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  1. Circle Back - Jen Psaki I can't stop singing this.
  2. You monster. May as well change this to raise a beefalo from a baby, name it, love it, and kill it.
  3. They actually made a lock on feature awhile back. Press in on your right joystick (R3) to lock it to the mob you want. Press it again to change locked target.
  4. At 6800 days I've still got next to no lag solo. At 4 players max, if everyone has a solid connection, and is in the US it's still playable for me. If even 1 person has a bad connection or is too far away then it's an absolute mess. Things are much much better if some people are down in the caves. At 4 players there's still no lag down there.
  5. True, but most are on PC. The lag issue seems to be more severe on PS4 and even worse on Xbox. Yupp! Totally unfounded claims with no data to back it up though. Just anecdotal evidence from years of megabasing. The general idea is that if you know you're going to build a potential lag inducing amount of stuff in one area, then keep the surrounding areas as clear as possible to help with the load/unload of everything as you enter and exit that area.
  6. I wouldn't mind some elements of Hamlet being brought over to DST EVENTUALLY. Smarter pigs, shops, houses, and currency would be cool.
  7. NEW HAIL THE SUN!!! Let's GO fam! Expect more of these guys as I fall in love with each track off the new album Hail the Sun - Parasitic Cleanse I've also really been enjoying the newer live version of this song Dance Gavin Dance - Uneasy Hearts Weigh The Most
  8. Oh so it is. My bad. When I first watched the clip I thought he got bucked off. Not sure why OP hopped off the beef that close to the fight then. I agree the running off can be annoying at times, but if the margin of success or failure comes down to that extra second the success wasn't that likely to begin with.
  9. This one is on you. I would never fight Dfly on an untamed beef. The possibility of being thrown off at any time is too large for a fight like this. Also, when you got tossed, there was a moment you could have hopped back on but you forgot to feed it again. The bell is nice, but it's NOT the same as a tamed beef.
  10. I didn't start the thread but kept a close eye on it looking for inspiration. I do kind of miss the days when everyone wanted to show off their megabases they built off a checklist. Edit: my favorite base design I've made. Center of Imperator City.
  11. Yeah I did every combo of rolling back and relogging in different ways. I currently don't think it's on PS4 but I'd to be proven wrong if some other PS4 user can confirm.
  12. You can do what I did and get older and busier. You can't get burntout if you barely have time to play. *taps head* Really though, I've kept entertained years after "beating" the game by thinking outside the box with building projects. Megabases are old news and make things too easy imo. Try to make something that will alter or enhance the og DST experience for yourself or those that join your world.
  13. You'd have to convert all rolls to a d100. It sounds fun, but I don't think the actual execution of it will be.
  14. @CremeLover Thanks for the testing. It's possible that PS4 is not getting this bug where PC/Xbox are. Oh well! I'll just have to do it legit as with everything else on console.
  15. I know! PC gets all the good bugs. I tried it with bell in inventory and in backpack. No difference.