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  1. I produced over 2000kg of steel needed to make the rocket engine ( not sure if I had 2100 or 2200kg, but somewhere around there ), and the icon lit up indicating I had enough material to build it. I started building it, and after a while, ran out of steel with 800+ kg left to go. I built nothing else with steel during this time, and I'm pretty sure I even refined one or two more batches thinking I would need more for the research modules and command module. The Radioactive Panopticon.sav The Radioactive Panopticon Cycle 1063.sav
  2. Holy crap, that is maddeningly FUBAR. Why are the devs not fixing this?
  3. Part of power grid loses power

    Provides power to machines that want it, and if ( and only if ) there is any leftover, then it recharges. If it prioritized recharging itself over supplying power to other buildings, it would be completely useless.
  4. [SU-291278] Gas and steam bug back again

    What gasses are floating around in the room besides steam? Some have said that if you have 3 gasses mixing it causes this problem. On the other hand, I only have steam and oxygen in my steam turbine room and it seems to keep slowly converting steam into oxygen. I vacuum out my steam vent rooms both to avoid this bug and to make sure there is the most room for steam to come out of the vent.
  5. Part of power grid loses power

    Umm, no dude. Batteries provide power as long as they are not empty.
  6. Reloading the game resets inspection status

    I think there are more codex entries than POI objects so I guess this is the only way you can unlock them all.
  7. Can't store plastic in storage compactors

    Is the priority of the storage containers higher than the receptacle?
  8. Metal Refinery Coolant temperature

    People keep reporting this ( search first? ), but Klei keeps ignoring it. It seems like they aren't monitoring this forum anymore.
  9. Steam turbine deletes steam

    Is anyone actually monitoring this forum anymore?
  10. Here is an auto save back from cycle 747 where I had this nice steam turbine setup going to delete heat from the metal refinery and as an added bonus, use the power generated to run a steel aquatuner to cool the base. It worked great for a good 10 cycles, when it lost pressure, and I noticed gas had been deleted. It turns out there was a small pocket of polluted oxygen floating around, which people on the forums say leads to gas deletion, even though I swear when I sealed the room, there was nothing but oxygen in there. I then added pure oxygen from the electrolyzer and water from the steam vent until the pressure was high enough ( ~25kg ) and let them fight with the oxygen mostly trapped at the top, but sometimes poking down to get the turbine to see low pressure oxygen on top and high pressure steam on the bottom. A run of steel in the refinery would kick the heat over 500 F to toggle on the turbine, let it run for a good while powering the aquatuner to help add more heat, and eventually shut off at 455 F. This went on and off nearly a dozen times before I noticed the gas deletion. 9 cycles later, the gas pressure is down to only ~16kg of steam and oxygen. The Radioactive Panotpicon 6 Cycle 747.sav The Radioactive Panopticon.sav
  11. Every time I click on a critter drop off and type a number of allowed critters and hit enter, then escape to close the window, the WASD keys stop working until I hit escape again to open the main menu and close it. Actually it seems to happen with any numeric entry window, like valves.
  12. Ok, I guess I let the water get a bit too cold ( I was thinking keep it 14 degrees above freezing, but I'm in F not C, so it's a 25 F drop, so 55 F is cold enough to freeze coming out of the aquatuner, damage the pipe, drop out of the pipe, and immediately boil to steam in the hot petrol. I set up a temp sensor and shutoff to only let water above 70 F go into the aquatuner and it's been running fine. I guess that means the only bug is the fact that the aquatuner continues to consume power when its output pipe is broken.
  13. Weird.. you are right, it is the pipe that broke. For no apparent reason. I had a warning for some time that the aquatuner was overheating, and I reloaded the last auto save less than a cycle before I noticed this and it hasn't happened again. There is no steam in there, no damage to the pipe, everything is working fine.
  14. Even if that were true, the aquatuner doesn't hold 100kg of water so how could it have suddenly let out that much when it broke? And it's the aquatuner that's broke, not the pipe. And why is it still drawing power?!