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  1. At that point you're supposed to go on the aggressive and seek out the big end game bosses.
  2. Exactly this. If I'm going to have people join me for a big boss fight I'd like to have full bundling wraps of fresh healing foods that I've taken the time to acquire and prepare. No one wants to wait around for 30 minutes as I dry out 40 jerky so everything's fresh. This game already has few moments of excitement. Let's not add more menial tasks to do 10000 times. EDIT: NOBODY REACT TO ANYTHING I POST EVER AGAIN. LEAVE MY KARMA WHERE IT'S AT well now you've done goofed it up. Thanks a heap
  3. I really hope we get some new details tomorrow as to what's coming in the update. The anticipation is killing me.
  4. My goal in games is to have fun. Disease is not fun.
  5. Where is everyone at

    I'm over on the PS4 side. I usually play solo if I'm working on a project, but I open my world up to the public most Autumns. Players who do well enough can friend request me to come back. I haven't had as much time to play lately but if anyone sees the world in my signature feel free to join!
  6. [Game Update] - 142

    4400 days? Let's get a look at that world my dude!
  7. PSN ID Change

    Your plunge into unknown is appreciated. Thank you for your bravery.
  8. Make winter great again initiative !

    Summer gets the Antlion and the Oasis.
  9. Wortox and playstation plus

    In general, if you are playing a game that has purchasable skins, you have to be online to use or get those skins. I can't think of any games that allow purchased skins in offline play if someone can enlighten me.
  10. PSN ID Change

    You should try it out and report back what happens. Back up your saves of course. I was considering changing my PSN ID too depending how this plays out, but I'm not willing to risk my worlds if there's going to be complications.
  11. New biomes and other new stuff

  12. I can't escape DST

    Neither are government agencies...
  13. I had no idea these even existed. Consider me now outraged! We demand these skins Klei!
  14. Help! Game crash caused corrupted data

    Just a friendly reminder to all you who run long term worlds; BACK UP YOUR FILES. Either upload system storage to the PSN cloud, external HD, or flash drive. It takes 5 minutes and can save you from losing months of work. More updates are coming and so are a brand new batch of bugs in the process. PROTECT YOUR PROGRESS. BACK UP YOUR SAVES.
  15. [Game Update] - 141

    Yes. Both time that's what I was doing. I just checked and even pressing triangle causes the crash without being close to any object.