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  1. Not very efficient at 12 Radbolts/cycle, but dead simple, totally safe (not really) and only uses electricity:
  2. Just one word: NO! And I strongly object your use of "we". I am not part of that "we" you use in a most presumptuous and insulting way to claim more importance for your arguments that they actually have. _You_ may _want_ proper airlocks, but their neither is a _need_ for them nor do _we_ ask for them.
  3. Spaces! Seriously! Tabs are an invention from hell, how dare you suggest they are even an alternative! Hehehehehehe....
  4. Pretty much. I think it would take away from the game without any good reason. Now, if ONI had a far deeper research structure, it might be something for end-game, but it does not and visco-gel serves nicely for end-game.
  5. You think the DLC reviews have any meaning at this point? Fascinating. But thanks for making my point. There really is nothing I need to add here. Just for the spectators here: The DLC reviews with the "declined" score are 28 in total in the last 30 days, 8 of which are negative. The total ONI reviews are a bit more than 58k.
  6. Well, true. He has got one point as in 1%. Surely that must be more than just some statistical noise, right? I would be highly surprised (and very suspicious) if it did.
  7. Same here. A sad characteristic of these times: Everybody is an expert and if _anything_ is not to their liking everybody also is a victim and feels entitled to demand that the (obviously intolerable!) situation be rectified immediately! One wonders how the human race managed to survive under far worse conditions than today. The actual reality is that what Klei is doing is pretty much the best approach possible. Sure, it is bound to piss some people off. But that hardly matters. The loudest ones are usually those that you very much do not want to listen too, because they typically have very little to contribute besides volume. And if somebody feels entitled enough to start commenting "aggressively"? Best just filter them out completely. These people are just toxic, nothing else. My take is that they get off on it and on their own imagined superiority. BTW, actual reality of Steam Reviews: Yes, ONI took a real hit! Only 95% positive of the last 2k reviews of the last 30 days! It was massively better with 96% positive in the 58k overall reviews. Clearly nobody likes the game these days! Clearly, the whole game has turned into radioactive goo now that nobody wants to touch! Sheesh, some people...
  8. I think the other direction would now be more useful. No lead volcanoes... Finally I can get that dupe with two heads!
  9. Liquid locks have hidden complexity, which makes them a good design in the ONI context. I have had to cool or heat them as well.
  10. What about simply having no exit to the left at the collider?
  11. 32 bit signed overflow would be at around 2 billion. But at around 8 million you get that the 32 bit short floats used by the game stop acting like 23 bit integers (plus sign). IEEE 754 requires float types to act as integers as long as possible. So with a bit of safety margin, 2 million would make sense.