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  1. These are the only 3 active ones ATM: (pliers, fan tiles, show building ranges) Bigger camera zoom out is disabled. Fan tiles is only required for the regular save file tho.
  2. Hi! I'd like to know if this has happened to any of you. I'll include a screenshot and a save file for fun. Short story: I got curious about the crying crab for cooling. More: I got myself an interesting idea - use a thermo regulator. I let it run for a while - and now the hydrogen inside the loop is chilly enough to make a really cold plate. So much so that it freezes ethanol gas directly. Here's a screenshot of the little eldritch contraption - let's call it the moon machine: I'm using debug mode on this one to make time fly. But it still happens on regular high speed and has survived cycling save/load. The ethanol that was brushed into the setup was 50 kg to replenish the last batch that "evaporated" into nothing from previous tests without the petro. (It's currently at 69.5Kg IIRC) Now the funny thing is that right after a freeze/thaw cycle I get about 100g or more of surprise ethanol. Note that sometimes there's an ethanol debris that forms on the bottom that doesn't thaw. I've noticed that when it thaws we get that extra liquid. I'd like a real life version of this to bottle the stuff. Here's the save file, don't mind the mess: TM ethanolbreather v1.sav
  3. Hi! There are a lot of threads that cover hatch farming. You can farm the sages as any other hatch, just take their diet into account. A simple way to feed them is just tossing "any" organics to them (Not clay, sniffle ) They are the only critter that has a 100% conversion ratio. So it all becomes coal in the end. I'd go for using the polluted dirt that comes from sieveing the polluted water because you already have a constant source for that... (Slime you can use to farm mushrooms, and regular dirt is also used in lots of other farming duties)
  4. Pros: Looks neat. Works for hydrogen vents or quick sandbox builds. Probably maintenance free. Cons: No easy maintenance. Little power gained for the trouble put into actually building it. In short, I agree.
  5. BTW: Small reminder, this turbine is self cooling and with the thermo sensor exactly where it is then setting it to 127ºC will keep it stable. Should net about 350 W on average.
  6. And here is a little gold fall that sticks to a wall. I just need to extract the go-juice from it. I present to you, an overpowered couple of doors. Gold was at 1727ºC and dropping.
  7. @ghkbrew : What's the temperature of the liquid gold used in your waterfall? In any event I would say this only reflects the low SHC of gold... (Just saying this because when one paints gold in with sandbox mode it is put in at 1727ºC and the wiki has 2626ºC for the material from volcanoes...)
  8. Hmm, a screenshot of the build would help. Nevertheless, I see we've failed to mention that the direction of the liquid counts. For example: If the liquid drops from right to left, then you get a waterfall (commonly called booger... for whatever reason :D) the door usually helps automate the process and no helper liquid bead on a ledge would be needed. If the liquid drops from left to right then you'd get a bead. The build varies in the fact that the helper liquid bead will most definitely be needed to start the dripping behavior. Liquids that are the heaviest in their category are troublesome in that they would lack a liquid heavier than them to provide a helper bead in the game. Liquid gold is an example of this. Hope this sheds a little light on the issue.
  9. Just something I'd put up as a test a while ago: Liquid gold is the heavier metal, so there won't be a usable molten liquid to bead underneath it.
  10. Hi! TL;DR: I'm more into the "what-if this thing I'm imagining will work?" and more often than not I prefer to ask if "A" or "B" are bugs just to consider a train of thought in a build and if there's something I don't like I just don't queue the build orders for it and set up something else instead. Not so TL;DR: I'm fully for stacked liquid locks. I encourage their use and applaud if something new about them is found. I'd even made some contraptions to specifically dose petro and naphta for this purpose. (Shameless self promotion is shameless, I know.) Infinite storage has also got its place, I prefer having not much material around in the game "use as you go", however. I would guess this eases computations a bit. (I avoid germ production because of this too - disinfect often: saves frames.) Both build arrangements (liquid locks & infinite storage) come with their risks as well: stacked locks are "finicky to use/set-up" and even infinite storage has its limits and the game "does a funny" when it's reached. Both liquid and gas vents have limits for reasons (besides "gameplay" I believe it kind of keeps the game safe for more casual play styles...) So here's the thing, should we also "get the vacuum insulation deal patched"? What I'm getting at is this is a game with an invisible "build what you want - see if it works" tag on it. I've also seen negatives on the SPOM being dubbed as a "noob trap"/"worst thing that has happened to ONI gameplay"/etc, then the "FJ" petro boiler also gets flak. This one I believe draws from lots of things that have happened before in this forum and other places. I think he just happened to youtube the thing and it got christened as his. There's also the endless argument for and against the fact that state changes in pipes does not happen if the pipe carries 10% or less of total capacity. I've also seen the "restartitis" and how it's a thing too... (There's that other game where you're perma-killed by darkness and that's not something we see in ONI, though that would be a creepy gameplay mod "dupes vanishing in the dark" - I digress) I think all these are part of the ONI learning curve and once you go down the "solve this & that" rabbithole then it's when play styles are born and we get the neat builds get posted on forums for discussion. I do concur on the fact that there could be more "premade" solutions to problems. For example: just like an oxylite refinery a "bleachstone maker" would be a charm (there's a mod for that so it's not "official" - let's not get started on that). That would leave the option open for the "convenient" way of making things and the DIY way (petro/sourgas boiler, anyone?). An "infinite storage" solution would be more of a convenience that takes a heap of resources to set up or you could go all Thanos on it and build it yourself knowing the risks. Liquid locks are not all powerful: you can still cook them, or freeze them: that's where you have to get creative if you absolutely need dupes to go somewhere too scaldy or too frozen for a lock to work. So there you have it. Thank you for making it this far.
  11. In pursuit of fairness, updated search does show ONI (click to enlarge screenshot):
  12. I'm not completely sure on the mechanics of "infectious floaty thingies" but I once did put a lot of buddy buds on a bottlenecked passage to see how the competition between slimelung and floral scents would go. Needless to say, no joy there. If there was indeed a substantial amount of one type of infection that had already taken root then floral scents can't do much. Then again, polluted oxygen is the preferred environment for slimelung (home advantage). CO2 and related stuffs is for spores and water is for food poisoning... I did have a reservoir filled with CO2 that had floral scent in it for the soda fountains, so I like to think it had a nice flavor to it.
  13. If they have a little crude oil/petroleum/ (or any liquid) on them when uprooting then they'll do a "funny" into said liquid ...
  14. The easy solution for this is just setting a lower cutoff temperature that takes into account the speed of the doors. So turbines with 5 vents will usually do the 850W at about 202ºC then you could set it to 196ºC or so. But still, the way you've built it kind of saves 2 columns of space. Hey, as long as it works...!
  15. Crushing them is a good solution. However: If it's a large amount of infected material this may take more thinking through. If it's enough to fill reservoirs, then do use the chlorine-filled-room+resevoir method to eliminate the spores from the materials. (If you want to salvage said gas/liquid) There are many threads dealing with decontamination, you should practice with materials that are "blessed" with slimelung or food poisoning first. If you don't care about the resources, then venting into space is the "low cost" alternative. No big setup, just pump it into the void and it will disappear. Fair warning: do not try to capture Zombiespore infected CO2 with a carbon skimmer. The polluted water will have z-spores, then the sieve will also produce polluted dirt with spores, annnd thenn... (you'll see where I'm going) Best advice when proceeding to uproot a sporechid is to make sure it's surrounded by vacuum. It will do a final spore "puff" if you allow it to.