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  1. Looking for DST coop players w/ mic on ps4

    NSA_iswatchingus on PSN. Feel free to add me too.
  2. Ce-34878-0 Devs please help

    Feel free to join up if I'm on. On day 150 something and just doing some landscaping and amassing supplies. It's just been some real casual play. I'm working on building a sort of "Starter Town" around spawn. Basically a large base with the aesthetic of being a town in an RPG with shops and NPC's to help players get started. I also want to make the surface world as empty as possible except for a few biomes. The idea is to have a total wasteland above, and a lush metropolis underground eventually.
  3. Klau's loot stash spawn

    I read some where that you just need to build a 3x3 square of walls directly on top of the stash spawn you want to close off. I haven't tried it myself so best of luck to you.
  4. Ce-34878-0 Devs please help

    Hey Purro. Welcome to the club. This game is super broken when you start actually getting good at it. I recently started playing a bit again after losing my 1000+ day world. Hit me up if you want to co-op on a new world. There's no saving your old world though.
  5. PS4 crash during Toadstool fight

    Good luck getting a helpful response. PS4 gets ignored.
  6. Too much Rubberbanding on one server.

    It's going to get much much worse
  7. $300 and worth every penny. You Can probably find some deals to get it even cheaper.
  8. It doesn't matter people. It's an old game that we're not going to see fixed. It's just time to move on to bigger and better games. Go grab a VR unit for Christmas. 2018 is going to be the year of PSVR.
  9. We won't get a response. For them to acknowledge this bug they'd have to actually DO something about it. Most players don't ever get to point where it matters, so why waste the money/time to fix a bug maybe 5% of players will ever see. Klei doesn't give a ****. Neither do I anymore. There's better games to be played from better companies.
  10. This single image is all I have to show for months of work. I was planning on making a video of it the day the world crashed. It was my interpretation of the new Hamlet DLC's main town based on that 60 second video and those three screenshots we had seen with added elements of a traditional RPG town. It had a Blacksmith, a tailor, a restaurant, a magic store, a potion store (healing), a library, a general store, an inn, a "Hunter's lodge", several guard shacks, and the mayor's office, all populated with specifically hatted pigs to accentuate their roles. Each building unique in its walls and decorations. All the streets were lit by Glowcaps and the entire East side of the biome was a fully sustainable farm including pens for trained beefalo. That was just one "base" I had built. Nevermind the time spent altering and even creating new biomes to help build the atmosphere I wanted for the world.
  11. If the PS4 Pro doesn't help and I can't even access the world to get rid of stuff then it sounds like there's not anything I can do. Can someone at Klei give us an idea of what the limit is for a world? Seems disingenuous to know the game crashes at a certain point and not give the players a warning.
  12. Would running the game on a PS4Pro help at all?
  13. The two times I've gotten over 1000 days my worlds just get progressively laggier and laggier. I can't help but make larger bases at different points on the map and alter the landscape to keep from getting bored in the later days. On my second 1000 day world I routinely cleaned up loose items and actively tried to keep the structure count in check but it now I can't even load into that world without the entire app crashing. I see other players with even 2000 day worlds and wonder what they're doing differently that the game let's them actually play. Any tips or things for players to avoid?

    I think we have the same issue going on then. I not only have a massive amount of structures built but I've also changed the turf a lot too. Like, entire biomes have been switched or created. I'm sure that doesn't help the situation. Like you, I had heard that 'cleaning up' the world would help with that lag. I had spent hours picking up every little item I could find on the ground and chesting it. I had even destroyed some other structures to make way for more stuff I wanted to build. This is just really disappointing. I too don't know if I can start again. This was a really big project I had been working on for months to get all the little details right and was so close to finishing it. I was even putting off playing my newly purchased Skyrim VR to get it done. SKYRIM VR. That's how much this meant to me. I really think it's something to do with the weather effects and having so much stuff in the world.
  15. I'm on day 1049 and can't get my world to load. It seems like every time I have to load the game up when it is raining in game it crashes the app. I'm basically locked out of that world until this bug is fixed. I hope it's soon because I'm completely done with this game until it's fixed. If your game doesn't work into the later days then there's no point in me playing any longer. I've been hugely vocal about my support and love for this game online and IRL, but the amount of game breaking bugs is so great that I've stopped recommending this game altogether. I've wasted over 100 hours now trying to recreate Hamlet in DST on PS4 to generate hype for the new DLC but that's all gone now if I can't get this world back. Until Klei figures out how to make a game that actually works and respects my time I'm not wasting another second or penny on another product of theirs. Error Code: CE-34878-0