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  1. Real game killer is low FPS. Food system is finally providing some challenge and berry sludge is now really useful for spacetrips.
  2. There is multithreaded A* algorithm I think but having every critter run in one thread would improve performance so much so it would be as if you only had 1 critter if you can provide enough cores. You know how much faster could ONI run if every duper/critter ran in their own thread? I blame guy who coded task jobs to be lazy and didn't solve multithreaded conflict when 2 dupes would be assigned same task, since it's not a problem if tasks are calculated in single thread since it would not be available. Then again recalculating remaining tasks again would probably do it. Think of it like this: 100 dupes right now would take 100T calculation time to solve for tasks. Now if we ran them in 100 threads it would only take 1T but you'd have conflicting jobs. Soooo 1T -> resolve conflicting jobs -> 1T -> resolve very improbably last conflicting jobs again 1T so we may be looking at 2-3T time compared to single threaded 100T time. See how multithreading can improve performance? This would actually make single threaded CPU way slower this way but who the hell have less than 4 cores in their computer in 2021?
  3. You can roll back update if you know how. Fun fact: you can still play agricultural update from original first alpha on steam.
  4. I tested public beta test branch and I'm not seeing any peformance improvement.
  5. You don't need to disable HT just set proper CPU affinity for given task. But I guess disabling HT is pretty easy option if you don't have high MT load.
  6. Spiffing brit had 500 players Sooooo agument invalid. I wouldn't mind dumbing things down for performance, I don't need realistic physics or way too complex interactions. Don't tell me you can't compute entities in paralel or separate pipes in paralel. Besides dupes are so stupid that I doubt that they have even a bit of intelligence in them. They get stuck in so many places. Also I quit factorio save after ragequitting because stuff gets way too complex with mods, in ONI i ragequit because I hate 10-20FPS gameplay. Plus they could multithread each planet since they don't interact with each other.
  7. There is i7-10750CPU? I tried googling but only found some mobile CPU i7-10750H