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  1. I'm pretty pleased with how Woodie is now, but I still think eating logs would be a nice little feature just to have.
  2. so you wanted what we had yesterday???
  3. Who do you main?

    i would have to call the police if you touched wendy
  4. WX has so much more going for him than supercharges. 1. He can reach 400(!!!) health, 300 hunger, and 200 sanity. 2. He can eat food regardless of spoilage, therefore completely ignoring one of the core mechanics of the game that prevents food hoarding. All that for a weakness to rain? Yeah, I'd most certainly argue WX is better.
  5. being fast makes you powerful, regardless of whether you're actually weak or not. you can theoretically do more in a day than you're supposed to, and this includes dealing damage, as you can get more hits in before you need to dodge the attack of a mob. speed is not a stat they should be messing with.
  6. Gonna disagree with you here. Speed boosts are powerful period.
  7. tfw maxwell memes is gone
  8. How to use the shovel?

    Hey man, I know you want help with the game, but please don't keep asking questions that can be solved with simple Google searches. This one could've been solved by going on the Don't Starve Wikia page for Shovels. It would keep the forums less cluttered if you tried doing that. Thank you!
  9. increased speed kind of breaks the game, in all honesty. there's ALWAYS been a drawback to having more speed (except for wx but we don't talk about that).
  10. Best characters ?

    No one's bothered to explain anything, so I'll do it for em. Wolfgang is probably the best character at the moment due to his Mighty form, which allows hin a whopping 2x attack and 25% speed boost. You need a full stomach to achieve this, but it's not really too difficult to pull off by the end of the game. Wickerbottom is debated to be the best, and she's absolutely close second. She can craft five books which are all varying levels of usefulness. Applied Horiculture is a book that grows crops instantly whenever it's read, and is arguably one of the best items in the game. Birds of the World is an okay book that allows you to summon birds at will. On Tentacles allows you to summon Tentacles around you, which is useful since Tentacles can make for some good traps and are not renewable without her. Sleepytime Stories is basically a renewable Pan Flute. The End is Nigh! allows you to summon lightning, it's only decent if you have a WX-78 in the server. Finally, we have WX-78. In my opinion, he's incredibly unbalanced at the end of the game. He's got a ridiculous amount of upsides and has the most ignorable downside in the game. For starters, he can consume gears to increase his stats, up to 400 health, 200 hunger, and 300 sanity. Not only that, but he can get struck by lightning which heals him, gives him a light radius, and makes him move 50% faster. As well, he can eat food regardless of spoilage and recieve the full benefits of it. Hopfully this helps you out a little bit.
  11. nice