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  1. IIRC it's actually used for the advanced treatment chamber. (I can't remember the name of the building right now >.<) I believe it's used to create basic and advanced rad medicine. (which is used to improve radiation immunity) I think...I might be sitting on the animations for those. Edit:
  2. They are. They're still frames that I thought looked interesting. Yes, it's a nuclear rocket.
  3. BEEHIVE ANIM_INTERACTS_BEEHIVE ANIM_INTERACTS_ORBITAL_RESEARCH_STATION There also appears to be a new engine...but right now it uh...
  4. ...what kind of gaming mouse are you using? My mouse only has 3 buttons lol. It appears that some mods are incompatible with the current release, so it's best to do a scorched earth approach and either rename or delete your mod folder so steam can reinstall them. (This automatically disables them so it allows the game to boot proper). I had a problem where every time I tried to boot up the game I couldn't get past the Klei logo without it crashing and the Unity crash handler popping up. Deleting the mod folder fixed it. This sort of thing is expected in EA, the game is basically thrown back into its infancy and we have to operate on the assumption that everything is going to break with each update, it's just the nature of piecemeal system implementation, we get to bug test the growing pains before the rest of the world gets it proper.
  5. It reminds me of chloracne, which makes me wonder if the devs actually looked into that for references.
  7. Probably not for a bit longer, they've got the basic framework already mostly laid out I believe, but there appears to be a few more things they plan on adding before releasing it out into the public. Although for all I know, it could be the next upgrade coming in 3 days.
  8. Heheh...guess what madlad managed to get their hands on Kingdom Hearts 3's files? :wilson_sneaky:

    ...yes that's what I've been doing since I last vanished.

    1. minespatch


      Can you do a animation of a front view of a minor Heartless walking backward? It's hilarious.:wilson_ecstatic:

    2. minespatch


      Sorry I keep asking for stuff but this was something I planned on doing but I just don't know how to do it myself.:wilson_dorky:

    3. watermelen671


      Heh, no worries...I'm still trying to figure it out myself to be honest. :wilson_curious:

  9. I'm gonna be splitting this up to limit the amount of scrolling I'll have to do. Critters Critter Babies Plants Scrapped There's a good chance I forgot something, just lemme know and I'll snag it quick for ya.
  10. anim_interacts_research_center_nuclear ...I don't think I have any more interact animations left, so I'll just post some other things I found in the meanwhile. Also, @Xenologist I'm working on the critter compilation. DLC Critters DLC Plants
  11. Weird how they have interest in agriculture but have the plant murderer trait. :wilson_curious:


  12. anim_interacts_rocket_control_station anim_interacts_temporal_tear_analyzer anim_interacts_genetic_analysissation anim_interacts_sludge_press anim_interacts_telescope_low anim_interacts_warp_portal_sender/receiver anim_interacts_porta_pod
  13. Hey all, I'm not dead! Here's what I've started doing in the meanwhile: anim_sleep_narcolepsy anim_trait_afraid_of_dark_floor anim_interacts_pioneer_cargo_lander
  14. So uh...just lettin ya guys know...my hard drive died on me. I've started again, but it's gonna take a bit longer in the meantime.