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  1. Mods... simply use mods. They usually scratch every itch of your gameplay need.
  2. It works in cycles, i have 1 prince and pufts, when prince dies only princes are made till all pufts are dead, then one prince is added again and he makes more pufts, it's a very uneven process but it kinda works. My princes only produce puft eggs for some reason so I have to have pufts for squeaky ones.
  3. I wonder did they fix micrograms of metal on conveyors never exchanging temperatures? Because I have lot of hanging situations when taming metal volcanoes with temp sensors on conveyors and there are few mcg packets sitting still at 900C+.
  4. Hatches seems to eat 0.4kg of pickled meal instead of 1.2kg meal lice per day. I call this as an absolute win.
  5. 1 for prince 4 for pufts and prince have higher priority. It sort of works.
  6. I solved it by using 2 drop off points, sort of.
  7. I use saunas and hot tubs as heat deletion mechanism. Aquatuner makes 115C-200C steam (depending how much heat you want to delete) steam will loop to saunas and gets dumped back to aquatuner heating, when saunas get used water output is buffered and stored in ceramic pipes for hot tubs (80C) all that cooling is used to cool hot tubs and saunas and rest of the base. So simply put aquatuner -> sauna -> hot tub -> aquatuner and you'll get water heat deletion from 200C to 37C, do whatever you want with it.
  8. I've been searching for puft farm designs but I don't know how to limit 1 prince per 1 stable and put rest of pufts to be ones I want.
  9. Are we talking about drip cooling bug or what?
  10. There is also one really really simmilar game to ONI but you have first person control like Terraria, it's in early access but I forgot the name. I also didn't like that game.
  11. Looks cheap and unpolished That game gave me feeling like someone did it in a week and put up crude video. I think ONI will be fine.