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  1. I try to set up at least 1 type of farm, bee boxes being my favorite
  2. Saying Wilson has no downsides is overly generous. In comparison to Willow, the only circumstance where Wilson outperforms Willow is during winter, when all warmth creating resources have been exhausted, Wilson gets a few extra minutes desperately looking for warmth. Wilson can't avoid a thermal stone, making a hat, or some other warmth source, Wilson doesn't have an easier time or difficulty getting those resources, and Willow is more efficient at fires. I don't understand why anyone would superficially claim this is 0 downsides. And then there's Willows free lighter, fire immunity, and overheating resistance giving her a comfy winter and spring despite her downside. But overall, I attest that Willow has less downsides than Wilson, she's only weaker in a specific circumstance where you're already likely to die.
  3. That’s actually false because most things don’t fully restore sanity; Wilson’s decent from 90 sanity to 30 is similar to Willow’s decent from 77 to 17, except Willow has more convenient ways to gain sanity through fires. Over the long term, the lower max sanity would lead to less shadow monsters, assuming no sanity recover other than shadow monsters, simply because 17 is a lower number than 30.
  4. I'm one of those weird hardcore casuals, I'm overall decent at the game, and I know a lot more than I should; but I'm bad at things I don't care about like most boss fights, sea fishing, crop farming
  5. with the ability to shave layers, and webber's upgrade ability remaining in tact, this would do more harm than good, it shuts down a spider den's ability to passively multiply
  6. Stuffing raw meat into a wooden animal effigy and then eating it is one of those things that will never make sense.
  7. Warly and Wurt are the only characters where single player vs multi player alters my opinion, and even then, I can’t allow myself to put Wurt in the strong category.
  8. The idea that we can have a spider healer, tank, mage setup is amusing, if doodles work the way I think.
  9. Friendly reminder that partial ownership does not allow either side to provide free services or products to the other party, other than dividend payments sent to Tencent and the other owners. Other than licensing fees from New Home, Klei is probably done getting money from Tencent.
  10. Interesting that's what you call it, not knowing any of Burton's 2D work, I always thought of it mimicking Invader Zim's
  11. Honestly it does seem like they forgot to include the equivalent of the giant teddy bear, a lure that I might get something fun and exciting, instead it’s filled with cheap fish pond prizes I’m not interested in.
  12. Contrary points because I'm bored, but not tired enough to sleep
  13. The problem is that while it is complex, it relies on arcane knowledge that would do more harm that good in real life. I'll never understand why they wanted to punish people for reeling, and give so poor feedback that reeling what caused it to fail, or why lures would need their own station for that matter/.