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  1. @Ipsquiggle: Should I re-post the bug report about nuclear waste not staying inside liquid reservoirs into the spaced out! bug tracker...? I had posted it inside the main game tracker thread in error.
  2. I did notice the "нефть" popping up when slicksters blessed the pool of fuel. I would appreciate the cyrillic for ligroin... It could be worse... In Costa Rica kerosene is canfín which is a latinization of something merchants stamped on their crates: "can't fine"... weird people thought of to avoid fines, taxes, and other such tariffs by imposing their opinion with a stamp, on a box. They clearly never heard of the power of bureaucracy ... lol. Some call it jet fuel.
  3. Out of morbid curiosity: what's the name for naphta then? @babba I really need to know what other "beer" you're having... It was those egyptian hymns at first and now this... Loving your soundtrack so far.
  4. I'll confess, lettuce farming made me do it. This is not a guide or a pre-space material build: super coolant is required. Ahh, the dlc posts abound and vanilla content wanes? Well, here's one of my ongoing projects on this old terra map... Many a thing has happened: CO2 geysers have been tamed and only half the magma from the molten core has been pumped into a 4 steam turbine setup after more than 3k cycles, so we now have more than enough space for this... A salt water jacker: a brine contraption if you will, but not a brinicle. So you have 2 salt water geysers spewing a combined total of about 19kg/s 95ºC salt water when both are active; and one is more than enough? (I play too slowly, so my base is a late bloomer.) Well, pip-plant the lettuce, slap a couple of desalinators to the salt water, be done with it and ask for a prebuilt airlock too while you're at it build a salt water jacking station. (See 3rd definition at time of writing, you dirty-minded creatures: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/jack#Verb) In short, the aquatuners that are in charge of chilling the salt water are set with -24ºC in mind. V1 is currently doing 5Kg/s salt water. V2 is rock solid on 7.5Kg/s and goes up to 9.5 Kg/s (safe) - 10 Kg/s (more testing needed). There are two liquid flow valves I'm playing with in the debug mode and the liquid reservoir is a control for salt water overflow conditions. The liquid element sensor checks for brine to make sure we can send it on its way. V2 has some extra doors by the vertical heat exchanger to avoid warming up the brine too far away from 40ºC. Keen eyes will recognize regular heat exchangers, waterfall heat exchangers, drip heat exchangers and (eventually) an escher waterfall in "pump" mode. Do search the forums and see interesting guides describing them. After the late night read, I hope these screenshots appease your midweek madness: V1: V2: And naturally, out of debug mode and into the actual map, the humble beginnings in a regular game: A V2.5 (or V3) would be combining the output water from the desalinator and the molten ice into the regular heat exchanger that first chills the 95ºC salt water which is what I'm aiming for at the moment.
  5. If not for the cyrillic I would have said it had happened in an asteroid south of the río grande.
  6. Ah... the memories have resurfaced.. I remember having to painstakingly build this underwater to renovate and make some power extension with a vacuum (seen right with the sculpture no dupe will appreciate - ever). In short, I worked from right to left... pumping little blobs of liquid and building tiles around to later deconstruct and preserve a vacuum... (Yes, I'm a save file clutterbug - But I tidy up from time to time, having more than 20 to look back is crazy... So I store the prior 160 saves elsewhere) The final result of that endeavor was this:
  7. Correct, it does not freeze - yet. It also does not like to be kept inside liquid reservoirs.
  8. It is most likely so... Trying to freeze the liquid nuclear waste does have a funny thing happening: it rebounds from the -C back to its minimum temp as in the db. Or, maybe, just maybe we're getting dedicated storage drums for that green j*mba... I'm all for some kind of machine that helps to "process" the waste into something useful, hopefully with HYEPs so that we can use these ping pong setups beyond just research.
  9. It appears so... I got it mixed with the CO2 scrubber when gathering up that zombie contaminated gas ... Now that one is working "properly" You'll eventually even get polluted dirt with some extra spice added down the line. Some may call it malicious, but it would be "funny" if the contaminants were not discarded when burning bug-ridden petro...
  10. Not really, the radiation contamination "germs" actually disappeared and did not show up in either CO2 or PW from the generator... So for now, it's magic.
  11. I got carried away by the "Surrounded by 'anonymous material that wasn't named': 100% dead/cycle" message... Seems even that is borked... Hmm so perhaps the only option is dilution (a homeopathic approach) and crossing fingers for half life shenanigans. For now, the only test that did work for me was burning rad contaminated petro in the generator. No funny stuff in PW or CO2 produced...
  12. Your standard liquid reservoir & chlorine setup will do wonders with any "infestation", even radioactive contaminants... Treat it as any other bug to disinfect in-game. However: I had experimented with pumping nuclear waste into liquid reservoirs and had promising results at first, but the stuff would not stay inside the reservoirs. Glow juice is a rebel.
  13. Does the particle generator's port count? (Toggles shoot/no shoot)
  14. Controversial idea here: Radioactive sporechids instead of wheezeworts.