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  1. This is an old bug that, to my knowledge, never got reported. Someone already did a great video demonstrating it: By replacing a tile with another tile of another material just before it's deconstructed, you can build another building inside. Once re-built, tiles have a weird behavior, interacting with the world in some ways, but not in others: from the sim perspective, they are seen as regular tiles from Dupes perspective, they will go through if there is a door inside from other buildings perspective, they exist for requirements (Wall Pot see them as a valid wall) but it doesn't prevent buildings inside from working A few examples: There is a mechanized door set to "Open" just left of the printing pod. Dupes can go through, gases cannot. The Bluff Briars are inside Wall pots.This is for demonstration, but the real value is to combine it with this exploit. The Liquid Pump is tricked by the droplet of water and will pump the magma without transferring it with it at 10kg/s. This is by far easier than non-exploit methods to do that. The Gas Pump is tricked to pump and will not exchange heat with the bottom left gases. Unfortunately, it's coded in a way that it requires line of sight to pump, and this exploit doesn't work there : it's actively pumping, but it doesn't output anything. Before reload, it was depleting the gas, after reload it doesn't anymore. Here is the save with the already built contraptions: General experimentations.sav
  2. I'm pretty sure this issue predates the current testing branch, as it was pointed out a few weeks ago on Discord, but this used to work correctly (here is a link for a discussion from 15/06/2021: On that screenshot, Catalina should not have the "Private Bedroom" buff. While it's minor, perhaps it's a good time to talk about that balance. If the bug was to be fixed, with the baseline at 830%/cycle: Sleeping in a Cot in barracks give 1030%/cycle stamina recovery (+100% from cots, +100% from barracks) Sleeping in a Comfy Bed in a non-private Bedroom give 1030%/cycle as well (+200% from comfy bed, nothing from bedroom) Sleeping in a Comfy Bed in barracks give 1130%/cycle (+200% from comfy bed, +100% from barracks) Sleeping in a Comfy Bed in a private Bedroom give 1230%/cycle (+200% from comfy bed, +200% from private bedroom) It seems odd that Bedrooms don't at least give the same +100% stamina recovery as barracks, or even more (for example +200% for non private, +300% for private).
  3. There's a lot of crazy stuff all over, I took tuxii idea and added my optimized builds in my signature.
  4. Indeed. My main post is focused on balance from an optimization perspective, but Cuddle Pips are a prime example of critters you'd want to ranch because they are cute. From that point of view, they fit a good balance of being cute enough for that and still have some utility. More than Longhair Slicksters on both counts in my opinion.
  5. I've updated the main post for Public Testing 507045. Notably, there were some buffs to the Cuddle Pips, making it better at its task. Unfortunately, it's not enough to change my conclusion on them (though time might prove me wrong). First significant buff, they require only 4 cells now, so for example they can be with a single egg in a 8 cells room: Or you can house 24 Cuddle Pips in a max-sized ranch (though obviously, the point of the buff is to house them with eggs): That buff is nice, but you'll still need infrastructure to limit the number of eggs inside the ranch, and it will still take a lot of room, and doubling the incubation rate (assuming on incubator) is underwhelming for all that. Dupes now get a small buff when hugging a Cuddle Pip, which really make sense: That's funny and an interesting reason to do that to be nice to your Dupes, but from a min-maxxing perspective, it's nothing (stress isn't an issue in the first place, and -5% for 0.5 cycles considering this investment is not worth it).
  6. Nice, some much needed Cuddle Pips buffs! Hopefully the Delecta Vole will receive a buff as well (possibly indirect, just making Tonic Root more useful might be enough). Is it me or did Curried Beans visual change as well?
  7. I don't remember seeing a patch note mentionning that bug to be fixed. And as we can see, it hasn't been marked as fixed either by a developer.
  8. Thanks for the confirmation! Yeah, 2 cells wide ranch it is. Indeed, I completely missed that, thanks for the correction. I updated the main post to reflect that. It doesn't change my impression of Cuddle Pips: very cute, but very niche, probably won't see much use.
  9. Very interesting, I didn't think about that! I've updated the main post with that information. There goes my plan of having a one cell wide range to restrict Oakshells movement. Seems like the limit is at least 2 cells: one dry to shed molts and one in ethanol (or perhaps more will be needed, remains to be tested), to lay Oakshell eggs
  10. I was going to edit my previous post, but since you replied so fast, here goes, about 3 cycles later: They are still Glum (of course, there is no Grooming Station) and have happily produced about 1 molt per cycle (again, not a definitive number, I didn't really time it)
  11. Hum, if this works the same way with Oakshells/Sanishell, it should be possible to keep an uniform population without any egg sorting. That would simplify ranching them. While the "0.2 molts per cycle" is probably inaccurate (it was a quick visual estimation not backed by extensive testing), tame and glum Oakshells do produce 0.2 molts from time to time. I've observed it several time, long after they were not groomed anymore. There might be other conditions that prevent molt production, but the 2 Oakshells in that screenshot definitely produce Molts (I've removed the others to be sure, it was litered with Molts before I double-checked that and saw them produce Motls 2 time to ensure it was not a fluke):
  12. Oops, that was a typo. It's indeed 0.65kg/s. I corrected that. Added the 350kg on bottom tile detail to the main post, thanks for experimenting! Is it really 100% Pinch Roe, or does it cap at 96/2/2 like it does for other critters?
  13. No it's not. Current ranches you describe use a few breeders that are fed and groomed, and a starvation ranch for shearing, with no fed+glum critter anywhere. What blakemw propose is to have only fed+glum dreckos, without any grooming, and without starvation ranch either (since fed+glum dreckos are only ever going to produce a single egg) . That means absolutely no grooming labor. I don't remember seeing any design that way. Before that update, it would be impossible to get more than a few dreckos in a single ranch, since they'd eat as much as possible, not leaving enough to eat for the others. With the update, they'll eat less, and thus leave food for the others, making large fed+glum drecko ranches a possibility.
  14. I've rephrased the quick maths to be a bit clearer. Basically, when using 24 Glum Oakshells: They eat 0.68kg/s pdirt 4 Ethanol Refineries using the lumber they produce (after crushing Molts with a Rock Crusher) produce 1.33kg/s pdirt That's a net 0.65kg/s pdirt that you can use for whatever