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  1. Probably. Personally, I feel Pacus are pretty broken at the moment anyways. A redesign, not just a nerf, would be welcome.
  2. I also noted that germ display in natural tiles seems to work again. May have been in an earlier fix though.
  3. Hey, you finally found the missing "airlock" building!
  4. Or if something in the cooling cycle cannot deal with a few high-temp packages. I do not think this is a bug in any way. It is just a, possibly intentional, aspect to be aware of. It is also realistic, somewhat expected behavior and it is not hard to deal with.
  5. With Aquatuners, you already need to avoid that in many uses because you will end up causing damage when the liquid evaporates. Some of the same tricks can be used for Thermo Regulators as well. One is to have a tank in there and make sure to cut of input and have the Regulator run a bit longer so it completely drains. Another one is to pulse the Regulator and have it run, say, a minimum of 1% of a cycle all the time. Overflow-piping seems to not be reliable for this purpose, unfortunately.
  6. Well, anyways my save is a current test case. I may just not have had the right conditions for this to happen for a while now.
  7. I have seen something like it before. But I think it got fixed and is now broken again. Not really sure though.
  8. The situation is that I have a water-sieve that is off for a while and then when being started again gets a few input packets a lot warmer than what comes after. The output then sticks constantly at a warm temperature, despite the input pwater rapidly getting colder. The attached save ("Spaced Out", but the issue probably is general) has a test case that shows the problem reliably. I had it every time in about 10 tries.
  9. Thanks. Hmm. I learned to never use linear stuff ("find") whenever I can do trees or hash-tables or things like heaps or union-find-structures. Of course, that was more than 30 years ago and sheer computing power somewhat invalidates the argument in some situations.
  10. Found a bug: Just needed to reload for Hatch meat to show up in the consumables menu. Same with Hexalent fruit: They will eat it, but I cannot control it via the menu until I do a reload. Otherwise things seem to be quite stable at the moment (new colony). Well done! Update: Had a Water Sieve that had far too hot output (12C over or so). Worked correctly again after save&reload. That one would have killed my colony if I had noticed it later. ... And again 10 cycles later or so. 36C output -> save&reload -> 22C output as it should be. Automation-cycling seems to clear the issue with the temperature-stuck output as well. Filed a bug for this one with a save that shows the issue:
  11. As time passes, bugs become established behavior. More time passes, mountains turn into desserts and new mountains arise. And established behaviors become features. Even later, nobody but a select few, beings with exceptional long memories, even know that features used to be bugs, in the grey dawn ages ago.
  12. Out of curiosity, what would be the alternative? (I have no experience with this game engine.) - Hash (no predicting the order you find things in)? - Heap (priority queue)?
  13. Yes. I believe we already have established several times over that this is not possible due to engine limitations.
  14. Actually, all this is in the game. ONI already uses short floats. There is likely no performance to be gained at that end. ONI already limits heat transfer: I assume the decision whether to transfer heat is something that is not decided each tick for those masses that fall below the limits and have no transfer. The usual way would be to re-visit them each much less frequently, say every second or even less often. Hence they do not significantly contribute to computational effort. This leaves just one possibility: Change the limits currently in place. That would probably be a really bad idea as the current limits already lead to artefacts and hard to explain observations.
  15. Relax. You are both correct. The thing is that the enormous L3 size of the 5800X3D means things run entirely in cache that otherwise would not. For Factorio the extreme stream processing done means that entire parts of the game data will now reside completely in cache and also fully benefit from the inter-cache burst transfers.