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  1. Pebble beach is lower priority.
  2. The lunar beach turf is actually lower priority than cobblestone and complements it quite nicely.
  3. Hello, maybe your dreams aren't crushed. You can get beefalos onto a boat, but it's a bit of a bug. You just need to place two gates by the ocean, and put two statues in between the ocean and the gates. Then push a beefalo inside the gates, and close the gates. That will hopefully push the beefalo out onto the boat by shore. As for koalefants, you may have to freeze them with an ice staff to do this, because they run away from you unlike beefalos. Beefalo used to be able to jump onto boats early on in the beta, like how pigmen, bunnymen, and characters can, but unfortunately Klei removed it without giving a reason. Hope this helps.
  4. someone posted this in general discussion, but it obviously belongs here. local _x,_y,_z = ConsoleCommandPlayer().Transform:GetWorldPosition(); local size, step, x, z; size = 800; step = 40; x,z = -size,-size;local function tp() if x <= size + step then if z <= size + step then z = z + step else x = x + step; z = -size; end else return true end end; local function dotp() ConsoleCommandPlayer().Physics:Teleport(x,0,z) if not tp() then TheWorld:DoTaskInTime( 0.033, dotp ) else ConsoleCommandPlayer().Physics:Teleport(_x,_y,_z) end end dotp()
  5. Here's another thing you can do with anenemies. It takes four anenemies to kill one bunnyman. They respawn every day which is nice. This will work automatically as long as it's loaded on your screen, so you should keep it near base. The two anenemies at the end trigger at the same time which kills the bunnyman before it ever has the chance to go into its fleeing behavior.
  6. After looking at my in game settings, I see my music was set to 4 while other volumes were set to 1. Still, weird that the sound is considered under the music category? When no music is playing, the friendship sound is a rude awakening if you set your music volume high.
  7. The unique sound that plays when you give a pigman meat, or a catcoon a twig. It is very loud in comparison to other sounds in the game. It kinda scared me when I heard it lol. This might not be unique to the beta, I just happened to notice it while I was playing the beta.
  8. [Game Update] - 369546

    That's how I figured it out too. That doesn't change the fact that the boss leaves you with nothing of value if you come too prepared with good weapons to the fight. How is making Malbatross item drops like Toadstool making it 'zero thought'. This is already an aspect of the game no one argues against. Incentivising attacking a boss with a whirly fan or equivalent to make boss items doesn't sounds very smart to me. Malbatross is the only boss that can potentially drop nothing effectively useful for all your hard work.
  9. [Game Update] - 369546

    To someone like you who knows how the feather RNG works, and you can abuse it, that's fine. Most people aren't going into the fight thinking of defeating it with just a spear or something weaker so they can get a mast or two. I can see my friends and other casual players facepalming after defeating this boss and getting absolutely nothing of worth because the blueprints and feathers are effectively worthless if you do not get enough. They would have just risked their life and their boat to only get some meat and blue gems. Who knows when Malbatross will spawn next, and what shoal it will be, just to get one mast. That is by no means good design. Dragonfly doesn't drop HALF a scale when you defeat it. It drops the full scale so you are actually left with some loot and craftables after your victory.
  10. [Game Update] - 369546

    Hm that commands didn't make it spawn either unless I'm doing something wrong. I think I'm just gonna defeat it again and let my game sit for 20 days and not mess with commands lol. Edit: I waited 15 days, and he does eventually spawn at a shoal. very kool. LongUpdate() doesn't work as lakhnish said. I think if you can farm tons of feathers from wacking Malbatross with a walking cane, that's not very good design. It doesn't give you a reason to ever fight Malbatross normally, or to ever fight it more than once (unless you need more blueprints). If you're required to defeat it multiple times to get a guaranteed sail each time, I think that'd be better. Also, most people don't know how feather RNG works. A lot of people are gonna get the short end of the stick and get 23 or less feathers because they used a dark sword/glass cutter.
  11. [Game Update] - 369546

    All of the telelocator changes have been fixing unintended consequences and bugs which is healthy for the game. Not really nerfs.
  12. [Game Update] - 369546

    Yay, no more waiting on day 28! In testing, I defeated Malbatross on day 1 to see when it'd respawn next, but I could not get it to respawn ever again. I used the LongUpdate() command to advance time. I kept skipping time all the way to the beginning of the 2nd spring at day 106, but couldn't get Malbatross to respawn at any shoal. If Malbatross respawned every 20 days after being defeated, that'd put it in line with other day 1 optional bosses like Dragonfly/Toadstool/Bee Queen. Edit: I waited 15 days, and he does eventually spawn at a shoal. very kool. LongUpdate() doesn't work as lakhnish said. Also want to mention mighty Wolfgang with a dark sword only gets around 16 Malbatross feather because he does so much damage. It's not nearly enough to make the mast (24 feathers). Maybe Malbatross should instead drop a flat amount of feathers every time it reaches 70%/40%/20% HP the same as how Toadstool drops scales at % HP? It'd ensure every character regardless of weapon choice can make the mast.
  13. Was it always like that? I'm getting Bearger and Reanimated Skeleton to spawn treeguards now, but not Deerclops
  14. A recent game update made it so that treeguards spawn based on how many days a character has been in the world, instead of how many days the world has been around. I was thinking, does that mean that when bosses run over trees, they can't spawn treeguards anymore? I did a little testing, maybe my testing was faulty, but I could not get Deerclops to spawn a single treeguard. Normally, bosses were able to spawn treeguards from trees that they ran over, but it may have changed. This was useful for getting treeguards to fight Bearger and Deerclops, and for farming living logs in general.
  15. Finding all the shoals on a sluggish boat is painful. It took me 8 days after day 28 of sailing to find Malb in a normal game. Ended up finding and defeating him in Spring. I wish they just made him spawn day 1 as an optional boss like beequeen/toad/dfly. He's super easy, and it'll take you 28 days to find him anyway lol. If I ever try to find him again, I'm definitely playing Woodie for the water walking weregoose x_x All that aside, Malb respawning on one specific shoal sounds even more awful. Hope it changes. The ocean is still so time consuming to traverse.