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  1. If you buy a bundle that contains a game you already have in your Steam library, I believe the cost of that game is deducted from the purchase price.
  2. No, gifts carry over from one server to another, since they all communicate with the same Klei gift server. It's probably just bad luck. I've twice gotten all four in four hours, but I also had to wait 6 hours for my first gift one time.
  3. Why Wes Underpowered

    Well, back in original DS, where he was locked away in an optional combat challenge sometimes found hidden in Adventure Mode, and thus was harder to unlock than Maxwell, it was quite obvious from the context. But here, where he's available by default, he sometimes catches newcomers by surprise.
  4. Eh, spent commons only worth 45 spools, got an item you can unravel for 50 spools or that would have cost 150 to weave. I'd call that a win. I got a chest for 9 commons, and it contained a Penglet as well as other things. So you can get tradable items from those, too.
  5. Just the right amount of not enough regression testing.
  6. Did the snow all melt, and then new snow fall during the last two days of winter? Because that can definitely reset deerclops eligibility.
  7. Is no giant a bug?

    More is only a 66% chance per season. It's just luck.
  8. how old is webber

    And again, there's no 10-14 option? I mean, I wasn't going to choose it this time, but still...
  9. If only there was a way to damage enemies while running away from them. Like laying a field of tooth traps beforehand. Or beemines. Or tentacles. If drowning is a threat to you in the Water Temple, either you don't have enough health, or you're not moving fast enough, or both. Like the no atmosphere sections of Dead Space, it's never really an issue. Such an unusual description can only mean one thing: you're throwing down the gauntlet to minespatch, aren't you?
  10. How old is Wendy?

    It's so true. Heck, I've been tempted to call one of my college instructors "kid", and he's only one year younger than me, and I'm merely Wilson's age. I'd imagine at Wicker's age, that impulse must be even stronger. Good point. I guess that's great news for the shippers, as long as they specify post-powder-cake-challenge!Wendy, and don't mind that she's in her 60s.
  11. I used them to free Wes in Adventure Mode, but since then... Well, I used them since then. Had regrets every time, though. But I wonder how they'd fare against ewecus...
  12. Inefficient Advice

    I'd assume they can. I often heal the moles that fall during cave-ins using spare blood sacks so that it's safe to hammer them and add them to a moleworm farm. They tricky part would be getting them to stay still while you heal them. You could use two shots with an ice staff, or you could just let them drain 233 hunger from you, since they'll be sleepy after. Deconstructing a single bird cage won't be enough, and you can't deconstruct fast enough to keep up with the hunger. Instead, I'd suggest building 50 bird cages in advance, clustered together as much as possible, and then, once you're ready to put a slurper to sleep, using a collection of weather pains to break them down for the seeds. Then you have a chance to heal it. You can use a bug net to catch mosquitoes from tumbleweeds, or I'm sure you can find advice on how to make healing salves or honey poultices around here somewhere.
  13. How old is Wendy?

    Exactly. Keep in mind, when The Forge stats first came out, immobilized creatures had already collectively spent 15 years thinking about what they did.