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  1. How can you call automation update when you forget the most important thing, complete sensor pack for automation rails? We need this!
  2. Bad GPU driver, not a ONI problem.
  3. Isn't science completely useless for endgame? Instead of vents going dormant they should have high sediment level and science dupe will need to decontaminate sediment by pouring science juice to unclog vent. Maybe sediment charge for volcano and who knows what. But I'm pretty happy how it works now. We need more endgame content to keep us busy.
  4. heh dupe soldiers fighting monsters, yay dungeon keeper!
  5. I have no use for them, i use steam engines for cooling and hydrogen is always in low amounts because rockets eat them all.
  6. Faster RAM makes sense for code that uses lot of small instructions (Factorio). If you're doing less but more complex instructions RAM speed does not help much.
  7. WHAT THE HELL? Pump from hell?
  8. Benchmark it already people!
  9. Production machines are not paused, but they are pretty heavyli optimized, when things are not doing anything they are paused. How does it work? Well you can read all about it in FFF on their site, where they explained in really big detail how they optimized what and what tricks they use to make game runs fast. How about you read about it in FFF? Factorio friday facts? They are writing them for years now. Instead of I dunno maybe go there and get all details there? Since I don't remember it word for word just the basic idea. They use sleep mode for things that aren't doing anything right now. Which is maybe even 99.9% paused. They have this thing that only process things that needs to be processed. And they made it so fast that factorio is the only game that HUGELY benefit from RAM speed. ONI is too dynamic for this.
  10. Factorio have one trick that ONI does not. It pauses 99% of whole game when you are far or not looking. Problem with ONI is that if you pause things offscreen (first bunker doors lol) things will go to hell really fast. I will test it today. I still think unity is spork at best too.
  11. There is missing solid ethanol from liquefiable category.
  12. Go to user settings and make mods.json read only and you will never get disabled mods ever again. But as I said game will bitсh about it and you have to setup autoclicker to click ok and everything is fine!