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  1. I just calmly wait for Wendy's rework while you peasants make fun of her.
  2. Are you ready for the upcoming fire apocalypse that is Willow? Bases will be burnt, Beefalos will run amok on fire. And most importantly,there will be Godzilla battles with Bernie.
  3. He should be removed along with the current trade inn and replaced with something better. His voice while trading gave me several headaches.
  4. Meat Telekinesis
  5. 1. Wendy - Cute and because she's most of the time very mature thinking and is aware how life works. When I feel like it I can summon Abigail to deal with small mobs. 2. Wigfrid - Because I like being thirsty for blood and devour my enemies! 3. Maxwell - I like his personality and his reign in the original Don't Starve. And because I can summon minions to do my job. 4. Wolfgang - Is a decent fighter and sometimes I find his quotes funny. 5. WX-78 - Murderous robot on a rampage. 6. Winona - Her tape seals and repairs! Also gotta love that free Charlie hit. 7. Wilson - Because science rules. 8. Wickerbottom - Good base builder and books. 9. Willow 10. Webber, Wes, Woodie and Wortox - I dislike their personalities and abilities.
  6. So what do you think Wendy's rework's going to be? Will Klei remove her damage penalty and make Abigail weaker? Or add something completely different and make her a more decent character to play as. Please share your thoughts.
  7. Love can bloom on the battlefield