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  1. Generally, once a server reaches that many days, base is marked, and chests are so brimming with loot that no one cares that a new player is coming by and taking a bunch of stuff. However, if most players are being rude, then leave and don't look back; although if they are just being quiet, they might want you to find base yourself, there is a decent chunk of the player base that finds a base, eats the food, and won't even leave to gather wood.
  2. Should water freeze

    Keep in mind that for Summer to burn what it does, the temperatures would be 400 degrees F (200 C) Making the oceans freeze is much more realistic
  3. Make the Carrat a pet.

    Chilling to see that The Thing from Another World has taught you nothing
  4. How ofen do you join others

    I generally just join default servers because I like doing my own thing and I get bored in mega bases.
  5. She is already worse than Wilson, and unless you want to speedrun the moon, she doesn’t have a purpose either. Needing the most changes, she’d be hardest to rework.
  6. Are flower salads still summer exclusive though?
  7. Warly's DST Debut Ideas

    I’m hoping they’ll go the troubadour route with him, and he comes with exclusive recipes to temporarily boost stats like speed and attack.
  8. lesson learned, i'll admit i never fought one myself
  9. I’m still leaning torward Metheus is a fan creation
  10. Must be near Willow to go large 1 Mega Bernie for each Willow is the most possible, and each can only follow 1 Willow. Mega Bernies will fight the same enemies but don’t interact Bernie does not care who created or dropped him, if an insane willow drops 2, then 1 will grow, if another insane Willow gets close, the second one will grow and follow new Willow.
  11. that's usually when you have a few overzealous and unlucky horn hunters
  12. the shadow creature made a hole in the floor, seconds later hole is gone another thing worth considering is that the shadow creature could have retreated due to the adults being close, with Bernie being raised as just a coincidence
  13. in beefaloless worlds, dapper vest is usually my backup, if hound mounds are still there
  14. How big was that mob?