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  1. [Game Update] - 381550

    Mother of God. New currency let's GO! Klei, are you making updates just for me? I really appreciate it.
  2. Music thread

    Edgelord Warning! Tyler The Creator - Yonkers (NSFW) In the name of balance, here's some christian music. Y'all heard the new Kayne? Kayne West - Follow God Edit: As I was pulling the link for this I saw that both Kanye's and Joel Olsteen's YouTubes were live. The world is a simulation. Kanye West is running church service and Joel Olsteen is attending while it's live streamed to YouTube. What even is this anymore?
  3. Music thread

    Music thread was too low on the forum. Set Your Goals - Gaia Bleeds (Make Way For Man)
  4. Count to 200 without interruption

  5. [Game Update] - 380289

    Very nice. Thank you for this. A stack of boards is actually better than the boat kit, but the other kits feel mandatory now. Good call.
  6. This is it for me. The kits make perfect sense for the boat necessities. I assumed the kits were a well tested difference put into place for a reason. I thought it was weird the first time I went to build a boat, but as soon as I started sailing it was apparent why the kits had to work how they do. No other structures are that susceptible to being destroyed and need to replaced quickly even sometimes in large numbers. I think leaving the Boat kit, steering kit, anchor kit, and mast kit as is would be the best move. Anything new can function as a normal structure as it's not essential to the very thing it's being built on. Just my humble opinion. Plus, I already made a Ship parts shop that only works because of the kits! I'm not biased...
  7. No hollow trinkets

    Lol my bad. I get a lot of messages. I must have missed that. I should be available this weekend at various times so just let me know when you want to give it a shot and I'll make some arrangements.
  8. No hollow trinkets

    Just hit me up if you want to try those! I'd be down to help.
  9. No hollow trinkets

    Welcome to the end game!
  10. HL&I prefabs?

    It's 2019 man. We all about homo. Edit: To the confused. I'm just saying, "no homo" was widely used at a time when being gay was still perceived as a negative. So no one really needs to specify "no homo" now because most people don't really care anymore. Especially not people on the internet. These are all jokey jokes friends.
  11. Yeah, I thought the kit system was smart given the way boats work. I'd much prefer having a couple kits on hand in a bad sailing situation.
  12. Music thread

    This new Royal Coda album is super groovy Royal Coda - Becoming the Memory New 2020 Spring tour announced for Dance Gavin Dance! I've posted plenty of DGD, but here's a little bit from... Animals as Leaders - Physicsl Education Veil of Maya - Mikasa If you look REEEEAAALLL close on that tour picture you'll find... Some truth.
  13. Count to 200 without interruption

  14. What kind of pets do you guys have?

    Here's my buddy! Luther. About 6 years old. Chihuahua/ Shiba Inu mix.
  15. what did the beard777 do?

    I'm not gonna pin exact moments in each video, but it's like there's a DST youtuber innuendo cheat sheet. Silk or webs is always "sticky stuff". Anything with tentacles is hentai. There's more but those are the most egregious I hear all the time.
  16. what did the beard777 do?

    The design thing was a one time offense I can over look, but the drawn out explanations and pace of the video are what I can't handle. While we're some what on the subject, can we stop with repetitive sexual innuendos in every video at almost every opportunity? It's not just the beard. You're ALL guilty of it.
  17. Music thread

    One more Baby Cakes - Role Play Tournament
  18. Music thread

    I just saw a thread on Reddit that reminded that these exist... Brad Neely - George Washington And... Brad Neely - JFK
  19. Count to 200 without interruption

    Took me a second to get that. 11
  20. No hollow trinkets

    Nooooo! The clutter! Glad this is being fixed for everyone else though.
  21. I don't know what OP's talking about but I do know that I want a Kobold character now. Get on it Klei!
  22. Walls placement

    What!? Ocean walls would be awesome! Can we get just that piece of the bug back Klei?
  23. Why each character is here

    It's one of life's great mysteries isn't it?
  24. Music thread

    Another gem that popped up for me King Fu Fighting but it's Fall Out Boy I'm so sick of these but they're pure genius.
  25. how often do you rollbackl?

    Not only do I roll back whenever I want, but I also back up save my world every 100 days to the PS+ cloud storage or a USB drive. Even if I don't catch someone burning a town down within those 5 days I know I can always go back to the most recent Autumn. I don't have all that much time to play these days so maximizing my productivity during my play time is always the goal. If a rollback will ultimately save me time or resources I just do that. We also don't have a way to pause so I can spend as much time as I want looking at the map or running around to concoct my next project then just roll it back. I can also play around with a few base designs before committing to to it. If I have other people in the world I'll do everything I can to NOT rollback though unless there's some seriously major catastrophe.