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  1. Good idea. I noticed the problem but was still thinking about a solution.
  2. Good bug reports are priceless. Mere complaining wastes developer time.
  3. Having dupes idle around is at the very least aesthetically unpleasing. This is a worker's paradise after all (with one inivisible overlord). What do you use to keep them busy? And what attribute do you train by that? Options I have considered: 1. Endless pitcher-pump and bottle-emptier loop (Athletics): Pro: no heating, Cons: needs a liquid you do not use otherwise or things get tricky. 2. Hamster wheels (Athletics): Pro: simple. Cons: What to do with the energy? Some endless pumping? And it does produce some heat. 3. Conveyor and delivery task by prio (Athletics): Pro: also pretty simple. Cons: Needs energy (combine with 2. ?) and produces some heat. 4. Endless mop-tasks (Strength): Pro: trains something else than Athletics. No heating. Cons: Same as 1, but also tricky to get right. And hard to scale to more than one dupe.
  4. I did not. And, interestingly the next dupe also did it, but my final on (of my usual 12 total) did not, despite no changes in reachability or visibility. It is a bug.
  5. How do you cool the auto-miners? That was the part I invested most effort in to figure out in my set-up.
  6. I see foresee a number of funny new animations! I think along side of "making a mess" would probably be fair to the poor natural gas producer, so have the cork shoot out and the dupe being utterly mortified by the sound (including red head and others pointing fingers) would work nicely.
  7. One content update before launch and then DLCs afterwards? Excellent! As to this journey being surreal, I had that as a player quite a few times as well ;-)=)
  8. Thanks, this is pretty much what I was looking for. My rough 180DTU/s estimate was from checking the comfort-zone indicator and checking at what heat transfer they become too hot or too cold for comfort. A lot more off than I expected. I also noticed some switching in the homeostasis and that the temperature-change numbers did not make sense when taken only in one moment. Basically a switching regulator (with a 557DTU/s heater and cooler) and the 83.68 DTU/s offset, which is easy to implement but a bit hard to follow. Explains it nicely though.
  9. It is. Just the right mix of supporting and non-intrusive. On a related note, does anybody have a dupe-translator or list of sounds they make? I can recognize "I am hungry!" and "This is yuck!" in two versions each, but there seem to be quite a few more.
  10. Thanks for the explanation! I fixed it by changing the construction, but I did not suspect the water.
  11. I know about that bed. But it is not reachable by anybody and still invisible in the fog-of-war. Hence I call this a bug.
  12. Incidentally, if you connect two small transformers with a 1kW wire (e.g. to have a battery and a larger consumer behind that), it sometimes breaks too, although it should not. I guess the dreaded rounding errors are hard at work again to bring us this experience.
  13. If the gas is for cooling, put some water on the tiles the telescope is standing on instead.
  14. From my observations, you need around 8...10 domesticated Voles to keep Regolith constant. Having 10000t of the stuff around is not uncommon.
  15. Marie does not like the Cot ready for her and prefers to sleep on the floor. Her bed-indicator shows "comfy bed", but I do not actually have one. Seems she wants what she cannot have and sleeps on the floor in protest instead. This persists through save/load and multiple cycles. Manual assignment works. c036.sav