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  1. When Willow said she had all the badges, she wasn't kidding...
  2. I envy that. It seems I can only grow two half-beards with a split down the middle.
  3. I can't fault your reasoning. You've made a strong case for this, from a balance perspective. However... You would experimentally impale two dead rabbits on a stick and wear it on your head to see if it keeps you warm and not declare you've done it FOR SCIENCE!? I... I don't think I can support that...
  4. Gullible, sure, but also people who might otherwise know better but are too stressed or preoccupied to think clearly.
  5. Minor nitpick, but, eh... 1914 actually makes her late Edwardian. Possibly even post-Edwardian, depending on if you use the definition that cuts it off at 1910.
  6. We won't know until the Roadmap to Fan Made Roadmaps is out. It's on a cliff-side. His father raised goats. WE'RE GONNA LEARN ABOUT CIVILIZED GOAT-HERDING SPIDERS! Don't know if we'll learn anything about the boy half, though.
  7. @OMERICA yup, totally unobtainable, one of the devs has it. Been around for years.
  8. How much time have you spent with the new boats? Unlike shipwrecked, they're large and momentum-based; dodging waves with them isn't a possibility.
  9. It can also happen to hounds who have already made landfall if they try to run back into the water during the fight.
  10. I just got trader's leggings. When did Gorge skins start dropping again?
  11. If you build an ocuvigil on a boat and row or sail it away, there will be ocuvigil map markers and view radii both at the ocuvigil's original location and the current location.
  12. So he's a red dogalope... who's either a sorceror or has an armor with Enigma? I never really had the runes to make Enigma. Also, I'm not really the type to judge people for their dietary choices. Vegetarian, meat, shadows, souls, it's all cool.
  13. Unfortunately, some people are allergic to the dead human skin in dust. It's, uh... it's not easy for them. Also, practically every auto-immune disorder ever. Yes, I quoted something from page 2. I read this whole thing backward from the end, I figure I earned the right to do so.
  14. I didn't post my Wendies yet. Let's see here... Dickensian Wendy Punk Wendy. * notices DarithD, Mattyington and DopeRevoemag have much more colourful Punk Wendies * Well, it's uh... Brechtian Punk Cabaret Wendy. Yeah. It ain't easy. (No, but seriously, her life hasn't been easy.) Whatever this one is. Updated version of the outfit used for my Steam avatar. ...have I mentioned I'm a Wigfrid main? The Wendies are just for clearing killer bees and All-Wendy Forge matches. Haven't really got the time to dedicate to a serious long-term base-building effort what with courses and things.