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  1. My point is: We have learned to live with many bugs you mentioned in your post. "Infinite skill points"? ok, just don't dig neutronium. "Care package"? don't mess with the printing pod. "The stable bug"? don't make changes to the stable design (but agreed, this one hurts when you wanna try some complicated designs). And so on... If it doesn't make the game more interesting don't spoil it for yourself and forgive the devs. I just don't realize how to dodge the drecko bug (I build 3 plants for 1 drecko like it's supposed to be (it's literally said in the description) and I feel stupid looking at the excessive mealwood on the floor) That's just ridiculously inappropriate for the management games (you're wondering after: wait... but how did they balance the game if this "very seriously influencing the balance feature" doesn't work at all??) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Smth has changed at Klei's. At some point they just gave up on many things in the game. They were trying to maintain the game polished before. Just reading "The “one line fixes” is so troubling and concerning, to say the least. Klei, is everything alright? I'm worried. I heard rumors that the company has been sold?
  2. How does the "hatch teleport" bug make them non functional? It's smth that we could live with The post you mentioned has been written on 4 June. Apparently no one cares. Such bugs make a game look cheap And guys, I wanted to ask folks who understand things. imagine the case: Your cooker has the highest priority on cooking and the lowest on digging. When he brings stuff to a stove he doesn't start cooking it, he goes to dig one tile and only after he comes back to cook. So the chore for cooking has been written after the digging chore. It's def a serious tumor on the priority system BUT I would understand if it's related somehow with the game performance (always very much appreciated) and it's just a hard pill to swallow
  3. I'm wondering why no one cares about THIS ONE: Isn't that a serious issue that breaks the balance drastically? You try to scale things up like you always do in those kinds of games but it just doesn't add up. You can feed 100 dreckos with just a couple of plants. You spend 10-20 kg of dirt to acquire tons of plastic/cycle. I think that those kinds of bugs should be prioritized Or nobody noticed it? I haven't checked on other critters which interact with plants but it seems like the feeding mechanic is broken
  4. The game says that a glossy drecko consumes 100% mealwood/cycle. And it burns 2000 cal/cycle. BUT: when a critter eats it always raises its amount of calories to its maximum (10000cal) regardless of its current amount of calories. Even when it's starving (0 cal) and then it gets to eat 25% of a mealwood tree, the number of calories is increased by 10000 cal. This way you can feed a hundred of critters just with a few trees.
  5. Same here. Low FPS even at the start. Before the last update the game was running SO WELL, it's never been so smooth (I'm always on the beta branch) PS. After the last update my Nvidia control center says that the game uses vertical sync (it didnt use it before though).
  6. Spacebar doesn't pause the game in the screenshot mode
  7. A cooker doesn't supply the Microbe Musher with stuff considering his priorities rules. In the priority screen his cooking errand is set on "very high". When the Microbe Musher is empty he's doing lower priorities errands and doesn't supply the Micromusher. Wasn't like that before. As I understand in the preview version the priority set on the cooking errand doesn't influence the supplying errands for the cooking processes priority bug.mp4 r_temp.sav
  8. and automation please... The whole "automation concept" in this game is getting weird without that
  9. Dear KLEI, the new liquid storage design is stunning! I hope that implies.... (just saying: automa....)
  10. I was really hoping they'd get us automation for the new gas/liquid storage in this update