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  1. I don't think there would be a war... There are more... Important matters? Also I don't think Wilson hates Maxwell that much now(but I bet Warly is preparing popcorn for everyone for when they start to throw hands) (and Wortox manages the bets) (Nobody bets on Maxwell)
  2. Best characters ?

    Wilson is clearly the best u.u
  3. That crafting tab is unlocked when you stand near a Think Tank. That is made with four board and a science machine(or alchemy engine, can't remember )
  4. I'm crying, they are beautiful. Thank you for the GIFs
  5. This short came into my home kicking the door open, flipped my table and punched me in the chest... Ouch... Good short tho and that smiling Warly is something I will cherish
  6. I don't farm bunnymen because I absolutely despise them, but I am aware of how useful they can be
  7. [Poll] On Annoyances

    Where's "all of the above"? XD Anyway, hounds are the worst now that they can swim and the special ones make a mess, summer heat is awful and everything catches fire and, if I played in public servers, hateful people and pranksters would be annoying but I play alone. Also I am my worst enemy in this game and that annoys me
  8. It's a tie between Maxwell and Wilson but, while I love the witty and depressing quotes from the old man, I prefer puns and the fact that Wilson is Captain Obvious
  9. I personally don't like the idea of adding game-play effects to skins, but I wouldn't dislike different quotes?
  10. I will be waiting with even more hype, anxiously (and patiently) after this post. I'm jumping with joy, there's a surprise? I can't wait akfjdlshdkah (and thank you for telling us)
  11. I live for Berserker Wilson . Actually, generally every Wilson skin.
  12. Gosh, I'd like to have a chat with everyone of them but I would love to be friends with Wormwood and Wortox
  13. If the codex umbra wasn't there(bad choice but... knowledge) I would choose the life giving amulet or the pan flute.
  14. I finished it now too, I should draw earlier... (Mishroom cap is umbrella, you can't change my mind u.u)