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  1. The Warbucks mourning thread.

    My point wasn't that few reasonable people hold the opinion. My point was there was an emerging consensus among Warbucks mourners that Klei had been bullied into doing this by an angry mob of horrible, awful, censorious people, without supporting evidence. That's not the case. Klei made the change because they felt it was the right thing to do. Statements in favour of removing Warbucks have generally been civil and reasonable, not threatening or intimidating. I don't agree with your assessment of the bigger picture, but I'm not sure here's the right place to discuss it.
  2. The Warbucks mourning thread.

    I'm sorry, I've agreed with most of your more nuanced arguments in the other thread, but I've read the discussion about this top to bottom and I've only seen maybe two people actually say they found him offensive. Just two, and only after the argument had been going on for pages. An additional three said they were glad to see him gone, but didn't say whether they were personally offended or not. Otherwise I've seen abstract hypothetical discussion about how he might be offensive to someone, or how he doesn't match the degree of separation other characters have with addressing the evils of colonialism through some fantasy counterpart, so he doesn't really fit the style of the other characters. And I've seen the devs say he was cut because he was problematic and wasn't varied and interesting enough. But I haven't seen this supposed sinister mob "pressure" violating Klei's "aritstic integrity". This was Klei's choice, and a fairly reasonable one. Klei's made it clear they use a highly-iterative process, and it's a best-practice not to be afraid to throw work out if it isn't working, ideally sooner rather than later. This is speaking as someone who was down with having a colonial player character if it's clear he's an arrogant, hypocritical villain like Maxwell. But the way the upset at his removal is teetering into scapegoating and blaming others is giving me doubts. The way things are now, players who absolutely don't want to deal with a British colonialist whatsoever get what they want. Players who want a character that satirizes British colonialists have a mod that re-enables his code that remains in the game. Sounds good enough to me.
  3. [Game Update] - 307715

    Unfortunately, some people are allergic to the dead human skin in dust. It's, uh... it's not easy for them. Also, practically every auto-immune disorder ever. Yes, I quoted something from page 2. I read this whole thing backward from the end, I figure I earned the right to do so.
  4. I still subscribe to the theory that it involved moles. Would explain why she attacks them.
  5. wigfrid's amlauts

    The option disables Wigfrid's umlauts because they're distractingly nonsensical to anyone who speaks a language that has them.
  6. I didn't post my Wendies yet. Let's see here... Dickensian Wendy Punk Wendy. * notices DarithD, Mattyington and DopeRevoemag have much more colourful Punk Wendies * Well, it's uh... Brechtian Punk Cabaret Wendy. Yeah. It ain't easy. (No, but seriously, her life hasn't been easy.) Whatever this one is. Updated version of the outfit used for my Steam avatar. ...have I mentioned I'm a Wigfrid main? The Wendies are just for clearing killer bees and All-Wendy Forge matches. Haven't really got the time to dedicate to a serious long-term base-building effort what with courses and things.
  7. Walls?

    Yep. But it takes more time and effort to get those instead of walls.
  8. Walls?

    Or have a timer that counts until they get bored and attack walls for a little bit. 95% chase player, 5% attack walls, or something like that. It'd be enough to break Vargs out of walled pens and wear out bee mazes over time. @x0VERSUS1y it's not just software, either; genetic engineering gets this reaction too. People throw a fit if GM plants are fertile and can cross-pollinate non-GM plants, but they'll also throw a fit over sterile GM plants with terminator genes.
  9. Items missing

    Connection problem, probably. It's happened to me before. Try playing the game again, you should get the gift with the chest in it again immediately.
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    It's already too late for me, but the sentiment is shared. Spread the word! Save the others!
  11. Well, I was gonna say just turn them down to less in world settings, but... you're having problems with just 2? That won't be enough. Wear armor. Learn to dodge attacks. And as minespatch said, lead hounds to beefalo. Don't walk near the beefalo if they have red butts, go around instead and let the hounds make the mistake of approaching the beefalo when they try to cut corners. As for the tentacle suggestion... wear armor if you try that.
  12. Why humans griefing?

    As long as we're discussing catcoons, the restock delay is the longest of: the length of the season before spring (or spring if it's the only season) the days until the next season plus the length of the current season, if it's not spring the days until the end of spring, if it's currently spring In practical terms, that means they'll come back near the end of the next season, or the middle of the season after next if winter's long, or just the end of spring if winter's short and you wiped them out at the start of spring, or at spring-length intervals in an only-spring server. As for the server, sounds like it should have been marked Social if they didn't want solo players off doing their own thing. Oh well, no big, find another server to ruins rush. If in doubt, ask before soloing or looting walrus tusks from corpses next time (sounds like they got a mutual kill with MacTusk).
  13. I'm getting flashbacks to the time I put 40 rabbits in a small walled pen, only to realize they cause -1000 sanity/minute as beardlings.
  14. Memories thread

    Those were only around a limited time? That explains why I've seen them mentioned in the wiki but never seen them in game. Pretty sure I've said this all before a couple times. Reed trap looked like an obvious trap, but I was greedy. Beefalo in heat the next day. Five deaths in six days in eternal dusk with too many clockworks and tallbirds, but I managed to gather the things and escape. 120-some days with Willow accidentally burning down the forests. I built crock pots just to store food forever but didn't want to eat it just in case I need it later (Vanilla DS). Prioritizing hoarding and zero-waste rather than increasing production capacity. Trying to drop multiple stacks of bees as a weapon (and no, I didn't spawn them with the console, I caught every one of those bees with a net). Never letting my sanity drop low enough to fight shadows.
  15. Screenshot showcase

    I know, right? The crow's the only one I'll use anyway.