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  1. Honestly give everyone a bee queen hat, two dozen bee boxes in caves, and periodically make bee mines and every character minus Wigfrid can comfortably live a lazy, carefree existence. I’d call that equality. With survival secured and no way to win the game, it can be argued that Wurt having an additional 100 merm huts, for example; is more ostentatious busy work than functionally being better.
  2. At day 1500, nothing is going to feel fresh, so I recommend silly. Wickerbottom tentacle fields Wurt Merm strike force Winona catapults to blot out the sun Willow Bernie vanguards
  3. The festival and beast would crowd the spotlight, and Charlie, having superficial knowledge at best, would be more decoration than character. You can already get lucky beast exposition from the internet, I don’t know what you’d expect Charlie to add.
  4. Sounds the complete opposite of overpowered. The best items would be redundant, and most of them uselessly filling space.
  5. Building was the thing that kept me going back, particularly food and farm related ones.
  6. I told you before, lightning is a very good fire starter, it's hotter than the sun and hits the earth 100 times each second Your unnamed trees existing doesn't prove spontaneous combustion like what's in the game happens in real life
  7. a wildfire refers to any fire that isn't contained, wildfires can be man made (most are) Nearly 85 percent* of wildland fires in the United States are caused by humans.
  8. It’s always weird that people lump stationary box placement in with survival and difficultly. I could understand food, weather, and economy (I could accept wood and rocks as this games economy), but the only value I’ve seen in flingos is that sometimes players will coordinate getting the different materials.
  9. how many spontaneous fires have you seen for it to make sense to you? if you have something on that tree combusting I'd be interested, but generally people and dry lightning are common fire causes, so you can't just say its existence proves your point. as for what could replace it, plants and insects are at their prime, they have tons of potential
  10. Removing content can be constructive if you think the entire thing should change, or if you think it does more harm than good by existing.
  11. During this time where things are being reworked, it’s good to take a proactive approach at expressing what you like and dislike. Summer doesn’t need to have random fires, it doesn’t happen in real life. There might be an actively engaging alternative to building a stationary box. Months last a long time, and the worst thing a game can do is to regularly make a player bored.
  12. because it's winter and they/ll die within 2 minutes anyhow
  13. My dream character would probably be Waverly with cheaper mush planter and mushroom based potions. I'd also love a catcoon based character, they don't need to be a catcoon themselves, but I love cats.
  14. You only need to eat 5 spiders a day to maintain hunger eating that much cooked monster meat would lose 50 Sanity With each spider kill gaining 5 sanity, you can gain that back with 10 spider kills. It's not that difficult, even favoring in that you'd need extra kills for night and time spent in insanity aura
  15. Willow, Winona, WX, Wickerbottom They might have tacked on extras, but they do the fundamentals the same