Access restrictions not working on hanging doors

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I want to remove one entrance from my base. So I build the door and forbid dupes from entering it. To move atmo suits to another entrance, exit is still allowed.

So only right to left direction is allowed.

But my dupes can go either way without problem :(

That's why they bring slimeling and it was not filtered by ore scrubber...T5cdf9bb21980a_2019-05-188_31_54.thumb.png.ef97d761a910c28060817fdc7d83e82b.png5cdf9bb666b5d_2019-05-188_31_24.thumb.png.36f986d766c623e0ffa50805ad61e4d2.pngbut 


There was similar fixed issue, but my door is build precisely on top of ladder.


And one more question: when bug is fixed, then fix will be present only in the next following stable build, or steam is allowing to upload minor patches automatically and my version has already fix for "Access restrictions not working on horizontal doors" bug?

Steps to Reproduce
Build door on top of ladder, allow 1 way path. Dupes can go either ways.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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move the ladder 1 to the left, close the floor. It is know dupes can move diagonaly in some cases. Doors without a foundation often act strange.

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