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  1. I generally ditch backpacks by spring, canes and weapons take the hand slot, head usually has light slot, which leaves chest for armor and weather. But I’ll stick with backpacks if I’m in the mood to build farms.
  2. It’s a cheap game, I don’t think it’s fair the expect monster hunter type weapon and enemy variety and combat mechanics. I fear that they would kill players with how hit detection works with latency.
  3. While that may personally be true for a highly skilled player, generally that 1 weapon/armor will eventually be used up in a combat situation with death soon after without a backup.
  4. I value the convenience of crafting on demand as superior. Because both items are temporary, the better stats on the ruins armor can be overcome with a higher quantity of pig armor. The pig armor is also more inventory efficient, and harvesting it also grants food.
  5. I’ve always found pig stuff; umbrellas, football helmets, and hambats, more valuable than ruins items. I don’t know why people would waste it for largely temporary and redundant items.
  6. I wouldn’t mind him spawning pig houses around himself if the number of pig houses in the world get low. But easy gold is more than enough to be useful.
  7. Willow: Bernies and meat effigies Wormwood: mushplanters and bee boxes with enough luck, otherwise it’s waiting till spring
  8. Friendly reminder that lightning is hotter than the sun …
  9. Out of curiosity, do you know if you can right text on signs in the switch version. That and a hammer would make communication almost ok
  10. Klei made WX less of a Bender clone ... This is my least liked video so far. Humanizing a robot just makes it less unique. Now WX can be tied to the more pedestrian paths of self loathing, being property, being a slave (the origin of the word robot is forced labor), not being perceived as a human/equal by family or loved ones. The idea of toaster going through ridiculous means to make as much toast as possible has more appeal to me.
  11. I admit I prefer the old system because I dislike constantly plowing fields, yes I’m aware that manure collection was also obnoxious, but it’s less sedentary.
  12. Imagine asking where’s base, and getting icy silence or being strung around in a game that will kill you in minutes in most weathers
  13. It’s an interesting way to spend time, and has a layers of secrets, but the combat is shallow and it over uses environmental damage/darkness.
  14. The initial version on YouTube Heard about together having public servers from twitch.