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  1. [Game Update] - 335754

    Yes yes that's great and all, but what happened to the animal hat?
  2. Where is that from??? Man I really wish I had gotten into data mining when DST was in the ANR beta...
  3. How many other requests might I have missed? Mind collecting them and then pinging me? In the meantime have this Wilson stone cold killing someone:
  4. New dupe who dis? Meet the nice pretty reskin that I spent far more time than I should have on!
  5. I'll also be editing this to add my masterpiece, but I just thought Jesse should never forget to not make things too graphic.
  6. @MF99K Here are those dance animations I completely forgot about. ^^; ...I probably should've chosen a different model so it doesn't look like a mirrored image. There IS a difference between the left and right dupe, I swear!
  7. The Great Sea Cube

    This is how religions are made...first the Cult of the Rosebush, and now the Worshippers of the Great Sea Cube.
  8. Oof. I still totally forgot about the requests on my back burner.

    ...I think they're starting to smoulder. 

    Someone please ping me to remind me because I know I'll forget again. :wilson_goodjob:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. watermelen671


      No, people have requested certain ONI animations that I have completely forgotten about.

      Which, true to what I said, once again forgot until you replied. :wilson_facepalm:

      To your second point...


    3. crystal_clodet


      why dont you do it now? its just some file extractions (i think so)

    4. Xenologist


      Duplicant Dances! Fist-Bump! All i've remembered/seen

  9. ...this is my life.

    I have to make adorable versions of Hepatitis B and C.

    Well, this was how my endeavors turned out:


    Please kill me.

  10. ...does Wes have sleeves? Or does the pathetic mime boi just have noodles connecting to his head.


    I have just realized how absurdly hilarious that imagery is. :wilson_ecstatic:


    1. 4 Da LOLs

      4 Da LOLs

      hes like a float y flailing inflatable arm tube man like the ones outside car repair shops

  11. ...wait a minute. 

    How did I put that in here, and what happens if you click on it?

    Insert existing attachment

    1. crystal_clodet


      it brought me to your profile

    2. watermelen671


      Cool. Good to know.

  12. FINALLY finished my research paper!