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  1. Something like this?
  2. Here's my take on the Carrat track I tried to make something like a stadium with lights and hallways. I hope it turned out nicely.
  3. Just the usual Wendy emotions
  4. She shy
  5. I've been practicing some slight new things, and I think they turned out *kinda* nice? Sorry if they're lower quality than the others but that's all I got for now.
  6. Due to a popular demand by one person ( @Footman Crouch) I decided to make an art (?) thread. Hello and welcome to my art thread if you want to call it that way. I mostly tend to draw the depressed twins Wendy and Abigail in different shapes and forms. I'm using Adobe Photoshop CS3 with a dysfunctional mouse and I'm still in very early stage of being an artist. One day I'll try to buy a tablet for drawing to adapt and improve my drawing skills. So for now, here are the pieces I have drawn so far.
  7. After two weeks of constant disappointment,complaining and common skins I woke up to this. Worth it, I guess?
  8. Finally reached Day 4000! Been working on making my own Lunar Island and it's been taking me a lot of hours of work. Will publish more screenshots once it's done and I've cleaned up the mess.