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  1. The Meme Dump

    Yes, but that is the place of memes(also this if someone posts memes, I need some time to make one... )
  2. The Meme Dump

    But... Maxwell Memes:The Sequel?
  3. I don't think there would be a war... There are more... Important matters? Also I don't think Wilson hates Maxwell that much now(but I bet Warly is preparing popcorn for everyone for when they start to throw hands) (and Wortox manages the bets) (Nobody bets on Maxwell)
  4. Best characters ?

    Wilson is clearly the best u.u
  5. That crafting tab is unlocked when you stand near a Think Tank. That is made with four board and a science machine(or alchemy engine, can't remember )
  6. I'm crying, they are beautiful. Thank you for the GIFs
  7. Wait, are antchovies a thing?
  8. This short came into my home kicking the door open, flipped my table and punched me in the chest... Ouch... Good short tho and that smiling Warly is something I will cherish
  9. I don't farm bunnymen because I absolutely despise them, but I am aware of how useful they can be
  10. [Poll] On Annoyances

    Where's "all of the above"? XD Anyway, hounds are the worst now that they can swim and the special ones make a mess, summer heat is awful and everything catches fire and, if I played in public servers, hateful people and pranksters would be annoying but I play alone. Also I am my worst enemy in this game and that annoys me
  11. It's a tie between Maxwell and Wilson but, while I love the witty and depressing quotes from the old man, I prefer puns and the fact that Wilson is Captain Obvious
  12. I finished it now too, I should draw earlier... (Mishroom cap is umbrella, you can't change my mind u.u)
  13. I've never posted a drawing here before and I'm late too... I hope it's not too late for the Queen
  14. I... I am just... I don't have words, I just go! I can't wait! (but I will, with joy!)