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  1. Geometric Placement on Consoles

    I've wanted this mod/ability from the first time i seen it, sadly i don't think consoles will ever get
  2. 5 thousand days , The Robot Saga

    Again congratulations!
  3. In game mods

    Uhm... Sony allows mods as far back as the early days of the PS3 they have allowed them. Unreal III was the first to use them(that i am aware of). If you bought the PC version when it came out you could build your own mods and transfer them over to the PS3 version, you could also go to mod websites download said mods to a sd card or flash drive and install them on your system. Later on when they(Epic) released the Titan update they even had a mod store in the game. The two catches are 1 the game developers have to give the game the abilty to install & run them and 2 they are built on PC versions of said games tested and then ported/downloaded over to the console. I'm sure there is a couple other rules and aspects i'm not mentioning but they are allowed. Unfortunately for us the console version of the game does not have the capability to use mods, and would likely require the game to be completely rebuilt, which of course is not gonna happen. Maybe down the road if they make a DST2 they'll consider putting the ability in. I know i would regardless of what game i made, as it can keep a game fresh for years even after developers abandon them, so long as the community wants to work on them, a game will always have a lifeline. Not to mention one of my favorite reasons for mods is it gives amateur coders/developers a chance to showcase their abilities and gives them real world experience and feedback.
  4. Is it possible for a volt goat herd to respawn?

    They respawn or "breed" if there is one left, but from what i'm reading it looks like you have none left, which unfortunately means they are now extinct in your world.
  5. Meteor Shower Appearance and Frequency

    I can't speak for the frequency but i can confirm that the meteor showers happen regardless of your location in the game. I have one server where i live 90% of the time in the caves, one of the things that brings me out of the caves is farming rocks & moonrocks which are replenished every time i go to the surface.
  6. So what buffs do giants have?

    Does Klaus constantly spawn during the event? I just came across the loot stash in early autumn.
  7. [Game Update] - 135

    Wow didn't expect this so soon, thanks Klei.
  8. Sale of Skins for consoles

    That is what makes me believe the skin packs can't be to far off, since the event started i have only got 3 chests total and 2 of them were a near duplicate. So i know the present system is rng based but it doesn't even feel like that now, the drops are almost as bad as they can get and several people i've played/talked with have had very similar experiences. Which makes me think(opinion only) that the skins will be available soon. If not then Klei better tweak this rng to actually drop some freakin event chests!
  9. Sale of Skins for consoles

    Honestly i hope both, there is no harm in covering all angles. Some might only want a couple skins from an event and lack the spools, others may want everything and there is nothing wrong about either-or. I've got a pair of shoes and a couple wallpapers/portraits nothing to write home about. I think i only got 2 chests from 8 drops so far, i am not liking my rng at the moment.
  10. Sale of Skins for consoles

    Good to know because my luck with this event has been the worst since i started playing the game.
  11. I get it Marco, i've had 6 drops since it started and the drops really do seem to suck. At this rate i won't be able to get anything good from this event.
  12. The Forge on PS4

    I was going to say the same thing, lol. The question i'd ask is will we get "both" Forges or are we only going to get the next one?
  13. The Geo Mod is one i wish they'd implement on the consoles. As you said building an aesthetically pleasing base is very tedious, time consuming, and just plain frustrating. I have OCD and it drives me insane not being able to control the placement of my structures. I have learned to live with it and just look past the nonuniform aspects of my bases, but it still aggravates me to no end.
  14. I don’t get presents anymore

    Yeah the thing i've always noticed at least in my game is there are no specific times for the drops. I have had weeks where i got all 4 within a few hours and other weeks where i had to put nearly 20 hours into the game to get them. I have also had drops (especially drops 1 & 2) fall within five minutes of each other.