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  1. did you know wes is everyones dad
  2. It's not that we hate people who want to lead us to their content for us to watch (believe me, I know, I've been trying for a couple years now), it's that whenever you do it in a place that's not really meant for it, it comes off as annoying. The correct subforum for posting your own Twitch and Youtube videos is here (it's under Don't Starve, but it's really for both DS and DST since DST lacks this particular subforum). There you'll find people who are interested in it. Also, a lot of us just don't have time to watch streams and whatever, so posting pictures is a nice way for us to quickly look at whatever material you posted.
  3. Unlocking Characters

    um it would actually be wathgrithrskull, thank you very much
  4. The millions of rot in the middle of the ocean would no doubt cause lag. Kinda makes me wonder why Rot doesn't have its own timer that allows it to despawn after a while. Anyway, if you need Food Values, there's a client-side version of the mod that probably is better anyway:
  5. It's actually very possible for 1 beefalo away from its herd point to make several more herds during spring, as the babies will eventually go back to where they were birthed and repeat the cycle.
  6. Uhh... post some screenshots?
  7. Is the forge coming back this year?

    We're not saying that only Forge should come back, but the coding and the servers that Klei had to use a lot of money for would simply go to waste if they were never used again. While the servers are for sure getting lots of use for future events, the Forge is just gonna sit there being unused unless Klei does something.
  8. what about bone hound, a hound that drops the bone armor and the bone helm what about the krampus hound that drops a krampus sack what about a hound thats just a big tam 'o shanter that drops 10 tams on death what about a nightmare hound that goes through traps and other mobs and only targets players at below 50% sanity
  9. It's actually more of a nerf than a buff. Sure, it's easier to go insane, but you gain a set amount of sanity from killing Crawling Horrors and Terrorbeaks that Wolfgang would be half sane after killing a Terrorbeak. Why do you think Wigfrid is a terrible nightmare fuel farmer? But I wouldn't mind seeing Wolfgang's sanity getting decreased to 150. He needs to be toned down, as does Wickerbottom.
  10. warly isn't in dst, but... his whole character is this mechanic
  11. this is actually a really cool idea, I just wish it would save so that way it could be like a bluescreen room.
  12. wtf

    oh wow i have that same keyboard
  13. I've gotten, off the top of my head... Wolfgang Survivor and Camping Crockpot. Everything else was bought or from Trade Inn.
  14. I think @Instant-Noodles is your man.