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  1. I mean, it'd be kinda weird if for Klei to make her into a raid boss because of that; since you're going to be in your base with flingos (but why would you do that?) or you're going to be in the forest with a bunch of tress that no one really ares about. Then again, because summer is, what I think to be, designed to encourage players to base into caves/oasis and not just stand into one biome for a whole year, I think Klei replaced DF with AL because AL is somewhat build with the players being in the caves for most of the summer and can only be killed if you explored the oasis, grab the googles, and kill her. Idk summer is kinda of a weird season, where it just feels like Klei is personally telling you not to go play in the sun or you'll burn down the whole server on accident.
  2. Warly's food was so good that it left Wes speechless This is canon now
  3. I'm just glad Walter has a good character design and doesn't look like the bug eyed goblin Shrek reject that is Wurt. I just wish Klei doesn't do him dirty as they did with Winona
  4. Hot take but I hate Wendy with a passion. She comes off as the annoyingly obnoxious type of depressed character that tries too hard to be edgy for me to take her character seriously. I can understand that Wendy is still mourning over Abigail, but then why make her casually joke about killing Webber, one of her closest friends, in her moon stone quote? I thought the last thing someone in mourning would want is to have another one of their friends killed? And how can I take her implied depression seriously if you have her running around making these very tasteless suicide jokes but then also have her actually say that she's suicidal? And then you have her other quotes that come off as trying waaaay too hard to make Wendy edgy (more than 5+ quotes where she just says "lol this is empty like my soul/heart xd"). I just hate how her implied depression makes her come off as both a try hard emo-wannabe but also flips back to her being genuinely sad about life/Abigail, which just makes me dislike her character for how her "mood" is all over the place. And then there is her play style which has the same issues as Wicker and Wolf, but a lot worse. Wolf and Wicker might have powerful abilities with an irrelevant downside, but at least they have some drawbacks to make them more hard to manage for a newer player ( new players are usually not good with hunger and sanity management, so image how well they are going to do with characters that constantly need food, or are almost always insane). But Wendy? .75 dmg mod. that's it. Her upside? a ghost that can be summon at any time that can make hound waves, frog rains, and other groups of small mobs easy to take care of with next to no effort. She also has a crap ton of potions to make things easier for said ghost along side a butch of other stuff that makes her a crutch character. I mean, no wonder why she's the most popular character on pubs. You could go a full year without fighting anything because of how powerful Abby is. And b4 someone says "but what about Deerclops and Bearger? Abby can't solo that.", sure she can't, but the treeguards that they can spawn can. Sorry for a wall of text but I just really hate Wendy and I don't understand why people like her character (outside of her ingame ability) despite her character being really shallow and her personality offering nothing but "grr im edgy and I hate the world grr"
  5. Don't worry it isn't human meat Unless you don't like regular meat. in which case... But it'd be cool if long pig was just dropped by some other type of monster rather than having it be dropped by other player, and have it be used in crafting recipes rather than shoving it in your mouth.
  6. I thought the reason why Klei scrapped that idea off of Wendy was because running around with a 1 Hp Wendy was too risky for most people and even some of the people who played as Wendy said that they didn't like the dmg scale. I mean, making Wolf into more of a glass cannon would be nice, but I feel like changing the way his mighty forms work would be too much of a drastic change for most people.
  7. What if I wanted to go fight BQ more than once How do you get 4 panflutes in a in-game month?
  8. There are so many times that I see people in pubs unknowingly base in the middle of the meteor biome. I usually like to base with everyone else, but what kills the fun in a server is learning that base is in the meteor biome and the base is already too developed to easily move it somewhere else. I just wished there was a better way people in pubs can tell what is a meteor biome and what isn't a meteor biome outside the scorch marks.
  9. Reworked Wendy has a special message to all you kings and queens out there
  10. The real sin of this patch was that Klei made the sisters more powerful but didn't show it by expanding Wendy's forehead Don't worry I gotchu Klei Edit: I have been notice