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  1. [Game Update] - 148

    I wish use would put the ability to turn events on and off into the game. It sucks having the shrines and other event items locked away as if there loyalty skins. The other reason i would like to see this is when the QoL update drops were going to lose all those shrines & items anyway. I just don't see the logic in doing all that work for the events just to have them collect dust and never be seen again simply because someone starts a new server. I really hope i'm not the only one that thinks this way.
  2. I fail to see how it would be OP, you can already place rabbit hutches, pig houses, tooth traps, spider nests any where you want and that hasn't broken the game this is just one more creature that you could have some control over. And it certainly needs to become hostile once it matures. And even if it was to go off randomly like you suggested you could still get the same result given enough time.
  3. I definitely like this idea as i have had Tallbirds go extinct on a couple of my worlds. So as long as you collect some eggs you can keep the species alive and can actually insure that they thrive. You should be able to put the materials in a location and walk the bird to it, once it detects the proper materials it automatically builds the nest and stays put. For the materials i would think it should a certain number of grass, twigs, and beefalo fur. Maybe even require a specific turf to be under it that can be changed after the nest is established.
  4. So what i was thinking and somebody else has probably already had this idea, is to have random past events. So the idea would be that as long as you have events set to default you could have past events popup after surviving the first year(ingame year). So your second spring could have a say 5 to 10 percent chance of spawning one of the past "Year of the" events, autumn could spawn the "Hallowed Nights", and winter the "Winters Feast" event obviously. This feature would also need to be disabled during the actual events. Reason being that the items, structures, and other features of those events are completely locked away once the events have passed and you create a new world. And seeing as we are likely gonna have to create new worlds with the upcoming update, i hate to see all of that stuff that use worked so hard on just disappear from the game. And though you can choose those specific events when starting a server, you are punished drastically for that choice, being not only locked in that event but also being banned from any future events as well. Also as a side note i'm a console only player, PC may have the ability to turn events on and off(i don't know) but on the console we have a lot more limits on how we can set up our worlds. I would love to have a server where if i play it long enough i can actually have all the event specific items/shrines built or made in one world, even to be able to acquire festive lights more then once in an actual year, which would be amazing as we don't have access to any of the permanent light type mods i always see on streams.
  5. I also wish you could give them specific commands; For the logger commands could be chop tier 1 trees (all) chop tier 2 trees (all) chop tier 3 trees (all) chop only Birch trees ((any size) or pick this then one of the above to cut only that type & size) chop only Evergreens ((any size) or pick this then one of the above to cut only that type & size) For the digger commands could be Dig only stumps Dig only grass tufts Dig only saplings Dig only berry bushes For the miner commands could be Mine only specific types of rocks (can't think of the different names) I feel like they just need to be smarter otherwise they become more of a nuisance after awhile.
  6. No new purchase options

    Yeah...I hate to say it but this needs to be addressed ASAP i've been sending countless messages to people with the potential work around, but people are really starting to lose their ****. I'm doing my best in a few different communities trying to keep people calm, but i smell the burning of torches and can see pitchforks coming over the horizon. Those of us who have played long enough understand, but newer players and those that recently bought the game will not understand the time it is taking to repair this glitch that is leaving them with what looks like a broken game to them. Please fix this as fast as humanly possible before you lose to many new customers.
  7. Stuck Offline

    As far as i know once you create a world you are stuck with those settings permanently, sorry.
  8. Help! Game crash caused corrupted data

    The other option (the one that i use) if you have PS+ is to use the cloud save as your backup. I don't have anything to backup my files to, so i turn off automatic upload and just manually save to the cloud at the end of each day. I guarantee that it works as my file has been corrupted twice and all i lost was a few hours of gameplay. Just don't forget to manually save it otherwise you'll restore the file back to the day you turned off the automatic upload.
  9. Odd Issue

    I have not experienced that and haven't seen or heard of anyone else having that type of issue. That is a strange one and i can see how that WOULDN'T be annoying. Hope you get it resolved soon.
  10. We will not have wortox today

    You certainly didn't get what i was talking about or you weren't talking to me, either way. I don't care about delays we have them all the time , and the vast majority of us don't have a problem with it. I also have never and will never ask for concrete dates on anything as that is not something any Dev should ever give, its a good way to burn yourself at the stake if you do. However asking for the Devs or even the Mods to copy & paste news that pertains to a specific platform in said platforms official forums is not what i would call whining. They have given unbelievable support to the console for years, which most developers abandon within the first 2 years. So don't ever take anything i say as an insult to Klei or even whining as all i ever want is the proper amount of transparency that can be safely given to be shared with the respective communities.
  11. We will not have wortox today

    And yet they don't officially mention it here! I seen the post in the general forums but it should also have a thread here where the issue actually is. I'm getting worked up over this because this is now 2 different games in 1 week that seem to ignore their customers on whatever platform. The other was AA: Proving Grounds who took a week to acknowledge that there game was broken on PS4, sure they announced it on Twitter and Discord but not on their own official forums for the console in question. Why have these platform specific forums for games if the information that needs to be relayed through them never gets there? Sorry for the rant but i expect a certain amount of professionalism from companies, and this just seems to be happening more and more.
  12. Wortox?

    What do you mean? Edit: Figured out what you meant, didn't know that was an option. However i still stand by my suggestion as it should be an obvious SOP to put game changing info up in each of the respective forums.
  13. Wortox?

    Yeah i seen his comment, it was made a few minutes before i posted this. I would still like to offer a suggestion to the devs, when use make those major announcements could use please copy & paste the announcement into the console forums as well, provided it is meant to be a simultaneous release of course. The reason i suggest this is most of the console players i've talked to do not visit the other forums on here, i even only check the other forums occasionally.
  14. Wortox?

    So i read the thread over in general discussion and seen no mention in it about console release date. So @JoeW i just wanted to ask if there was any info you could share with us? Such as, will it release at the same time? Will we have the same purchase options? Anything use can share will be greatly appreciated.
  15. Console: Option to see Boss/Mob Health

    Given your experience there all i would suggest to the devs if it was ever implemented, is to put a toggle switch in the menus. That way everyone gets what they personnally want.