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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Missed opportunity there m9. Should've went the obvious route and gone with an ONI reference. Y'know, Neutronium? :3
  2. Upgrade Imminent!

    Yo! Issat Goggles?! @mewthemew, issat Goggles?!?!?! Edit: This has become my new wallpaper. :3
  3. Um...this is a PSA for everyone who follows me.

    Please just ignore all posts after 9:00pm (AST). Don't ask why, just do it. 

    Well, except for this one, don't ignore this one.


    And if you're wondering what 9:00pm (AST) is in your time, click here.


    Hehe, gotchu. Now for realz, click here. x3



  4. Sorry m9, you'll have to wait for spring to roll around again. Ban WaddleDeeWaddleDie for wanting pics.
  5. Ban WaddleDeeWaddleDum because I fight geese. I fight meese too. In fact, I regularly partake in the spectacle of taking down geese/meese. :3
  6. Ban Lady because I'm sorry for not saying sorry enough. I'm so sorry aboot that, eh?
  7. Ban Genitals because I'm Canadian, eh? I'm allowed to say aboot if I so damn well feel like it! ...Sorry aboot that, eh? x3
  8. Ban DadyL because if you're not on the forms for a certain amount of time (I'd say after aboot 6 or so months), it's pretty safe to say they're dead.
  9. Ban the Lady because IP banning is L's thing, not yours. Also, up until recently, you were presumed dead, so I'm just sayin. And now I'm just super saiyan. x3
  10. Ban WaddleDee for daring to accuse our lord and savior @JoeW of doing ANYTHING wrong. I say we IP ban them. @ImDaMisterL, care to do the honors? :3
  11. Dupe-A-Day!

    ...I dunno! XD
  12. Dupe-A-Day!

    kinda looks like that scientist from Dexter's Lab. (I haven't watched that show, please don't kill me.)
  13. Dupe-A-Day!

    @jambell @nome @Savin ...and anybody else! PLEASE!! I BEG OF YOU!! ADD THIS ADORABLE LITTLE CREATURE OF CUTE INTO ONI!! XD Edit: I'm actually making a change.org petition for this. Please, spread the word, this is just too goddamn cute NOT to have in the game! I'll even pay for it! Just Edit 2: I've made the petition. Here it is. :)
  14. The Rumor Thread [Forum Game]

    I heard someone mentioned the word "cat"?