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  1. Spacebar doesn't pause the game in the screenshot mode
  2. A cooker doesn't supply the Microbe Musher with stuff considering his priorities rules. In the priority screen his cooking errand is set on "very high". When the Microbe Musher is empty he's doing lower priorities errands and doesn't supply the Micromusher. Wasn't like that before. As I understand in the preview version the priority set on the cooking errand doesn't influence the supplying errands for the cooking processes priority bug.mp4 r_temp.sav
  3. and automation please... The whole "automation concept" in this game is getting weird without that
  4. Dear KLEI, the new liquid storage design is stunning! I hope that implies.... (just saying: automa....)
  5. I was really hoping they'd get us automation for the new gas/liquid storage in this update