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  1. Hilarious vids(SOOOBJEEECTEEEEV)

    Bobby has a gun - Bad Friends with Andrew Santino & Bobby Lee I love these boys Gus Johnson - god gives moses the 10 commandments Bill wurtz - i wanna be a movie star
  2. Hilarious vids(SOOOBJEEECTEEEEV)

    Tim Dillion - Jeffrey Epstein's Temple Has Moved to Los Angeles to Find Work
  3. Hilarious vids(SOOOBJEEECTEEEEV)

    Uh oh. I'm about to come at this hard like the music thread. Comedy is very subjective, and I'm about to post some things that make me laugh. No offense to anyone, but sometimes comedy is offensive. These are jokes though with intention of levity. I like silly goofy things, but sometimes the worst thing you've ever heard is also the funniest. Also, I've been on the internet longer than most of you so some these are "classics" at this point. That all being said: Balloon Shop - Hey Ben Unforgivable National Spelling Bee The End of the World Tom Segura Dance Promo Full House Scene w/ Doug Benson & Bob Saget Kill Tony If you're not watching Kill Tony you're missing out. H3H3 - 4 Looks You Need This Summer I'll keep posting vids as they come to mind.
  4. Music thread

    La Dispute - Edward Benz, 27 Times Lyrics Fun stuff huh?
  5. All Setpieces: A Guide To The Rare

    I use mine as a player prison. Put a telelocator focus in there and keep a telelocator staff on you when you have strangers in your world. If someone gets out of line, boom, timeout.
  6. ***It is!*** Currently playing as Wurt. Merms attack anything that gets close to their hut with or without an active king.
  7. Very impressive. I love these super long term pub servers.
  8. Sailing Competition

    This is really great and super creative. I love seeing people come up with new things to do like this.
  9. Taming more creatures

    Tame Varg + Lucky Whistle = Hound Master
  10. Music thread

    Wtf is the music thread doing on page 2? Dance Gavin Dance - Lemon Meringue Tie Lemon Meringue Tie - Vocals only While a massive ******, Johnny Craig will go down as one of the greatest male singers of our time.
  11. Taming more creatures

    In case someone doesn't instantly know what you're talking about. Yes, totes dope.
  12. Nonconsensual Valentining is a serious issue. It plagues Elementary and Middle schools across the world every year. #JustAsk But really let's move this thread to offtopic
  13. Dibs Joe and that handsome mustache?
  14. I never realized how bad I need Den Walls in my life. Come on Klei, at least make THIS a thing!
  15. talk about favorites snack to have after school

    Only the rich kids had gushers when I was growing up. I'd make a PB&J or a bowl of cereal to have while watching DBZ.