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  1. Heat oil until it's sour gas then cool sour gas to liquid form and if you heat up that liquid methane you get natural gas! Profit!
  2. You think performance update does not sell? It does but it never has good reviews. Example of performance patch being sold as completely new game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/313010/Cities_XXL/ Pushing the limits? Trying to use one of each things available with 2 small ranches and few planets colonized did ruin peformance a lot. You'd start lagging way before you even built 1 of each building. Plus I can only play this game on my main PC with i9-9900K with 32GB ram since on my notebook i7-9750H with 16GB is pretty much unplayable.
  3. Yeah that's the unity problem. Oni will lag if you look at pacu wrong, in factorio which uses their own 2D engine you can build factories on mindboggling size and not lag game that easy. With unity you get faster dev time but at what cost? On side note i finally hit 2000h played in ONI! Hurray! That being said i still have more time in ONI than Factorio. Which begs the question, if ONI wouldn't be performance limited and would not make me rage quit due to low fps, would I even be able to go to work? Or would I be playing ONI 24/7? Thanks to fast track mod I pushed my played time to 2000h and it's not stopping any time soon.
  4. I am strictly against any update to this game. We need ONI 2. With peformance optimizations and multitheading from start! I'm for a bit simplified physics for sake of game speed. Good base foundation will allow for lot of DLCs without killing framerate down to 0. This my most played game on steam and I want more! Also mark old version as stable and stop balancing them! Like freeze base game, freeze Spaced Out and keep on moving with new stuff. People who play without DLC probably don't want their experience to change.
  5. Video guides are cropped in 32:9 SUW I can't see top and bottom of video, they are stretched beyond view.
  6. This game uses primitive old unity engine with ancient garbage collection from what i've read so i don't have high hopes for this stupid lag to be fixed in this game. ONI2 on newer engine? Perhaps.
  7. Constant 30 fps no matter what is better than 120 fps with constant few second freeze.
  8. For me losing simulation time is not as bad as framerate going apeshift crazy! I'd rather have FPS to be completely decoupled from any game function. So you can plan without freeze and stutters. I'd rather have UI run at 30-60FPS than going 0-200 all the time.
  9. Can you also test this against fast track mod?
  10. I will roll back their stupid update if they ever manage to break this mod. Because I don't care for new content if it means running single digit FPS. This mod feeds my addiction once more!
  11. I wonder if that pathfinder is to blame for those lags when giving dig orders and such.
  12. I like this big brain performance mod! Made ONI much much MUCH more enjoyable experience. What's content good for when you rage quit half way to endgame due to immense lag and low fps? Looks like I can enable BIC again in 0.3.2! Im going to test it today.