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[Poll] On Annoyances

Your Best Nightmares  

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  1. 1. What annoys you?

    • Hound waves
    • trolls and their terrible crimes (leaving w items, etc.)
    • "where's base?"
    • elitists who take over the server
    • noobs who drag you down
    • the sound of a dying/hurt character
    • spontaneous combustion
    • Fire hounds wrecking base
    • bosses wrecking base
    • Disease
    • the Giblet
    • the Glomglom
    • flowerpickers
    • Depths worm attacks
    • walking into Bunnymen when you have meat
    • Antlion earthquakes
    • Freezing
    • Overheating
    • dying
    • other (please do say so in the comments!)

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The most annoying is when you join a public that says "all welcome" or "please join" and then they shut down the server within 10 minutes with no warning. I don't mind if they lost connection or give you a heads up, as i'll drop everything i collected and move on, but i hate leaving a server with a full inventory knowing i'll likely never be back.

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I really dislike the disease mechanic, luckily once I have grass geckos and a bunch of twiggy trees it becomes a non-issue but in the first year or so its such a pain having to spend a day digging up and replanting grass and sticks.

Also running into bunnymen pen with meat, buts that's just me being dumb and not noticing I have meat on me..

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Picked freezing and overheating because they are my biggest obstacle in exploring. 

I’m guess I’m annoyed at people who dig and replant bushes; misses a few berry cycles, and has time intensive upkeep cost compared to most alternatives, but I don’t feel like back seat driving them.

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People who take the Pan Flute and then keeps it on them JUST incase they'll need it. Ends up not actually using it. Just holds on to it, Just in case, because you'll never know...

Look, Webber. You're literally sitting in base 24/7 screaming for food. You don't NEED the Pan Flute!

If you have to take the Pan Flute, atleast put it in the chest you absolute degenerates.

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In all honesty, I can't easily think of something I find the most annoying.

Probably because I am a borderline toxic blend of elitist and meme spammer in-game.


nsfw warning (screenshots of naughty speech)



I am a completely different person off the forums, mainly because most of my humor doesn't play nice with Klei's rules.

In-game, Im usually the most active one in chat, while also pulling my own around base.

I also feel really bad for any small children that witness my sinful babblings.

So yeah, I don't find anything annoying really because I take the game so light-heartedly.


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Primarily playing on private games alone or with friends, so the only things that annoy me are:

  1. Hound waves on day 100 and beyond. They spawn way too frequently and are too large to deal with on the go, so it just punishes you for trying to do anything other than basesitting or quickly fetching resources from somewhere. If the period were be longer or there were an analogue to clearing out the Bat Caves in Hamlet, we would be able to actually enjoy the game after the first in-game year.
  2. That bug when a client player gets cold for the first time and doesn't get a warning until freezing damage kicks in. This is a longstanding issue and it forces people to use mods like Always On Status for an unfair advantage to counter this unfair disadvantage.
  3. Werebeaver cannot swim, against all reason.

P.S.: I do not believe Wildfire or Disease are terribly annoying. They are easy to survive and can make for interesting situations. Unlike getting mauled by a dozen dogs every third day. That's just cruel and unfun.

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Where's "all of the above"? XD

Anyway, hounds are the worst now that they can swim and the special ones make a mess, summer heat is awful and everything catches fire and, if I played in public servers, hateful people and pranksters would be annoying but I play alone. Also I am my worst enemy in this game and that annoys me :D

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Other: meep meep meep merp meep merp merp meep merp meep merp

Not annoying: bats and worm waves.  Those are just a supplemental food and sanity source and a refresh for everyone's mole hats.  As for bunnymen attacking people with meat, isn't that the main point of keeping a Webber around?  The free nightly entertainment?

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14 minutes ago, reverentsatyr said:

me: crafts a rope


sometimes I find it mildly annoying

Summer work theme however, MMM.



easily the best ost in the game, eat my yeet


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People who enter the server and don't s p e a k at all, just loaf around doing... things?
I mean, on a pub, that's acceptable, but that mostly happens on my own hosted world, so... eh?

The way prefabs clog the entire game after day 100+
We need auto-stacking for more items, Grass Geckos are notorious for this, but other special mentions include literally anything that isn't despawned after a season (bird eggs, rot, other wastes). Then again, this might be low-end PC exclusive...

How, despite playing offline, my game still has lag, which makes absolutely no sense, but I assume this is low-end PC exclusive as well.

The way hounds just become a 5-day hard limit on your travels after Day 100.
Seriously, Klei, what is the intended gameplay decision for this? kite a veritably absurd amount of dogs? always carry 40 bundled Tooth Traps? just turtle at base?? aaaa

How Bearger's cue for spawning is sound-based, and the text only denotes when he already spawned 
I mostly play listening to music, or not paying attention to the game sound, so having the words "WARNING: LARGE ATTACKER INCOMING" pop up out of nowhere, while I'm smackdab in the middle of honey gathering, can be quite... effective at ripping a hole in my underwear.

With all those things said, I still love how feasible caves-basing is, and I might switch to a underground lifestyle, if prefab-lag persists ; -;

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