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  1. Console: Option to see Boss/Mob Health

    Given your experience there all i would suggest to the devs if it was ever implemented, is to put a toggle switch in the menus. That way everyone gets what they personnally want.
  2. About the upcoming Skin Store...

    I don't think so since skins are locked to online only. Anytime i've ever run an offline servers skins are completely disabled.
  3. Proof of Purchase Skins

    So about Destiny...I have always...Just kidding(I couldn't help myself) It would save me money because i wouldn't buy the funco dolls if i can't use the skin, i sincerely don't care for those dolls. Now the Chester plush i still want to buy regardless if i get a skin or not, i love that thing. The possible link of PC & Console is great and all but i do not own a PC so it wouldn't help me in the slightest.
  4. Didnt receiving daily gitf

    I got mine at the same time each day(in the evening) exactly 24 hours apart, so it seems(to me) that once you get the first one thats the time you'll get them each day unless you miss a day.
  5. Question about A-Fuelweaver

    Oh well, its not a big deal as i have an insane amount of Rocky Turf as it stands, i was just hoping to get more. Thanks for the quick response!
  6. To those that have beat it, when the caves/ruins are reset does it also reset the flooring? I ask this because i've collected a bunch of Rocky Turf and was wandering if it was going to be replaced upon the reset (provided i didn't put something else back in its place).
  7. the Skins store is here

    Now i need to make some money, i'm broke af and my refrigerator just died today so i am really screwed. Luckily its not fully implemented yet so i still have time to try to make some money.
  8. Curio Chest Drops Fixed!

    First chest i got the head i really wanted, i'm so happy the pressure is off, now i can focus on the others items i like. Thank you Klei for putting the chests back in.
  9. This is great news! Now we'll have a much greater chances of getting at least a few of the skins on console
  10. It is a double-edged sword for sure, in some situations it is great and in others it drives me nuts. With that being said i wouldn't want them to take it out.
  11. Year of the Pig Skins

    Something Klei should consider (and this is reliant on us NOT being able to buy skins ever) is give an amount of spools with common and classy drops. If they have scrapped the idea of console players ever getting the ability to buy skins then something like this has to happen! With the current system it is 100% impossible to get even a decent amount of rare skins let alone trying to fill a collection. I would say with common drops have three possible spool drops with it 100, 250, & 500. Then with classy drops have 50, 150, & 300. At least if this was implemented we'd actually be praising the abysmal drop rng. However if Klei still plans on making the skin sets purchasable then this would be a horrible idea. The other reason i'd want to see something like this is because of the profile icons, these things have become a nightmare! There cute and all but there primarily all you get in events anymore, which wouldn't be that bad if they increased the amount of spools you got from them. If i had to venture a guess i'd say 80% of my drops during Winters Feast were the icons, which left me with nowhere near enough spools to weave any of the really sought-after items.
  12. [Game Update] - 136

    I was wondering the same thing as i got a pair of common pants for my first drop.
  13. Geometric Placement on Consoles

    I've wanted this mod/ability from the first time i seen it, sadly i don't think consoles will ever get
  14. 5 thousand days , The Robot Saga

    Again congratulations!
  15. In game mods

    Uhm... Sony allows mods as far back as the early days of the PS3 they have allowed them. Unreal III was the first to use them(that i am aware of). If you bought the PC version when it came out you could build your own mods and transfer them over to the PS3 version, you could also go to mod websites download said mods to a sd card or flash drive and install them on your system. Later on when they(Epic) released the Titan update they even had a mod store in the game. The two catches are 1 the game developers have to give the game the abilty to install & run them and 2 they are built on PC versions of said games tested and then ported/downloaded over to the console. I'm sure there is a couple other rules and aspects i'm not mentioning but they are allowed. Unfortunately for us the console version of the game does not have the capability to use mods, and would likely require the game to be completely rebuilt, which of course is not gonna happen. Maybe down the road if they make a DST2 they'll consider putting the ability in. I know i would regardless of what game i made, as it can keep a game fresh for years even after developers abandon them, so long as the community wants to work on them, a game will always have a lifeline. Not to mention one of my favorite reasons for mods is it gives amateur coders/developers a chance to showcase their abilities and gives them real world experience and feedback.