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  1. Indeed. I have tried this out a while ago, but I never needed any long-term dupe storage so far.
  2. Cool liquid

    You _can_ do Aquatuner + Gas Crusher (or vent to space), but it takes a lot more power (roughly 2x) for the same result. If you have a cold slush geyser, you can also use a counter-flow heat exchanger with that. If you have cold slush and polluted water, you can mix them to the desired temperature by using a tank. Monitor the output for desired temperature and pipe in +30C or -10C pwater as needed to adjust. You need to either only mix when water is flowing out, or you need to arrange for some water (e.g. 1kg/sec) to circulate. And for a more temporary solution, you can melt ice tempshift plates into a tank with cooling-water and repeat whenever it gets too warm.
  3. I never use them. Just go for Petroleum, you need it anyways if you want to do serious rocketry.
  4. Well, good point. Although I have not done ranching for ages and may not do it ever again (unless some DLC makes it interesting again). With Pip planting, my long-term food solution is wild plants now.
  5. With that description, I agree. You should file a bug report and include the save game file.
  6. Probably ye old rounding error. As the game uses short floats, if there are some mg missing in the tank, you can get a situation were adding these few mg will not actually add them, because A+B may end up as A, dues to loss of precision in the calculation. I think you should deconstruct or empty the tank for a temporary fix.
  7. It comes down to whether you want more specialized dupes or more allround workers. I want the second, so I always chose 3 three interests. But for, say, a specialized farmer or tidier or cook, this makes little sense. There you would go 2 or 1 interests. In the end, morale is the limiter and you just need 4-6 morale less with a 3 interest dupe, compared to a one interest dupe. Of course, if you go full out, at the end you will likely have morale to spare. But for most of the game, you do not and it becomes a limiting factor.
  8. If food is short, you have to micro-manage what each dupe eats cycle-by cycle. Just only allow them the one thing you want them to eat.
  9. I think it may. Klei has plans for ONI, even if they do not tell us at the moment. I would not say the "release" was rushed. It is basically "feature complete". But there is a lot of additional potential in ONI and Klei obviously realizes this. That they just now spend an entire development cycle just on optimization indicates (at least to me) that they want to build quite a bit on it and for quite some time and are ecconomically happy with selling DLCs and sales to new players. One of the massive advantages of indie-games: The developers can continue to work on them because they do not have to recover insane amounts of investor money on release.
  10. Very nice design! Clean and minimalist. I have thought about using a timer and liquid in some way for that, but never got around to it. This also gives you that you can trigger one thing on one day and another thing on a defined number of days before or after.
  11. Interesting! I salute you for your accomplishments in wresting the last secrets from the Oni engine
  12. Excellent information. I always though the check was just the 3rd horizontal from the bottom.
  13. Hilarious! Made my day
  14. Ooo pretty

    I have had this, and yesterday I have had a white flash, like a localized explosion. Both went away after a few seconds.