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  1. I don't go for the central industrial mass terrarium setup like that, but I do place one or two here and there around my base and once the polluted water gets big enough, I disable them and just live off of the polluted oxygen for a while.
  2. It does work the same way as fertilizers for plants; the plant continues to consume it even if it isn't growing. And the micronutrient fertilizer buff also continues to count down and expire.
  3. That is really weird. I thought it turned into steam, and then the liquid pushed the steam up to merge with other steam so it could take its place. But if you don't, then you get heat deletion don't you? I guess this finally explains why @Saturnus's hydrogen vent tamer needed the water refilled every now and again. I wonder if this random behavior may be related to multithreading? You might try restricting the game to only run on one core and see if it changes the behavior.
  4. You only have to have pufts to get squeaky or dense initially. Once you have them, they can reproduce themselves. Even if you don't pen them with a prince, they still will lay one egg of their own kind before they die. The odds start out good when they are young and go down over time, so you normally get one in the first egg or two they lay.
  5. Yea, the way that the forum lets backspace interact with quote blocks is really annoying.
  6. What? Where? I thought the cell of water turned into a cell of steam... where's the vacuum?
  7. It was? I swear I just saw at least one thread in the last week mentioning it.
  8. Ahh, true.. I think it was @Saturnus that posted a nice design that had a half a dozen pipe temperature sensors and shutoffs on the last floor to divert the oil out of the petrol if it got too close to phase change. Of course, which is why I'm comparing it to the older designs and trying to figure out if it is better and how.
  9. Ahh, that makes sense. I guess that unlike dupes, they don't leave the remaining mass once their calories are full.
  10. A higher mass will slow down the temperature change, but only during startup. The temperature will change less with more mass at first, but eventually it will reach equilibrium and then thermal mass doesn't matter.
  11. Now that I look again, I notice that you have the oil flowing down and the petrol is cooling off in the pipe flowing the other way. Usually it's the petrol that flows down and the oil heats up in the pipe. Still, why did you make the oil two tiles deep on each floor instead of only one, and why make each floor so narrow?
  12. So you're saying that in the zig zag design, every time you drop down to the next floor, you are wasting 3 cells of space where the petrol is not in contact with the pipe because it is an inter dimentional drip, and the waterfall eliminates that?
  13. So why did you make the stairs so narrow and why two tiles of liquid high instead of only one?