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  1. That's so sick. I'm on the Y-Axis train now. That should be the next thing after RoT.
  2. As others have said, this is the change I didn't even know I wanted. I have so many little things I can remake how I want now! Thank you for this.
  3. Anyone watch the U.S. presidential debate last Thursday? First off, these "debates" are completely useless for intellectual exchange on ideas. Compare to like The Soho Forum debates and you'll see what I mean. These politcal "debates" are entertainment and live commercials meant to sway and manipulate voters. That said, It was less chaotic than the first one, but the moderator definitely had bias against Trump which was to be expected. Biden got locked down on some positions he's danced around during his campaign (I don't think fracking is good either, but it's fun to watch politicians squirm). I also agree we should be transitioning out of fossil fuels, but Biden failed to present that in a meaningful way. Trump zingers are hilarious, email scandal talk was amazing. I was waiting for Biden to come out and deny the authenticity of the emails, but I really didn't think they'd go with but Russia again. The only good thing for Biden I've seen about the emails is Fox News (who would love to report otherwise) reporting that the FBI didn't see any solid evdence from the materials Boblinksi handed over. I think Guiliani is doing the Breitbart playbook (See Carlos Danger) and releasing more information from the alleged Hunter Laptop as the Biden Camp responds to trap them in a lie. Wild times! I think we're learning some critical information as to how our political system truly operates in the U.S. Also Ghislaine apparently can't remember anything and is just trying to keep her mouth shut. The lawyer interviews are MOSTLY page after page of nothing, but there was some good parts. I won't link to anything here, but there's some decent write ups on what people have found in the transcripts. She definitely not flipping like I hoped she would, but I want that woman to remain in perfect health until she gets back to a court room.
  4. Aw man! I should have waited a few more days. I had to go with the easiest possible pumpkin carving...WX-78 Dang Piko's have already started eating his face
  5. Lmao guys, we literally just all posted within a minute of each other. Edit: I guarantee we did the exact same thing too. Saw the other post with Joe's response, reacted, then came over here to parrot Joe. Look at us, three peas in pod. There you go OP! How's that for service? Nice avatar btw. Great movie.
  6. All skins that we can technically earn right now, but aren't updated to our consoles. When the next update happens early next week you should be able to see/use all of those skins in game.
  7. I rememeber this being an issue when she first came out. I think you just have to keep doing various tasks to increase her affinity and she'll eventually hand it over. Try digging the berry bushes up and replanting them.
  8. So hype! It's all too much! I feel the end is near... Keep doing what you do Klei and I'll keep paying for all the content I can! Psst, I'll pay a little more if one of you can slip me into the Newhome beta...
  9. Very exciting day tomorrow. Presidential debates AND...drumroll please... A judge has order lawyer interviews with Ghislaine Maxwell to be made public by tomorrow morning!
  10. I don't agree with all the reasons he was removed, but I'm fine with not having him. He seemed like kind of a boring character both aesthetically and gameplay wise.
  11. I've pretty much been in the same boat. There's usually a couple of big AAA titles that I get in a year but the last couple of years nothing has really been a MUST play for me. The next Elder Scrolls would be that MUST play but not if it meant switching to Xbox or PC. I've been playing the series since Morrowind so knowing to keep up with it I'll have to drop $500+ is kind of disheartening. It still won't be out for a couple years so there's time for Sony to make some kind of deal, BUT if it does end up Microsoft only Imma be pissed yo.
  12. Yo, I want to open this thread as a safe space to discuss more controversial and current events with my fellow Don't Starve fans. The world is a crazy place and talking things out with people online has always helped me better my positions on different issues and navigate through life with a little less confusion. Everything from Covid-19 to Religion and anything in between. Things will get heated and people will be offended, but this thread is for those that can discuss tough ideas with people they disagree with and keep things cordial. No insults, no personal attacks, and no reporting the thread to be shut down because you don't like what a user had to say. If you don't like it then move on and leave others in peace to talk freely. So! Microsoft bought Bethesda and now they say the next Elder Scrolls will be a Microsoft exclusive. How bad do y'all think the riots will be because of this?
  13. Perfect. I only need 39 more posts to hit 1000. Let's talk about it. The pandemic is absolutely overblown by the media and some government bodies. 99.7 percent survival rate isn't it? Even less for healthy adults and teens too. Most of the world was emotionally manipulated into shutting down their economy which resulted in the largest transfer of wealth to the elites in human history. We've been had folks. Back in like February I was warning everyone this was going to be a brutal bioweapon with a high mortality rate. As the numbers have come out over this year I've had to reevaluate my stance on Covid-19 to it not being that bad actually. I still think it originated from the Lab in Wuhan (that specifically deals with and had done research on that kind of virus) but as far as bioweapons go this one wasn't very effective. Anecdote: I am an operations manager for a delivery contractor. I have 30+ employees all interacting with the public, making well over 15,000 deliveries in a week, touching every surface in their truck and at businesses constantly. We, or any other contractor in our station, have not had a single person test positive with ANY symptoms. We've all had plenty of 100% asymptomatic cases, but not a one actually feels sick.