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  1. Oh God... I laugh so hard... Time for a date with a Curio collector... huh... it's funny It's a bit of a poorly done job, but I like it:
  2. Thank you ^_^ Sunny and lonely the day... (Slightly different versions)
  3. When you ask a robot to clean up the ruins from enemies, but he does not agree, but:
  4. I wait for an update every Thursday for DST: *the update is not coming out* I:
  5. I'm close... I'm almost ready to start drawing the story of my own characters... I have been asked to do this for a very long time...In the end, I decided that it's time for me to start drawing this...
    but in the meantime, I want to show you a sketch with a mysterious prisoner who will sometimes tell stories of characters, etc.

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    2. minespatch


      Klei doesn't support wiki images, sorry Philin.:wilsondisapproving:

    3. Russian_Philin


      Sorry, guys
      Here is this picture =)image.thumb.png.44c383b04d0858d35387eb91d2f3b97e.png

    4. minespatch
  6. I enjoyed drawing this work, despite the ambiguity of this creation.

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      You after a long college night?

    3. Russian_Philin


      Yes, this is what I look like after a sleepless night!

  7. Maxwell is just somewhere nearby in the woods, so you can't see him. Just small sketches for Verdant collection.
  8. And then he ate Wormwood, too... Remember that Warly cooks everything and everyone...