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  1. All I'm saying is, Wigfrid would 100% be Hellion. I mean just look at her:
  2. you are aware that you have snipping tool pre-installed on every PC right?
  3. dang, I loved healing as wigfrid with wes' balloons
  4. i'm just bustin your chops bröther
  5. His healing is way too strong, especially in a large group. He effectively hard counters Bee Queen with how many souls drop in that fight. I think either reducing the amount he can carry to 10 or lowering the healing to 10 would make him more balanced.
  6. then how are you making this post?
  7. can we get a wortox nerf pls
  8. actually, every character skin is like this, it isn't mutually exclusive to webber.
  9. It simply combines both the caves and the forest onto one layer. If you're talking about having both the cave layer and the forest layer, that's just not possible to do given what you're describing.
  10. On Base Locations

    i like to base in the ocean
  11. johm watsom make my pp hard