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  1. BTW, filters suck. With two filters and the pump you're going to be using half the power that generator produces right there and it's going to burn through the NG in that room in about a minute or two. Use a gas pipe element sensor and a shutoff valve to route the gas to where it needs to go and you don't need to pay the power cost of the filters.
  2. I would have thought that to make it out in 2020, the DLC should be going beta about now. I mean we only have what? 9 more weeks? I guess it's going to be a little late?
  3. Can you destroy the memorial to release the body?
  4. The overflow bit is there but checking it after every operation takes time, which is why C opted not to do so. I believe there were some CPUs that instead of setting a flag on overflow you had to go check, would raise a fault instead ( like divide by zero ), which is why technically C leaves the results undefined.
  5. I've never had any trouble getting them to disembark without a gantry provided that they boarded in a jet suit.
  6. Yea, I was going to say that I'm pretty sure once the water boils you don't produce any more oil, but there's a weird bug where it still produces natgas.
  7. I've never built a gantry. Jet suits are a great way to board rockets and not bother with a bunker door roof over them either. The one annoying thing is that the rocket still has to have a regular atmo suit loaded into it before it can take off, and sometimes the stupid dupes really don't want to deliver one.
  8. I thought it was funny. And on point since I also took your use of the term buffer to refer to a chunk of ram. Yes, the CPU has a cache, but as the programmer, it isn't something you use; you only use ram, and the cache just happens to be there at run time to speed up access to that ram. Are you really saying that you originally meant that the programmer can optimize the code to avoid cache misses in order to reduce memory pressure?
  9. You forgot to mention that you need to use obsidian pipes to transfer heat out of the molten steel into a granite tile with some coal sitting on it next to the wolframite. When the tile gets hot enough it will cook the coal into a solid tile of refined carbon, that now can ferry heat from the obsidian pipe it is encasing to the wolframite until it melts.
  10. I have an oil well that I have been pumping water into to produce oil. It currently has 9kg of water in it, which should be enough to pump 9 seconds x 3.33 kg/s of oil out, but it stops because it says the input pipe is empty. Eventually the water that is already in it will be heated to boiling by the NG and/or environment around the oil well, and the water will boil to steam, which will be released into the environment.
  11. Neat! Why is that not enabled in sandbox mode?