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  1. Just finished up the new city in Welcome to Hamton! Imperator City: Main Entrance Imperator City Courtyard Imperator Wares Imperator Blacksmith Legumes Delight Sub-Terra Outfitters Broham Carrat Gym Body By Marsh Carrat Gym Imperator Bank Imperator Hotel Gambling Hall Carrat Race Tracks Fightmare Mini-Game Rabbit Races Meat Run Challenge South Entrance That's it! I'll try to do a full video tour of the whole world by the end of the week.
  2. Yo! Here with a full screenshot tour of Welcome to Hamton! The only real big additions is Imperator City in the caves and fixing up Pearl's Island. I spent a lot of time fishing and sailing these last 1000 days. I haven't had as much time to run the server open for strangers to join as it should be but I hope to have more time soon to start that again. As always, if anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or questions let me know! Hit me up so you can join when the server is fully open again. http://imgur.com/a/EtW7Zxk
  3. If you summon a pet then switch to Walter you can have both.
  4. He still can. Just equip the slingshot and he'll attack with that instead. Unequip to go back to normal beef attacks. Could be useful if on a Rider type.
  5. I've also been finding that the usefulness of a beef is even greater when playing as Walter. No armor blocks 100% of all incoming damage but a Beefalo does keeping Walter's sanity intact.
  6. Wee Mactusk shoots blowdarts? I've never noticed that before.
  7. It doesn't. The Bearger will load outside the obelisks eventually and start roaming around.
  8. I don't think that's true. DST would have half the base it does if rollback wasn't an option. It would take new players far too long to get better or invested in mid-late game content if every failure meant a full world wipe or hours lost preparing for a fight/waiting for an opportune time to try again. My goal when playing a game is to have fun. If rolling back allows my friends and I to try what we're doing again instead of losing a bunch of time mindlessly gathering supplies again, I'm going to opt for that. Not everyone has all day every day to sit around a play games. Large time investment is subjective. 15 days with Brush. Not that long in my opinion. Easily lost if playing risky and not taking care of beef. If on public server you've wasted your time anyway because as soon as you leave it won't be taken care of. Moderate strength if not using an ornery beef sure, but that's not what it's trained for. You're not doing it right then. An ornery beef with a War Saddle is the only thing you should be fighting bosses/hound waves with. It's actually like fighting with an unlimited Dark Sword and a 1000hp self healing meat shield. I don't think to needs to be vastly easier because it's already pretty easy. It wouldn't matter how easy they made it anyway since anything but a solo or private server keeps going once you log out. Unless Klei entirely removes the maintenance upkeep for beefs it'll only ever be a serious option for longer term, more controlled, server environments. From what I understand, public servers are a playground and are in no way the preferred method to experiencing all the game's content. Most people consistently play on friends only and solo worlds which are the optimal places times to try beef taming. Not sure why that would be a "very narrow parameters".
  9. Y'all really wanted to jump on the rollback comment. Is there a specific purpose for rollbacks or is it to be used how each player sees fit? Since everything in this game must be an uber punishing slugfest I assume you never rollback for any reason OR use any mods as a solution to game mechanics. I think we already established that beefalo domestication has a time and place. If on a personal server with long term goals, where time isn't limited, then domestication is a worthwhile investment. I don't see the hypocritical part. Certainly not "massively". I didn't say domestication was perfect. It could use some polishing for sure. The thread is asking if domestication is VIABLE. Beefalo domestication is capable of working successfully. Do you disagree with that statement? Whether or not it's the absolute 100% most efficient course of action for general play environments is a separate discussion and one I'd probably agree with you on.
  10. I'd be all about this. I could simply boot any low rated people. Of course there would be work arounds but it would be more information on if you can trust a player or not.
  11. What solution to what mechanic are you talking about? Someone asked how I kept my beef alive for so long and that was how. "Something crazy" can be a lot of things. Random lag spikes, disconnects, pet jumping on your controller/keyboard hitting the dismount button in the middle of a fight. The kind of things that make a player think, "Well, I'm not taking a 2 hour loss because THAT!" I've made plenty of points on why beefalo taming is useful. Everyone's entitled to use whatever aspects of the game they want to.
  12. Keep healing supplies on you at all times for the beef. Be willing to bail out of fights if its health gets low. If you're not riding it and it starts fighting something you have to immediately jump in to end that fight. And of course, if something crazy happens, just roll it back. Ain't no body got time fo dat.