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  1. What about making a "new" pet mob that's basically a Smallbird that costs the egg at the Den and keep the mechanics as is otherwise?
  2. More skins for character items would be great. Clean Sweeper has made literally anything a possibility now.
  3. You think WX got NERFED??? No other character is able to get a permanent 25% speed boost on DAY 1, not to mention every other module that was added with the rework. Permanent Moggles, being able to get up to 700(?!) health, health regen capabilities, I could go on. OP is upset he can't shove gears down his throat to get max stats.
  4. Please. Let me name Backtrek Watches. It's the only thing she needs.
  5. If loot didn't burn, then Fire would be excellent. Still think that should've been a Willow perk but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Wasn't sure if this was the right subforum to ask this in, but I'm very curious about the Steam Deck's capabilities and if playing couch Co-op is possible. Probably won't detract me from purchasing one either way, but I would love to know before buying it.
  7. Backtreck Watch skins. Would love not having to use items/signs to memorize where they go.
  8. It's a cute idea, but not a very good one unfortunately. That would be a massive pain in the ass to anyone who plays alone, as others have said before me.
  9. Maybe Walter shaved off his eyebrow himself. Honestly knowing the character it wouldn't be out of the question...
  10. Will clarify what OP is saying since he brings up a good point: Picking Random as your character does not use the skins you have equipped on the character it ends up picking. OP wishes that it did work this way, and I agree with that.
  11. We really need Winona buffs.
  12. Wanda update. Turned me from a hardcore Wigfrid main to a hardcore Wanda main.