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  1. How much time have you spent with the new boats? Unlike shipwrecked, they're large and momentum-based; dodging waves with them isn't a possibility.
  2. How old is that Klei Official server? Maybe it predates the patch.
  3. Made it to Chapter 4: Heart of Winter in adventure mode with Willow. Found 3 of the things and then a fire trap. Decided to set off the fire trap for warmth and sanity since Willows immune to fire anyway. Didn't see the gunpowder...
  4. Trading Dublons

    Can you clarify something? You said you especially want a pink silk robe, but you already have one and even had a spare among your list of doublons (you seem to have traded it already, though). Did you mean something else? Or do you have a trade lined up for something you want in exchange for your last pink silk robe and you want a replacement lined up in advance? Because if you really did mean pink, I've got... 5 spares? Yeah, five. I've also got a trade hold, unfortunately. I should just get a data plan for my damn phone...
  5. Salt Formations

    So the shadow monsters crawling out of their shells was... just for funsies? And all those skulls on the mural just mean that the shadows caused so much disruption to law and order that large swaths of society turned to piracy. So now the ruins are abandoned because they all hopped through the portal singing yo-ho, yo-ho a pirate's life for me, never to return from their new seafaring ways. Sure. That must be it.
  6. Didn't that thing turn out to be the Klei Rewards Program?
  7. Unused Wendy Artwork

    Sure, but then she wouldn't be able to smugly lord it over us in that loading screen, would she? Incidentally, I tried to put that outfit together, but it turns out I still don't have the red buckled shoes.
  8. Nah, he' just sleeping. Plus, he passed a million deaths years ago anyway...
  9. Well, in my flawed theory above, these sort of changes would have happened when the natural cycle reached maximum lunar power, and Charlie just took a shortcut to that stage by ripping a chunk of the moon out of the sky and plopping it in the sea. What actually made Glommer's statue if it's connected to lunacy? Beats me.
  10. Hounds stop near the sea

    It can also happen to hounds who have already made landfall if they try to run back into the water during the fight.
  11. Mmm, that's true of the question of whether Glommer has a lunacy aura. But I was talking about my broader unmentioned hypothesis about lunar magic (uh, not the romhacking tool). The gist of it was that all there's a longer-term cycle of contest between insanity and enlightenment, which corresponds to the moon cycles like ice age glacial maxima and interglacial periods correspond the shorter-term seasonal changes between winter and summer. The odd fused creatures in the world -- rockies, lureplants, m/Goose, grass geckos, marble trees, everything -- rose from potentially multiple previous cycles. And the moon cycle depicted in the Metheus murals depicts not the moon cycle, but this larger cycle; Ancient civilization arose as the lunar Enlightenment power reached its maximum, and the inconsistency of depictions of the Ancient Gateway in the murals isn't an artistic choice, but represents changes made to it to transition its power source from Lunar magic to Shadow magic as the dominant force changed. It's, uh, got issues. Not least of which, Charlie probably made the grass geckos. And the modifications to the portal seem to have been to bring its power to new heights, not to maintain its power level as its power source waned.
  12. There is so much truth in this. Even my idle worlds end up suffering from grass and twig syndromes, because, because I can't resist opening all those tumbleweeds hoping for gears and ruins gems, and, and... Eventually, I try to clean it up by turning some of them into backpacks and filling them with the grass and twigs, and then, and then... ...backpack syndrome.
  13. Heck, if gold's hard to find, you can just make a regular one with rocks. More to the point... why don't you have a regular crock pot set up somewhere? Like... a base? If you really want to get fancy, you can just build a regular crock pot and not deploy it, just in case. Or build at least one regular crock pot in the base just so you know how, allowing you to make one any time you have the materials without needing to find gold for a science machine first.
  14. Contradictions with the fact the moon has little or no influence underground and that Maxwell made most of the things in the surface world. Not the birds, though. But there's nothing strange about the birds. It'd be nice if we could explain all the strange fusions like carrats, M/Goose, rockies and lureplants with a single driving force, but on further examination it seems some of those exist just because Maxy was bored.