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  1. I think you're missing the fact that I don't want to have certain characters nerfed or buffed. I made that table only to show in which state certain characters are, not if they need to be nerfed to the ground or become as mighty as Wolfgang.
  2. It's not about the difficulty in terms of surviving, it's about what you're able to achieve when playing as certain character. Of course Wigfrid is the easiest and thus the most popular character in DST. Wolfgang requires alot of food to keep his powers and Wickerbottom got problems with her insanity and isn't able to use tents, but then again: Wigfrid isn't able to deal 1k damage per second or to move in high-speed. There's alot to argue in this table in terms of strength.
  3. 6300 ingame-days = 6300*8 minutes = 6300*8/60 hours = 6300*8/60/24 reallife-days = 35 reallife-days (= 5 weeks)
  4. I'll just leave this table behind in this topic, hoping that this will answer a few questions.
  5. Horrible rework, you still need to consider the fact that Webber isn't a monster, he's still just a young human in the body of a spider, or in other words: An Undercover. Webber wants to be friends with Pigs and others, but he can't because Pigs recognize him as a spider. He doesn't fear the day because he's still a human, he doesn't fear having spiders around him because he knows that they won't hurt him. Your ideas might fit for a totally new character, but not for Webber. Just because somebody puts a mask on another person doesn't mean that the other person needs to become a horrible monster.
  6. Well yes, but actually no: Catcoons spawn ONLY in the decidous forest, finding and smashing all of them will be easy work and they AREN'T renewable. Bunnymen can spawn anywhere, griefers would need to scan the whole world multiple times to find and smash all the Bunnyman available in a world, and even then you can always hide a Rabbit Hutch in your Building Tab, which means: Even if you die and all the Rabbit Hutches go extinct, there's still a chance to prevent Bunnymen from going extinct.
  7. Perhaps because unlike Pig Skin or Bunny Puff, Catcoon Tails are kinda limited? In DS you could only get a limited amount of cat tails till they became extinct, in DST it's almost the same: You won't be able to farm more Catcoon Tails if a player comes and destroys all your Catcoon Dens.
  8. Instead of making Monster Tartare from 2x Monster Meat and 2x any filler, you could also hunt down a Koalefant, collect the meat, and make Meaty Stew from 2x Meat, 1x Monster Meat, 1x any filler. If you have the eggs for the Pierogi, then you can use the eggs as the any filler in Meaty Stew, more eggs can be gained by turning the Monster Meat you have into eggs. Meaty Stew restores +86.75 Hunger, +32 Health, +25 Sanity compared to Monster Tartare, and with the pierogi you'll restore more than 180 hunger, which allows you to repeat these dishes in 2 days without penalties. Perhaps Monster Tartare isn't a bad food due to the amount of hunger it restores, but right now there are better foods which turn Monster Tartare bad again.
  9. Lightning Rod Bug

    Perhaps it follows the same logic as the Oasis Sandstorm: Lightning Rods do not prevent lightnings from happening around you at all, all they do is to prevent you from casting lightnings. So if somebody stands out of the range of the Lightning Rod and casts a lightning, the lightning might hit you even if you stand almost next to the Lightning Rod.
  10. That's totally not what I meant, of course the mobs aren't that stupid, but with the implementation of that feature you won't have everywhere choke points anymore but just a single one or rather just a few choke points which can easily be shut via walls, statues, structures etc. I don't see any other point what that feature is suppoed to provide, besides pretty cheap but also very effective indestructable early game walls which are defending you from hounds or incoming bosses. And there for sure will be ways to make the mobs keep running against the walls, in which case the AI won't find a way around them.
  11. What's actually the use of them? Aren't they just same as indestructible walls which protect you from most kind of mobs? It might look like a good idea, but for now they won't provide too much new content.
  12. Open Trade Negotiations

    I'd like to note that your Steam profile is private and thus your inventory is hidden for everyone.
  13. The amount of race tracks is unlimited (as long as you have enough space). The first checkpoint is the closest checkpoint to the starting point, then it keeps taking the closest checkpoint which isn't glowing yet till there are no more checkpoints available anymore, then it will head to the finish line. Placing your finish line next to the starting point will still make the carrats move for the next checkpoint, and it appears like the Finish Line doesn't count to the total length of the track (you won't get more Lucky Gold Nuggets by placing the Finish next to the start and making a long line of checkpoints).
  14. If you create a World with day only, then night will never trigger and thus your carrat prize will never reset, resulting in being unable to win any other Lucky Gold Nuggets.
  15. Two steam related skin bugs: The Nordic Axe isn't part of the Year of the Carrat Collection The drying rack skin looks a little bit offset: