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  1. I consider console commands and altered coding like mods ways to cheat If it doesn’t follow under those two I’d consider it cheese.
  2. I support the pub only side in the terms that I don’t want content that takes hours to get value out of, Crabby Hermit for example. New content so far has been failing to be content, just trivia to read about on the wiki.
  3. I don’t care enough about the sea for a boat to redeem it anymore, so I picked new character.
  4. Is this someone’s first time realizing don’t starve faces are asymmetrical? Edit If you want the most blatant example Wurt, one broken horn, and her eyes, nostrils, and mouth are on separate angels. But ALL characters are asymmetrical, one of Wendy’s eyes is slightly higher on the face, smaller, and farther from center than the other. And one of her ears is higher than the other.
  5. I’m hoping this will fix my primary issue with the core game, no win conditions. A trickle of win conditions, and cosmetic only dlc would be ideal. It also needs to be different enough than the core game, but the mult weapon types and catcoon city show promise. Any RPG leveling/refining and I’m deleting it.
  6. I like the chaos of Wurt’s the most. Willow and Wendy ties for second, getting to see Abigail was nice but I wish they explained the flower. Willow establishes nightmares as a threat, but I’m still curious about her fire immunity (I’m thinking she gets burn scars on her checks in her vid)
  7. Merms probably eat reeds, and grass should work too, it’s what hippos would eat and they are herbivores too.
  8. The wiki, items are so diluted and poorly described that you may never realize a thermal stone exists or that a beefalo hat/tam are good for warmth. I don’t see brute force, trial and error coming close.
  9. The marble changes and Wilson’s beard are great. The food I dislike, some characters win the lottery like wx, while most of the cast gets nothing out of it. I liked that they explained how Woodie got his new forms, but the explanation itself I didn’t like.
  10. Plants are the only thing I’d want. Hamlets version of the economy is more tedious than my actual job.
  11. There’s a lot wrong with it. Mutations weren’t understood until the 1930s, so it’s anachronistic. Mutagens aren’t temporary, and uniform changes are very unlikely. And it ignores how monsters themselves don’t appear mutated at all. Hormones would have been something closer to plausible.
  12. Sandbox, I like building structures. Survival in don’t starve games is largely about being punished for not wearing the right hat, and not being sucker punched anymore. I’m not a fan of this approach.
  13. I think the earliest barrel dog reference is that.