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  1. [Game Update] - 377697

    I think for most people the alternative (at least in the endgame) is going to be atrium portal into a new character to use the pig king.
  2. Don't forget guys, we're in the middle of ANOTHER FREE expansion of content being made. Also being the end of the year it's stacked with halloween and christmas just over a month apart so there's a lot for them to do in a short time with the workload they have.
  3. I would love to see a treasure spawning mechanic like shipwrecked's "x marks the spot". Sea charts or suspicious spots visible while sailing could reveal sunken treasure in ocean locations that require a pulley system attached to the boat to bring it up. If you've ever played Wind Waker you know where I got this from.
  4. By use do you mean only attacking with weapons or being unable to hold them at all? I would just go for the former and just be a pacifist that relies on minions / traps so that you can use an axe to chop trees ect.
  5. [Discussion] The Ghost System

    I think it's ok the way it is, there's mechanics in place like haunting hounds and other tactics that I believe give ghosts more of a purpose than just being a weakened state. Also despite being unable to reveal the map it's a great way to scout ruins or lunar island, albeit a bit cheesy.
  6. wes rework

    So Wes becomes a beefalo?
  7. How to make a mini World

    Would be a neat challenge to have worlds set up like this, multiple islands of different biomes each with a cave entrance that leads to eachother until you can build your own boat and sail to whatever island you want to kinda like shipwrecked but with normal caves.
  8. Yep mosquitos will also fly over bodies of water, if you caught one with a bug net sometime crossing over water gets them stuck and they don't return back to their assigned ponds in the daytime.
  9. I mean look at any of the 4 or 5 threads (at least) that are up currently with the word Woodie in it.. people are voicing their opinions in great detail. Considering he has such negative feedback at the moment I would be surprised if Klei didn't tweak him a bit.
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    The bee queen boss in cuphead reminds me a lot of bee queen in DST.
  11. Red gems in winter/spring?

    All of the useful suggestions have been posted, every one of them is RNG based with the fastest output to my experiences being haunting hounds (which if not using life amulets which cost red gems will wear down on wood and beardhair pretty fast.) I know you said you're playing solo but if you don't mind changing that having a friend to just sit in the server to prevent the world from attempting to reset and saving you a good bit of resources and time is recommended, otherwise best of luck.
  12. Yeh my paint skills are no better than they were back in the year 2000 don't remind me. Granny and Wormwood are amazing and seem to be able to carry teams on their own, I've grown especially fond of Wormwood because of his crazy food output and how he changes needing to manage health, adding a bit of variety. If I was to play DS I would pick Wilbur because of his unique movement options. Co-Mains and Occasionally played are characters that I've played in detail before but just don't pick them as much anymore. Especially Woflgang, he used to be the only character I played but now I rarely pick him because of how tired I am of playing him. I would love to play more Warly but its rare to find a Wormwood that I KNOW will live past a few days so I'd probably pick him more if I played on more long term servers. Rarely played I've played maybe once before, barring Wes who I've played a few times before being tired of his hard mode gimmick. Have never touched Wig, Woodie or Winona. I don't like how Wig limits your food options, In any massive amount of gathering Woodie is nice to have when needed but otherwise a giant can do what he does better, and Winona has never interested me as a character but after seeing some hound trap and mob trap designs I may experiment with her in the future.
  13. When you click on your link it brings you to a page called "Critter Tab" in which the first sentence says "The Critters Tab is an exclusive crafting tab", that means you craft the pets like you would a torch or anything else.
  14. [Game Update] - 363698

    Thank you so much for this.
  15. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Incredibly humble for you to reopen so soon, on behalf of all the memers on this forum thank you for opening up the playgrounds again.