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  1. Not me... but I would love to see someone use them without fail or bugs.. (Here are some more bugged attempts.. 1, 2)
  2. It happened when the feeder was filled once and then I let pacu eat. It's weird... Could it be a latest updates bug..?
  3. I think collector is still infinite but atomic collider stores only 100. Any more than that, just pass through... In my testing map after rad-germs started dying properly the collector never stopped collecting
  4. It seems to be so but I think that doesn't happen always (like in this post). Sometimes it is solved in save-reload but not always. @Ronivan If it is too persistent you could (probably) "manually" unload cargo by selecting the "empty storage" button when you select the cargo module.
  5. Feeder is so .. bugged! It deletes +10kg of algae every time a fish eats (I just noticed that....) and it's even buggier when you use seeds. Using algae a pacu eats ~280kg per cycle (didn't observe it closely but it eats 20kg instead of 10kg per bite as shown in the other post) but it has a constant "ate from feeder" buff so it can be tamed in ~7cycles Using seeds a pacu eats once every 2 cycles ~126g of a seed, meaning it will have "ate from feeder" buff for a cycle but just "wild" the next cycle. Result: it takes ~20cycles to tame a pacu using seeds. A feeder filled with seeds is filled twice the amount specified I don't know if it's a bug specifically concerning seeds in feeders or the 10kg/less than 10kg per feeder in general. I tested filling 4 fish feeders using different amounts: 1kg, 2kg, 4kg, 10kg. Every feeder used twice the amount to be full and the amount of every feeder was divided in two. I thought that if it was filled more than I originally set it to, at least there would be more food for fish. Wrong! When the second amount was 0 the first amount reached 0 also (meaning: was deleted). Tame fish seem to eat twice a cycle ~130g so they seem to eat ~260g/cycle It also seems impossible to tame a wild egg into a tame pacu that produces at least one more tame egg using seeds. Starting the box seems to be possible (safely) only if the starter pacu is a printed one from a care package (meaning no "baby" 5 cycle lost) Did anyone else know about the bugged fish feeder?
  6. I'm not sure how your setup is, but I didn't see any algae deletion. There was no algae deletion in the first bite but there was a +10kg per bite after that... (description below) There seems to be another bug report from a while back about this issue (I wasn't aware that fish ate so much.... just that my algae decreased quickly so I stopped feeding them)
  7. @minespatch I assume some animation was missing but then it was updated (~bb poop...) Only sign left now is when you destroy a Beeta hive..
  8. Radbolt travels through pneumatic door (I haven't checked if it looses more power than travelling through air... but it can travel). Shinebug radiation is not that much (not anymore at least..). Dupes can absorb it just fine
  9. I think they are very temperature sensitive... Both Beeta hive and Beeta/beetiny. I accidentally killed them in -120C of the ice biome in radioactive planet
  10. Wait... Is that why they randomly fell asleep?! It says they consume it, not that CO2 makes them sleepy. (It's -80C around my beeta hives so no gas CO2 survived... ) Well... It makes sense but there should be a "written" indication somewhere Thanks @Reitar for the hint! Edit: Well.. Youtube wasn't fast enough to notify me for Brothgar's Bzzz-video
  11. Airborne critter bait (I think that one replaced aerial lures..?) doesn't lure beetas *also there is something weird going on if you put multiple different critter baits next to each other Moreover, I think if Beetas are left without a Beeta hive they turn themselves into one.. Beeta-fries..? Do they actually mine it?! I wasn't sure about that. Thanks!
  12. Terra start, two shine bugs in the starting biome. I put them in a room to generate some particles bolts for low demand research (5 point atomic research). I also connected a switch to have bolts on demand to avoid any accidents and put buddy buds to let surrounding atmosphere smell like flowers and not ..radiation. Not the best setup... (there will be an egg that drops from that horizontal door at some point.. I know..) but using it for low demand research seems fine to me. Well... I didn't realize shinebugs are even dumper than dupes who try to kill themselves while digging... I managed to one-shot both! shinebugs when I flipped the switch to let a bolt reach the atomic collider...