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  1. I'll participate if other players are interested in fighting the bosses you listed, but I'm not interested myself, and most players in pubs aren't either. mushlights and mushcaps are the only drops that could motivate me, but not enough to learn that boss.
  2. I use thermal stone in winter only, if I can't make one I'll try for tam or winter hat. In spring I prefer umbrella and any hat with wetness protection, probably football helmet and miner hat. While eyebrella is nice, you can't wear that and the miner hat at the same time, and setting the lantern on the ground annoys me. Summer I usually don't use anything, living in caves is easier than the surface. I'd love fashion melons, but they require a ton of set up. Desert goggles are decent, but mobility isn't that valuable when I'm hugging the endo pit anyhow.
  3. Why not have them make log suits instead, it’s faster, easier to reproduce, and more sustainable.
  4. please remove this Hammer Pig Houses You could also remove the manure one
  5. I’d agree, Wormwood doesn’t run out of hunger or sanity, and new players avoid combat. They’ll have problems with deerclops, but I don’t see any new player not losing that fight.
  6. The only time I don’t use on is when I use magluminescence for light.
  7. I would like the merm king giving out candy, but I don’t think Wurt should break character by trick or treating with pig king.
  8. All the pub servers have that error too, happens when the lobby empties out, none of them are working
  9. Do they know why the public servers keep breaking, seems as soon as one is empty it’s inaccessible.
  10. I’m a bit heartbroken over the mushroom planter one to be honest,
  11. Isn’t that already Wickerbottom? She already knows more than she should be able to deduce.
  12. The gnaw isn’t in the constant and there’s no evidence Merms had an advanced civilization to decay from.
  13. Is the new cave stuff deeper in normal caves, in moon island only caves, or is there a different way to enter? Please give me as basic an answer as possible, new mushrooms have me excited, and I’m trying to minimize spoiling.
  14. It can’t actually be black and give off light, she’s probably right despite the sprite itself.
  15. At the moment roseate, but in a slightly different mood I might have picked either the refresh skins or snowfallen.
  16. It is interesting how something that cravenly attacked people in their sleep evolved into superman
  17. While she was in a strong place before the update, this update left me bored, too much of a focus on long term items while pub player numbers have plummeted during the hours I usually play. I see the leech and durability books being used, but there’s no novelty to them.
  18. Those recipes are expensive, I’ll be jumping off the hype train.
  19. They usually don’t show any earlier than this, it’s still early in the morning Canada time.
  20. Does everyone realize the the cookie boats are really rafts?