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  1. Suggestion: Using Trawl Net in Hamlet ponds should grant Smashing Pot loot, turning them into the remains of a sunken ruin.
  2. I do not enjoy it if a Wes plants Balloons over the whole base. So: Dunno about that idea...
  3. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    That's a repost! (Insert DST themed repost meme here plz)
  4. You can unravel Wortox for 900 spools so buying the whole bundle will still grant you every skin & character but you'll loose 1800 spools if you wave Wortox before you buy the bundle. If you want to keep your costs as little as possible then I'd recommend you to have a look at my guide:
  5. for x=-1600,1600,35 do for y=-1600,1600,35 do ThePlayer.player_classified.MapExplorer:RevealArea(x,0,y) end end or for x=-1600,1600,35 do for y=-1600,1600,35 do UserToPlayer("Your Name").player_classified.MapExplorer:RevealArea(x,0,y) end end should help.
  6. On Examination Quotes

    Character Quotes for Depths Worm: Character Quotes for Mysterious Plant (Lesser Glow Berry): Result:
  7. Rework order

    It's an even bigger challenge to have a Wes sitting in your base and doing nothing besides spawning balloons everywhere & consuming +25% food.
  8. Lantern or Meat Effigy will help.
  9. wilson rework?

    I would dislike it if I had to wait 10 seconds till I could use my Life Giving Amulet while a Wilson distracts the enemy. That ability might also be a bit OP since it would be the solution for world hunger as we already saw in The Forge afk games.
  10. DST: One night, I returned from the hunt. I collected food and tools everyone needed, put some fire on the fire pit, and started to cook some food to heal myself. But suddenly an enemy spawned right next to me and killed me instantly... HAM: I was enjoying Hamlet and after some time I decided it might be worth it to fight against the Pugalisk. So I moved to the Pugalisk's island and started fighting against it. The Pugalisk was about to die, but I couldn't fight anymore. I lost my whole armor and had only 1 health left, so I decided to run away. With the last of one's strength, I managed to dodge any of the Pugalisks attacks while heading towards the exit, it was already within my sight! But then I was killed by "my" biggest enemy ingame shortly before I could escape.
  11. wilson rework?
  12. wilson rework?

    That would be just an almost 1:1 copy of Wickerbottom's ability. I'd like to see some Wilson-Specific items which need to be craftet with Beard Hair, for example Improved Healing Salve, a Telltale Heart which doesn't reduce Max Health (because other players suggest to make him the healer like in The Forge), a Beard Hair Bed Roll, etc.; that could refresh his main ability a bit. Another way to improve Wilson would be to increase the cons of other characters. At the beginning in DS he was the only one who could craft Meat Effigys, later on with the introduction of overheating in summer his beard started to give disadvantages, in SW his beard lost another usage because SW doesn't contain freezing, only overheating and now in DST he's almost useless because there's always a character who does something better than Wilson.
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    How characters gather meat:
  14. Silly Tier lists

    How characters gather meat:
  15. I really disagree about the Inventory Burning Idea. She's not supposed to become a 2nd Wolfgang who can solo the DST Deerclops in less than 15 seconds with nothing but a stack of logs. Dunno if your suggestion for Fire Immunity is also just a suggestion to make Inventory Burning realizable.