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  1. On nitre

    I was in a public server where i could get 40 morsels from moles in a day before winter ever started because I bundled a ton of moleworms. Do note that Wendy and Wes are the best at making the moleworm farms because the hammer takes THREE hits to kill the moleworm because their low damage, meaning they can bundle the same moleworm twice before it dies and has to respawn. So two new homes per mole can be created for Wendy/Wes. One new home per mole for everyone else. I haven't messed with this idea much, but I think you can duplicate moles without bundling wrap too. I think you can take an overworld mole into the caves and he will created a new home in the cave. Then take him back up and he will create another home above. Again, wendy and wes do this better.
  2. No. If it does ever come back, it won't be super soon. Klei would let us know in advance if it were coming back. Also, they said a while back that they're done with forge and gorge related events for now so that they can focus on main game developments like the current "Return of Them," and because hosting servers for those events was very costly.
  3. All of his healing options are awkward. They have long animations so it makes it difficult to heal if you're fighting difficult bosses like dragonfly and klaus, and none of his healing options heal as much as pierogies or dragon pie. His compost wrap should be nearly instant instead of taking 2 seconds. It's so dumb that his UNIQUE healing item is just straight up worse than a healing item that everyone else can get - honey poultice.
  4. I think Wig is a good example of a character designed well. She isn't overshadowed by anyone. Her helmets are amazing, her spear is pretty good, her sanity and hp steal is overlooked and super strong, she naturally takes less damage than anyone else while also dealing more damage than anyone else bar wolfgang, and she has 200 max hp. Such hugely good perks of course balanced out by only eating meat. I think a similar way of balancing was done with Wormwood, though executed worse. Wormwood's downside is worse than Wigs and Wormwood's abilities, while decent, kind of optimize him to be a master base sitter.
  5. I don't care about moving statues onto the boat. Some people talk about using statues for shadow piece cheese and shielding for hound waves. Shadow pieces can still be cheesed easily regardless, and using the statues as a shield isn't useful in a practical sense. How often are you just sitting on your boat waiting for a huge hound wave? I hope that they removed beefalo from boats for bigger reasons, like a bigger cargo boat that beefalo can ride in, or if beefalo themselves can swim instead of ride in a boat. It'd be pretty lame if your beefalo can't get to the islands. It already can't be used at all if you decide to venture into the caves.
  6. [Game Update] - 341693

    Has anyone else noticed that the dragonfly and beequeen can now fly over the water? This kind of solved a few cheese methods of defeating those bosses. Notably Winona catapults on boats. You also can't get dragonfly trapped outside on the water using moleworm/telestaff because he can just fly over the water and land freely now.
  7. [Game Update] - 341693

    Klei can we please do a mounting qol update. taming is awesome, but it's such a hassle, especially since your beefalo can't even access any future islands now i guess. Only with a telelocator staff x_x. I still think domesticated beefalo should be able to swim albeit slower than running.
  8. One group of people rootin' for salve and poultice, another group of people rootin' for pierogies and dragonfruit, and I'm over here laughing at them both as I consume the royal jelly beans.
  9. I like all the ideas except the horticulture. The husk armor won't be used at all unless it changes. The traps are worse than tooth traps and are more time consuming to make in my opinion. He had the perk of being immune to hay fever in Hamlet, but hay fever isn't in DST. He loses his ability to create a cure for poison because DST doesn't have poison, so I think he should be given another green thumb option. Also the convenience of not getting hit by eyeplants... really isn't convenient. I don't want his single player version to overshadow his multiplayer version, just how woodie's single player version overshadows his multiplayer version.
  10. completely rework darts, and make stingers the ammunition for the dart.
  11. They definitely changed how wardrobe and other structures interact with the character when you craft them, but you can still go out of bounds consistently with structures like the tent, pig house, bunnyman house, gates and marbles. looks intentional
  12. why werebeaver cant swim?

    woodie's quote on ponds says he can't swim
  13. 1. Even after the update that made masts 'hammerable,' deerclops will not destroy masts like other structures, so you can essentially encage him by building enough masts on the turf around him. 2. Also if you build structures on a boat nearby shore, deerclops will indefinitely walk towards the structure to destroy it, but never reach it because it's on a boat in the ocean.
  14. Bull Kelp can be dried

    It's pretty useful for sanity because while everything else takes 1-2 days to dry, kelp only takes 1/4 of a day to dry, and it doesn't spoil for 20 days. Though... cooked cactus in bundling wrap can't be beat if you're going for sanity. Drying kelp could be a cheaper alternative tho.
  15. "The Return of Them" are them?

    wow, spot on analysis before the beta even came out, good job!