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  1. For variable values of "early game". In my last base, I went to suits around cycle 2000. The better you get at this game, the less need to hurry
  2. For this use, you probably can just place 3...4 tanks or so into chlorine, no control or automation needed, just keep them filled.
  3. They are still useful to create oxygen pockets before you have moved to exosuits. I find that this happens later and later, the longer I play.
  4. No idea. But putting a chlorine-Sterilizer before the refinery is pretty easy. It has been ages I used germy pwater for anything.
  5. This is not really a difficult idea, but somebody may find it useful. It serves to measure how long a device is up and down, for example to measure how much electricity an aquatuner or tepidizer in a setting with a regulator actually consumes on average. For that, it uses two timers: 1. Seconds total and 2. Seconds up. Divide value 2 by value 1 to get the uptime ratio. The timer sensor is set to 0.5s/0.5s, the switch provides a reset capability. The signal to be measured comes in from the right into the AND gate. I have drawn in the non-visible signal lines to make things clearer. In this example, the uptime is 0.113 or 11.3%.
  6. That would explain why I have seen the balloon thing exactly once so far despite having several balloon artists in every colony.
  7. You are right. Basically hardness of the natural tile (no idea, but iron and copper ore from doors works), and all the condition the plant wants to have. In addition to the distance requirements.
  8. My last stage has been stable at 397.6C...397.9C for a few 100 cycles now and I only need to heat the petroleum to 404C. (403C did not work.) With that I have a very low 150W average for the heating aquatuner at the full 10kg/s conversion. Even if the rest turns out to be completely worse than the existing designs, I think this aspect is a plus. Of course combining stages from different designs is perfectly possible. Excellent! If you find out, let me know. I currently have no clue
  9. And here I though my dupes were just getting lazy in cleaning up the debris That is to say, I do observe the same issue. 2x100kg per opening cycle seems to be what gets generated. Probably before the weekend. Need to build many, many doors fast! On a completely unrelated note, this also works with Thermium doors....
  10. That seems like a very good idea. Excellent, thanks. Will start testing that immediately!
  11. Are you sure? Not all plants show up in the farming overlay. Air pressure has to be right as well. I never had an instance where the known rules did not work.