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  1. uhh, the skins are the point. you either get them or you don't.
  2. You'd fit right into the Fortnite community, where everyone complains about skins "not being rare anymore". Also I thought this topic was about Winter's Feast being extended. Can we get back on topic?
  3. glad i know this now, thank you for sharing
  4. No one's suggested a tooth trap field, so I'll drop that in here. If you're having trouble with just 2 then go to beefalo and let them take care of it. Make some tooth traps though, seriously, they're very good.
  5. I will say that I have had my fair share of people finding me from drops, and end up really enjoying my content. I believe that people will do what they want, some people may want to actually see someone playing, while others might just want the drops period.
  6. Sorry if I was no help :^(
  7. You can still hear buzzing from the bee box when it's been burned. Here's a clip in case you need it, but it's not a very complicated thing to describe:
  8. This only occurred one time as far as I'm aware. I probably should mention that we do have client mods installed, but no server mods.
  9. We're not really sure what's causing the visual issue, but what's happening is our WX-78 player is using the Victorian head skin along with it's respective outfit, and when he mounted a fully tamed, Ornery Beefalo with a Glossamer Saddle, the Beefalo became invisible. The WX then proceeded to switch to a different head skin, the Unfinished, while keeping the Diving Gear on, and the Beefalo still became invisible. Finally, I believe the WX switched to the Magmatic set and the Beefalo was visible. It was only when the WX was mounting the Beefalo that the Beefalo became invisible. I did capture a clip of it from my stream, if you're not quite sure what I mean. Note that there is foul language so if you need to mute the audio, I understand.
  10. ill give up every wigfrid skin i own if it means getting the almighty potato cup skin
  11. Same thing happened with Hallowed Nights and Rose skins, and now look at their prices: Thank you for clearing things up