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  1. It is one of the cases where things seem simple to humans, but providing an algorithmic solution is complex and comes with several trade-offs where you have to accept some sub-optimal aspects to make it work.
  2. Hmm. What is a curated geyser? Is that basically a random one but from a specific, selected sub-set of geysers?
  3. Well, the whole queuing is difficult on the software side. One solution is to always have a combined digger/builder. All in all, this thing is annoying but not that hard to work around.
  4. Interesting. Well, this is at the very least an inconsistency in the skill model. It should at least say clearly that this is not going to be worked on and paint that ladder red. Preferably, it should split this into construction and dig. For now, I would recommend to just do 3 tiles of digging, then 3 tiles of ladders. That is a lot faster anyways.
  5. Yes. Unfortunately, the worldgen is a rather important part of it all, so we need to expect further adjustments. No way around that.
  6. Actually, having started this discussion, I placed no limit of this type on it. You are imagining things.
  7. Yessss! Then we could finally give the dupes desk-jobs and kill that pesky efficiency of theirs and, bonus!, make them miserable all the time!
  8. I did some experiments with Uranium doors. I got up to 18 rads/sec with that, I think. (Experiments not complete.) Not a lot, but should be comfortable for research.
  9. At the moment the whole thing is maybe a bit too easy to handle. There is barely a point to radiation suits. Which is a bit of a pity, as Klei put quite a bit of effort into them. On the other hand, this could very well be addressed by a future update in the spirit to make sure things work first and only then making it a challenge to handle things.
  10. Just dropping the ice somewhere provides too little effect. I basically put in fans at several places and then had them active or not based on temperature. Ice-E fans do not have a control input, so I used doors below to control them.
  11. There has been some discussion about whether cooling options are too limited or not in the DLC. In a parallel discussion about electricity generation, some people seem to think everybody just rushes Solar Panels, which is clearly false as there are plenty of alternatives and Solar Panels are not even the most simple option due to the need for large-scale electricity storage and cooling of that storage. Also, "cookie cutter" solutions that just get copied are boring, while original solutions and things only a few people do are interesting. ONI is particularly well suited for inventive solutions, as it will give merciless feedback on what actually works and what does not. Anybody that has something in place that works can just ignore all discussions about whether it actually works, because they have actual proof. (As a side-remark, for a supposedly Science-based society, we see a lot of denial of Science and crude non-scientific theories pushed as "truth" these days, but that is a different discussion...) I expect there will be quite a few people out there that have cooling solutions in place that do not use the cookie cutter AT+ST combo. Personally I have kept farming cool with the Ice Maker in the base game on Oassisse for quite a while (1000 cycles or so), so I would be interested what people actually use for longer term cooling. The the Ice Maker in combination with spot-cooling is just an example. This very much is not a question about the "best" option or the "most efficient" one, but about what actually works and the larger the variety, the better. Ideally, we could collect a little catalog here with examples.
  12. No. Just of the randomness of world creation. Edit: Sorry, that was only for the "big terra" dlc start.
  13. Well, to be fair dupes eat pickled meal with the glass... That said, a building doing deep freezing and perfect preservation together with a building to heat things up to make them edible again would be a solution.
  14. So "basically nobody will like it"? Have you even started to look at the forum comments? It is ok if you do not like it, but speaking for basically everybody like this is not ok. In particular, you do not speak for me. I speak for myself, I like the DLC and looking how to break the sim has never been a goal for me and I am not a streamer either. I think after that initial crass redefinition of observable reality, I can safely ignore the rest of the comment.