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  1. Hmm dupe with two heads. Would that dupe be twice as smart or twice as stupid? When it comes to regolith, perhaps not every asteroid should be exposed to meteor showers right?
  2. Heavy pipes 100kg capacity and industrial pump with 4000-8000W (not sure yet but definitely not less than 4k) of power needed! Hell yea! Power and resource sink in one!
  3. I found this on this forum from 2017... And also matches how I play ONI.
  4. Viscogel is nice for basic use but when you want madlad airlocks for very cool or very hot rooms then it's a problem, but for the most part use viscogel.
  5. Looks like you need to name your dupes Victim 1, 2, 3 have them afk at base until they can research and allow only them in "totally safe" research area for experiments. If you run out of researchers just print more.
  6. First of all my boy, this is NOT Rimworld! This is ONI. If you want to detain misbehaving colonists, go play Rimworld, there they even might fight back. ONI is a comics art style family friendly simulator which have just about enough physics in it to constantly confuse people pointing at their physics books and saying that's not how it is in real life. The only dumb thing AI does for me is getting stuck, I mean learn to step back damn you!
  7. Looks like I have to backup current version to roll back after update.
  8. There is radiation in game? Is it in like test version or something?
  9. I tried few things, i built that radar inside crew cabin and it didn't work, i built small rocket with that telescope module, it also didn't work. The only thing that worked is placing telescope on planet. I don't know how to explore.
  10. Stop speaking in tongues! Nobody here speaks demon language.