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  1. A mischievous devil with a penchant for rhymes jumps out of a nearby bush!
  2. Well, that's kinda really impressive, yeah
  3. God what a dumpster fire of dumpsters... My main issue with DST as it stands is that everything is laid out for you day 1, with very few exceptions. This is much to the detriment of both newcomers and old-timers: Having so much content to explore directly increases the learning curve, and makes the game harder to approach and get good at. There is no sense of progression besides the seasons, meaning any possible action a player takes, as long as they are ready for Winter and Summer, is equally valid. This is a core sandbox design choice, and at all survival. I believe the game's difficulty should lie in it's environmental reaction to the player's continued survival, and not on the sheer complexity of the world's mechanics. A cruel world can never be truly conquered, only survived on. That does not, however, mean the game should entirely ditch the sandbox elements, or add exponential HP increase to bosses yearly. It simply means the game should adapt to the player's skill level as they progress through the seasons. Killing a Raid Boss should be meaningful. The giant creature tends to be stationary, territorial and quite clear about it's place in the power scale. If a player decides to take control of the world, and slay such a powerful entity, the world can and should bite back. (A simple example would be Bee Queen turning all bees aggressive towards the player for 40 days, regardless of season, upon her death) Future content shouldn't be bloated and crammed at the very beginning of the game. Entertain this thought for a second: Killing the Shadow Pieces drops the fragment of the Moon on the Constant, unlocking the Return of Them content. (Mayhaps the game would check if the Shadow Atrium has already spawned) This would leave the early and mid-game completely unchanged for the entirety of the expansion, allowing newcomers to acclimate with the game's setting before being able to access the new content. This would add an entire new goal after conquering the trio, an entire new mechanic to explore, an entire new way to tackle the game's challenges. This would allow Klei to raise the bar for the future additions. The bosses, creatures and mechanics would not need to be newcomer-friendly, and the devs would know exactly what the player can and can't handle at a given point. Of course, much of the appeal of "hop in and play this exciting update!" would be lost, and this is all just a silly fever-dream suggestion, but consider the amount of longevity this would add to Worlds, and all the little sidegoals players could invent, to reach this new content. Prolonged Survival should require some skill, otherwise it's just boney Sandbox.
  4. I absolutely love the implications of this and I wholeheartedly wish Klei would consider these suggestions. The closest we have to that is the Antlion's death stopping the ground-cracking thing, but that's kinda lame. Some brainstorming of my own: Upon reaching the Lunar Island for the first time, players experience Enlightenment on every Full Moon, and Gestalts appear like night-eyes, fading away as you approach them. Just a general "Oh poop, that's where the Island came from?!" moment every 20 days. Killing Deerclops a second time onwards immediately starts a Winter-long Ice Age, where the World Temperature drops severely, Birds no longer spawn and most mobs stay inside as if it's Night-time, making the last few days of Winter extremely harsh, but not affecting early players. Upon killing the Fuelweaver, Nights have a small chance (5%) to be dimly-lit, similar to a Full Moon, but not as bright. Petrified Forests now host a Blighted Comet, a fragment of the Moon surrounded by Lunar turf and Diseased Bushes/Tufts/Saplings. Mining said Comet yields Cyan Gems, used to craft Moon Amulets on the Celestial Altar, which give you the Enlightenment effect without Gestalts spawning, but lowers your sanity somewhat rapidly. (Think of a Nightmare Amulet, but Enlightenment. Could be useful for Ruins) Killing a Varg skips the next 3 Hound waves. (Please. Hound Waves are a good Memento Mori, but they also heavily diminish your ability to explore the seas, plus Varg could really have some use) idk its 4am here i'll think about stuff when i wake up k bye
  5. Klei listens. Klei delivers. I know this won't make up for all the posts you guys have to read, and all the inherent rudeness of some comments, but I couldn't wish for a better company in charge of one of my timeless favorites. You may not have the most consistent track history of balancing around multiplayer/mechanics, but having such a dedicated group of people working on this game and hearing the community suggestions makes me so glad to have found this gem of a game. I haven't played yet, but this is what potential reads like. -Goose can now escape overbearing threats by literally Jesus-walking away. -Goose now allows Woodie to rush the Lunar Island super early, which is actually a team-play, since he already has the best Axe and good damage. -Goose is now an amazing scout, able to find the Salt spots and the Malbatross nest faster than anyone. -Leaving anchored boats mid-ocean as Goose-checkpoints is now absolutely viable, and synergizes well with the amount of wood Woodie can gather, Allowing for outside-the-box strats. -Mo0se can now actually beat bosses. -Mo0se still can't heal, which is a completely viable downside to such a powerhouse. -Mo0se is now the best early-game fighter, and completely viable mid- and late-game. -Clearing tree-lanes before fights to use as Moose-runways is now absolutely viable, and incentivizes preemptive thinking and battleground knowledge. -The forms now last long enough to get things done. -The downside of 0 Hunger is fair, and forces players to plan ahead, something Woodie mains are already quite used to. -It is viable to spam-transform to keep a form going for longer, but requires even more planning. Rewarding players for taking risks is a core mechanic that was lacking in the first draft, and it's good to see it here. -Woodie is a all-around strong generalist, with access to many powerful and unique abilities, but still requires preparation to reach full potential. He may be leaning on the strong side a wee bit much, but nothing worth setting the forums on fire (again). -Lucy's colors are now correct on the "Now Available!" poster, which is the objectively best thing.
  6. Salty Dog Spoilers

    -Saltbox stores Ingredients for 4x longer -Malbatross Beak is a better version of the Oar -Warly's salt increases all healing by 25% 20 -> 25 30 -> 37,5 40 -> 50 100 -> 125 -I'll add more if I find more
  7. I am hype embodied, c'mon gimme dat seasickness and setpieces
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I'm just gonna drop this spicy boi here, and I hope y'all get the memo
  9. @watermelen671 can ya confirm the new Salt Spice thing people are talking about?
  10. Ok, so woodie has three possible forms and specializations, all with night vision and weather resistance, all selectable and using one of the most common foods in-game, all with the only forseeable downside being lack of inventory and structures? meaning he can rush the ruins with the locomotion/combat form early as h*ck? ...nerf woodie lul Jokes aside, the lack of a big downside somewhat worries me, since the Were forms feel like an option, rather than a curse.
  11. Edgy Rick's next video script leaked, circa 2019 btw, can someone try starting a raunchy fanfic about Chester and Hutch, and see how it autocompletes? for... no particular reason
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Raaadio, mein Radio Ich lass' mich in den Äther saugen Meine Ohren werden Augen Raaadio, mein Radio So höre ich, was ich nicht seh' Stille heimlich fernes Weh