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  1. Potatomancy is gone. For a short time, Wolfgang could alchemize potato from simply grass, rocks, and boards. It will be missed, but surely it will remain in our hearts as an honorable mention in the DST history books as a testament of his love for potatos. RIP
  2. Can't we change the spawning mechanic as well? So it's not spawning on day 1 wilsons? Make it spawn on the summoner, or at least someone near the terrarium.
  3. Hello. Will these update changes be permanent, or is there an end date when this 'event' ends????
  4. Wes can attack his party balloon while riding a beefalo to avoid taking damage, but gain all the sanity. Mounted beefalo can easily kill the mushroom gnomes by tanking all the explosive spores, so you don't have to spend all day kiting every spore on foot. Lightbulbs raise a beefalo's obedience the same as twigs/grass do, so you can tame a beefalo entirely by feeding it lightbulbs and riding it.
  5. sleep in tier 3 nest at night, wait for morning, webber doesn't automatically wake up like he would in normal tents.
  6. pretty sure you're talking about distortion. in game you can go to options > graphics > distortion, turn it off.
  7. makes sea fighting with thulecite club or the thulecite pellets kind of a waste. not sure if intended. Also klaus' gem deer still target the shadow tentacles with their fire/cold magic even tho the shadow tentacles are not a killable enemy
  8. how do i prevent the new moon rock thing from perishing? it spoils very quickly.
  9. seems random but sometimes when you drop the balloon hat/balloon vest on the floor, and punch it, it will do 0 damage to Wes. Even if you're standing right on top of it.
  10. gingerbread vargs can hit shadows with the icing attack which draws their aggro. probably a bug that no one reported tho lol. Rooks can break ancient pseudo science machines, and if it spawns a nightmare beak, it can aggro the rook who smashed the machine.
  11. There are 0 klei official servers on latest update.
  12. can someone find the audio for beefalo horn. it's not on the wiki. also can't find the friendship noise, like when you feed a pig some meat.
  13. you can drop 3 individual logs under a beehive and burn one, and it will destroy the bee hive without burning the resources. better than dealing with the killer bees. killer bee hives are a little stronger and seems to burn quicker so doesnt work too well for them