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  1. pvp isnt intended to be balance. its just there for something fun to do with your friends.
  2. In Klei public server I entered a cave and crashed in the loading screen. When i came back i was in the character select screen and I had lost everything i had. There was no rollback or anything while i was gone. No world reset. Just I lost my things, everyone else confused.
  3. I'm thinking the caves is bout due for a fix on the bug that lets you walk on the abyss. It's too easy to walk on the abyss just using gates on the edge of the cliff.
  4. Springs will be pretty messy. Everyone loses their sanity to wetness and sits at base. There's going to be a lot of nightmare fighting at spring bases :P I'm fine with fixing bugs, biggest point I make is that the bug was super common, and therefore shadows will be around a lot more. I'm not a game designer, but if one fixes a bug which then makes shadows appear more often, then sometimes bug fixes like that would be compensated by lowering the nightmare spawn rate a little.
  5. I played for about 5-6 years and this bug had been around since as long as I can remember. If shadow creatures entered the unloaded part of the screen, they used to stay there indefinitely until it was reloaded. This meant that if you had 2 of your shadows in the unloaded screen, then you would never get shadows to spawn near you so long as those 2 shadows stayed unloaded (2 is the max number of shadows you personally can have spawn on you). This has been a part of the game as long as i can remember, and thus it's been the game that we have all played for years. Now that this bug was fixed, nightmare creatures by definition are going to be appearing a lot more often than not. Shadow crawlers used to end up in the unloaded screen all the time because they are very slow and you can outrun them, and also they easily became unloaded when you jump in a wormhole. I'm wondering if the ultimate effect of increasing nightmares in general was intended. The bug fix makes it so that if shadows enter the unloaded screen, they immediately vanish instead of staying there indefinitely. When they vanish, they can then spawn around you like normal. I play nomad style, always running long distances, not stopping much, so shadows always trailed behind me, so I experienced this glitch all the time - probably every game I've played. In recent days I've noticed this bug was fixed because I can't do anything I used to do without having to kill a shadow every 20 seconds if I am insane. I've listed what I know and my perspective, and I understand that this will DEFINITELY encourage raising your sanity well above the sanity threshold, because you can't escape shadows no matter what. That is maybe the intent behind the change - sanity is much more important since after thursday's patch. I'm wondering what some long time players think about the change and if they have noticed it as much as I have.
  6. Woodie can chop with moon glass axe if he has lucy in his inventory... pretty sure.
  7. today i learned in single player you can use the rabbit earmuffs to prevent being stunned by the Hamlet Queen Womant's tuba attack. A lot of people have recommended that earmuffs have an effect like that for bearger's yawn. For PVP situations it would be great if they protected from panflute as well! And finally, if you give the earmuffs to your pig/bunnymen followers, then they should be protected from epic screams from bosses. I think it is balanced because that means they cannot wear armor, but at least aren't not frightened. Just reminding the idea so it is not lost, cuz i think it's a good one with easy implementation! thanks.
  8. Woby is the same size as the beefalo, and can enter cave. you ALWAYS have to feed a beefalo a lot based on the numbers. The reason is obedience factor. it drains 10% in 100 seconds, and you need 50% to even ride. The shortest time to tame without a brush is 20 days of this. that's a lot of food.
  9. So, klei has enjoyed doing a few QoL updates, but none touched beefalos :c. In general, it would be nice if you could enter a cave while riding a beefalo so you can take it into the cave. And also, fix the numbers. Fix the number so that you don't have to ride a beefalo 24/7 and feed it every 10 seconds to tame it. thankssssssss
  10. This thing has been on display since before the beta pretty sure. Maybe a giant spool is the final boss? Where else are these skins coming from?
  11. My friend started a world and she spawned in cave for some reason? even though there was a perfectly fine portal above ground. Next, i went to ruins to try to get the starcaller, then moon caller , to play the new content - I need the opal to play the new content!!! but THERE'S NOTHING IN RUINS. Only thulecite walls! Lastly someone I was playing with said they saw a streamer spawn in caves as well, so this maybe not be an isolated case. Thanks
  12. my favorite update thus far for RoT, and you say that the november update is :O I'm excited