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  1. Ban Tyler because we call everyone by the wrong name. Remember, there is only one @jambell, everyone else is Not Jambell. Also ban @DatShadowJK for not doing either A. Quoting me B. @ ting me How else am I supposed to burn you? My life doesn't revolve around this topic. I troll other pages as well. :3
  2. Dupe-A-Day!

    So I tried melting a dupe... And Klei slapped my hands and crashed my game. x3
  3. Update: You cannot melt dupes...

    The game crashes as soon as they reach 10 000 kelvin.


    ...Dammit. :wilson_ecstatic:



    Time to see if I can melt dupes!! :wilson_evil:

    ...Uh, FOR SCIENCE!!! :wilson_ecstatic:

    1. watermelen671



  5. Dupe-A-Day!

    This is why I play with Debug Mode on. :3
  6. Dupe-A-Day!

    Saw that video of yours. Could've easily solved it by digging the sand tile at the end. :3 Or just enabling Red Alert, or making them dig all the tiles beneath them. x3
  7. Dupe-A-Day!

    How rude, calling Burt by the nickname the bullies use to pick on him. Shame on Hue...Jackman.
  8. Dupe-A-Day!

    Pleather furniture. Pleather clothing could also be clothing that keeps dupes warm while also adding decor. We could make lounge areas! Places for idle dupes to stay so that: A. They're out of the way B. They aren't just standing in dangerous areas C. So they have something to do while they're idle Also assless chaps. What else need be said? :3
  9. Dupe-A-Day!

    Plus more humane, and easier to implement. I mean we're on an asteroid! There's no way to properly make and sanitize that shiz!
  10. Dupe-A-Day!

    I think pleather would be the more sensical answer to that, since in order to get actual leather, you'd need cows. And as much as I'd love to see space cows in ONI, I just don't think it's gonna happen. Also pleather can be made from plastic. So there we go. Polymer Press + Textile Loom = A whole new world.
  11. MEEP.gif.156474f75f31df1f03ca35f161be06d5.gif





    1. minespatch


      Invisible man halloween event.

  12. Now I'm not sure if what I experienced was just an isolated event or even if it's completely unrelated. While I was playing ONI, I rolled back to a previous save maybe...3 or 4 times(?) Each time I did so, there was a MASSIVE CPU and memory spike, that got worse the more I reloaded a save from the pause menu, not the start screen mind you. So much so in fact that on the second rollback my laptop was unresponsive for a bit. It eventually became responsive again, but I then realized that I'd rolled back onto the wrong save, so I chose another save to rollback to, and this time my laptop became unresponsive again, but it never recovered. It just straight up BSoD on me, and restarted. I'm hesitant to run some tests on this to confirm in fear of doing damage to my computer.
  13. Ban Dorozco for not telling Asparagus that if we ban everyone, there will be thus no one left to ban. Thus creating a singularity and a paradox and the world as we know it will end! And then be reborn, a new Universe, exactly like our own, with some rather minor differences.
  14. Ok...so this is weird. His suit was depleted, so he equipped a new one, and then the new one got...deleted (somehow), so I made him try to get a new one, but he went for the one he that was depleted, and...this...happened. His AI is stuck in a loop, he just keeps doing what I recorded in the above GiF. I dunno what is going on here! But it's kinda funny...
  15. Ban Lord Edge because nothing can go on forever, everything has to eventually and inevitably die via heat death. It'll be the largest mass extinction event, because nothing will exist afterwards, not even time itself. Damn, this is going too deep for a sh*tty forum game.