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  1. Devs only fix what they don't like .... long ago we can stack solar panels, well ... not anymore .... toilet stacking is still around and probably won't get fixed. If something is well known and still around, well ... you just have to live with it (or not xD)
  2. Actually there is only one thing Klei has to compile for difference OS : the SimDLL, everything else is rely on Unity for cross platform compatible, most of them are the same on difference OS. And for anyone who still think ONI is single-threaded : you're wrong ! Unity is multi-threaded and so ONI. There just one problem : one of them are doing wrong (not sure WHO lel), the multi-threading is poorly implemented that it leads to a conclusion that the game is single-threaded. And because most of the game codes are C# we can also blame Microsoft for invented a programming framework that focussed too much on the ease of making software and doesn't give **** about performance. In some case the native code run over 9000 times faster than the C#.
  3. Um .... can i have like 50 cent of screenshots of your colony ? Conveyor layout ? Unlike gas & liquid pipes has handled by SimDLL, the entire conveyor thing is managed using pure c#, which has a horrible performance . More thing on the conveyor rails = more lag
  4. The even longggger answer is, in order to make something possible we need something else possible, like a lot lot more players. With enough profit and motivation they might consider rewrite this game to make multiplayer possible, as the current game layout is impossible for multiplayer.
  5. The weight plate can detect from 0.1kg to 2000kg. but you need to input manually, the slide limit at 3. You can also feed the "prince" so it can excrete some slime periodically, thus reset the counter. If nothing found on the weight plate for xxx seconds you can safely decide that it's dead. But i wouldn't recommend this, since only 5% of consumed mass is excrete as slime, i would call this robbery.
  6. Butttttt ..... implement this will remove some difficulties from the game, plus game logic is doesn't need to be the same as real life logic. Some implies that game logic doesn't even need to make any sense at all, like a dupe starts with tier3 digging skill can't dig granite tiles which is required tier1 digging, which he don't have. AND THEY ARE FINE WITH THAT TOO ...
  7. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Long enough for ya ?
  8. Mean while @me at cycle 100, still too busy digging, didn't bother to build any real thing ...
  9. If they gave developers a Pentium D CPU and Geforce 79XX GPU instead of high-end workstations, we should have a nice game without performance issues ...
  10. A volcano with 1kg/s average can run 20 regolith metlers ....
  11. How long it takes to melt a chunk of regolith/mafic rocks ? How about conveyor loop inside magma room instead ? And by the way a single volcano can almost run 2 turbines 24/7. We're talking about 10 turbines in case of x5 heat ....
  12. While Saturnus's design focus on water extracttion, Tony's design runs through dormancy time, providing constant power output, depend on geyser output but it should be at least 800-1000W of power 24/7, include 30 or 40 dormant cycle.
  13. Quite big for 1 dupe Water sieve = sand input required Low quality food
  14. I didn't suggest the only part .... just in case you want wrapped mushroom and don't have chlorine (Errhh .... a closed system don't have chlorine sustainability anyway)
  15. New project : use dupe waste to feed arbor tree,use polluted dirt off gas to keep dupes breathable, make slime => mushroom. Make a closed colony that doesn't require any "input". Wild plants are allowed. But to make it harder, try to make it as small as possible and support as much dupes as possible