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  1. Bone armor actually loses its ability to protect you after a few hits. Indestructible obstacles don't.
  2. Kiting?

    I replaced WASD with the arrow keys. Only drawback is I don't do quick swap shortcuts at all.
  3. Screenshot showcase

    Nah, that sort of thing has been happening in the single-player version for years.
  4. Turning off Disease

    Other than using longupdate() to skip ahead a year, see if anything's become diseased, and then roll back?
  5. Turning off Disease

    Because it was left to default, so the game didn't even initialize a variable for it. You'll need to hunt down the server's files and manually add the variable, set to none. I had to do this with deerclops once, but it's been a while.
  6. I can see your reason for this. My stats suggest non-chest elegants are ~0.5% chance, but in chests, they're ~3%.
  7. Welp, here's hoping I get nothing but classic curio chests from here on out.
  8. Well, where do those wormholes go?
  9. That's just a layering issue. The flower is actually growing in grass at the edge of the wood floor, but because the floor is a higher priority than the grass, it's visibly extending beyond the edge of its tile. It's sort of the opposite of roads: roads appear to be narrow because they're very low priority, so everything else overlaps them. Hold a pitchfork and you'll see.
  10. I've seen a wormhole on a cave entrance before.
  11. Samurai Wigfrid and W3N-D. Who am I kidding, I could never afford them. Good news: it's called Wolfgang.
  12. If that's right, then it still means there's another event coming up, which is good news.
  13. ... Try silk loungewear.
  14. ====== Spiffy ======= Have: unsuitably blue overalls catcoon blue backpack forever green backpack green rucksack orange rucksack navy buckle bag blue silk robe pink silk robe red silk robe yellow silk robe yellow trench coat purple jammie pants Want: hyper-intelligent blue overalls toga blue jammie shirt === Distinguished === Have: shadow jumpsuit grass gekko costume cheeky chester costume glommy guise shadow spider body train case Want: bunny slippers fuzzy slippers toggle jacket dragonfly endtable austere endtable steamer trunk Just make a reasonable offer, we can work something out. I still have some spare duplicate spiffies and classies or whatever. ==== Trade Link =====