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  1. Huh, my submission wasn't suitable for the event, I believe, even though it fit all the criteria... I'd love to understand why, so I can keep this in mind for future events. (Let me know if this message breaks any rules/guidelines, I'll delete it if needed)
  2. Amazing update, it sounds like, and the lore is strong with this one. Can someone mod Abigail's sprite to have a "Jack Carter" mustache? Also, if someone could enlighten my computer-less self, what do the juices do? Incredible work and masterful on-time delivery, Klei <3 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  3. Klei listens. Klei delivers. I know this won't make up for all the posts you guys have to read, and all the inherent rudeness of some comments, but I couldn't wish for a better company in charge of one of my timeless favorites. You may not have the most consistent track history of balancing around multiplayer/mechanics, but having such a dedicated group of people working on this game and hearing the community suggestions makes me so glad to have found this gem of a game. I haven't played yet, but this is what potential reads like. -Goose can now escape overbearing threats by literally Jesus-walking away. -Goose now allows Woodie to rush the Lunar Island super early, which is actually a team-play, since he already has the best Axe and good damage. -Goose is now an amazing scout, able to find the Salt spots and the Malbatross nest faster than anyone. -Leaving anchored boats mid-ocean as Goose-checkpoints is now absolutely viable, and synergizes well with the amount of wood Woodie can gather, Allowing for outside-the-box strats. -Mo0se can now actually beat bosses. -Mo0se still can't heal, which is a completely viable downside to such a powerhouse. -Mo0se is now the best early-game fighter, and completely viable mid- and late-game. -Clearing tree-lanes before fights to use as Moose-runways is now absolutely viable, and incentivizes preemptive thinking and battleground knowledge. -The forms now last long enough to get things done. -The downside of 0 Hunger is fair, and forces players to plan ahead, something Woodie mains are already quite used to. -It is viable to spam-transform to keep a form going for longer, but requires even more planning. Rewarding players for taking risks is a core mechanic that was lacking in the first draft, and it's good to see it here. -Woodie is a all-around strong generalist, with access to many powerful and unique abilities, but still requires preparation to reach full potential. He may be leaning on the strong side a wee bit much, but nothing worth setting the forums on fire (again). -Lucy's colors are now correct on the "Now Available!" poster, which is the objectively best thing.
  4. I'm just gonna drop this spicy boi here, and I hope y'all get the memo
  5. Raaadio, mein Radio Ich lass' mich in den Äther saugen Meine Ohren werden Augen Raaadio, mein Radio So höre ich, was ich nicht seh' Stille heimlich fernes Weh
  6. My Metheus Puzzle page is stuck on this screen. -It is my first time accessing the puzzle on this PC. -I tried solving it a few times in the past, but never succeeded. -I cannot interact with anything except for the posters.
  7. A NUUUUUU CHIKI BRIKI IV DAMKE JoeW hosts Meme Review please
  8. When you already destroyed an entire forest, but she keeps chopping } (completely Safe-for-work resource-gathering meme)
  9. Is it just me or did they change the map border art? I mean the adornment squigglies on the corners
  10. Hey, I love the world-edge and the waves, one nitpick I'd like to talk about is the following: Shouldn't the wave top be lighter than the bottom? because translucency and stuff? Here's my attempt at it, with completely butchered resolution and texture: (made by Inverting the colors to make the darkest parts actually the brightest, then inverting only the saturation, to maintain the original color... then messing around with Contrast, Brightness and a poopton of Selective Color layers)
  11. I do find it quite odd that it's alongside the Gorge/Forge gifts, and not the DLC/ANR stuff, but that might be just over-theorizing.
  12. Mein Manawhale Freund, can you peek inside the new ThankYou_rot.tex file that came with this update and tell us what it is? thank you Datamining Xaman