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  1. Interesting. I certainly hope so too, but I'm pretty sure the limitations are with the Switch itself. I'll probably still get it, but I have a feeling megabasing will be off the table. Hopefully it at least holds up during busier boss fights.
  2. Yo! I'm very interested in getting DST for Switch but I'm really worried about unplayable lag at higher day counts (1000's). What's the most anyone has built on a world yet and how has your lag been? I'd love to start playing again on the Switch this time, but if I had lag issues on PS4 I can't imagine it'll go well on a Switch.
  3. Looks like the Switcher Doodle costs are staying the same? I would very much like to get at least 2-3 Doodles per craft. #oodlesofdoodles Regardless, no more wall attacking. I am pleased.
  4. OH MY GOD. I couldn't be happier with this rework and new video. Thank you Klei! Edit: I hadn't made it to the item skins! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH
  5. This is top requested song in my house hold right now. Aesop Rock - Long Legged Larry I jam it even when the kids aren't home.
  6. Since the last post I've been jammin a lot more Stray From The Path and boy do they have some bangers. Rarely do songs make me yearn for a good hardcore moshpit, but these these definitely get the heart pumpin. Stray From The Path - First World Problem Child ft. Sam Carter LIVE Stray From The Path - Actions Not Words They're like a modern heavier Rage Against the Machine with some hit or miss ideas. All generally anti-establishment mad music so I can always find some good in it.
  7. Born of Osiris - Angel or Alien Has anyone heard the Doom Eternal soundtrack? Mick Gordon is a legend. Doom Eternal - The Only Thing They Fear Is You And one more for goodluck Stray From the Path - The House Always Wins Those last ones were for me. I actually think y'all here might like this one. I love this man... Grasskingdoms - Runner Up One more from this genius Grasskingdoms - she has the hots for me baby
  8. Yeah that's a bug. Kind of a cool one, but a bug nonetheless . Boy have I screwed myself with this content. First off, I didn't heed my own warning... The moonstorm is right over the town of Hamton just wrecking all the walls. I can't see Wagstaff's tools because the area is so developed with tier 3 walls. And the dang full moons keep changing my town folk to werepigs. Hamton is in full disarray right now!
  9. I'm always fascinated by the vast amount of local and underground music that gets lost overtime by not being maintained or being uploaded to a dead platform. Some old tracks from a band I knew 12 years ago resurfaced on another Youtube channel. O Giant Man - Decisions There are millions of songs that were written and heard by others that no one else in history will ever hear again. Every so often someone finds an old CD they bought at some local show and has the drive to uploaded it to the internet. We need more of those people!
  10. Hail the Sun - Made Your Mark
  11. I got more new new Born of Osiris - White Nile