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  1. I don't even think it's the fact that they don't listen nor the fact that a lot of the ideas that the community gives out are bad/hard to implement, I just think its the fact that the community (or at least the forums) has so many criticisms/nit-picks/etc about the game. Klei does listen to the community, with character reworks and RWYS being an example of that. But when every week, someone says stuff like "When is Shipwreck going to be ported, When is Hamlet going to be ported, Winona needs a refresh, wendy is OP and needs a nerf, Celestial portal is OP and needs to be nerfed, summer isn't fun, raid boss cheesing shouldn't exist, the animation doesn't look good, this game needs more survival content, when is forge going to come back, when is gorge going to come back, ocean content is boring, people are griefing/abusing tools that are made to protect against griefing, etc." it makes it realllly hard to give Klei credit for listening to the community when there are just so many criticisms/nit-picks/etc. This isn't to say that Klei is lazy, or that all of these complaints are unfounded. I would argue that people are frustrated and feel like they aren't being heard, made even worse when content that they never asked for (cawnival, raid bosses, etc) gets implemented into the game before whatever is that they wanted.
  2. Didn't a thread about the same topic got locked literally a few hours ago? lol Ngl though, the mod is really sketchy and I can defiantly see a slippery slope. I personally don't like the idea of countering the problem of griefers with another problem of having a system that is run by a bunch of randos who can potentially get you kick/ban from pubs. idk, Klei could tack on "time out" timer after someone is kicked out of a pub to discourage greifing, but would probably lead to people abusing it. At this point, it's really hard to find a way to counter both greifing and black list mod without some sort of loophole still present.
  3. If it's piggy back and other backpack-like item, it's probably to let you know if someone picked up your backpack if you dropped it to put on armor for a fight or something like that. If it's just strictly piggy back....idk, maybe to tell the server you're wasting a possible pig house/football helmet on a arguably worse backpack?
  4. Wait, is Klei not planning on refreshing Wilson and Maxy? Or are they just missing from the list?
  5. "Killing muslims is okay because this other country also does bad things" "every single person in America and in Europe 100% agree with the actions that their country does. This means that Blm is a racist group because it's in a country that harms poc." I know. You mean the same data breach that literally every news station was talking about? The one where ~400 million~ people got their personal data shown? The one that the company literally went to court on live Tv? That one? Last of Us part 2 was hated for the fact that it had terrible working conditions tho. Like, the crunch was looked down on to the point people even said that the game shouldn't be a goty because of it. Who told you that no cared about either of these issues and how does it change the fact that Tencent ~might~ be a bad company? Sega Rockstar Naughty Dog Nintendo Sony Microsoft Valve etc all have been called out for doing terrible things (some more than others) and none of them are Chinese. Also "Other companies do bad thing so Tencent can do bad thing" Can we please let that argument die? It's just a "haha gotcha you a hypocrite." and doesn't at all convince people that Tencent is going to run Klei into the ground or if Klei should even let them put thier name on their products.