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  1. If you build an ocuvigil on a boat and row or sail it away, there will be ocuvigil map markers and view radii both at the ocuvigil's original location and the current location.
  2. At least there was Forge 2.0.
  3. Peagawk hat

    Let me know if anyone sees a hazy blob that could be mistaken for Slipstor.
  4. @AlienMagi Just a number in the main menu. No, not even that. Just a number in a sub-screen, buried under another sub-screen. This whole thing... I just don't understand why people get so wrapped up in conspicuous consumption like this. It doesn't seem healthy to me. Personally, I set my objectives fairly low, and as a result I'm still quite surprised by some of the skins I've been able to obtain. But that's one of the advantages of setting my target low: I get to pick and choose what I want, and why, and strategize around how to get it. I can sell expensive rare skins I don't want, and I can wait for the prices to come down for the things I do want, precisely because I don't want everything and right now! . I just feel... you can't have everything in life, and if you try to have it all you're just setting yourself up for disappointment. Hobbes* and the jelly sandwich and all that. * the tiger, not the philosopher.
  5. Where is everyone at

    I'm usually idling on my own server unless The Forge is running. I don't have enough time for anything more these days.
  6. Weird Headcannons

    Enya has mantled Azura and re-interprets the Daedric Prince through her deeds, changing her forever after. That's why her music videos look the way they do: she's inadvertently plane-melding the shoot locations with Moonshadow. Oh. Don't Starve headcanons. Huh. Right. ...I, uh... I got nothing. *kicks dust* Well, unless Wigfrid sometimes dressing in drag counts. It takes me a while to remember that's not actually canon.
  7. I always interpreted that as meaning her soul's bound to the flower.
  8. You get 5 - 15 second ads? I get ads that are anywhere from 3 minutes to 1&1/2 hours. And some of them... "Oh, you looked up information about colleges three years ago? Here's ads for a dozen other colleges." Well, I've been attending one for two years now, Google. How many colleges do you think I can attend?
  9. @Canis your noble sacrifice won't be forgotten.
  10. It's not? Well, I guess we can still host it ourselves with that mod. Better than a month of farming and burnout, I suppose.
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    So he's a red dogalope... who's either a sorceror or has an armor with Enigma? I never really had the runes to make Enigma. Also, I'm not really the type to judge people for their dietary choices. Vegetarian, meat, shadows, souls, it's all cool.
  12. On Base Locations

    I'll second TurtleKitty's vote for what do you mean, "location"? At a minimum, you need fire pits for cooking, light, and warmth/cooling at the Pig King, Oasis, DFly desert, bee queen, and other locations you're likely to visit repeatedly. And it wouldn't hurt to have at least one crock pot, a chest for excess loot, and a lightning rod so those things don't get burnt. And if it's not too much trouble, you could add a bird cage and a bundle-wrapped bird. I'm not saying a full-scale base or anything, but enough for a cozy overnight stay. And you have to carpet the floor so the lureplants don't sneak in while you're away, obviously. Doesn't hurt to have a pit stop outside MacTusk camps, either. (They don't need carpeting.) Upgrading the rest stops and building roads between them provides a natural progression toward building a megabase. But it's less deliberate and planned, and more like urban sprawl.
  13. Beefalo relocation

    Beefalo horn?
  14. Winona crafts slowly at 50 hunger, so meaty stews are only worth +100. To spend a full day crafting requires 49 meaty stews. There's also the complication that meat dishes have a longer chewing animation. So now we're down to 4.5 - 5 seconds gained per stew eaten, or 22.5% - 25% faster crafting (versus having someone else do it and not bother making the stews), and it only costs 49 meaty stews per day. Since meat can be given to the Pig King for gold, that's equivalent to 147 gold to craft 25% faster for one day. It still doesn't look like a good deal to me. If the point of the hunger loss is to add extra work that cuts out of the time gained by crafting quickly, it'd be less hassle just to directly nerf the perk to 33% or 25% faster crafting and skip the hunger loss altogether. I had a similar idea: +300% hunger loss for 10 seconds after crafting things.
  15. Exactly. It takes an extra 64 dragon pies to save half a day's worth of crafting. Can you even make 64 dragon pies in half a day? Edit: spare you the work, I did the math. If you have 12 crock pots - that's 2 stations with a circle of 6 around some ice boxes - it'll still take six batches to cook all those dragonpies. At 40 seconds each, that's 4 minutes, or half a day, not counting the time to fill the crock pots and walk between them. That's also ignoring the time needed to get the twigs, plant the farms, renew the seeds, make the books, read the books, harvest the fruit... so even in the best case scenario, you'd be better off just having Wickerbottom do the crafting and the other player be Wolfgang instead of Winona, and to heck with the pies. Was that about the lights? It looked like they were talking about the catapult.