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  1. It's Base game so.. Spaced Out too. It's the current testing branch
  2. The game makes a tile of ice when water freezes, instead of debris.
  3. They yodeling and make the tune get stuck to other dupes heads (the effect doesn't last for all eternity anymore)
  4. That's.. how it works You feed fish -> they make eggs -> they hatch and make new fish -> they produce more eggs You could put doors and make their pond into a room instead of letting them use the whole map as their room, so when they get cramped, they will stop producing more eggs.
  5. There is a known bug where dupes leave atmo suits in lead suit docks and lead suits in atmo suit docks instead of dropping them at the check point
  6. Have you checked this in the testing branch? I think I saw a bug report mentioning of lifting the minimum limit for heat transfer (I think? This is what the update mentions "Sim: Removed energy damping to allow adjacent cells in a vacuum to better balance temperature. " not sure if it's the same case) but I didn't know of a case of how it worked before.
  7. Would you like them to drop the really hot rock they are carrying if they happen to meet a pip and want a hug while passing by? Please don't let dupes interrupt their tasks.. Dupe will need to have a little more free time for pip hugs. It seems fair to me
  8. There is also this bug report if it helps (I also remember there were several discussions but that needs a bit more digging to find in the archived posts)
  9. Well... I wasn't the one that noticed it. There was a discussion in Discord. But I was curious enough to ask
  10. Any sensor located at the output of a bridge, doesn't work correctly. Sensors located at the input of a bridge work correctly .. sometimes. You need to have the thermo sensor in a "clear" rail segment for it to work correctly.
  11. Is Spaced Out DLC mandatory to be able to join the Testing Branch or is the above just a typo?
  12. Is "Serenated" a permanent buff? Or.. how long does it last? I'm sure my dupes were serenated once but they have the buff for several cycles now.