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  1. A real weapon of mass destruction! More, more drawings with this beautiful character...
  2. I'm surprised you decided to show my simple sketch. But I just thought it was funny, really. A very good and tempting quote, I think.
  3. potato cup technology* x'D I had long ago forgotten that I had ever drawn such a thing.. Yes, now some of these ideas are in the game just in a different form. This is really amazing! WX-76 (special skin for WX-78)
  4. I love skins for Maxwell/Wickerbottom/Wes/Winona/Wolfgang. Each of their outfits has its own interesting elements, which I really like during the game.
  5. Yes, but this is just an imitation of the Nightmare Throne. This is a slightly different Throne. Summer is coming... The heat is killing me..
  6. It's not that I hide it very much. I just don't want to give details about it, because it might break my expectations of the plot a little bit. The story will take a very long time to unfold, unfortunately, because I'm not in a hurry to do a lot of comics and arts that reveal the whole plot. The first comic. Remarks of The Nameless Caretaker: "What is it like to be a prisoner of your vices! Do you know? If not, I want to tell you a story... A story about them.. About the prisoners of this place.. Each of them has lost something significant.. I don't want to waste your time, so to the point. This world is terrible and unstable. It is inhabited by a bunch of nightmarish creatures. THEY need them.. THEY want to test them.. waiting for them.. a difficult future.. I can't help them, because I'm a prisoner myself.. But I can direct them in the right direction! While.. I can.."
  7. Perhaps. It's still a concept for now. Epic Battle (no)
  8. In fact, a very interesting topic for me personally. I wouldn't want a banal happy ending, and I wouldn't want a banal tragic ending. Probably, I would like to see an Ancient Civilization resurrected at the end of this whole story, several characters sacrificed their lives for the happiness of others (mainly Maxwell (maybe for Jack, Charlie, Wendy\Abi), Wagstaff (maybe for Winona and other important things), WX-78 (maybe for Wagstaff or idk)), the characters would remain in this world forever on their own, removing the forces of evil from their home worlds and each would find the meaning and essence of their lives.. In general, personal development and culmination is a very interesting element in any story. At a minimum, I want to see the characters grow in terms of character and achieve some awareness of themselves and their capabilities.
  9. Return of THEM: Eye of The Storm Warbucks
  10. Thanks. I'm glad to hear that! I will try. Just a drawing.
  11. It remains to wait for all the other parts of the body. We are waiting for all the new events related to the giant nose or lip.
  12. I'm more focused on Wagstaff, reading your words. But, apparently, he will not become a new playable character yet. I don't want completely new characters in this world at all. I want characters that either already exist or have appeared in other characters ' stories. Mr. Witherstone looks like a very good option against this background. The main thing is that the new character is not a monster or an animal...
  13. Yes, I tried to get closer to this style, but I still did it more with my own features, as I usually do. How many secrets do we still have to uncover?
  14. Just another spontaneous art with my old character, which I'll just show here.

    1. minespatch


      Potential valentine.:wilson_ecstatic:

      So they're wearing headphones?

    2. Russian_Philin



      Yes, he wears headphones.

  15. When again you see a bunch of memes about amogus:
  16. I would not say that they are completely new. I have kept them for a long time, but simply in the form of notes on pieces of paper or in notebooks. On the other hand, I am glad that I have so many different characters in terms of appearance, history, skills and some unique characteristics. But I already have 30 of them. I think this is quite a lot, because I do not disclose their history or abilities, although everything has been written in my special document for a long time. By the way, this sketch is joined by another new character. A moment from the teaser, but now it's meaningless against the background of today's game update.