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  1. I just use atmo suits and don't even care.
  2. I want to play 100K challenge but I wonder if I should wait for new DLC or just go for it now. Looking like we might get new DLC in 2021 I might even pass on it because of Cyberpunk 2077 and new exp for Elite Dangerous. I know ONI will take another 1000h+ so I must not tempt myself with this addictive game.
  3. Can you link to that mod? I can't seem to find it.
  4. Oxygen not included 2: mass deletion not included. Maybe we could hope for ONI 2 that will not have magic mass creation and deletion. I still have 1000h+ in ONI so I got my money's worth x100.
  5. This brings back minecraft memories. Don't dig straight up or straight down.
  6. Oxygen not included MMO? Also add first person view please!
  7. I can already see: using nuclear reactor to melt abyssalite.
  8. We definitely need ONI 2 where mass will be conserved. But right now even energy is being deleted (heat). There should be like difficulty options based on what resource is missing while not having charity pod enabled. Like no wolframite or gold or something. Maybe even geyser count setting game difficulty feels like it should have way more options than we have now and planet features feels more like casino rolls than choice.
  9. Nuclear reactors for making nuclear rocket fuel maybe? Because I don't need power. Power is a thing you worry at start of a game. Unless we get some orbital mechanics where asteroids get further from star and starts cooling down so you need to heat up stuff or maybe cool it which would make even more power. We need either more VERY power hungry buildings or nuclear industry will not be for power but something else.
  10. All critters can be wrangled. Just build room around them, build critter drop off and set max critters to 0, then autowrangle and job's done!