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  1. Exactly! I'm now playing on Verdante and have not found any cold biomes to dump heat into in order to rush the metal refinery, so I thought I might finally try breeding smooth hatches, but since you get aluminum instead of copper, I started feeding them that only to find that it doesn't cause them to morph into smooth hatches. My choices are now to either feed them gold amalgam or just rely on the rock crusher to get refined ore until I can get some glossy drakeos bread up and make s steam turbine. It doesn't. They just have a certain base chance of reverting to plain hatches. Feeding them dirt increases the chance they will lay sage hatch eggs ( but it starts out pretty high ). Feeding them anything else, including pdirt, leaves the chances unchanged.
  2. Unless of course, you disabled care packages. Also I don't know of any world type where they don't spawn naturally. I normally rely on the printing pod for pips and arbor trees on the base world types where these do not spawn normally. Also, even though I frequently do like to ranch them, I have to admit that pufts are probably one of the least useful critters.
  3. Stone hatches can *eat* aluminum ore, but doing so does not increase the chances they will lay a smooth hatch egg. Tell me this is an obvious oversight that has somehow escaped notice all this time?
  4. No, the real problem is that when you turn the ice into the building, it acts like it has 1/5th of its mass so you are giving up 80% of the cooling capacity that ice had.
  5. Wait, you are pumping <= 1kg of water that is > 100 C into the oil well and that's working now? I swear that used to not work because the water has to sit in a tank in the well rather than being consumed instantly, and if it sits there and is > 100 C, it turned to steam and was released from the well.
  6. If you have arbor trees, you should be trying to use pips to plant at least most of them wild so you don't have to feed them water, and then you gain water when you burn the ethanol. I've never bothered building a petrol cooker. I normally find at least two of either normal water, pwater, or salt water geysers and find that more than enough, even without steam vents. For that matter, I've still never run into a hot steam vent in the 3+ years I've been playing this game. Even without the petrol cooker, when you factor in the NG from the oil wells and all of the pwater you get from the NG gen plus petrol gen, it is *almost* water neutral. I normally don't run oils wells much except for rocket fuel.
  7. You can always get some arbor seeds from the printing pod.
  8. I have to disagree with the last two points. By the time you are at the point where you can expend that much power and want that much storage, you can just go with an actual AT and a frozen room. The fridge should be for early to mid game. As such, it needs to only store a limited amount of food, and use low power. Since it is early/mid game and uses low power, I don't mind still having some spoilage rate, but it should not depend on the atmosphere as well or use nearly as much power as it currently does.
  9. Are you sure? My recollection is that if you don't groom them or feed them they will die off. You need to groom and feed them at least a little bit every once in a while. I don't think pdirt is very valuable and you get tons of it from making ethanol.
  10. Does this also mean that you can't put only 1 kg/s of water into a pipe, heat it above 100C, then feed it to an electrolyzer?
  11. If you are going to feed hatches stone, then you want to use the stone ones since they eat all types. Stone may seem like an abundant and unwanted resource, but trust be, you will run out after a while if you ranch more than 10 or so of them. The more you have, the faster you will run out. Keeping 10 or 20 for a while is fine, just don't plan on doing it forever. If you are want to sustain it then you want to feed them dirt since that can be sustainably produced from arbor trees, and for that you want the sage hatches since they can also eat polluted dirt ( saves you the step of composting it ) and they are much more efficient at converting it to coal. Also if you want the meat rather than the coal, you can feed them small amounts of poor quality food your dupes don't want anymore, like meal lice.
  12. Some buildings have the "isolated" attribute that causes their contents NOT to interact with the environment. Either way, it is easy enough to build a CO2 pit for food storage, and alone that probably should not be enough to completely prevent spoilage, but the 120 watts of *constant* power drain that even with a CO2 pit still lets food spoil is too much. If it is too complicated to simulate heat leaking in and only draw power when actively cooling, then at least the constant power requirement needs to be lowered. I mean, 120 watts of constant consumption is basically the entire power output of a natural gas vent.