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  1. It's one of those questions along with "why do cats always land on their feet" and "what is the answer to life". We're pretty lucky to have a team like Klei.
  2. I think for most people the alternative (at least in the endgame) is going to be atrium portal into a new character to use the pig king.
  3. The bee queen boss in cuphead reminds me a lot of bee queen in DST.
  4. Incredibly humble for you to reopen so soon, on behalf of all the memers on this forum thank you for opening up the playgrounds again.
  5. I'm pretty sure this is an intended setpiece to spawn, as a few others including myself have seen it. It also spawns in the same area for everyone so it really does seem intentional. There's also discussion about this setpiece and a few others that seems out of the ordinary in this thread
  6. Very similar to how gobblers react when attacked by frogs.
  7. There are many instances where I am not able to place some structures down in certain areas, and (mainly in houses) the ability to be able to build something will change without my say-so. I use the mod geometric placement to allow myself to align things straight (with and without this mod this problem is still apparent) and using this mod we can see exactly what i'm talking about. In this first example, I am placing a chest in my house and the game is at some times not allowing me to place things in certain areas. The Red + are spots where building is not allowed, and in most cases it makes sense, but in the middle of the room where there is nothing there are two areas, one clearly in the middle with nothing around it at all and then to the left of it below the right most crockpot where the game for seemingly no reason is not allowing me to build this chest in those areas Now here's the strange part (notice I am sane so it is not due to shadows creatures) It changes randomly while i'm just standing in place, not touching the keyboard or mouse or anything.. It seems to do it with many different types of structures, and in different fashions. Trying to build a birdcage: All I can add is that it seemed like when I was first building this house and putting all the decorations in I had no problems. But soon even without any dropable items on the floor I started having trouble placing more and more things down and eventually I couldn't put a birdcage anywhere in the center of the room at all besides where you see the currently built one. The issue changes at random. This other issue that may be comparable is a lot more consistent, it doesn't change like inside the house is. The drying rack can be put in many places except this one open area here, I believe a flipped rock was there at some point and could be causing that one particular spot to be void.
  8. If a player chops a poison birchnut tree that was planted in a pig city by world generation (not a bought birchnut seed or player planted birchnut seed) nearby guards will attack the player. This is probably because they still recognize the poison birchnut tree as a regular birchnut tree, I feel that the inhabitants of the towns would be grateful for the player to kill a monster that is attacking the citizens and causing havoc.
  9. As the title says, the oscillating fan is preventing hay-fever indoors even when the fan is off.
  10. When loading a saved game sometimes glowflys will spawn by the dozens from every flower you pass by. It lasts for many days. If you happen to get to the humid season they turn into many hundreds of cocoons all around the map and hatch quickly. They form groups of 20-30 in pretty much any area that has an exotic flower and turn into an unstoppable mob. The glitch is very similar to one I experienced in Shipwrecked where under the same conditions butterflies would spawn en masse immediately after reloading a game. Here is a picture of many beetles following me throughout the jungle, I am just barely able to outrun them as overcharged WX-78. Their aggro range is insane as well, being able to detect a character from well over a screen away. They also drop fps quite a bit.
  11. Awesome! This made farming bunnymen a pain if I put my pen anywhere near where I would frequent. Can't tell you how many times this got me killed or seriously hurt.
  12. It's a shame this tournament was made when it was, I had zero time to play these last two weeks therefore couldn't even attempt to place. Had a great time otherwise though, super fun event.