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  1. I think they could copy and paste Wheeler from single player and she'd be great. I don't know if her gun is really all that. It's really really slow, so melee weapons are more practical in most scenarios. If you're using it to kill birds, it's good, but boomerangs were never hard to make so it's not that great. What's really strong is her dodge. If you play her long enough, you can dodge boss attacks with relative ease. People may not know this, but Wortox's teleport has invincibility frames just like Wheeler's dodge, so it wouldn't be an entirely new concept to DST. I'd like to see her in DST overall as I find her more fun and slightly more challenging than Wortox as a mobility character.
  2. Are dead survivors considered set pieces? Whatever. I found a marble suit set piece - just a skeleton and a damaged marble suit. The walking cane set piece is a godsend if you find it early - just a skeleton and walking cane. The other day I found one set piece in the beefalo biome that had an ice staff, 3 beard hairs, and one of the puffy vest variants. These all seem to be pretty darn rare.
  3. You need the skeleton to be assembled in the right form, you need to craft the skeleton close to the gate, you need the atrium key inside the gate, you need to have not defeated the fuelweaver in the past 20 days, and you need the atrium heart to activate the skeleton
  4. While insane, place Bernie on the ground before a mini sign, try to draw animated Bernie on the mini sign. It works, but there is no image of Bernie on the sign.
  5. Woodie - Killer confirmed?

    All survivors are killers because you kill things in the game, and they're all cannibals except Wurt because they eat Warly's bone bouillion. facts.
  6. 20 HP, 25 Hunger, 5 Sanity. Lowers temperature for a couple seconds much like eating raw ice does. 17 HP, 54.6 Hunger, 0 Sanity - The combined cheapest ingredients to make ceviche, which is 2 big fish meat, and 2 ice. Ceviche's stats don't compare well with just eating it's raw ingredients because you lose 29.6 hunger while only gaining 5 sanity and 3 hp. You would still get the cooling temperature effect by eating the raw ingredients because you ate the ice. Though the cooling effect is totally ineffective in game so it's a moot point. Here's another comparison: 40 HP, 37.5 Hunger, 5 Sanity - Fish sticks 2 HP, 17.1 Hunger, 0 Sanity - Its cheapest ingredients to make fish sticks, which is 1 small fish, 1 twig, 2 ice. Obviously fish sticks is the winner by a long shot. It's recipe is much easier to make because you do not need big fish, and you only need one fish - not two. Not to mention you can make the 2 big fish in the ceviche recipe into 2 jerky instead which is far better than ceviche. One fix is to make the ceviche recipe into small fish meat instead of big fish meat which would actually make ceviche much more efficient. Fish sticks would still be better, but ceviche wouldn't be totally useless as a meal. Perhaps the sanity gain could be boosted to 10 or 15 to give it a niche over fish sticks. Another idea, the spoilage time could be increased to 20 days which could make sense because ice is supposed to preserve food - right now ceviche is only 10 days spoilage, same as fish sticks. Another seperate idea to fix it is to give ceviche way better stat boosts. Say, 40 hp, 62.5 hunger (same as meatballs), 5 sanity. These great stats reflect the difficulty of getting 2 big fish meat in the recipe while also making it cost efficient like fish sticks. I don't really like this idea because there is already bigger fish meals like seafood gumbo and surf'n'turf. A buff to this useless fish recipe would make fishing only marginally more viable, but still more viable nonetheless; something awfully needed with the new ocean update.
  7. Ceviche is more terrible. It's 20 hp, 25 hunger, 5 sanity. lowers temperature for 5-10 seconds which is regarded useless in any practical sense. The cheapest recipe is 2 big fish meat and 2 ice. The combined ingredients eaten raw give you 17 hp, 54.6 hunger, 0 sanity. So, you only gain 3 hp and 5 sanity by eating ceviche instead of eating the raw ingredients, but lose 29.6 hunger... You could have used the two big fish to make 2 jerky to have 40 hp and 30 sanity instead. Or, you could have used a twig instead of ice, and used just one small or big fish meat to make fishsticks which is 40 hp, 37.5 hunger, 5 sanity - much better than ceviche. Ceviche is pretty useless in every scenario.
  8. JoeW: Community:
  9. Thank you for the constant updates for my favorite game <3
  10. I want the Wendy rework to give Abigail the ability to haunt stuff on command. Also DST Wheeler. That's what I want from the roadmap ;w;
  11. You can bring dragonfly over to the beequeen regardless of how far away their map spawners are. Sounds confusing, but whenever you freeze or sleep the dragonfly, the place where she froze/slept becomes the center of her despawner range. Here's a video showing what that means: I thought about the original question before, and I think it's too hard to pull off or maybe even not possible. Dragonfly loses aggro easily because she knows you're nearby, and the only way to pit them against each other is attract aggro via the fiery butt slam.
  12. Make sure the streamer you're watching has the "drops enabled" marker below his stream. If it doesn't say that, then it won't help you.
  13. Wendy > Wes > Maxwell > anyone else. In that order. I think winona could use another refresh honestly... She's in a better spot than pre-refresh, but it could've been a lot better. She's the great mechanic and repair girl, and that could inspire a lot of interesting concepts game play wise. Generators are pretty cool, but only good for catapults, and you don't need to be winona anymore once they're placed.