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Duplicant stuck on oil well disabled by automation

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I've build two oil wells setted up to automaticaly stop when the pool is full.

But the duplicant often comes to empty the natural gaz when the well is disabled by the automation. (or maybe just before)

From then, the duplicant is stucked in front of the well, and don't purge any gas at all. :-/

I'm forced to reactivate the well, so that the duplicant can work and go on he's next work. -_-




Don't have noticed this behavior before the last update.

Cantaloup Gigantesque.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Build an oil well, with a small pool underneath.

In the pool, add a liquid sensor so that the oil automatically stop pumping.

Then wait for the oil well to need a purge just before the sensor disable it.

User Feedback

this also happens if the oil well gets disabled due to not having water in pipes anymore

the dupe even gains skill trying to empty the pressure, there is the animation running but no pressure gets released

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