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  1. Somewhat new to sea-basing, so forgive me if this sounds noob-ish but... How can I link boats "the intended way" and how strong is the link? For example, can I have like 10 interconnected boats and sail away like a moving man-made island? america eggsplain
  2. [Game Update] - 336171

    Worldgen fixes? amore! <3 big props to the bug-swatting team, tackling the oddities right on the money, hoping to see more solid landmasses and less "lakes on the desert" in the future, too ...God, I sound like an 90s car salesman... By the way, IIRC WX-78's water-damage quirk is not being applied when miss-timed oars and ship-abandoning wetness is acquired, only the generic sanity debuff. It'd consider an even bigger health loss with those specific scenarios since saltwater is more conductive, but that'd roam into suggestion and balancing territory.
  3. [Game Update] - 335754

    Thank you, guys, ya'll doing an amazing job on this game <3 I'm not sure if this occurs with everyone, but the Deciduous Turf has lost its inventory image recently, just thought I'd share it here
  4. Better late than... well, not here, I guess If Wagstaff had a staff that wagged, would it be Wagstaff's wag-staff? nevermind, just wanted Jesse to read this Here's Wagstaff's striking sillhouette, cheers!
  5. nice try Joeshmocoolstuff, but you forgot to mention rushing Fuelweaver on day 25
  6. I really enjoyed your suggestions, and I can't agree enough with the body horror thingy. I wish Klei would do something with the dynamic sea color besides nighttime shifting Like imagine the following: MoonBoss #1 is angry, powers up, and the entire ocean becomes a glowing-moonrock blue-ish white for the remainder of the fight. It's bound to make at least two players crap their pants for the first time Or SeaBoss #1 dies, and the sea becomes crimson for a few days, like whatever you just defeated was so massive they could drown the oceans... It'd give a pretty big sense of scale and grandiosity to the fight, as well as a hint of "should I really have killed that thing and did I just permanently stained my world?" Extra points if dead fish start spawning on the sea, from the massive iron oversaturation. idk
  7. Lunar Biome Boss Ideas

    -Klei, addressing Warbucks' removal (found footage, veri rare) But yeah, I completely agree with your statement on the current bosses, they're just... plain. I mean, for seasonal bosses I believe it's fine, those guys are meant to be newbie's wake-up call, they can stay simple But if a player can reach an island entirely made of moon pieces and the crystallized screams of the damned creatures (also fruit) smack dab in the middle of nowhere, and craft a 68 dmg no-penalty weapon... they can take a little beating (heart)
  8. Lunar Biome Boss Ideas

    Reminds me of something. . . but I feel like that would be too explicitly gory. Klei has leaned more on the "unconventional and weird" kind of gore, like Hounds losing their fur completely and pengulls with their innards frozen over, rather than outright open heart surgery deersatan I mean, your guess is as good as mine :y
  9. Horror Bosses

    The Horror-Varg idea reminded me of something. Somewhere in the code, someone found tags such as "nohunt" and "moonhunt" IIRC Maybe Just maybe The devs were already planning on the thing you just said, and Hunting Tracks on the moon would yield different (and possibly nightmare-inducing) results :V but eh, at this point they could be anything!
  10. More masts = Faster speeds? heck yeah Also... does making masts makes you a master?
  11. Horror Bosses

    I don't usually draw DST stuff outside of the Weekly Art Stream challenges, so nope, I haven't made one yet ; -; maybe I'll make one sometime, this update got me inspired and yeah, I tried to reference the "Sandy Claws" on this one, glad ya liked it ^^
  12. Hey, I finally finished checking out the beta, and I must say, it looks and feels amazing. I just couldn't believe my eyes when the hounds started twitching and the pengulls left the sea, it all felt so... thematically appropriate and yet eerily foreshadowing to something greater. So, as a suggestion, I believe it would be jaw-dropping to see the Old Giants having some love in this update, as the hounds did. My suggestion is that bosses killed in the maddening Lunar Islands revive as tougher fights, in a similar way to Klaus. Players could use the Altar as a Telelocator Focus of sorts, in order to start some biome-locked bosses... or just have the warning-before-spawning bosses (Deerclops and Bearger) "refightable" on the Moon. I know this all sounds very "late-year update" or maybe oddly specific, but it would give the more experienced players a pretty big long-term goal, alongside a challenge and the possibility for new craftables, using Glass or Moonrock variants of the original bosses' drops, so I don't think anyone minds waiting for that :v Just the idea of a battered-up "Deercorps" creating a ring of Ice walls around the players gives me shivers, so I decided to draw something to go with this suggestion. I know it's a shameless art-plug, but it's suggestion-related, so... here's something Once again, Thanks for the amazing update, and I can't wait to see what you guys have in mind for this year <3
  13. I don't wanna hype anyone up or anything But they said 3 biomes We've seen Moon-Beach and Moon-Forest Does the ocean count? also, what are the sea stacks?? the plot thickens!
  14. That Terrorbeak smiling with headphones on is single-handedly the most adorable thing I've seen today, OH MY GOD
  15. Yooo, had some concept troubles this week, but I finally came up with a design I didn't find teddy-ous! I remember having seen a big buff version of Bernie on the Thursday stream, sooo... I went with it, hope ya like it! Done with mouse and patience :v