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  1. Thanks =3 Me too Oh, yeah If there is nothing wrong, you can take this skin for something =) One of my works that I didn't finish and won't finish =(
  2. I wonder if I should check it out later. Maybe I'll even make a second version of this skin for her =D A holiday for a little Wurt requires a festive outfit, heh I was inspired for a short time today, so I'd better publish the skins for the characters right away, so as not to lose them! Shadow Collection: Cowboy:
  3. I'm very interested in one thing right now. What kind of instrument is used as Robert's voice?DmFcB2uXgAEekFk.jpg

    1. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      A steam whistle! It sounds silly but... Trust me, I'm sure.

    2. minespatch


      Steam boat Wagstaff.

  4. It may be a useless thing for you, but it is very useful for him!
  5. I'm glad you liked it. In general, I wanted to draw a background on this drawing, but it didn't work out =( Rose Collection
  6. Curious...Wagstaff main = Big brain xDimage.thumb.png.6b9121dc9f394cb6975db01f2b1a5c78.png

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    2. minespatch


      Heart is busy for what?

    3. KeshS


      It looks like the fingers got dirty from eating too many Cheetos.

    4. Russian_Philin


      @minespatch Eh, this is again the error of translation from Russian to English. Sometimes it is difficult to keep Russian phraseological units in translation, especially me.

  7. Well, it looks a little like Wheeler's hair. Thanks =) She won't tell you the secret of her hair. Walter&Woby