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  1. No idea, I never had that. If you want to be safe, just pump that oil into space. You can probably process it regularly though. As no other germs infect pipes or machinery, this one should not do so either.
  2. As I am going for naturally grown Sleet Wheat, I very much _do_ need ice biomes...
  3. I think the expert diagnosis "something is really messed up here" is appropriate for this observation.
  4. Yeah, fridges are broken too. Have been for a long time.
  5. And that did not work either, after all. Resetting the fridge by opening and closing the door below also does nothing.
  6. The Sun Bug eggs are pretty simple as well. You just need one stable with, say, 6 of the regular ones, and then feed them Gristle Berries. More effort, yes, but not that hard. Of course, if you start when your dupes already have that brain-fungus it is a bit late.Takes something like 50-100 cycles to get a decent supply of the cure.
  7. Hahahaha, no. If everything works, I just do something else and leave ONI running in the background somewhere.
  8. It is not a problem either way. First, you need almost no tungsten. And second, with a bit of care, you can remove all sporechids without any dupe ever getting sick. You can, for example, put them in atmosphere they do not like or put them under liquid and then just wait a bit. And since they are only found in the oil-biome, you will have exo-suits anyways. Mining the oil-biome is pretty much impossible without them. I tried again for my last base and you have to put med-bets right there and be extra careful if you do not want to kill your dupes from scalding. I had some medication ready this time, but never needed it.
  9. Not at all. This is the wrong approach to this game. There are many alternatives, there is no "must". For example, I have never, ever done this. It is most decidedly not needed. You can just make sure the non-critical containers are below everything else in priority and that works pretty well. Also leaves you with a cleaned up base if you let the game run unattended for a while.
  10. Ah, yes, the classical toxic combination of greed, stupidity and no patience. Kills societies in the end.
  11. Bug with mealwood?

    I doubt any decent decompiler would screw base types up. This is probably a reliable finding. Thanks. One thing is faster memory I/O, since you only need to move half the bytes. The other is smaller memory footprint. It may not be raw computing speed. A very simple benchmark (just addition) I just did shows pretty much the same speed for float and double. That is with gcc on Linux and the assembler source indicates that SSE2 (which does double) is used. Of course, if this is mostly some vector processing and the SSE unit is fully used, it may have an impact on raw computing speed as well. Would be interesting to see what happens if ONI is compiled with double instead of float. As it is, rounding is tricky and getting it wrong gives the effects we see.
  12. Good info. Thanks. And good info as well. If it is a short-float with kg resolution (once it reaches some upper threshold), it should display up to around 8400t.
  13. Noooooo! Stay away, save yourself!
  14. Bizarrely, there seems to be a work-around: Put the fridge in question on a closed door connected to some automation (switch seems enough). Suddenly, you do not even need to open that door to reset the fridge, it just continues to work and get deliveries. BTW, power-cycling the fridge does nothing.
  15. Very much so. I really don't get people that to play as "it was designed to play". Is this some kind of virtue-signalling perhaps? Anyways, the very point of a sandbox game is to find your own approaches and style and there is nothing right or wrong as long as it works. There is no "best" way to play it and no safety in playing it as others do. In fact, you lose most of the potential enjoyment you could have had by seeing your own creations work.