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  1. Cookie Cutters and Pumpkin Cookies

    it's a reference to the cookie cutter sharks, they leave hole sized marks in their prey
  2. I predict one of two outcomes 1, Webber gets Hamlet disguise, and we see him nervously walk among the pig; I'd be disappointed in this creatively, but for all the times I've been annoyed by last minute pig additions, being able to slack off would be nice. 2, Webber gets alternate den recipes (ie cave spiders), and we'd see him recently after being eaten and living among his new friends. I'd be more interested in this because I've been torn on whether spiders remind me more of ants or bagworms (they don't act anything like real spiders)
  3. Is Warly a good character?

    He feels too incomplete, either needs a farm buff, or liberated from his vegetables to hold my interest.
  4. [Game Update] - 368667

    The newer work music was odd, it works as suspenseful a tree guard may appear any moment piece, but does not feel right for catching butterflies at all.
  5. An Open Letter to Klei

    The morale of the sales pitch discussion is that different tastes led different people to buy the game. Surely people would expect updates to enhance what brought them to the game in the first place; yet conflict is born because the game carries several flavors. Because Klei, like everyone else, can only do one thing at a time, a good number of people will be unsatisfied. #Empathy
  6. An Open Letter to Klei Those words don’t even show up there. I was sold on spooky.
  7. An Open Letter to Klei

    You should not generalize about large groups without data to back it up. I’m veteran enough to have owned the game around the new powers update, and I still think the survival meter management detracts from the Zeldaish horror game I wanted. Personally, I don’t even think they managed survival well, overinvesting in static noninteractive threats like winter and summer and solving them with hats, as opposed to more creepy things hunting me down. I do think it’s the most interesting farm sim I’ve played; making farms themselves lackluster and playing winter straight. I don’t present this as a veteran opinion, there’s no correlation between me playing it a long time, and my opinion. Ditch the veteran label, it’s a poor fit, survival fan is what you really mean.
  8. [Poll] Tumbleweeds' trinkets

    I’m usually not worried about gold, kill a dozen spiders, makes dozen eggs, and you get a dozen gold.
  9. [Poll] Tumbleweeds' trinkets

    I care much more about grass and gears than trinkets, I don’t want more trinkets because they clog inventory space.
  10. normally when people want something changed, they give reasons, examples, speculation. if you want new biomes, sell what advantages the multiple planes will have. i'm confused why new biomes would need this gimmick, and still recovering from my annoyance at the water stuff ...
  11. honestly, much like return of them’s water, it seems like you’re just adding more annoyance to traveling. Yes there’s novelty to something new, but soon the novelty wears off and you’re left with yet another chore. Would you really be any happier wasting 16 logs to enter and exit the desert? Would needing to build a fire every minute add any thrill? If you want to peak my interest, give me a reason to build stilts. Outside of birds, the sky is barren.
  12. Thoughts on disease

    I see digging and replanting as doing more harm than good, and I don't engage in it. I see the damage coming more from the missed berry cycles, berries don't grow in your pocket or unfertilized, than the eventual disease
  13. With him, I’d take the uncompromising wilderness haberdashery joke to the next level, give him unique hats to make with beefalo fur, catcoon tails, etc.
  14. The future of Gestalts?

    Modern language doesn't care about roots, when you steal a foreign word, you own it. Most english readers would not recognize Gestalten as the plural of Gestalt because "en" isn't recognized as a suffix in our language. If your intent is communicating information to other people, using German grammar in an English sentence will only hobble you.
  15. If it makes you happy, I give her sprite a solid B-