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  1. Eh you did? Cause literally just now I had this idea. If you show me proof, I'll delete it
  2. No one escapes from the Wurt's grasp.
  3. I always carry an Ice Staff in order to summon or kill Abigail when needed. Oh and uhh, extinguish things on fire occasionally.
  4. I assume I got the title because of this screenshot I posted ages ago in the screenshot showcase topic. But thanks for confirming it's a bug with her AI cause I usually pay attention to her movements and actions.
  5. I'm playing in my own dedicated server with no lag or mods. Here's an example: I attacked a Beefalo and Abigail started attacking it as well. I stole the aggro of the beef and made it follow me, but Abigail just remained there attacking nothing. This also happened where I was kiting bosses like Moose/Goose and Dragonfly.
  6. Has anyone noticed that when attacking a mob and moving it to a different spot Abigail will stay at the old location and attack nothing until her aggro resets and move to where the mob is? I know Abigail is bad in general but I honestly don't remember her acting this way before.
  7. I found literally the same boon yesterday in my Lights-out world. It ain't better than Walking Cane but it's still nice.
  8. It's that time of the year again
  9. All I want from Wendy's rework is controllable Abigail. Being able to tell her which mob to fight and when to stop and come back to Wendy. Due to Klei's new idea of adding completely new mechanics to characters that are being reworked on, I suggest giving her the ability of being able to make an actual station of some sort that has possible sanity aura instead of making sanity stations out of Abigail flowers. As for tweaks on her current state, I can't predict which perk would be completely removed and replaced with something new. All I can do currently is pray for her update to be decent and not a total disappointment at first like Woodie's rework. Oh and for skins, please give us a skin for Dark Sword and Abigail's flower.