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  1. Long post* I may not see what everyone else is seeing in Walnai, but I honestly feel that if Klei (or at least Joew) are too worried about adding in DS characters to DST because fan backlash, they're better off with starting from scratch with a new character and have them be the sea experts.
  2. 1. Why would klei port shipwrecked's single player boat mechanic just for one character; a character who is literally just 1/3 of Woodie? 2. There are so many other characters you can pick from that have much more interesting traits to make them unique. Why would Klei not only code in shipwrecked's mechanics but try to think up ways to make a bland character interesting when they can just port characters like Wheeler, Wilba, Wagstaff, Warbucks, and have them all be more interesting out of the box? 3. RoT is pretty empty, so it's kinda hard to see a character - who's whole thing is RoT's sea - being interesting until Klei adds more content to the sea 4. Even if Klei adds more content to the sea, Woodlegs would not only be a better fit for the sea (since he loses sanity on land), but also has more going for him thanks to his treasure finding quirk and his cannon boat. 5. If you have to nerf another character in order for a future character to be viable, that future character probably needs some big changes. The only thing Walani has going for her is her personally. Outside of that, I'd rather prefer if Klei ports any of the Hamlet characters over Walani.
  3. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Oh no! Joew is sick! Don't worry man, i'll make you something that'll cure that cough right up!
  4. Now that I think about, didn't klei, at one point, put the screecher mod right on the starting menu in DS? It's probably reaching for me to say that DS isn't the most family friendly game out there and it's target audience are teenagers and older based on the fact that klei keeps dipping their toes in more darker type content; like the screecher and lunar island. That being said- Graveyard Keeper, another game on steam, flat out let's you go do cannibalism in the first half hour in the game and it's rated 13+ and no one really has that much of an issue with that. Don't Starve, last I checked, is around that same type of rating. So i don't think the ESRB ratings are that much of an issue, I just don't really know if the majority of the fanbase can stomach it.
  5. wx in a wx only server have fun murdering your metal friends
  6. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    mmm Wickerbutter
  8. Pirated version should force you to play as Woodlegs and be stuck in a cage until someone with a legit copy frees you
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Why are my memes low quality
  10. What is being put in the caramel apples for them to be considered a "Wigfrid friendly" snack tho also, if Wigfrid can eat meals that come from animals but isn't actually made of meat, then what the hell is stopping her from eating waffles? A recipe that requires eggs and butter. Does see have a phobia of waffles? Did her mom died while making waffles? Did her dad choke on a waffle and died? Is she literally an behemoth that eats whatever the hell tastes good to her with next to no consistency? I just hope at the very least Wickerbottom has a less expensive way to get gifts. Using 1 mandrake to have a chance to get a handful of gears is a terrible trade while other characters get that gamble for free.
  11. But what's stopping klei to give Wicker the option to just lay down on a mat without gaining/losing any stats though? She can literally just lay on the ground and "fake sleep" to get the gifts instead of having a backwards workaround which requires you to farm Klaus. It makes even less sense when you consider the fact that Wigfrid can eat hallowed nights candy even though her perk flat out says she can only eat meat.
  12. Hypothetical: Wurt and Wilba war

    I can't wait for Klei to add Wilba to DST so she and Webber can have a race war just to cannibalise the remanding survivors while Wurt tries to stop them for committing more war crimes. Klei why did you make all the children in the game either suicidal, racist, or flat out okay with cannibalism
  13. World Gen: Islands

    Something like this? @-Animaster- ?
  14. I found the perfect art for you to use on your mod. It basically summarizes Rey's complex and interesting character development as well as her complex and interesting relationships with her friends!
  15. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    that isn't Woodlegs, it's brother Sticklegs