol, Players tend to leave with gems in inventory, etc.), I'd suggest to replace the Purple Gems with something else, such as: Moon Rocks or Cratered Moonrock The Telelocator appears to communicate with the moon and it doesn't work in caves, Moonlenses can be seen all over the map, so Moon Rocks might locate teleported mobs better than Purple Gems. Together with the Moonlens it could be used to coordinate the teleport: Using the Telelocator Staff on a mob with a Moonlens nearby (~3 Pitchfork titles): If there's a socketed Telelocator with the same Moonlens available, it will take the next available Telelocator with same Moonlens, otherwise it will just take the next available Telelocator or fail (teleport randomly) Using the Telelocator with a Cratered Moonrock (not a Moonlens): It will take the next Telelocator without any Moonlens nearby Using the Telelocator without anything: Takes the next active Telelocator Using the Telelocator during Full Moon: Moon Rocks on Telelocator Focus won't be consumed The Focus should be visible on map if it's active (similar to a Moonlens) cause other players could've already used the Focus or Splumonkeys (griefers, newbies) might disable the Focus by their own. You'll still need Purple Gems to craft the Telelocator Staff, so Purple Gems will be still 'must have'. Originally Moonlenses are used to set markers on the map but some kind of markers are really expensive and underused so why not give it another ability?
  9. Suggestion: chocolate

    Should kill Hounds & Pogs instantly. Placing some chocolate in your fridge should keep your food safe from Pogs.
  10. It will be also be attracted to the Werebeaver (Woodie) because their Night-Vision is just a light source which is visible for everyone. Example: Pigs during Night will be attracted to the Werebeaver cause he's a light source and they're attracted by light.
  11. flytraps...

    Use a Gnat swarm as armor against the Snaptooth Flytraps and keep punching them till they die. That way you won't need to use any items at all.
  12. Favorite Things

    No need to give up that Scepter because:
  13. @bizziboi: I just managed to reproduce the bug, it works as intended: I entered the Pig City Ruins and scouted the whole Ruin: Afterwards I searched in the Pig City Island for a Ruin to mine an Unimportant Pillar, sadly there weren't any Ruins available so I just went back to the starting Island, entered Ruins 'B' and mined a Pillar right next to the Entrance. Then I returned to the Pig City Ruins and looked at the Map again: As we can see: Mining the Pillar in Ruins 'B' did open the hidden Rooms in Ruins 'Pig City'. I returned to a Ruins 'A' which I scouted before Ruins 'Pig City' and saw that the hidden Rooms in Ruins 'A' were opened too! Then I went to another Ruins 'C' which wasn't scouted at all, I scouted it: Mined the Pillars and as we can see: The secret Rooms had been revealed. Then I returned to Ruins 'B' where I already mined a Pillar, scouted every room and found some suspicious cracks. After I scouted every room in Ruins 'B', I mined exactly the same Pillar once again and the secret Rooms in Ruins 'B' had been revealed. So: If you find any entrance to a Secret Room you can mine any Unimportant Pillar in any Ruins ingame to open the entrance but you need to find the entrance before mining the Pillar, otherwise the room won't be revealed. @bizziboi: I just uploaded my game files but I'm using the mod 'Moar Save Slots' and the Save Slots (1-15, top to bottom) where I reproduced the Bug are No. 9 and 15. The Bug can be reproduced pretty easy so dunno if there's any need for them.
  14. Mining Unimportant Pillars in Ancient Pig Ruin 'A' can reveal Hidden Rooms in another Ancient Pig Ruin 'B' (unconfirmed if it happens only if 'B' has been visited before the pillars in Ruin 'A' had been mined).