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  1. I think both sides have fair points. OP should've taken a second to realize what they were clicking. HOWEVER, I'm honestly surprised there's not a confirmation to reseting your world like that. That would be a nice QOL addition.
  2. I think we should maybe give the creator of the mod the benefit of the doubt and assume that the line of code wasn't meant to be malicious. For instance... I could totally see myself creating a mod that kills one of my friends for s and giggles. Or, it could be a user that's been known to be problematic and it could simply be the authors way of being a vigilante.
  3. IDK if i'm allowed to post this, but this came from klei's discord:
  4. Buffing weaker recipes (such as Ratatouille lmao) would be the way to "nerf" meatballs. Give people a reason to make something, don't give people reasons to NOT make something.
  5. Honestly I'm all for making the core game play different. Seasonal variants like this could be exactly what this game needs to feel fresh again.
  6. the funniest death i remember was when i died trying to stun a snortise in the forge: totally not plugging my channel btw
  7. Ah, my mistake, I guess I remembered it wrong. In that case, Wilson is the second to last survivor to be pulled.
  8. Wilson was actually pulled last as of Don't Starve (after the events of DST, Winona came afterwards and Walter I'm not sure about). You also have to realize that Maxwell actually pulled so, so many more people than the characters you're able to play as. I mean, why else would the remains of other people (Fallen Survivors, specifically) just be lying around? Assuming this, I'd like to assume Maxwell was just so desperate to get anyone to take his place on the throne that he pulled in, well, anybody.
  9. I realize that everyone's playing Wes to see what his refresh is like, but I tried picking Wigfrid today and sure enough, I couldn't pick her without the game crashing. This happening to anyone else?
  10. Simply even picking Wigfrid crashes the game. Not sure if it's related to her equipment, but I believe it's something to do with her helmet. I'll attach a clip from my stream showing a vanilla client/server: clip will have swearing, apologies