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  1. bro, you are looking way too far into the funny emote. the devs just thought it was a funny easter egg.
  2. what????????? that has got to be the dumbest thing I've heard in a while.
  3. my guy, there's 18 pages in this thread. it's likely some of these are repeats of each other.
  4. I miss Forge a lot more than Gorge tbh. Forge had a feeling of desperation, of us being put into a corner and using teamwork to get out of it. The sense of chamradere that came with Forge was super nice and I miss that.
  5. My dudes out here at Klei literally giving people free stuff just because. Mad respect for you guys as always.
  6. fear is a bit of a strong word to have over a video game.
  7. I really appreciate Klei not changing Wigfrid that much, especially compared to Woodie who got a massive overhaul to his kit. I'd mostly like to see some songs tweaked and tinkered with, and maybe make inspiration better against mobs, but otherwise I'm happy with where she is.
  8. It's weird, because if you then decide to regenerate the world due to death or a vote, you'll get a world creation screen. It's only when making the world for the first time that it doesn't appear. And it's only if caves are enabled...
  9. I guess someone asked this already, but do her songs only affect her teammates? Or does she benefit from them as well?
  10. If they add Wheeler or Woodlegs then I'd be happy. Otherwise I could care less whether they'd add the others or not.
  11. I think the lighter being infinite only if Willow herself was using it would be fine. Still take durability from it if you use it to cook, but just holding it wouldn't take durability.