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  1. Lights Out

    I still hope on fan rework, Would be nice to handle this situation with heat locally
  2. ....the never ending dream of perpetual motion... Hey guys) Have you ever thought why our universe is designed so perpetual motion is impossible? Maybe because the universe wouldn't make sense that way... (exactly like our lovely game with cheats ;o) Seems like "our programmers" are really good making "our game" About Boyle's Self flowing flask
  3. Hi friends! In this build we get to keep the natural gas generators temperature at -180C. So we get the polluted ice & CO2 at -180C and cool everything in the system down with that opportunity After little preparations you just have to connect your natural gas/oxygen/hydrogen pipes to the system. The build uses simple materials. No vacuum is required The automation controls all aspects of the build: 1) a thermo sensor in the thermo regulators room controls the pump which pumps pWater above 110C out from the room 2) a hydro sensor controls liquid pressure in the room & gives signal to the conveyor loader to send ice if it's necessary 3) a thermo sensor in the condensation room doesn't allow the pump to pump the liquid oxygen out to the the thermo regulators room 4) a clock sensor turns the generators and the thermo regulators off so the auto-sweeper gets to deal with polluted ice accurately 5) a battery controls the nat gas generators 6) a hydro sensor in the condensation room allows pumping the liquid oxygen when it's above 10 kg
  4. After little preparations (some oxygen in the turbine room & the calibration room you have your wheat farm fully controlled by logic 1) an atmo sensor in the turbine room makes the turbine working 2) the liquid termo sensor before the aquatuner (above 13C) controls the aquatuner's working process 3) the termosensor in the calibration room maintains the 14C temperature 4) the batteries automation cuts the external power when the system doesnt need it 5) the termo sensor in the wheat room keeps the temperature below 5C and controls the door and the auto sweepers 6) the liquid termo sensor before the aquatuner destines the water below 1C to the wheat room 7) the liquid pipe element sensor before the liquid reservoir controls the amount of water in the system You just have to supply water to the system. The art intelligence controls all the aspects. 1) make the turbine work 2) make the calibration room 3) control the temperature of the water & a gas in the wheat room 4) the batteries control the power
  5. [Game Update] - 289453

    and automation please... The whole "automation concept" in this game is getting weird without that
  6. [Game Update] - 289327

    Dear KLEI, the new liquid storage design is stunning! I hope that implies.... (just saying: automa....)
  7. I was really hoping they'd get us automation for the new gas/liquid storage in this update
  8. I've already liked that Visco-Gel