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  1. ...but Tencent still gets paid for publishing the game, no? Klei is still letting Tencent use their IP to make a profit.
  2. I'm sorry, but this is a bad take. Regardless if what people say about Tencent is true or not, it doesn't change the fact that you can still be mad about two things at once. Sure, there are companies that do really gross stuff that usually get ignored by the majority, but that doesn't mean what they do is justified in any way. People can still call out companies for doing terrible things regardless if they bought their products or not. I don't understand how someone can see literal abuse and their first reaction is "this isn't bad because other companies do it." Like, i guess phone person is a hypocrite in that scenario that you pointed out - if you really want to use that argument - but it still doesn't chance the fact that Tencent is an god awful company.
  3. I mean, her vignette does say she has the "valor and confidence of a Valkyrie."
  4. Pubs, regardless what game you play, are always going to be filled with people who are either new, playing casually, or in-experience with the game. You shouldn't base every aspect of game balance on pubs alone because their is going to be many people who want a harder game experience. By your argument, Warly, Wormwood, Max, Wurt, Wes, literally anything that isn't in autumn-winter, and any hard content in the game is automatically bad because pubs can't access them; and easy content and characters (Wendy, Wilson, Winona, etc.) are objectively good because everyone can do them. Just because a character has a high player count, doesn't mean that the whole community is going to like them, it means that pubs are going to like them. Why do you think Wilson and Wendy are the higher picks than the rest? They're both the most easy-to-digest characters in the game, ofc pubs are going to pick them over harder characters. . And if a character is too hard for someone, what's exactly stopping them for picking someone else? Not like every character has to be like Wendy and watch the game literally play itself for you. What would be the point of playing as other characters if they are all easy to play but they have one gimmick that makes the game easier in one way or another? You said it yourself the Wicker was a hard character because of her insanity, Klei themselves know that Wicker is, supposedly, a hard character (She's is labeled as a grim character after all). So, why should she be made easier/not changed just for pubs when plenty of Wicker mains and forum users are asking her to be chaged to be made harder? Why should one group of people be ignored just because pubs don't play that character enough? Sorry if I come off frustrated in this post but it the way I see it, this just comes off as asking someone who literally just got the game what Klei should do to fix Wicker in stead of asking someone who mains her. Trying to put this logic into characters like Wes and other challenge characters is just going to alienate the people who are already playing as them.
  5. but how would this mechanic even work with her downside anyway? Would she just be forced to pass out or something?
  6. While I do think Wicker's downsides are non existent, I really hate the idea of drastically changing the way her books work because some of them are really powerful. Even if some people would like Wicker's books to be changed, I don't think it's worth alienating people who like her current books by just getting rid of them. I mean, just look at Willow and Woodie - there still are a lot of people who just rather prefer if they just got their old abilities back and not what they have now. That being said, I do wish her other books got a little bit more uses - but rather than buffing the books, give more scenarios where those books would be more useful. like being able to create charge different objects and batteries with end is nigh and/or being able to summon birds that usually don't spawn during the season and etc. And while her books come off as being over the place, they all have a synergy with different characters. Maybe i'm reaching, but Wicker's character is a tactical grandmother that just wants to care for everyone. She is generally a support character that doesn't really support characters the traditional way (Like Walry buffing stats, or Wortox healing) but by making them more efficient and covering their weakness. AH helps Wormwood Warly, etc, BoW + SS helps Wig and Wortox OT helps Wurt and TEiN helps Wx. Really, if Klei is going to change or add more books to Wick, I hope they try to make them have some synergy with other characters. But my main problem with Wicker is how she plays like a character that is supposedly, a high risk high reward character but doesn't actually have that much of a risk because sanity isn't that big of an issue to a lot of people. I really, really, REALLY wish that her downside just punish her more for her sanity and book spamming over "shes' old so -20 hp." Having her not be able to heal sanity over a set period of time when she use a book, giving her more monsters to deal with when being insane, and reducing her max sanity with each book use after her sanity reaches 0 would be my suggestion to make her insanity more dangerous.
  7. I'm going to assume you mean that Wicker use to feed her leftovers to Webber in a hypothetical scenario that Webber and Wicker were related and use to live with each other? I doubt that, since Wicker is the type of person who wouldn't let her child eat something she herself wouldn't (her "raisins" and candy apple quotes shows that she does show concern about what others eat, for example) Also, maybe just me, but I think Wicker is a little too old to have a kid as young as Webber. After all, Webber is around Wendy's age (around 9 iirc) and Wicker does talk to him in the same tone as she does with Wendy and the other kids, so I think it's safe to assume that Webber is a around 10 or so. And wouldn't Webber say something about Wicker being his mother too? if he can remember his father vividly and ate his mothers leftovers to the point where stale food reminds him specifically of his mothers leftovers, wouldn't Webber be able to recognize Wicker?
  8. Like what other people said, I wish boats have more variety. Big boats, small boats, fast boats, armor boats, and whatever else is better than just one boat option. And canons would be great too. I really don't want combat on the sea to end up as regular combat but with 2 hp bars in stead of one and I wish Klei try to experiment with different ways a player can approach combat in stead of just expecting everyone to just melee a boss. Also, a world gen setting to split up your world into pieces and/or adding ocean biomes would also be nice. Just giving players more initiative to explore the ocean and to interact with the ocean would be nice.
  9. I mean moleworms kinda suck when the afk wx dies and then they eat all the dropped gears and other stuff (bonus points if they eat gunpowder at base). Also just me but I don't like looking at their spaghetti noses, which is a deal breaker since I don't have much of a reason to use moggles over miners helm (glow berry refuel sucks). I guess the moggles are one of the few hats that can hide Willow's barcode hairline so that a plus.
  10. Reworked Wendy has a special message to all you kings and queens out there
  11. The real sin of this patch was that Klei made the sisters more powerful but didn't show it by expanding Wendy's forehead Don't worry I gotchu Klei Edit: I have been notice