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  1. Any news about the bug which causes EU Klei Official Servers to lag very hard on save until they crash due to memory overflow?
  2. Burning all available cacti on both deserts before day 56 on a vanilla world prevents any moonstorm from happening. So if you're scared of moonstorms, just burn all cacti and you'll be fine.
  3. A small list of Spoilers: The new moonstorm event can be triggered with finishing the three Celestial Altars and it is a sandstorm with Wagstaff appearing somewhere on the map, finishing his quest grants you a Restrained Static which is required for the "Unfinished Experiment" A new boss called Celestial Champion with 4 stages has been introduced, his fight feels somewhat like a combnation of AG and Toadstool All new items: A Crown dropped by the Celestial Champion with infinite durability which grants +10 sanity/min and infinite light if equipped Moon birds aren't real birds (you can't catch them with a bird trap)
  4. Players sometimes become unable to reskin things with the Clean Sweeper if the Clean Sweeper has been exchanged between players because the Clean Sweeper tries to apply a skin on an item which isn't owned by the current user.
  5. Here's a guide for a few Bone Shard Spawn Farm setups. While most of them don't work anymore since Zarklord fixed the Griefer Spawn Protection, they can still be used in some special cases or if you set Griefer Spawn Protection to 'none'.
  6. Wes's Balloon Hat counts as cat toy, i.e. you can trade it with catcoons for random loot. His other balloons do also count as Cat Toys too but are not tradeable, so it's only the case for his Balloon Hat.
  7. In this case you were not the first one who was using the Clean Sweeper on the Cane, somebody before you used the Clean Sweeper on his own Walking Cane and changed the appearance to a skin X nobody else owned. Then you came and tried to change the skin of the Cane, but since the sweeper was set to skin X and you did not own skin X, the cane just changed to standard appearance because the game did not allow you to use the skin X. Others tried to reskin the cane but they couldn't do anything since they did also not own skin X. To fix the Clean Sweeper you need to reskin an item which currently has the skin X so it changes from a skin you don't own to another one which is owned by you. Another possible way to fix it should be to reload the Clean Sweeper either by doing a rollback or by entering and exiting caves with the sweeper in your inventory.
  8. Players sometimes become unable to reskin things with the Clean Sweeper if exchanged between players since the Clean Sweeper tries to apply a skin on an item which isn't owned by the current user.
  9. Two ideas I had: Firestarter Protection: A debuff which prevents players from hammering structures or burning anything. It should be applied by: If players rejoin, for 5-10 seconds (The only cases where the debuff can be lethal are if you join during winter on daytime (no free heat provided) or with enough wetness (the free heat won't be enough to keep you warm, although that can be avoided by drying up before leaving), in any other case the only reason for burning or smashing things might be griefing) During a votekick for the duration of the Votekick (Most players enjoy it to burn a few structures before votekick passes) By the player with the highest daycounter on anyone if he doesn't have the rights to kick players (To prevent worlds with only one remaining player from being griefed easily, they are easy targets for most griefers) Drop Items on Disconnect: Introduce a 'None' setting and change the 'Default' setting from 'Never drop items' to 'Drop items unless you have admin rights'. It might actually be a nice option for public servers: Players will be able to enjoy public servers and once they're done enjoying it, they'll drop their items for the next players to enjoy. But sadly none of the public severs uses it right now.
  10. This world looks definitely bigger than the average world, yet I can confirm that this world is 100% vanilla. Size Comparison:
  11. When will we get a fix for Klei Official Servers becoming inaccessable (not updated) with every new DST hotfix?
  12. Spawn Protection now triggers if: There are more than 2* entities with the "hostile", "_combat" or "trapdamage" tag 4 pitchfork titles or less away from the spawn (Now triggers if Anenemies or Merms are nearby; *since players do also have the "_combat" tag the spawn protection will actually trigger if there are more than 1 entities with the mentioned tag nearby) There are 4 or more blockers/structures 3 pitchfork titles or less away from the spawn There are 10 or more blockers/structures 4.5 pitchfork titles or less away from the spawn There are 15 or more blockers/structures 6 pitchfork titles or less away from the spawn There are 20 or more blockers/structures 8 pitchfork titles or less away from the spawn Other noteable changes: Anenemies don't attack players with Spawn Protection anymore Mobs don't block players with Spawn Protection anymore Notes for griefers: Insanity does still affect protected players You can still put 1 Ewecus at the spawn without triggering the Spawn Protection Hounds do still follow the player around Touch Stones or Cave Entrances/Exits do still not protect against Tentacles