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  1. The fish feeder is feeding a pacu 10kg of algae at a time, it also destroy another 10kg of algae every time the pacu eat. bandicam 2020-07-08 04-08-22-564.avi pacu.sav
  2. Sauna, HotTub, Arcade Cabinet, Jukebot are the last recreational thing they want to use, select a dupe during their down time and see what they're doing.
  3. The game has two seperate code part : - The native part called the SimDLL that performs most of the physic computation, it runs on it's own thread and doesn't use much CPU power, somewhere around 25% of a CPU core. - The game itself is written in C#/mono handling everything else except for the physic in SimDLL, i believe this part is far from optimized and C#/mono itself wasn't a performance wise language. For example getting a list of 100 dupes when you select a door, shouldn't take more than a seconds, math too hard ? Same for rockets, but even worst ... at 20 rockets you will experience the same "lag" when select a rocket in starmap.
  4. While using the "infinite liquid storage" i found the water amount inside keep increasing at a exponential rate. I attached 3 save file here, the water amount inside save 2565 was increased by a lot compared to 2564, and it increased even more and more at 60 cycles later - 2622. I don't know what really cause the bug but it just happen. Mini Cycle 2564.sav Mini Cycle 2565.sav Mini Cycle 2622.sav
  5. I made the test a long time ago and haven't tame any pokeshell since then, pacu provide too much lime. The purpose of this design is to get both small and big molt out of a baby pokeshell. The kill room can accept eggs too, as it don't care about temperature. Gas inside the drop-off room is hydrogen, must be above 2kg/title. Target temperature of the petroleum pool is 115C. Default body temperature of pokeshell is 20C :hatched baby pokeshell temperature is 20C despite the egg temperature, or once it grown up the temperature is reset to 20C too. Once put inside the room, the pokeshell body temperature will slowly rise up to 100, by the time the baby pokeshell grows up, it's body temperature reached 98C, then reset to 20 as an adult pokeshell and get cooked, and die in the next 5 cycles. By the time the pokeshell body temperature reach -30C or 100C it will die, instantly. You may not agree with the on/off signal abuse on the tepizider, but i hope you get the idea. Freezing them also and option but you need to find the ideal temperature, and the gas/liquid you should use ....
  6. I still don't understand ... rockets won't take off if the doors are closed, of course you need "automation" to open/close doors. If the rockets land while the doors are closed, in previous versions they just get "destroyed" status which is required to repair, now the doors are destroyed completely, literally, they are gone and you had to rebuild instead of repair. These are quite difference as the repair can handle automatically by dupes, while rebuild requires you to do it yourself.
  7. Does rockets destroying bunker doors completely is intended ?
  8. Mafic rock has the same heat capacity / conductivity as regolith, just feed it into the regolith melter (if you managed to build one ...)
  9. I'm not sure if the petroleum layer actually solve the heat deletion bug, but even if it does, you have to deal with the mass deletion bug instead ....
  10. It's true, short trip tubes even slower than ladder, it's just the way to ... consume power
  11. Build a tube system with tons of tube access, my tube system consume at least 20kW itself. Combined with the entire base it getting very close to 50kW power usage already ....
  12. The OSHA Hater are fine, i had it running for at least 1000 cycles already. It seems to me that you are not planting "wild" arbor tree with pips ?