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Super Productive Dupes mining Neutronium?

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I've now seen two different posts on reddit of dupes who reach skill level around 2147483637. The posts are this, and this. The first post has several ideas about what causes this, possibly a super productive dupe who instantly digs a tile of neutronium.

Since it's been posted twice, might as well start a discussion, and then put an official bug report in. I'm guessing @Angpaur could shed some light.  Maybe there is already a good bug post on this, but I wasn't able to find it with several searches. (Picture is linked to from the first reddit post.) 


Anyone seen the issue?

Found a post on the forums (not bug report) that shows this back in February.



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Yeah, turns out superproductive dupes gain also superpowers and can mine neutronium and when doing so are "rewarded" with a maximum allowed value of skill experience points. When a dupe is under superproductive overjoyed reaction it has 10% chance of finishing any taks instantly, and this include mining neutronium too.

Don't try to put them in skill scrubber after, because it will cause them to lose all skill points, but still having a maximum allowed value of experience will prevent gaining any new skill points.

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