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  1. Making "everything goes to ****" fun! Hehehehe, that is amost perfectly well described what happens in ONI for your first few colonies.... May many more things completely go to **** in the DLC!
  2. Hmm. I seem to at least have gotten almost all or all Hydrogen with my anti-SPOM: Can you elaborate on the deletion?
  3. That is one thing that is tricky. What you can do for getting it absolutely done now is to configure some dupes so they are disallowed anything but tidying up and storage (I think) or have everything else on a lower priority, then set the storage to "sweep only" and mark the debris you want removed for sweeping. That usually does the trick. Other than that, see what others have said above.
  4. I actually place the gym wheels at prio 1 and the real feeders at prio 9, with 80% as lower threshold to start charging again. That way, they only go to the gym when the batteries are full anyways and there is no point in using the power from the gym.
  5. Well, I saw a dynamic going that was not good, so I made this posting. I think it and the responses managed to stop that dynamic and we got some nice explanation about what is going on. We did not get any numbers or estimates, but lets be honest: Estimates about software are nonsense even when you do boring business software where you know exactly what the end product will look like. Something like an ONI DLC is outside of where you can make realistic estimates. So I am not expecting any. What was obvious is that the "small extensions" process pretty much had run its course for the time being and that space & rocketry was actually too large for it. They tried, they got a reasonable result, but it falls behind the rest of the game noticeably. Then they tried some additional small extensions and found that is not really the way forward. That a DLC takes a lot longer is not a surprise, and it may well not have been out yet even without the current health crisis. They will certainly not take a very long time and then deliver something not good. Klei is far to capable and experienced at what they do for that. Sure, they may deliver something _controversial_, but that is just a thing that happens is people really care about a game. What they will not do is deliver something boring or unworkable. And I very much expect it to be not easy to master at first either.
  6. I find that if you threaten them that you will build a septic tank specifically to drown them in if they pee in the clean water, they can hold it a bit longer while running for the toilet
  7. I think the current game is pretty good, I just need a break for a while. But even if there were no DLC, I am sure I would play it again.
  8. It probably just means that they do not really use the development branch.
  9. It does. The most elegant solution is the single-bridge approach though. Personally, I just put in bridges generously, as the also serve as "no-mess" points where you can open the loop later.
  10. Excellent. The flow-calculation algorithm uses some shortcuts that cause this problem, but it much faster as a result. You just sometimes have to help it along by making some parts of the net one-direction using bridges. Don't worry about it. ONI is complex enough that everybody needs some help at times.
  11. Well, ONI has a ton of animations going on. You can fully zoom out and all animations are still being run. I have no idea how much GPU that would need though, but path planning on a GPU is not a good idea as you would have to use GPU main memory. That would probably make things slower than doing it on the CPU.
  12. I do the same until all dupes are trained up. Works well. You can simplify it a bit with a timer sensor set to 0.1sec red and 30sec green.
  13. Exactly. Steam rockets are very cheap (I usually just dump 40t of hot Regolith in an enclosed space and then pump water in), and they nicely get you to petroleum research-wise.
  14. I really do not see any problem with ONI here. I see quite a few problems with what some people actually want instead. It is a game. It has a design that allows some insane contraptions. It in no way forces you to use them, so stop complaining.