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  1. Oh man this looks so cool. I love the decorated spider den idea. I guess I'm about to be a Webber main.
  2. I love this and think the Y-axis is the next frontier for DST. Can you post any videos of you building it or just walking around in it? The time this must have taken is staggering. I highly appreciate the dedication.
  3. That's a good question! What gives Klei? I too would love this.
  4. lol there's never enough Bloodborne references. I uploaded this save to dropbox quite awhile ago. You could try messing with this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gmu147xpc01gmlk/SAVE.bin?dl=0
  5. Myself and some other players looked into this last year some time. It is currently not possible to transfer worlds like that for console saves. Not from console to PC or console to console. I'm still on PS4 but maybe it's something I can look back into once I get my PS5.
  6. I wish! I'm hoping some day in the future it's something I can let other people download and run for themselves.
  7. This is top requested song in my house hold right now. Aesop Rock - Long Legged Larry I jam it even when the kids aren't home.
  8. lol the nearby Houndious usually makes quick work of any aggressive citizens at spawn. You're pretty much only able to use towns in the evening or night, and day time for bunneymen towns. At least as Wurt you can open the swamp up for everyone else. It's the thing I'm most excited to get my PS5 for. Goodbye lag!
  9. Hey everyone! Here's the yearly update on this long term public server I've been working on and running on PS4. It's the only world on PS4 that turns Don't Starve Together into an RPG experience complete with towns, shops, and quests! Using Lucky Gold Nuggets as a currency, players do quests to earn more and use them to buy better gear or even a house. Compete in various PvP events as well for huge rewards. Open to public in Autumn, Friends only Winter, Spring, and Summer. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions or ideas! PS4/5 players feel free to add NSA_iswatchingus to join up or just keep an eye out when browsing servers. Thanks for watching!
  10. I love beefalos and have been an avid user/supporter of them. That said, I find it's best not to name my beefs anymore. It just hurts a little less when they ultimately get killed. I feel much less attached to Beefalo #6 than I did to my sweet fluffy boi Jerry. May he forever rest in the great savannah in the sky.
  11. This looks cawesome! May Corvus Goodfeather bring us a bountiful Summer.
  12. I always say this is one of the best communities for a game. There's some edge lords, griefers, and try hards, but it's generally good people just trying to get better at the game and have fun. I like that the lack of in game direction usually drives players towards the different online communities. It's like the players imitate the survivors banding together to overcome the constant.