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  1. Just being able to slap a couple stickers on the dens in the spider-and-gold-infested rocky biome will be a game changer. Last I tried, neither Wendy nor Wigfrid could clear that mess solo. (Maybe Moose!Woodie can? I haven't tried that.)
  2. I was only really able to narrow this down to half the list, so I guess I'm with Warly.
  3. Guys, guys. This isn't even a mystery if you unlocked him in the original game.
  4. I can't speak for DST, but my DS world that made it it to 1000+ days did so by hunting wild spider dens, beehives and tentacles to extinction on the surface and all 3 caves, clearing the reed trap, building traps around the MacTusk camp, penning the tumbleweed spawn points, building a road network, and experimenting with a durian farm and wormhole/bigfoot log farm. Just various little projects with breaks between, like BezKa suggested.
  5. Purple gems are in the refine tab. The top hat for your prestihatitator, despite its refined fashion, is not.
  6. identity theft is a crime

  7. You can select an object in the world by mousing over it and using ConsoleWorldEntityUnderMouse() in a local world, or c_select() in a dedicated one. For setting damage, you need to use the weapon component's SetDamage(amount) function. E.g.: ConsoleWorldEntityUnderMouse().components.weapon:SetDamage(51) You can also mess around with the weapon's durability like this: ConsoleWorldEntityUnderMouse().components.finiteuses:SetMaxUses(some_amount) or: ConsoleWorldEntityUnderMouse():RemoveComponent("finiteuses") Making it freeze things is, er.... not so simple, judging by the blue staff's code in staff.lua. Looks like it has to check if the target's still alive and freezable, wake it up, put out any fires, and add coldness to its freezable component. Probably better just to make a mod that puts most of the ice staff's attack logic into a new freezingweapon component with a SetColdness(amount) function. Klei probably didn't do this already because there's only the one cold weapon. As for manipulating multiple components, you'll either need to do it in multiple steps or make a local variable for the object you're manipulating. See the instructions for spawning wormholes and beefalo on the wiki. Which method you should use depends on how often you expect to do it. If you're only going to do it once, you won't need to define a custom function. myspider = c_spawn("spider"); myspider.Transform:SetScale(5, 5, 5); myspider.components.health:SetMaxHealth(1)
  8. I had a dream that my DST RoT Beta base was on fire, Willow laughed while it burned. Okay, not that last part, but the flingomatic was smashed and the alchemy engine and hound tooth chests burned. Probably antlion's fault. It was so weird going back to the game and realizing that hadn't actually happened, because first I'd forgot the dream and then I forgot it was a dream, since the layout of the base was exact. There's two other DST-related dreams but they're much more incoherent and off-topic.
  9. Minor nitpick, but, eh... 1914 actually makes her late Edwardian. Possibly even post-Edwardian, depending on if you use the definition that cuts it off at 1910.
  10. We won't know until the Roadmap to Fan Made Roadmaps is out. It's on a cliff-side. His father raised goats. WE'RE GONNA LEARN ABOUT CIVILIZED GOAT-HERDING SPIDERS! Don't know if we'll learn anything about the boy half, though.
  11. @OMERICA yup, totally unobtainable, one of the devs has it. Been around for years.
  12. How much time have you spent with the new boats? Unlike shipwrecked, they're large and momentum-based; dodging waves with them isn't a possibility.
  13. It can also happen to hounds who have already made landfall if they try to run back into the water during the fight.
  14. I just got trader's leggings. When did Gorge skins start dropping again?