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  1. I'm sure they listen to us so go ahead ...
  2. We can try our connection if you want I usually play with a friend so you'll be welcome Looking for me on steam
  3. Meanwhile in my world ... *Looks tasty*
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Let's waiting for news together
  5. Some people hate that Btw here you have Credit: @JamesBucket *Just skip step 7 *
  6. Definitely looking for another server Maybe the Klei's servers to start your experience.... *Never ask "where is the base"
  7. isn't a shame, indeed if you play alone you will improve your skills although is funnier if you play with friends....
  8. maybe... but what is your UTC or where are you? To know if our connections will be stable.
  9. When you are waiting for a t-shirt o maybe shoes And suddenly ... Pum! The Victorian Wendy's head
  10. Exactly what I was thinking ... Btw thank, but not thanks A menos que alguien de aquí hablé spanglish y su UTC esté en -5
  11. Waiting for gloomer