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  1. Wortox's tail suggestion

    To be honest, the option to just straight up hide his tail would be great.
  2. Boss Concept Idea/Sketch

    well, this is indeed a bruh moment.
  3. Can we stop harassing Canis about him wanting a character in the game???
  4. Wheeler in DST

    Honestly, if she was brought in the same way Warly was, aka counting as a character rework and not as a DLC character, I'd be cool with that.
  5. What? There's no armor in the console version of DST? Man you guys have it tough...
  6. What a sad, yet hilarious bug. I guess Abigail is afraid of rats?
  7. Dead by Daylight. Specifically the Survivors.
  8. Giblet beaks...

    Actually, the reason that evolution line is like that is because originally, Remoraid and Octillery were more "militarized" in their first concepts, with Remoraid being reminiscent of a revolver, and Octillery a, well, artillery tank. As shown here:
  9. Personally, I find downsides that you cannot patch up with other means more interesting. That's why I prefer to play Wigfrid over Wolfgang- Wolfgang is straight up better with a negligible downside, while Wigfrid has a constant downside: Maintaining hunts in the early game, and being locked out of mushrooms and Dragonpies in the lategame. It's also a big reason why I believe WX is just flawed as hell: Every benefit he gets comes with the downside of taking damage from rain. Rain. It's not a downside, it's a minor inconvenience. Hell, it has a double function of making him spark, meaning he doesn't need light for the night while it rains. Hopefully Klei plans on making WX, Wolfgang's, and Wickerbottom's downsides more than minor inconveniences.