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  1. How do you people can have sweeper arms in vacuum without any cooling? Or how the hell is this one cooled?
  2. As long as it works, it's fine in my eyes.
  3. Can you passively cool steam engine just by ethanol evaporating and condensing? SHC magic trick?
  4. Go to user settings and make mods.json read only and you will never get disabled mods ever again. But as I said game will bitсh about it and you have to setup autoclicker to click ok and everything is fine!
  5. There is no such thing in the video so I wonder.
  6. No counterflow heat exchange?
  7. You know, you can make a belt loop and run those 20kg chunks in loop near heat source, that'll melt them really fast! Not there yet? Build ice sculptures in your water tank! Or just build storage containers and limit them to 100kg or so. Like build your storage normally and one with high priority but only 100kg, it will cost dupe time, but it will melt gradually.
  8. Looks good to me. You can combine some vents if they are close. Hot and cold water mix to make just right water, etc.
  9. I play with my settings like that all the time, and I deconstruct building and wonder why the hell they also deconstructed pipes and power. Because I restarted game in between! There should be option to remember settings.
  10. Huge RAM issue

    It's not 2D game, it's 2D physics simulation with pressure and temperature simulation. Those kind of thing usually runs on supercomputers but they are multithreaded as hеll. They said they are working on another performance update, so fingers crossed! I bet if they manage to lower memory usage a lot, it would speed up game a lot.
  11. This is definitely broken, delete whole folder and reinstall. Something's gone wrong, mods maybe?
  12. It does not remember settings! Everytime i start game it's collapsed!