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  1. Why not no blueprints, add it to the alchemy machine, it’s not like googles or sandstorms have anything to do with fish
  2. updates characters need

    Wilson is the second worst source of bear hair (as a Willow main I use a lot) Rabbit hutch farm > Befriending beardlings to murder them in their sleep > Obscene number of traps > some questionably safe way of farming monkeys (Wendy for example) > Wilson > Tumbleweeds
  3. updates characters need

    The argument I make to the “blank slate” one is that Wickerbottom, Woody, Wolfgang, Winona, and Willow all function well as blank slates. That being Wilson likely wouldn’t save anyone from their weakness, at best they’d live another minute.
  4. If you go by the comics, it’s arguably more of an Eddie thing than a Venom thing, although they retooled to a ridiculously degree.
  5. Wolfgang has a decent following of people who love the speed and damage increase, and with how good he is now, it’s hard to imagine they’ll make him better.
  6. Not ported would have been a better description Couldn’t disagree more, new characters should be new, I’m ok with a variant, but I’ll need more than picking up items to get me excited.
  7. It's a good base, but still mostly redundant, even assuming a hyperfast surfboard. None of the other unreleased characters have that level of redundancy.
  8. When you make a point like this, it’s good to provide reasons. Surfboards have a low resource requirements, but that is the only compliment I could give them. What does a surfboard do better than a flying goose? The pirate ship I’d consider more of a midgame project, better than the cheap convenience a surfboard would offer early game.
  9. Without inventing perks, this is a character skin thread, you’d be better off giving suggestions, unlike all of the other alternatives she has nothing to set herself apart. Woody’s seafaring goose might have came from us, you could inspire something better than a great scout or a luxury boat, but holding back won’t help.
  10. Because Woody is more interesting as a quick scouting character and has other abilities outside of that and a pirate ship is more interesting as a luxury long term option. We don’t need a floatie, and she’s worse that Wilson in her base game.
  11. she's a surfer, on a surfboard, surfboards are comparable to floaties for ocean travel why not pick the pirate guy who uses a good boat and spent days in the ocean compared to her hours slightly off shore, with no intention or capability of exploring
  12. If you’re not Warly, you should go with cooked mon meat; even Warly would prefer that, but he can’t eat it. If you’re desperate enough to gamble, the 50/50 mon lasagna/bacon and eggs on standard crockpot averages better results than tartare.
  13. Skittersquid Fishing

    It’s good if you want people to fail. Introducing RPG mechanics to make certain fish impossible to catch, never communicating that to players, and the bizarre controls they never bother explaining made it the worst part of the game and the worst fishing I can remember.
  14. Skittersquid Fishing

    Wasn’t stardew’s fishing considered garbage?