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  1. Have you SEEN EA's sale model? Also, most Triple A companies do this exact same thing, and the sheeple still lap it up. EA, Ubisoft, so many others pull this garbage, and execute it more poorly and for purely greed-driven reasons unlike Klei.
  2. What on earth are you talking about? Did you not even read the bloody thing? It strictly states: Translation: We originally planned Don't Starve Together to be a simple update to Don't Starve, but upon starting development we realized that we were going to have to remake the game. So rather than scraping the original game and forcing players to pay for a new, higher priced version of Don't Starve with an online mode, we decided to make DS and DST two separate games so as to not have massive outrage. Because that's honestly what would've happened. They would've removed all versions of DS, and then charge us to buy it again at a higher price in order to justify them making an online mode.
  3. Wait what? That's not the reason why... Come on people. Also can someone please close this topic, it's become an echo chamber at this point.
  4. Oof. Now that's a cynical way of looking at it. I prefer to think about it like most mobile games. They have an original version, then they make a sequel version with a subtitle or a 2 slapped onto it. The original and the new game still get updated regularly, however there's no cross-over between the two. Now time for a bit of backstory, Klei decided to give in to the fan's demand for a multiplayer version of Don't Starve. However after looking into it they realized that if they were going to go through with this, they were going to have to completely remake the game from the ground up. So rather than completely scrapping DS as we know it and remaking it, they decided to make a new, standalone addition to DS, which became DST. However I'd like to believe that they wanted to further distinguish it from just being "Don't Starve...but online", they made the free DLC A New Reign, which established Charlie's reign on the Constant, and the ways that she has changed and improved upon Maxwell's designs. It is no longer "Don't Starve...but online", it has become its own entity. However that didn't mean that Klei was just going to abandon the world of DS, so they added the "Home Sea Home" expansion to Shipwrecked, and also started working on Hamlet. TL;DR People thought "Well if DST is just Don't Starve...but online, then why should I buy it? I'm have no friends, and I hate playing with people online." And then Klei waved a whole bunch of lore in their faces, and the temptation of beefalo riding, and they were all like:
  5. [Game Update] - 294625

    Wait why are you asking us?
  6. When it is repeated by a credible source. Now buddy, do I HONESTLY look like a credible source?
  7. For Those Who Say Hamlet Is Too Easy

    SHH!! Don't let the Klei gods catch wind of this! When he's a snowman. You're forgetting. Fine, then find a way to challenge yourself. Play the game. Blindfolded. WITH YOUR NIPPLES. Also! >complains about game being too easy because you can steal everything >someone suggests removing exploit that makes stealing everything easy >says nobody cares because only lazy people use the stealing exploit NOW DROP TO YOUR KNEES AND FIGHT 60 BATS!! NO YOU CANNOT GET MORE THAN 0.5 FRAMES PER SECOND!!! AND YOU WILL FIGHT THESE BATS EVERY DAY SAMMIT!!
  8. Poor Webber

  9. For Those Who Say Hamlet Is Too Easy

    I'm glad you ignored my completely dyslexic console command. Ancient Herald? Dude's not really even fully completed yet, but there's some interesting stuff to be sure. It has a constant entourage of 2 terrorbeaks and 2 crawlers. Nope, it just spawns whatever type of shadow creature it wants, and spawns more whenever it feels like it. Uh... GetSeasonManager():StartAporkalypse() They said it was too easy eh? *Tweaks Game to Harder than Dark Souls Difficulty*
  10. For Those Who Say Hamlet Is Too Easy

    Or I dunno... for x=1, 60 do MakeClock():GetNextDay() end
  11. Deny everything, destroy any and all evidence, and move to another country that won't extradite you.
  12. Then how does the control scheme work? I'd probably give up on life if I had to click everything.
  13. Hamlet is Too Easy

    Still trying to get pics. Unfortunately my computer has decided to give up on life, so I have to use the family computer...which I had absolutely nothing that I use installed on.
  14. ...okay first of all, I'm not a kid. Second of all, I never claimed nor am a lawyer. Third of all DO YOU REALLY THINK PEOPLE ARE GOING TO TAKE LEGAL ADVICE FROM SOME YUTZ WHO USES FORUM WEAPONS WAY TOO MUCH ON THE INTERNET?!
  15. Florist needs to be fixed

    It was meant to be a red herring!