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  1. It should be over, no more drama. ^ This. Those lamp posts be LIT.
  2. Seriously, take this elsewhere. You've gone off topic, and I don't want this thread derailing any further.
  3. Do fruits count? Because in that case Splumonkies drop bananas.
  4. Well I was just getting bored of it and it was derailing the thread, which is against the community guidelines. I was not having my thread locked over someone squabbling about headcanons referring to the dietary lifestyle of a conglomeration of pixels and code sammit! I SAID
  5. Ban Ivo because I can't find my Shroomates profile pic.
  6. ...I dunno, they probably can. I just smashed together the Gorge beefalo (quagmire_beefalo_override_build) with the domesticated beefalo (beefalo_domesticated), and slapped on the rider face (beefalo_personality_docile) for good measure. So you could probably find a much easier way to do it than I have been. ...I think you have a more valid comparison by saying that you can feed a bird its own eggs to make it produce fresher eggs. Also, the Starving cast are not cannibals, but only on the principal of long pig was removed from the game.
  7. This is purely hypothetical, please treat it as such. These classy beef would be perfect in Hamlet, because it's common for domestic practice to "dehorn"...horned animals. And Hamlet is all about that domestic life. This breed of beefalo would spawn in a set piece with a pig farmer, inside a naturally occurring fenced area. They come already domesticated, and with either a rider, or a pudgy tendency. You'd have to pay the farmer a significant amount of oincs in order to purchase ownership of the boof (maybe like 1000 oincs?), and attempting to joyride would cause the beefalo to become enraged, along with all of the other repercussions of being a dirty dirty thief. Because of their stublets, these beefalo are worthless in battle. Their main purpose is either riding, or (if pudgy) maybe providing a slight boost to all nearby plants, along with increasing the effectiveness of fertilizing. They are a purely domestic beefalo, so why would they be bred fight? It'd be extremely unwise to kill these boofs, because there would only be ~1-3 of these set pieces in the Hamlet world. And, unlike normal beefalo, these do not reproduce. They are your only source of beefalo in Hamlet, so treat them with care, okay?
  8. I decided to spend too much time making this: And this: I need help.
  9. Just Let us Domesticate Water Beefalo

    It's kinda hard to see the pudgy face...but the eyes are there. For those wondering what it might look like to mount a water beefalo: Here's hoping the devs will now understand why I want to ride these majestic creatures so badly.