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  1. Question: "What scares you?" Answer: "The possibility of not realizing my full potential scares me..."
  2. Unfortunately, no. Q: "Do you have a favorite among the survivors?" A: "They're all my friends! Everyone is dearly loved! They have become quite dear to me!"
  3. "Give me 6 characters that remind you of me, and I'll draw them."
    It looks quite interesting and cool.2147194934_6___6.thumb.png.91a373d58d886c97f961befd62825562.png

    1. minespatch


      Who's MAgnificus?

    2. ADM


      @minespatch a character from INscryption

  4. A few sketches.

    1. minespatch


      What's this about?

  5. I left this role - Treeguard. At the moment I am only responsible for: Wagstaff and Pearl. Question: "Isn't it hard at your age to live alone on an island? Are you still waiting for him?" Answer: "It's hard, dear. And what is not difficult in life, huh? This place means a lot to me... to us. I hope he still remembers that I'm waiting... AND I LOVE HIM."
  6. Well, naturally, I will not ignore such a character, so I have already made art.
    Phrase translation: "What are you staring at? You are not worthy of me!"206387527___1.thumb.png.b5cbd9aa12e6487f1262628acb687647.png

  7. I don't know, but I really like this character. 

  8. "The soul is an inner priceless canvas, so you, it is you, leave a smear, a trace, a stain on it. I will become a masterpiece in the flesh myself!"
    I like this quote that came to my mind a few weeks ago, so I illustrated it.

    1. minespatch


      The art is really shiny!

  9. Question: "At what point did your island become lunar?" Answer: "These lands have always been like this."
  10. This will be the deal of the day!32661112____1.thumb.png.248bd2c266fde4b1746b491cc9bfa247.png

    1. Waoling


      How long does it take you to make art?

    2. minespatch


      The eyes are really intense on this one. Nice use of the phone.

    3. PasssionFish



  11. So I've been a Shadow Watcher all this time?:wilson_ecstatic:image.thumb.png.b4aab9368387bd5cf5bc93acb4364c55.png

    1. OMGkawaiiAngel


      Oh wow you look exactly like my friend, he has the same hair and colored glasses as you!

    2. minespatch


      Exactly how I look when I get out of bed.


  12. This is just a small experiment. In the static version, this is done for the effect of memories, and in the animated version, I just wanted to keep the original colors. Question: "How do you feel about your curse?" Answer: "ME PROTECTED AS LONG AS MY PAPA'S GIFT IS WITH WILBA, UNPIG" *indistinct sounds of werepig rage*
  13. "Live for him."

    1. minespatch


      Can you type the translation?

    2. Russian_Philin


      So this phrase is the translation. And the cookie itself says "Hmph."

    3. minespatch


      "Dammit baka, no bully" :wilson_ecstatic:

  14. "Family can also be an enemy.. Right, father?"

    1. minespatch


      Makes me wish Cookie Run and Hollow Knight could have a crossover.