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  1. Using a catcoon whip, if you get a killing blow with the louder, pacifying crack of the whip, then the barnacle plant will not really die, and will go back to it's dormant position. You can't attack it to kill it once it's like this, and it won't behave normally in general.
  2. I'm sad wurt can't eat any of the leafy meat recipes. I guess it's more meat than leaf :I
  3. Terrorbeaks will morph into terrorclaws if they follow you onto a boat. If anyone figures out how to use the lightning conductor and deck illuminator let me know :I You can attach a lightning conductor and a deck illuminator to your mast. You can refuel the illuminator with same fuel as firepit. It doesn't provide any heat, so firepits are probably still necessary for winter sailing. It also has a significantly lower light radius than firepits.
  4. Yay, I was hoping for something like the shipwrecked aquatic nightmare monsters. I see new craftable masts. Perhaps we'll get more craftable boats for different shapes, durabilities, and smoldering invulnerability?
  5. Crie uma pedra termal no menu de sobrevivência. Isso irá mantê-lo aquecido. Use gelo, aranhas e uma panela para fazer almôndegas.
  6. By normal means use a tent and glands/salves. If beequeen was killed, jelly beans are easiest. Warly is a really good combo with wormwood for grim galette. It swaps sanity and health. Since wormwood can achieve full sanity easily by planting things, he can craft living logs until he has <21 hp and then eat a grim galette to gain full health. Note you'll be insane though.
  7. Why would klei spend their money on hosting public servers, and all the new ones they just added, if it were an improper way to play the game. One of the reasons forge and gorge aren't around is simply because the cost of server upkeep. So these servers have a cost, but klei finds them worth it. They're totally a valid way to play. Public servers are popular and I wouldn't have much fun without them.
  8. Problem is that in longer servers you have loads of chests and it's hard to know where to put things, especially when things are disorganized. minisigns only help a little bit, but there's hundreds of different items in the game, and so they don't help very much. Solution 1. Quick deposit button. Terraria has this. You just press a button while you are near chests, and it will deposit all items you have that are identical items inside a nearby chest. Say a chest has 1 nightmarefuel in it, and you have 1 nightmare fuel in your inventory. Another chest has 1 twig in it and you have 1 in your inventory. If you hit the quick stack button, then your 1 nightmare fuel instantly goes into the nearby chest with 1 nightmarefuel, and your 1 twig goes into the chest with the 1 twig in it. It would quickly distribute where the items belong so that you don't have to constantly flip open 20 chests to find the right one. Solution 2. There is a server mod that works very well and should be implemented as QOL. If you hold an item in your hand, every chest that has said item inside it will be highlighted. So you can very easily tell where items need to be dropped off or picked up. Here's the server mod Right now I know it's just super tedious looking through loads of chests trying to find the right items and deposit items in the correct chests.
  9. I'm not a fan of these massive multibillion dollar corporations with a stranglehold on certain aspects of culture and life in general. I go out of my way to not ever buy from amazon and other rapacious companies. I don't like the decision. Klei, I'm sure, saw it as an investment in their own business. As for the communist scare nonsense in original post, the communist party is their only predominant party. Of course there are going to be party members in this china based company... breadscientist is also right that China is a state capitalist country. I find state capitalism awful, but saying things are communist like that's an argument alone to not support something is not unlike the propaganda you go on to criticize.
  10. It is a bit too costly to tame a beefalo in public servers. It takes more than 20 days without a brush, even if you're riding it nonstop. I would only tame a beefalo in a private/permanent server, and maybe only do it for practice in a public server. I've had a few tamed beefalos in public servers. Tamed beefalo are like shiny objects to new people. They'll take your beefalo and ride it into a tentacle field if you're not careful. In a private server you don't have to worry about that.
  11. I want Wheeler, but I think Klei may be inclined to not put Wheeler in any time soon because Walter almost totally fills her role as a risky, quick, ranged attacker. However the role of explorer isn't totally filled because Walter and everyone else have nothing like the navigadget. They could add Wheeler, but give her some new abilities and tweaks so that she has her own significant role not competing with Walter. Similar to how Warly had large changes from single player Warly.
  12. Walter seems pretty good right now. I think his ice pellets could be a little better somehow, but they did just give him more range. So at least it has longer range than the ice staff. Thing is, the ice staff douses flames and smoldering items and structures, and is better in situations where you're freezing enemies that always freeze in one hit because the ice staff in that case is faster and more cost efficient per blue gem than frozen pellets. it's like a quarter of a pitchfork tile longer. Just a tiny bit more. It was equal to ice/fire staff before, but now it's just step further
  13. You can duplicate Walter's tent rolls. First set up the tent roll somewhere, then right click it to dismantle, but as soon as it starts the dismantle animation, switch to a hammer and quickly hammer while it's in that animation. That will cancel the animation and the tent will not disassemble. Finally, hammer the tent 3 more times, and you will be able to pick up 2 tent rolls. This dupe can happen when large bosses with walking hammer physics like bearger interrupt the tent animation as well.
  14. Every character mounting has a missing animation for when they use the moon rock idol at the repaired florid postern. They appear invisible when they try to do this.
  15. Big Woby can freeze if you have several ice hounds die around her or if you burn several items at her feet and use an ice flingomatic. Big Woby has no freeze animation but remains frozen in place until she thaws.