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  1. Well ok, then let's start with a map: Version: [...] (27th september 2019) OS: Same as Klei Official Seed: 156 956 791 8 (Without blanks) Worldgen options: Standard Surface A 3x Tusk map with the Moon connected to the Main Island (pretty close to Pig King) and 8x Guardian Pig in the Pig King Biome (Close to the Wormhole marked with the 3 in Decidious Biome).
  2. I already found some pretty nice world seeds (Moon connected to Pig King + 8x Guadian Pig nearby; caves where Ancient Guardian isn't connected with the labyrinth; etc.) but didn't want to share them yet, since the seeds are dependent on your OS right now: If you share seeds here, other players using the same seed for their map will get a totally different map, because their OS might be different from yours. Same for me because Klei Official's OS isn't same as mine and thus I get a totally different map when using the same seed again. I'll share some seeds once a way appears to choose the OS for the World Generation. Till then: Don't forget to add the OS to your shared world seed.
  3. Eating Monster Lasagna or Monster Tartare restores Hunger at the cost of 20 Health and 20 Sanity. Eating Salty Monster Lasagna or Salty Monster Tartare restores Hunger at the cost of 25 Health and 20 Sanity. The best health bonus you can get from 2x Seasoning Salt is +50 Health if added to 2x Mandrake Soup, which is +16.66 Health per Salt Crystals.
  4. I actually don't fight Big Tentacles to find the Atrium, they're better used as wormholes or to gather Tentacle Spikes / Tentacle Spots in earlygame.
  5. As much as I know there's no easier way to locate the Atriums Tentacle besides teleporting yourself to the Atrium and killing the Tentacle there. If it's not possible, you'll have to scout the caves and locate all the Big Tentacles till you find the Atrium Tentacle. Get a Bramble Husk, any Head Slot Armor, a weapon and a lantern and just keep scouting to find it. And if you think that finding the Atrium Tentacle is hard, don't forget that Malbatross still excists.
  6. The swamp

    Guess you need some strawberries which grow down in the caves on trees, act like birchnuts in terms of fillers, spoil into Cut Grass and can be dried into Cut Reeds.
  7. Wurt's diet guide

    Perhaps you should play Wurt at least once before making a guide for her diet.
  8. Best ways I see to make Bone Shards renewable: 1. Make your server public and spawn tentacles near the spawn: Players will join, die, and leave. That's considered griefing but it's one of the few reliable ways to gather shards. 2. Gather alot of Spider Glands & Cut Grass, get a friend, swap to Webber/Wigfrid/Wortox (Any character with 160 or more health), and repeat following pattern: Craft a Telltale Heart Kill yourself Let your friend revive you Every Telltale Heart you use will grant you 2 more Bone Shards and refresh the sanity of your allies, but it will also fill your history with alot of dumb deaths. Other ways like Catcoons, Tumbleweed, or No-Eyed Deers work aswell, but the quantity of recieved Bone Shards is that low, it's not worth it farming them that way.
  9. The swamp

    Forgot to include Tumbleweeds and Catcoons, but that kind of reed gathering is pretty slow. There's no character who starts with reeds in their inventory, and Papyrus isn't same as reeds.
  10. The swamp

    Burned reeds are gone forever: You just need a griefer who burns all your reeds and you won't have any access to reeds anymore (except via Deconstruction Staff). Not every cave has reeds. I've already seen cave generations without any swamp at all.
  11. I somewhat strongly disagree: By using a Construction Amulet and a way better setup, you can end up with less than 4 gears per Toadstool Spawn to kill Toadstool with no effort at all. And ruins drop about 25-50 Gears if fully cleaned, making this a pretty cheap cheese actually.
  12. 4 Ice Flingos? Amateur! I can cheese Toad with way less Ice Flingos and just a single Ham Bat!
  13. Only if ordered, and Cookie Cutterx will retrieve if attacked, so Duelists won't be able to kill them. Also only one Cookie Cutter can be attacked at once by two Shadow Duelists. So I don't recommend.
  14. A Maxwell on your boat will reduce the chance to sink: His Shadow Miners are capable to walk on water and to mine any Sea Stack on your way. If combined with a Ghost Character, he'll become able to gather salt with no effort: The Miners will mine all the Salt Formations and the Ghost (if skilled enough) haunt all the mined salt towards Maxwell. If you manage to kill Cookie Cutters with 2 strikes (Which is achieved with a Tentacle Spike, a fresh Ham Bat or a Dark Sword), then they won't be able to fight back while cutting your cookie.
  15. He's not my 100% main... but sometimes, he's fun to play: