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  1. That's just how that market works. There's too many competitors, it's too hard to stand out, so there's no money up-front to do anything more than steal art from a bunch of places, slightly change it, and mash it all together.
  2. Looks more like Robby the Robot reference.
  3. Huh, I'm only seeing this (er, not seeing this?) while carrying sculptures. It persists until the player's animation state changes, e.g. by crafting something. (There's a Wolfgang there, at the little shadow.)
  4. @Mantispidae that's weird. All I've found is mighty Wolfgang turning into a werebeaver while carrying sculptures. See? Invisible, just like a werebeaver!
  5. Got a bit of an issue with missing shoulders on Winona's boxing goves.
  6. The most useful ones are most likely animal, monster, smallcreature, largecreature, soulless, chess, insect, spider, hostile, ghost, and epic. I'm also going to need one for plants (it's probably "plant"), I just haven't reached that far in the list. (I'm trying to sort out innocent animals from monsters, small from large, and things with blood from things without blood.) But if I want to fine-tune more than that, I'll likely need a complete list. Edit: nope, not "plant", or else I would have found it on birchnutdrake. Looks like I'll need to identify plant creatures individually.
  7. Edit: here's a reference list of nearly all tags currently in the game as of July 2021. There's a few added as variables in farm_plants.lua, player_common.lua, preparedfoods.lua and webber.lua that aren't as trivial as the others (either referencing large external files I don't want to read or global variables I can't find) and they just aren't important enough to me right now to look them up. Original post below: Is there a modding resource that gives a (near) complete list of tags? I've searched but I can't find one. I need to know what tags I can use to identify different creatures/combat targets and right now it looks like I'll have to read through every creature's prefab one-by-one (I've read up to deer).
  8. Well, so much for my hopes that he meant the spider's father...
  9. identity theft is a crime

  10. Minor nitpick, but, eh... 1914 actually makes her late Edwardian. Possibly even post-Edwardian, depending on if you use the definition that cuts it off at 1910.
  11. @OMERICA yup, totally unobtainable, one of the devs has it. Been around for years.
  12. How much time have you spent with the new boats? Unlike shipwrecked, they're large and momentum-based; dodging waves with them isn't a possibility.
  13. It can also happen to hounds who have already made landfall if they try to run back into the water during the fight.