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  1. Anybody know how top get rid of a sweepy bot? Deconstructing the base-station does not do it. Do I have to melt this thing?
  2. I stopped using them a few months back. More hassle than they are worth. I do use fire poles and I put in plastic ladders for the main staircase/
  3. Yeah, I thought the same thing.
  4. Well, not reliably. But it may be good enough for this application.
  5. Same here for outhouse and sink. Usually you can manage that in the first circle, sometimes getting the water for the sink in time can be tricky. I also try to get 3 cots done cycle 1. After that my approach varies wildly with the map and with what I want to try out. In my current Oassise (preview) I managed to almost starve and suffocate my dupes pretty early on (that has not happened for a long, long time), because I tried something new.
  6. Yes, this is pretty annoying. You have perfectly cool dirt and the hot stuff is given to your plants. What I usually do is put a cooling loop over the plants because I failed to find any good other solution. I tried with "sweep only" and two compactor farms with doors before them (unlock one, sweep the hot stuff, unlock the other sweep the cold stuff, repeat), but it was far too tedious. What would be nice if there was a "temperature gateway" door-like building where you can specify a min/max temperature for material that dupes are allowed to carry through.
  7. Ah well, I think I will go to bed now. Should all be nice up tomorrow morning and, as a plus, others will already have found the worst bugs! (Yes, I am getting old and lazy....
  8. They at least said so in the dev-cast. Time is about right, judging from past events.
  9. Hmm. Thinking about it, you are correct. I am not sure I want to try this though. Researching insulated tiles is not that hard.
  10. Ah. That would make more sense. Of course, it is not always possible.
  11. Make a bug report. I don't think this is a known issue.
  12. Order is variable. I have delayed food (by making mush bars) where it was possible for a long, long time (> 100 cycles), because other things were more important. The one thing really important is that you have to have a handle on oxygen and food before adding dupes. That does not mean you have to solve them before adding dupes, it just means you have a viable plan to solve them. Other than that, there is no fixed order you need to use. I disagree. On Oasisse, where the outside directly next to the starting biome can reach 80C, you need to use insulated tiles or (far more space consuming) vacuum insulation or things will come crashing down somewhere in the first few 100 cycles. On mildly warm maps (40C), just digging out tiles may be enough and it is a first good step on Oasisse as well.
  13. Same here. I tried that wayyy back (in connection with Morbs though) and it was tedious and not really worth the effort. Sure, some people specialize in that path and that is perfectly fine, but as a general solution it sucks.
  14. ONI multiplayer

    Ah, yes. I have made similar experiences. People do not understand supply & demand and are either far too willing exploiting themselves (hence killing prices) or demand far too low prices (hence killing prices). In actual reality, where you have significant running expenses, most of the MMO traders would be bankrupt within a few weeks at most. Completely removes the fun from trading. And then you have the bot-farmers that understand even less and kill prices completely because they flood the markets. I have absolutely no interest in such a trade system. The data itself is probably not the problem. It is how everything is connected. For the data, think how long saving takes. And for the connections, think how long loading takes.