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    That is why my worlds are never open to the public when i know i'm gonna be away for more then 4 days. Once i've finished whatever it was that kept me away i'll restart the the server and open it up to the public, even then i restrict the amount of players that can join(if its an established world).
  2. Cant enter Caves on PS4

    You may want to post this in the bug tracker... Also, unrelated to this but yet related, i've noticed the caves seem to be turned off in the Klei servers, not sure if this is intentional or not @CharlesB.
  3. I will accept any speed boosts Klei wants to add, only makes the game funner for me.
  4. I definitely feel the same, not that i'm implying its a fact, just that this has been my experience as well.
  5. Help me pls

    This is also why i have automatic uploads turned off for this game and 2 others, because the corruption of files is either highly likely(Payday 2)or just a hammer to the head in the amount of time that can be lost(DST, 7 DtD). I manually upload my saves for these three games to ensure i do not lose my progress. With Payday 2 i have had numerous corrupted files, in fact way to many to count, with 7 DtD it has happened maybe 5 times, and with DST it happened twice. All told several thousand hours of game time that i didn't lose because i chose the more cumbersome way of using cloud storage. Just so use know i did lose around 300 hours of time with one of my DST servers because i forgot to upload my data. I hadn't played in a while and Klei made the game so stable that i just got over confident and unfortunately paid a price, though luckily not the ultimate price.
  6. My pet Beefy..

    @NSAiswatchingus your Beef is on a diet, i've got anywhere from 8 to 10 salt licks and by the end of a season there are only 2 or 3 left. It might be because i have a chubby one.
  7. Seeing as the one thing i enjoy doing anymore in this game is building a chest for every single food item, collecting/making said items then storing and labelling each individual chest i'd have to say no to any ideas that change the bundling wraps. Many of these ideas would take away the fun part for me, so i'm against it. And the weird part is i just enjoy storing all the food i rarely ever eat out of those chests, i just want the ability to end hunger in the Constant . And when i find a server that i deem is appropriate for Longterm use or Mega-basing they tend to have very few Beehives anyway. I put a premium on Wormholes and Cave Entrances over Beehives.
  8. Geometric Placement?

    Trust me practically everyone on consoles would like to see it implemented, but for whatever reason it just looks like we'll never get it. It's a shame really that it even had to be made as a Mod on PC, as most games that allow the building of structures usually has either a grid placement or snap-to function of somekind. Suffering from OCD makes this a very important issue to me, seeing as i would have walked away from the game years ago if the rest of the game wasn't so freaking good. I still feel like i'm going into a panic attack from time to time when building a base, but i push through and "try" to not let it drive me insane.
  9. Mini signs on chests

    Yeah if the sign is to close you'll definitely have issues accessing the chests, like you i just place them a little further away then i'd like to. However my next world i think i'm gonna go with Brago's setup as i've seen it in many worlds and it definitely works better.
  10. More world saves

    Maybe, but this is something i would really like to see. 5 saves is just cruel, many games i've played over the years have a lot more save files available in them then this does.
  11. Poll on Lag

    On new worlds all the way to say day 800 i don't experience much lag especially if solo or with 1 or 2 other people. However after day 800 it progressively gets worse until i can't even play solo. It sucks because i am the type of player that would enjoy playing on 1 world forever, but it just isn't possible with this game(at least for me).
  12. [Poll] On Annoyances

    I don't really do that anymore, because 80 to 90 percent of the time someone comes in and then decides "this is stupid, i need those resources" and proceeds to hammer it all down. Then to make it worse they tend to leave anyway after a day or two.
  13. New Idea suggestion for Woodie Rework

    He should certainly be able to swim in Werebeaver form, seeing as beavers primarily live in water.
  14. Target locking..

    Same, got tired of it locking on to walls, birds, and other low threat enemies instead of dangerous ones.
  15. Question about Twitch Drops

    It's cumulative so you can watch as little or as much as you want, just need 6 hours total before they(Klei) switch to a new skin.