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  1. Skin mod: Illegal?

    It's an extremely poor quality image of Willow's Roseate glove.
  2. Skin mod: Illegal?

    Okay, lemme throw my two cents into this flaming mess. The skins are not made from decrypted .dyn files. Now normally I WOULD pull up examples to prove my point, but...
  3. But who uses those? Honestly I think that the occupational suits should overlap the thermal/decor clothing. The exosuits and jetsuits go on over those, and honestly I think that it'd make dupes more individual. It'd be easier to find a dupe wearing an engineer uniform than it would be to find a dupe with an engineering hat in a sea of red sweaters.
  4. Nope, that's the hat for...oddly enough, an oil technician.
  5. Monoxide Memes

    Getting a little meta...
  6. Next Update - 5 weeks ????

    Well, with big content upgrades no longer happening so often, they've decided to increase the time for upgrades from every 6 weeks to every 8 weeks, with previews 3 weeks before launch from the previous 2.
  8. Nah, I colored it. Scientist, miner, and body builder.
  9. LOVE ME SAMMIT!! ADMIRE THE HARD WORK I PUT INTO THIS MADNESS!! ...sorry about that, I kinda went a bit unhinged.
  10. Dupe-A-Day!

    @minespatch where is that thing you drew of BuffsEllie? Y'know the one where I accidentally made a level 7000 strength dupe?
  11. You know you can edit it so you aren't saying it three times. Actually, it was said on a dev stream that Wilba originates from the Constant. Unfortunately though I think that stream has been lost to time, and I don't think anybody clipped it. So unless we could all come together to perform a ritual in order to summon a dev to confirm all I have is this.