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  1. I'm beginning to understand how to draw human bodies. This is something new. I should see more anatomy tutorials.

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    2. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      It looks good! Continue working! And if you become too tired, postpone the project. 

    3. Russian_Philin


      Unfortunately, I can't just postpone. I need to finish these parts to make them into a comics.Q8UmeZHnvpI.jpg

    4. bruhmoment23


      I recommend using this as a practice template. Obviously it's not mine but the artist behind it has some pretty useful stuff for anatomy overall.


  2. Not really, but it's a good enough idea. Maybe I'll try to draw this idea. Sketches with a wonderful babushka
  3. Art...Yeah

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    2. minespatch


      Do you like her due to her Comedic relief status?

    3. Russian_Philin


      I love this character because he is both funny and very smart. As if her character contradicts itself. She's a genius inventor, but she acts like a child. I really liked this combination of features. Well, also the design is good. And I also noticed that I always like inventors and geniuses in games and cartoons, heh

    4. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      Good thing that you found a fictional character to get obsessed with! Only if I could- Oh wait!

  4. Do you like the fact that I post my answers to questions here? If you can, please write an answer to this question! I will be very happy to read it. Translation: Question: "Are you cold in winter?" Answer: 1)A..Oh You came back with boring question. 2)So...It seems to be gone...Now I can answer your boring question. 3)In winter, we do not feel cold, because we are in hibernation. But sometimes we have to Wake up to protect our forest. 4)Pathetic semblance of a tree, give me back my glasses here, or I'll turn you into a portion of live logs.
  5. What....-what happened to Constantine profile picture?!

    1. Russian_Philin


      That's all right. I'm just watching a new animated series, so I put a new picture:wilson_ecstatic:

    2. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      Oh no... well, don't forget about Constantine!

    3. Russian_Philin



  6. The man,which make answers for the Ancient Herald. It was a special gift for them. #sailormoonredraw