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  1. So I recently did some remodeling in the area where I draw the CO2 for my soda fountains... One thing led to another and there's an extra spice in the environment (temporarily, that is; it's already in the process of cleansing). This brings us to a fairly nice reminder. Dupe stomachs are worthy of respect because the only thing that will put them off is food poisoning (which actually brings us back to where it comes from, but I digress). TL;DR: ONLY food poisoning will do harm when ingested. All the rest are flavors:
  2. This is as good a place to ask as any: is the polymer press supposed to accumulate steam if its environment is hot enough to melt the plastic that it's trying to produce? Steam is only released when it's actually successful in its endeavor... Yes! Hydrofan FTW too, at least from in-game-database-memory lane...
  3. So the not-so-secret-freebie-save-of-abundance is finally gone, hmm.
  4. I'm also testing this other variant of a fix, a buffer with 0.1s ... seems compact enough. Let me know if you've tested on any ATs:
  5. Hmm, so what do you think about automating the process? I whipped up this convoluted automation scheme. The idea is to activate a shutoff located right in front of the TR in this case. The push button is a mod... Edit: I filled the loop and adjusted the buffer to 2s. Works fine, I guess. Here's the automation, still a bit wonky but it works. Packet robber automation.webm And here are the pipes... Packet robber pipes.webm
  6. That's mostly the issue here. If the building is operating then it's temperature sealed for all practical purposes. Once disabled, then there's a chance that a packet may get "stuck" inside the building which "wasn't temperature sealed in the first place" and exposes the packet to the environment temperature. This issue isn't seen as much with TR's but the risk is indeed very real if the packet material temperature ranges that are being used are incompatible. If we're using steam in the pipes and a "cold" environment for the TR, for example... Does this set of circumstances with AT's and TR's have a bug report already?
  7. Hi! I'd like to ask a question: Is your thermo regulator sealed? (If you actually use one at all...) It so happens I kind of use them every now and then... For research purposes... I find them to be like the hobbyist's go to for chilly builds... If something ever happens to not add up, consider the following: gas will sometimes get caught in the building and exchange heat with its surroundings. Only when the thermo regulator is turned back on by automation will the gas be released, it won't wait till taco Tuesday otherwise. Here's the innocent piece of equipment, it so happens that it retained 1kg of hydrogen and did not release it back to the pipes when disabled by automation. The rest of the piping is insulation-insulated gas pipes where needed and properly retained the chilly temperature. I did not wait for the gas in the TR to finish heating up to take the screenshot, but you get the gist of it. I have a similar build right below so I decided to test the TR in "favorable" vacuum conditions, this means I mopped up the petroleum that was on the bottom and vacuumed the hydrogen. I then proceeded to dab some naphtha and visco-gel to the tiles that are not the building's tile-of-interest so as to avoid heat exchange with its contents. It worked like a charm. Here's the screenshots of the fix. Extra points to the one that guesses what I was dabbling with.
  8. I would suggest checking this out first, it comes from comments on 507045 might give a little more context on the cooked SeaMeat origin...
  9. That'd be the fastest solution... I could otherwise think of some aberration like minable and unminable neutronium...
  10. Looks like a fairly radioactive fart station... And though mine isn't a SO! play atm... I've decided to luxuriantly feed the only 2 properly groomed sage hatches in my map with fertilizer. Correct me if I'm wrong but it takes about 2 synthesizers to feed a single hatch. This is a preview I whipped up in sandbox, it's too bad that fertilizer synthesizers can't rotate by default...: @babba: Bleach stone can help with substituting lavatories, a well groomed and fed squeaky puft will help ...
  11. I also had this. Critters that were already there before the updates came about are not affected. As Sanchozz said: You'll have to wait until new critters hatch so that they get the new DNA, lol. I used this time to make a mini ethanol pool in preparations for a single oakshell, just because... Make sure to read the flavor texts that the devs put in
  12. Dupes' lives are fraught with peril. Mostly self inflicted.
  13. I edited the OP and uploaded the oldest auto-save file available that's chronologically closest to the screenshot. It's old, crusty and grandfathered into this current iteration of the game. It's been through a lot so far. Do note the building's temperature is on par with the naphtha pool as it's partially submersed in the stuff. It is located in the magma biome, inside a vacuum, can't miss it. I believe the pump was built shortly prior to update 506365. It is not a save file that depends heavily on mods, so 98% of the functionality is there even without using mods. The momentary push-button won't give any problems at all and the manual delivery mod is barely noticeable for dupes so I don't expect any funny stuff even if missing...
  14. I wrote something of sorts some time ago... Yeah, bridges and sensors are not a happy couple.