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  1. Any Experienced Players?

    Yo, I run this world currently. NSA_iswatchingus on PSN.
  2. I just took the 5th edition D&D classes and paired them up. I always viewed "Fighters" as a more well rounded jack of all trades, much like our gentleman scientist.
  3. Year of the pig king tribute

    Once I'm done grinding for Lucky Gold Nuggets I suppose my entire world will be a tribute to this event. I've got about 2100 of the 3000 I want to start using it as the main currency. It seems like a less breakable economy once the event ends.
  4. the Skins store is here

    I think they were just testing it. I bet it'll still be available in March.
  5. the Skins store is here

    Whoa! Did it work? Have you made a purchase on it yet? What happened to March!? This is amazing! RIP my wallet. Are there packs or are they individually available? What's the general prices?
  6. No oasis or antlion desert?

    It's like 98% sure. You're supposed to have two deserts but world gen can be funky of course.
  7. Projects to keep yourself occupied?

    I spend my time totally customizing every area in my world. Making new themed bases, "new" biomes, putting in little details, and gathering the resources to do so. Really anything that helps fill up the world with things of interest. EDIT: Click the link in my signature if you're looking for some ideas.
  8. Maybe once DST is completely done being updated with new content and is synced between all platforms as well. I'm sure Klei would be willing to engage in cross play if Sony is willing to play ball, but I feel like there's a lot of other work that has to be done first before that can happen. It could definitely be something to look at again in another year!
  9. Question about switching platforms involving Skins

    What exactly do you mean by large-scale server? If you plan to megabase on console you'll have to seriously downscale from what you're used to on PC. We lag pretty bad on PS4 and I hear it's even worse on xbox.
  10. Year of the Pig Skins

    Dang. I was hoping this scale back in gifts was in preparation for purchasable skins. Let me FLEX Klei.
  11. Walls?

    Even when you do have friends the odds of them actually being interested in Don't Starve is pretty low in the scope of everything available now. I can convince some friends to buy BlackOps 4 or BeatSaber, but when you're 28 Don't starve is a hard sell.
  12. Base Design Recommendation

    Does that mean it's time for "Showcase for tidy bases [3]"!?!?
  13. Walls?

    That was a little different since a Klei sponsored leaderboard was involved. With that added element of competition the use of meta chasing exploits becomes mandatory for being competitive with the teams topping those leaderboards.
  14. Abuse of Rollback

    I honestly can't tell if you don't understand what I'm saying or are intentionally misrepresenting my arguements so I'm just gonna be done with this "discussion".
  15. Abuse of Rollback

    It seems pretty obvious. The intended way to play is using any combination of items, in game mechanics, and strategies to overcome to game's challenges. That's it. The combinations and strategies used are up to the player to figure out. Players can seek outside knowledge if they choose, but the game provides everything needed to solve the it's own mysteries. The problem is that nobody agrees on what is considered "cheating" or even "cheesing". The core of the entire game is about slowly removing the danger element as you become more comfortable through the seasons. The most difficult part of the game is the first year. Everyone has a different idea of what fun is and plays to achieve their personal balance of struggle and fun. Some people do. Who are we to judge?