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  1. Cobalt volcano is gone?! It was a forest start only volcano (irradiated swamp). Unless there is a "chance" to spawn instead of aluminum, it doesn't seem to be present anymore
  2. It is easy to break the window tiles but... did you save-load..? On load the window tiles get their original mass back. Only exploit here is getting 100kg diamond every time you break a spacefarer window tile Broken and invisible Loading save (saving when Leira was crossing the broken window)
  3. Windowed view of Base game background image doesn't change size along with the window, like DLC's windowed view does. It stays fixed at the chosen resolution of monitor and leaves a black gap at the edges.
  4. Well... It seems that every suit is "loaded" empty of oxygen and doesn't load oxygen unless it is undocked and delivered to the dock again
  5. Loading a save after switching to base game: Where did the "crust" go?!
  6. I would guess it's a performance issue. I also noticed I could boil oil to petroleum using hot abyssalite if I played the game in 1x but it would flash to sour gas in 3x (I haven't tried that in a while though..). Although in this build, it seems the hot 550C water fed to oil well, also flashes oil to sour gas for me Maybe it was not on load but it was the water that "burned" everything..? Maybe it was the testing branch acting out...? The fact is everything had a wonderful sour gas explosion (a little sandboxing fixed it) but then there were some other testing branch related troubles... so... I gave up for the time being
  7. There are also a guaranteed Natural gas vent in SO Terra (after tomorrow's update) and Hydrogen or Chlorine vent in SO Swamp and Forest. Classic Terra cluster has bigger map and more geysers. The "classic" guaranteed geysers (2 CSV, Nat gas, Nat gas or Chlorine, Salt water) in the starting asteroid. An easy way to check geysers in starting asteroid without debug, is the starmap. It "reveals" all geysers, buried or not (double geyser spawns won't show)
  8. I know it's probably due to some mods (I don't even remember which ones this save has...) but even the "black hole" page is crashing. Factory 1324.sav
  9. For some reason... loading an old base game save, denies access through atmo suit checkpoint for no apparent reason. Cool abyss 596.sav Building atmo suit docks and checkpoints in a new game of base game works just fine but not what was saved in the DLC-free base game Also, could something be done for this never ending list...? Or is this how old saves will be loaded from now on?
  10. Some aspects of DLC are still visible when switching to Base game Gang 1.sav
  11. Yeah... ok. My potato can make fries easily... I know that It seems it doesn't like the 550C in general (not just the bridge... )
  12. And thank you for that! Ehmmm.... Do I see a liquid bridge trying to burn everything... (or is it just me?)
  13. As one of the few people that never stopped playing SO Terra... Thank you!
  14. I think in order to go to the current base game (if you don't want any buggy testing weirdness) you need to deactivate dlc through the game properties of steam. Normally in that case it will download the version of the base game. I haven't tested that though.. I hope there are no bugs doing that "Note: if you want to go back to the current base game, you can still toggle off the DLC entirely through the Steam interface." Update 467401
  15. @minespatch are you sure you are playing the base game and not the "base game through DLC". Ghost builds and double music are some current bugs in the testing branch of DLC with the merged code. If you can switch between base game and DLC through the button of main menu without downloading, that is the DLC testing branch