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  1. Oh yea, there's a T of CO2... and the side of the T won't move over because it would still be touching CO2 on both sides? So... how does a pocket of CO2 ever sink in an otherwise oxygen room? Why isn't it prevented from moving the oxygen below it out of the way because it is touching other oxygen on multiple sides?
  2. No, it isn't. If the principal is simply that the heavier gas sinks, and can sink no lower than the bottom of the U, that works for the U, but not for my L since the PO2 should be trying to rise or move sideways since it is lighter. The fact that it can do both shouldn't matter.
  3. I thought U worked because the heavier gas couldn't be pushed up by the lighter gas.
  4. A pitcher pump extends down 3 tiles under it to pick up water and let dupes move it around. The starting area has a fair amount of fresh water to get you going. After that, once you start expanding out, look for polluted water ( which you can put through a sieve to get clean water ) and then a steam vent, which if you can cool the steam, will condense into water, or a slush geyser, which gives cold polluted water, which you can use to cool things, then run through the sieve.
  5. So you mean it can only push a tile of other gas out of the way if it only touching one other tile of that same gas?
  6. So high gas pressure can only push other gasses directly up or down, not side to side? It sure doesn't seem to work that way when you turn on a deoxidizer; it blows about everything away, and that includes sideways.
  7. I have this chamber near the surface that started with some polluted oxygen in it from the ph20 there evaporating, and the heat from all of the falling regolith has boiled much of the water filling the room with over 120 kg/tile of steam. As you can see, some of the po2 on the left has been squeezed into a single tile now at ~128 kg, but there is still a sizable pocket on the right that is still sitting at only 4 kg/tile. Why has the steam not compressed that po2?
  8. I produced over 2000kg of steel needed to make the rocket engine ( not sure if I had 2100 or 2200kg, but somewhere around there ), and the icon lit up indicating I had enough material to build it. I started building it, and after a while, ran out of steel with 800+ kg left to go. I built nothing else with steel during this time, and I'm pretty sure I even refined one or two more batches thinking I would need more for the research modules and command module. The Radioactive Panopticon.sav The Radioactive Panopticon Cycle 1063.sav
  9. Why sieve the ph2o coming out of the distiller instead of just letting it evaporate into more po2?
  10. Boy things just keep getting weirder and weirder. So buildings only exchange heat with fluids they are in, not the solid they are on, fluids in buildings exchange heat with the fluid they are in, AND the solid they are on ( but not the building itself ), fluids in pipes only exchange heat with the pipe, then the pipe exchanges heat with the fluid or solid they are in contact with, except that radiant pipes, tempshift plates a and mesh tiles won't exchange heat with others in that group. Is that everything?
  11. I've had tanks standing on tile in a vacuum for hundreds of cycles in and the tanks of hot petrol don't exchange heat with the tile they are on as long as they are in a vacuum. This is why it is so hard to cool auto miners in space: machines don't exchange heat with the tile they stand on, only with the gas in the tile they are in. As long as they are in a vacuum, they don't exchange heat. Of course, but the contents of the resevoir only exchange heat with the mass in the tile they are in, not what is underneath.
  12. Wait... is that what it is? I thought that doors didn't stop drakeos because they crawl on walls, but now that you mention it, I think I used pneumatic for my hatch ranch but a manual airlock for the drakeos. Goofy!
  13. I know, and I'm saying that's stupid. They should only burrow out if they are entombed. Also even with steel doors, they can get out when dupes open them right? Just like drakeos and pufts, even though doors say they stop critters, and they do for hatches.
  14. What? What does mass deletion have to do with it? I was talking about where you said wild ones have no kcal limit but tame ones do, so they stop eating. If wild ones never stop eating, then don't they end up with a huge number of kcals? But I guess you can't see kcals on wild critters so moot point. It seems stupid that they can dig through anything other than regolith or sand. They should only be able to dig solid tiles if they become entombed in them, so they can get out. They shouldn't be able to just start digging around everywhere on the map. They can be auto wrangled right? So if you use two doors with an entry room with a drop-off set to auto wrangle above 0, that should put them back into the main room if they escape through the door. Then again, why the hell can they go through doors when doors say they stop critters? Drakeos and pufts have the same problem though.