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A bug list of bugs

The "best" bug at being the worst bug ever! (read the post first)  

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  1. 1. 1.The “one line fixes”

    • Gulp fish entombed
    • Tower of terror
    • Glass solidifying
    • Fish release
    • Overjoyed proximity
    • Infinite skill points
    • Incorrect output point
  2. 2. 2.Forever bugged

    • Fish feeder
    • Oil well
    • Care Package
    • I don't particularly care about these bugs...
  3. 3. 3.Involving doors

    • Entombed inside
    • No animation
    • Diagonal access
    • I don't particularly care about these bugs...
  4. 4. 4.Critters bugged

    • Pathfinding
    • Hatches teleport
    • Glum in stable
    • I don't particularly care about these bugs...
  5. 5. 5.The monsters

    • Flow heat transfer
    • Liquid Duplication
    • Divergent output
    • Steam deletion
    • I don't particularly care about these bugs...

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After a certain comment and a certain response, I thought I could try making a list of the most annoying bugs and let everyone decide which is the "best" bug at being the worst bug ever! of the groups below. For "one line fixes" you could choose multiple while for any other group just one (MD frustration couldn't make it to the poll unfortunately... ) Then … who knows? Maybe it will be the first to get fixed…? :D Or not... :rolleyes:

The list was discussed a little bit in Discord (I needed some help to make it “short” enough to be in a topic…) so here are the ~25 "candidates" divided into 6 groups of bugs that still exist in the game. 

*Videο, pictures or the occasional save file, are kept in a spoiler in order to avoid too much clutter
[videos are *.webm format so they might be visible only in Google Chrome...]

An index of bug reports of the bug list for quicker search:


The “one line fixes”

According to @Peter Han these bugs are so easy to fix that it wouldn't take more than one line of code (he "fixed" the ones in this group and several more in his mod "stock bug fix")


Gulp fish entombed

Gulp fish freezes in place and gets entombed if it tries to filter polluted water below 0 C.   

Or (in general) when bottled liquids freeze, they form a tile. Swept grams of water in bottles, form a tile of ice when they freeze. [Bug reports [1],[2]]


Tower of terror  [fixed] testing branch update 477316, live update 478755

Unexpected columns of natural tiles appear upon reload. When there is debris entombed in a natural tile of the same element (for some reason...either using a dispenser or naturally) and that natural tile+debris sits on another natural tile of any kind the tile has reached it's maximum kg/tile limit, on load the game turns these debris into natural tiles piling them up to the sky. [bug report [1],[2]]


Glass solidifying

Glass in the Glass Forge solidifies  the moment it tries to reach the output pipe if there is any liquid cooling that could freeze it … on the bottom middle tile of the glass forge. [bug report]


Fish release

Fish Release building always shows critter count as zero although it should be considered a "drop-off" for fishes in a room. (It’s been 3 years and this is still left unchanged.. :cry:) [Bug reports [1],[2],[3]]




Overjoyed proximity

Enable Proximity disables Overjoyed reactions like Balloon Artist and Sticker Bomber. Overjoyed reaction has lower priority than doing nothing. [bug report]



Also when a balloon artist tries to give a balloon but cannot reach the printing pod, there is a “flickering” going on (and possibly several crashes related to that) [bug report]



Infinite skill points

Digging up Neutronium gives infinite Skill Points. It is not possible anymore in the base game because it needs the “hazmat” digging only available in DLC. It recently seems to be worse/better than it was. Catalina doesn’t seem to be camera shy anymore, digging one neutronium tile after another when she wakes up super productive. [bug report [1],[2],[3]]


Incorrect output tile

Gas Range outputs CO2 one tile above the 3x3 size of the building. If that tile is blocked, it stops outputting CO2

Polymer Press is not symmetrical and its output location is also incorrect. If you rotate the polymer press building, plastic falls off the edge if output is facing right but it is not if output is facing left. If certain tiles are blocked, there is no steam produced and plastic is dropped further away.
[No mess Polymer Press] [reddit] [bug report]



Forever bugged

The ones I would "miss" if they were gone because they have been among us since forever… Bugs that are “so old, you could carbon date them” [Hotep’s quote in Discord]


Fish feeder 

It is a feeder that eats more than any fish could!

Every bite deletes double the algae it should, the last bite deletes the second storage of the feeder. Using seeds in quantities below 10kg is even worse because the feeder is double filled and the second storage is deleted as a whole.

It is analyzed in every detail in this [Bug report]


Oil well

Dupes are getting stuck in oil well but they look more like “frozen in time” but breathing...

Oil well requires (1) automation enabled and (2) water going over the input to be emptied. If either condition isn't fulfilled, Dupes are stuck mid-animation on the Oil Well, and no emptying occurs. [bug reports [1],[2],[3]]


Care Package

You want more of what the printing pod offers? You can get more! It just needs a save-reload at just the right moment. This is explained better by @Fradow in [wiki exploits]: “When a Care Package is selected in the Printing Pod, there is a slight window of time during the Care Package delivery animation when both the Care Package and the delivered item are present in the world. By saving and reloading during that window, you will keep the already delivered item, but the Care Package will restart its animation, delivering a new copy of the item. It can be chained by saving/reloading to deliver an infinite amount of the same item.”
[Bug report]


Involving doors

Dupes being dupes but doors could do better. After MergeDown doors broke a little bit more… more than their "always accessible" with no access granted part.


Entombed inside

Dupes can get entombed if they “accidentally” dig a tile and sand/snow falls in their head. They get out of the way as it falls but they move into the door and the door doesn’t budge. They get trapped inside and need another dupe to get them out (some door related mods are breaking even if there is no sand falling but I’m not sure about the specific conditions of how that happens) [bug report [1],[2]]


No animation

I think that one doesn’t need much description. Anyone watching their dupes while they dig/build or deliver something from the other side of a manual airlock or mechanized airlock, will most certainly get confused if dupes are actually doing anything. They stand behind the door until their errand is finished. 
[ bug report 1  …. and too many more to follow]


Diagonal access

(This bug should probably be in the “forever bugged” group since the bug report dates back to 2019 but I thought door bugs should stay together.)

 Dupes can pass through doors even if their permissions were retracted, if they cross the door diagonally or there is no tile below the door. [bug report]


There is also a way to trap dupes when they are pathing diagonally.



Critters bugged

Ranching got a bit harder after the ranching updates several years back (when in EA) but some bugs, not very shiny, made it even harder than it needs to be.



Pacu can’t reach the feeder. Puft is getting stack gasping but not eating. Airborne critters are getting stuck underwater if their egg hatched underwater. Slickster is infinitely trying to fly away but can’t.[bug reports  [1] ,[2]]


Hatches teleport

Hatches get teleported irregularly instead of falling down if they are dug up a certain way while burrowed. It also follows dupe bounciness if a hatch falls 3 more tiles.[bug report]


Glum in stable

Critters don’t get groomed/sheared [bug reports  [1],[2],[3]]


The monsters (ONI physics + Sim)

Bugs that when they happen you start checking your sanity multiple times and wondering if you need an eye check-up. I’ll not try to describe these bugs as there are several posts describing them in detail.


Flow heat transfer

Left-to-right liquid/gas flow heat transfer is different than the right-to-left liquid/gas flow  heat transfer [bug report]


Liquid Duplication

Make your own geyser while you still can. [Topic] [bug report]


Divergent output (and bridge output)

Buildings internal storage heat manipulation. Although some buildings should output the combined temperature of their inputs, they act differently. [bug report]
There is also a [bridge output] bug that could be related.


Steam deletion

Enclosed steam room pressure decreases with no apparent reason. [bug report]


MD frustration

Bugs that seemed buggy when in DLC and still seem buggy in base game



Copy button doesn’t copy if the blueprint is cancelled after it was put down but the button to copy it stays there like it could be used. [bug report [1],[2]]




Wires not displaying consumed energy/energy consumers like they used to. Only selecting a building can reveal that info now. [bug report [1],[2],[3]]




Asteroid names

No vanilla standard asteroid names (Rime, Oassisse, …). Where did they go..? The usual info when hovering over the “day-night cycle” icon, doesn’t show the proper name of vanilla asteroid but a RNG name like the game chooses them for DLC. [bug report]


Old vanilla save (before MD) opened recently

New map generated recently (both maps are Terra vanilla asteroid)


Menu overlap

Overlapping menus : It is inconvenient if you need to check dupe bio or stats. You can't pass through several dupes without closing and opening the menu several times. But it is really inconvenient when debug is open and you need to check anything on the right side menus. [bug report]


This is how I check my dupes’ skills “quickly”



This is how I spawn a dupe when the debug menu is open. (Spawn. Type d-u-p, click!)

I hope that at least some of these bugs could be fixed (some time in the near future…?:rolleyes:

There were many more bugs/QoL improvements that were left out of this list like:

  • the “ranchers only skill up by hugging eggs” 
  • the “forever lit workplace even when light is out”
  • Pips planting too much
  • Liquid germs deletion
  • Missing overheat temperature in several buildings
  • Auto-sweeper trapped in a loop when transferring items that sublime in storage

…. (and many many more)

so I don’t know how many players would find this list of ~25 bugs "good enough" but I think it’s a start to squashing each and every single bug still in the game.

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I'll just add my 2b on your list...

Regarding "Tower of terror", purely my opinion & speculation here:

I don't believe it to be a bug but part of the checks done on load.

We all know that there are maximum mass limits per solid element per tile. What the game does when loading is check for this value and enforce it. The way this is enforced is to let the tile "bloom" vertically with the leftover mass from the offending tile. Rinse and repeat as often as needed. Do note that the same element as the tile is what has to be entombed for this to happen.

Scenarios where this is seen:

  • You're a happy camper and have finally managed to build that core tamer, good 'ol skillful you! But you didn't take into account that compressing all that magma to get it done would eventually bite you back when it freezes into igneous rock, right? There's the origin of one terror.
  • Ah, space, the final biome for many. So you've gone and done that wonderful array of regolith miners but ... ? Guess what, a mini terror awaits for those that didn't care to sweep all that regolith debris that will get entombed your next meteor shower, by more regolith. This one has happened many a time for me.

I temporarily leave you with a minor annoyance, could probably be added to those "one liners":


Judgemental pacu is judgemental. The output lines are empty, really. Who uses filters anyway?

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7 hours ago, fishoutofwater said:

Dupe stuck trying to release overpressured+disabled oil well is buggy?

I thought it was my fault, so I just enable the disabled oil well using dupe sensor.

It is a bug. See, for example, here: 


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On 8/19/2021 at 8:43 AM, JRup said:

We all know that there are maximum mass limits per solid element per tile. What the game does when loading is check for this value and enforce it. The way this is enforced is to let the tile "bloom" vertically with the leftover mass from the offending tile. Rinse and repeat as often as needed. Do note that the same element as the tile is what has to be entombed for this to happen.

Except that it isn't a tile that has "too much mass".. it's a bunch of debris ( which is fine ) that is entombed in a tile.

I had no idea the fish feeder was bugged on top of the stupid calorie count that the fish get from eating the algae.  I was trying to breed some pacu last night and the breeder began to starve but I just need another half a cycle to get another egg out of him, so I set the limit to the maximum 200kg of algae and the pacu only got like 14 calories or enough for about a minute.  It's kind of absurd that 1 kg of seed can now last them nearly 4 cycles, but you can load a full 200kg of algae in multiple times and still not get one full cycle.

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31 minutes ago, psusi said:

Except that it isn't a tile that has "too much mass".. it's a bunch of debris ( which is fine ) that is entombed in a tile.

I believe I did specify that the same "element" as the solid tile has to be entombed for the effect to happen. Mismanaging debris without taking this into account is what gives way to "tower of terror" episodes.

You can easily try this in an ice biome as it has readily available ice tiles and using this isn't as wasteful for experimentation uses. I can guarantee it will work, the blooming behavior has even been mentioned in an abyssalite melting thread. (Jump to kbn's comment)

oni-db.com has a nice way to check for maximum mass per element. Have fun on save-load!

If I misunderstood the scenario you're trying to convey then I will need more details from you.


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29 minutes ago, JRup said:

I believe I did specify that the same "element" as the solid tile has to be entombed for the effect to happen. Mismanaging debris without taking this into account is what gives way to "tower of terror" episodes.

There is also the "it doesn't do that* if it's on top of built tiles" which I mention in the "description" of the bug but I didn't see specified anywhere (or missed a mention of it...)

Edit: *"It doesn't do that" if you use sandbox to entomb debris in a natural tile above a built tile. If you use a dispenser to put debris inside a natural tile, it forms a tower either way... :dejection: (same elements of natural tiles and debris entombed)

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10 minutes ago, sakura_sk said:

There is also the "it doesn't do that if it's on top of built tiles" which I mention in the "description" of the bug but I didn't see specified anywhere (or missed a mention of it...)

You are correct, this is needed for completeness' sake.

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I'm wondering why no one cares about THIS ONE:

Isn't that a serious issue that breaks the balance drastically? You try to scale things up like you always do in those kinds of games but it just doesn't add up. You can feed 100 dreckos with just a couple of plants. You spend 10-20 kg of dirt to acquire tons of plastic/cycle. I think that those kinds of bugs should be prioritized 

Or nobody noticed it? 

I haven't checked on other critters which interact with plants but it seems like the feeding mechanic is broken


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28 minutes ago, sakura_sk said:

I don't think that "no one" cares. There is a "Fix Dreckos" suggestion out there but it's not a bug that makes dreckos non functional like the other 3 critter related bugs of this list.

How does the "hatch teleport" bug make them non functional? It's smth that we could live with

The post you mentioned  has been written on 4 June. Apparently no one cares. Such bugs make a game look cheap

And guys, I wanted to ask folks who understand things. imagine the case:
Your cooker has the highest priority on cooking and the lowest on digging. When he brings stuff to a stove he doesn't start cooking it, he goes to dig one tile and only after he comes back to cook. So the chore for cooking has been written after the digging chore.

It's def a serious tumor on the priority system BUT I would understand if it's related somehow with the game performance (always very much appreciated) and it's just  a hard pill to swallow

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3 minutes ago, kolyapedal said:

The post you mentioned  has been written on 4 June.

And this bug exists since ...forever (along with other ranching related bugs).

Well... I don't think anyone mentioned it when I was writing the list (and I cared a little bit more about hatches being bugged... :rolleyes: which seems it doesn't interest many people ). There are many more bugs that were not mentioned because I was trying to have a short list and not a never ending one. :distant:

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In general this list is.. unsettling.
So many bugs that seem to be left postponed till never. It doesn't instill confidence in developers :(
(I know that there are priorities etc but some of those predate even official release I guess and look simple to fix but with dlc dev way under way nothing happened with them)

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My point is:

We have learned to live with many bugs you mentioned in your post.  "Infinite skill points"? ok, just don't dig neutronium. "Care package"? don't mess with the printing pod. "The stable bug"? don't make changes to the stable design (but agreed, this one hurts when you wanna try some complicated designs). And so on... If it doesn't make the game more interesting don't spoil it for yourself and forgive the devs.

I just don't realize how to dodge the drecko bug  (I build 3 plants for 1 drecko like it's supposed to be (it's literally said in the description)  and I feel stupid looking at the excessive mealwood on the floor) That's just ridiculously inappropriate for the management games (you're wondering after: wait... but how did they balance the game if this "very seriously influencing the balance feature" doesn't work at all??) 


Smth has changed at Klei's. At some point they just gave up on many things in the game. They were trying to maintain  the game polished before. Just reading   "The “one line fixes”     is so troubling and concerning, to say the least. 

Klei, is everything alright? I'm worried. I heard rumors that the company has been sold?

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Some of the bugs seem really low priority for fixing. Like why does it hurt that the output is one tile to the left? I guess when super optimizing it matters but an average user doesn`t even notice it. Some of this stuff i don`t even consider bugs. Like the glass solidfying is just a case of putting water under the glass forge which transfers heat ouside of it. I guess the contents could be insulated but it feels like it`s almost intended.

A lot of the bugs are a product of the merge and will be likely squashed soon. Some are repeat bugs like the entombing pacu.

There seem to be a ton of bugs with ranching though. Like if they given up on this aspect of the game. After Ranching II there was some leftover stuff like critter traps that were too expensive and didn`t see use. It was never adressed. Similarly there were some bugs left unfixed. I still hope they will get to fixing this system eventually. It need just minor improvements and fixing inconsistencies.

The bugs i`m concerned about are the ones that break your game, like the steam deletion that can break your turbine design or the ones that can make dupes stuck (teleport) in weird spots. Currently seems like the devs are focused on fixing crashes so maybe the minor stuff will get attention after they fix the big ones.

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9 minutes ago, Sasza22 said:

A lot of the bugs are a product of the merge and will be likely squashed soon.

Only the bugs listed under MD frustrations are new due to MD. Most of these bugs are years old but still in the game so I'm not so sure "soon" would be a correct term in defining the timeframe for fixing them.

There's literally hundreds of small bugs, QoL improvements, visual bugs etc that didn't make the initial list. You can see it as testing if the devs really mean it when they say they want to fix bugs because most of the bugs in this first list are deemed by people more knowledge about coding then me to be very easy fixes that will take minimal effort. So if the devs doesn't fix those then we don't see any hope they'll ever fix those that are harder to fix.

Visual bugs are obviously left out because that involves having one of the artists redo some work, and that's obviously a lot more difficult than just changing one line of code, in some cases it's even directly written where the piece of code to change is, and what it needs to be changed to work as it should.

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On 8/20/2021 at 7:56 AM, psusi said:

Except that it isn't a tile that has "too much mass".. it's a bunch of debris ( which is fine ) that is entombed in a tile.

The tower of terror is concerning because it can hit anyone, even newer players, with an unexplainable and unavoidable tower of scalding hot igneous rock. This incident is most common on maps (usually Volcanea) where chunks of magma solidify and then gets entombed in igneous rock dozens of tiles down in the magma biome, waiting to become a huge tower the moment the save is loaded. In addition, tall towers of regolith can easily form in the Space biome, in some cases even causing crashes to desktop (which do not reach the Klei crash reporter!) due to assertions failing in the Sim.

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Here's one I can add!

Farm plots can be easily confused. This leads to consumption of fertilizer or atmosphere even when the plant is "wilted" (and should therefore not be consuming resources). My initial bug report from 2+ years ago


This plant doesn't have enough fertilizer to grow -- but it still greedily consumes all the chlorine it can access!

More recently, I discovered the reverse!


Trying to cool my noshbean farm, I wound up in a state where I had the beans growing, even though there was no fertilizer to consume!


Save files included below. This has turned me off of using Dasha Saltvines in general (at least, domestic ones). Ostensibly, they're sand-positive. But if the source of chlorine is intermittent, they can suck up all your sand in fertilizer and net negative!

PlantConsumptionBug.sav PlantConsumptionBugReverse.sav

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On 8/19/2021 at 6:56 PM, sakura_sk said:

Gas Range outputs CO2 one tile above the 3x3 size of the building. If that tile is blocked, it stops outputting CO2

Actually if the output tile is blocked, it will slowly delete the mass of that tile ... once all the mass is gone, CO2 will be released into that tile, most of the case it will go the another room that you don't want CO2 in. Reload the game will reset the tile's mass.

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