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  1. Sorry about being off-topic, but to answer your question, you were correct when you asked if characters go to alternate realities of the Constant when going through the Celestial Portal. I'm not sure where specifically that information came from, but I believe a dev did mention this is what happens.
  2. I myself would enjoy that, but the community seems to want to give that characteristic to Wes. Personally, I thought it would be a neat idea to make her a glass cannon, similar to how Wendy's rework looked at first. Lower health, higher damage. Make her a big risk/reward character.
  3. How could you possibly have post that? Have you read the whole post?
  4. I love seeing the Klei devs explain the details of the changes to those who ask. One of those things that make Klei such a good game dev company.
  5. 3 polls in the span of an hour? This a new record for you?
  6. I always thought it was kinda cute how Webber grows a beard. It lets him fit in with the other grown adults, and thats something a lot of kids his age want to do.
  7. All I care about for reworks is Wigfrid. Give her the glass cannon ability that Wendy had for a bit and then she's perfect.
  8. Can we stop harassing Canis about him wanting a character in the game???
  9. What a sad, yet hilarious bug. I guess Abigail is afraid of rats?