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  1. Probably not for a bit longer, they've got the basic framework already mostly laid out I believe, but there appears to be a few more things they plan on adding before releasing it out into the public. Although for all I know, it could be the next upgrade coming in 3 days.
  2. Looking at things now, it would appear it's for studying seed mutations: Edit: Yep, it's for seeds. // STRINGS.BUILDINGS.PREFABS.GENETICANALYSISSTATION public class GENETICANALYSISSTATION { public static LocString NAME = UI.FormatAsLink("Botanical Analyzer", "GENETICANALYSISSTATION"); public static LocString DESC = "Would a mutated rose still smell as sweet?"; public static LocString EFFECT = "Identifies new " + UI.FormatAsLink("Seed", "PLANTS") + " subspecies."; }
  3. Heheh...guess what madlad managed to get their hands on Kingdom Hearts 3's files? :wilson_sneaky:

    ...yes that's what I've been doing since I last vanished.

    1. minespatch


      Can you do a animation of a front view of a minor Heartless walking backward? It's hilarious.:wilson_ecstatic:

    2. minespatch


      Sorry I keep asking for stuff but this was something I planned on doing but I just don't know how to do it myself.:wilson_dorky:

    3. watermelen671


      Heh, no worries...I'm still trying to figure it out myself to be honest. :wilson_curious:

  4. I'm gonna be splitting this up to limit the amount of scrolling I'll have to do. Critters Critter Babies Plants Scrapped There's a good chance I forgot something, just lemme know and I'll snag it quick for ya.
  5. anim_interacts_research_center_nuclear ...I don't think I have any more interact animations left, so I'll just post some other things I found in the meanwhile. Also, @Xenologist I'm working on the critter compilation. DLC Critters DLC Plants
  6. Weird how they have interest in agriculture but have the plant murderer trait. :wilson_curious:


  7. anim_interacts_rocket_control_station anim_interacts_temporal_tear_analyzer anim_interacts_genetic_analysissation anim_interacts_sludge_press anim_interacts_telescope_low anim_interacts_warp_portal_sender/receiver anim_interacts_porta_pod
  8. Hey all, I'm not dead! Here's what I've started doing in the meanwhile: anim_sleep_narcolepsy anim_trait_afraid_of_dark_floor anim_interacts_pioneer_cargo_lander
  9. So uh...just lettin ya guys know...my hard drive died on me. I've started again, but it's gonna take a bit longer in the meantime.