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  1. For some reason an open door that has default allowed access both ways at some point does not allow dupes to pass. Reloading does not resolve it, only clicking the arrows to deny and allow access makes doors accessible again. Unfortunately I don't know "when" it happened, only have a save of a few previews cycles. Although the doors are open and not restricted to any direction, if a dupe is led in, can't get out. Note: several cycles ago I "retired" a dupe between those doors by denying access only to that particular dupe (doesn't seem that it can be reproduced that way). But I didn't change door restrictions otherwise unreachable.sav cycle 26.sav
  2. Somewhere between cycles 5 and 6 something went wrong. After having multiple "not enough food" alerts by cycle 12, I noticed that there were 13.000+ kcal of muckroot on the floor but the overall kcal were 6.600. I saved and reloaded the game to solve the problem, because the muckroot was unsweepable for some reason(I deconstructed the whole original ration box because noone was moving its storage to the new ration box area). After loading the save file of cycle 12, the muckroot could be swept but I notice 2 tiles that wasn't there before(bristle blossoms of image above were burried after loading as shown below). Searching back autosave files, it seems that something happened between cycles 5 and 6 to glitch the game. -print screen before and after reloading save file "rich spacepad 12" -save files of original world gen, cycles 5,6 and cycle 12 as saved, 12 2 after digging the burried blossoms and saving again to see if error could be reproduced (but no) Rich spacepad 12 2.sav Rich spacepad 12.sav Rich Spacepad Cycle 5.sav Rich Spacepad Cycle 6.sav Rich Spacepad.sav
  3. In previous jobs tab the overall skills of every duplicant were shown when choosing the job and you could see which dupe was more suitable for it. Now in the skills tab you have no indication what skill points a dupe already has, only what points are gained after assigning the skill and I just have to go back and forth between the priorities tab and skills tab in order to choose what I plan for every dupe. *the overall skills of a dupe you get after hovering over their image, disappears to the bottom of the screen after aqcuiring more dupes
  4. Thank you snoozer! I thought it was weird when they suddenly did not deliver... Shouldn't it say it is out of reach though?
  5. For some reason there is no queue for a farm/supply errand of fertilizer for pepperplants and dupes deside to fertilize only one plant. By cycle 472 of the save file the fertilize only the plant beside the door. If the sweeper arm starts working, dupes harvest plants just fine but a queue to fertilize never happens. I don't know if it's a memory issue on my pc but reloading the save file doesn't fix it. Citadel 469.sav
  6. For some reason a pile of 178mcg of ice formed and when a duplicant tries to deliver it, it creates infinite fetching task until another dupe at some point manages to complete the job of delivering the full amount. I don't know how the first mcg pile of ice was created, if it was a dupe that picked up that amount and dropped it or a dupe tried to deliver the full amount and needed to catch his breath forcing him to drop a micro amount. infinite mcg ice.sav
  7. Recently the electric grill recipes disappear when there are not enough ingredients to cook them. I don't remember this happening when MK1 update was live at first. At any moment you could uncheck and see all the recipies. Breathless 81.sav
  8. Playing the game for more than 20-30 cycles straight, results in bugs I guess... After grooming hatches and shine bugs for a couple of cycles I disabled the station because too many critters were popping up. Everything was ok but after a point (don't know exactly when) reproduction rates bugged and shine bugs stopped laying eggs. The hard saves in cycles 355 and 377 was ok but until cycle 432 every shine bug disappeared. Reproduction rate shows numbers like when a critter is groomed, but these critters are not for many many cycles. Hatches seem ok but they have a life span of 100 compared to shine bugs who have 25. In the autosaves of cycles 426 to 432 you can see the bugged reproduction rates. After loading one of the autosaves, unpausing the game returns rates to normal. Spacejunk 355.sav Spacejunk 377 Cycle 426.sav Spacejunk 377 Cycle 428.sav Spacejunk 377 Cycle 430.sav Spacejunk 377 Cycle 431.sav Spacejunk 377 Cycle 432.sav Spacejunk 377.sav
  9. Always playing the latest version . And it is still doing it. It propably happens only if the atmo suits stay in the dock otherwise if you undock them or probably a dupe wears them they appear again
  10. After receiving wrong element damage and getting repaired, the atmo suit's image in the exosuit dock disappears. At first I thought the wrong element damage broke the atmo suit, but it's there. Pressing undock suit, makes it appear again Planet 94.sav
  11. A gap between netronium and oil could probably solve the problem so as liquid gold and crude oil touch only instantly and not continiously like it seems in the first image
  12. I thought critters in the starting biome was +/- 1 but not 0. World seed 240742076 has no shine bugs in the starting biome. And the whole map has only 1 shine bug in a ice biome a little below space. No shine.sav
  13. I've seen this bug across several bug reports. It seems that Cool Steam Vents produce amounts of gas surrounding them together with the steam they regularly produce. In my colony the cool steam vent was surrounded by hydrogen and I found it a good way of cooling so I let it be. But every time it overpressured and the vent stopped producing steam. Several hundred cycles later, after a little bit of automation, I filled a fool 20kg room of hydrogen and I started filling a second one. So I experimented with an untouched cool steam vent, cleared the room and filled it with almost 200g of hydrogen. This is what happened. Here is the other same bug reports I've found Space 320.sav
  14. It seems that the description of dupes' job gets stuck in the first job they take or already have until you reload the save file. I saw it happen a couple of times in the windows version too.
  15. 1.The slickster when it is 3x speed doesn't consume the same amount of CO2 and it is constantly on the verge of starvation. In 1x speed it plays the animation properly and consumes more CO2 so as to not starve. 2.Also, in 3x speed when a dupe uses the grooming station it freezes for a couple of seconds dupe and slickster when the grooming finishes 3. By the cycle 177 when the slickster reaches 100% reproduction rate, it does not produce an egg. I reloaded and replayed a couple of times but no egg (photo taken before patch 284053 but slickster behaviour did not change after patch) Space 177.sav Space 174.sav