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  1. We need an optimization pass really badly.
  2. We need stairs, i hate to force dupes climb all those ledges.
  3. The most useless skill in game
  4. Really you see ONI and DS as same games when it comes to multiplayer? There is 0 usefulness in multiplayer in ONI. You have problem with time warp in MP. I saw DS that this game can benefit from MP because it have all things that good MP game needs. I want to see detailed WORKING and sensible detailed description of how you see ONI to work in MP. COOP? No idea how would this work. Control just 1 dupe? How many player you'd need to be reasonable? Independent bases that just trade stuff? PVP? You can just rush dupes to dig and kill opponent.
  5. You ask solitaire devs for multiplayer too?
  6. Damn ice making our roads slippery at just -1C, if there was only substance that could melt it at that temperature or maybe even lower. Could be some sort of white sandish thing.
  7. Yeah they should at least do sims spin!
  8. Pathfinding is ****e. Maybe thread something better? I have 23 dupes on day 500+ and i managed to get game running playablish by blocking and locking unused space. If you have access points to sides and you lock it game seems to run faster. If everyone can go everywhere then game probably runs Djikstra's algorithm 50% of CPU time or more.
  9. Nah. Maybe something on more realistic approach like real AC. Cools air but heats up liquid/gas in pipe.
  10. Can't we get some boiling machine or something. Oh maybe even better thermo resistant material, steel and heat up to 500C that would be nice What about dual pipes that can carry liquid or gas! No more melting problems.
  11. I was looking at known bugs list and it wasn't there. Do devs know about this?
  12. They switched them before like 3-4x but now they just refuse.
  13. Well I have big base on cycle 350, but sometimes i want to switch things up and change valve values but those dumblicants refuse to switch it. Anyone knows what might be a problem? I even have 2 idiots just idling and freezing because they are dumb as hell but noone to come and change flow on valve. This is really pissing me off.
  14. You cant seriously eat 200Mcal and not call it a bug.