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  1. Uncultured trait always give both these thing, both "effect" lines is actually from a single trait ...
  2. Don't let the description text fool you ... i can only count to 3 .... - Quick Learner - Uncultured - Germ resistance
  3. Normally you won't be able to dig neutronium, but a dupe with super duper hard digging skill still trying to dig, now they don't ... And a super productive super duper hard digging dupe has a chance to destroy a neutronium tile, all it takes is time No idea i don't have DLC ...
  4. Someone trying to be smart by disable neutronium digging. In previous versions neutronium digging requirement is the same as diamond/obsidian, it just never complete, now it require a skill that is unavailable, had to search for a pirate version to complete my play i guess ....
  5. I have a water sieve in a closed room, sand fed by autosweeper, somehow this water sieve randomly not accepting polluted water intake. Sometimes reload the game help, this time the problem persists. I also have another water sieve on open air, sand fed by dupes, this one is working without a problem ... Dominion 1200.sav
  6. This has been around for years. Everytime you click on a door, mess table, cot, bed, massage table, triangle cot .... the game will freeze for a while, long or short depend on how many duplicants you have. Also on starmap screen, everytime you select a rocket, or an asteroid the game also freeze for a while, depend on have many rockets you have. I know that you need to look up into the duplicant list, or rocket list, and then "populate" it into a popup window. I know software development is hard, but this thing is not that hard, please fix it if you can ... Attached save file : 100 duplicant, >40 rockets, everything took like a second to show up. Quarantine Zone.sav
  7. The fish feeder is feeding a pacu 10kg of algae at a time, it also destroy another 10kg of algae every time the pacu eat. bandicam 2020-07-08 04-08-22-564.avi pacu.sav
  8. The game has two seperate code part : - The native part called the SimDLL that performs most of the physic computation, it runs on it's own thread and doesn't use much CPU power, somewhere around 25% of a CPU core. - The game itself is written in C#/mono handling everything else except for the physic in SimDLL, i believe this part is far from optimized and C#/mono itself wasn't a performance wise language. For example getting a list of 100 dupes when you select a door, shouldn't take more than a seconds, math too hard ? Same for rockets, but even worst ... at 20 rockets you will experience the same "lag" when select a rocket in starmap.
  9. While using the "infinite liquid storage" i found the water amount inside keep increasing at a exponential rate. I attached 3 save file here, the water amount inside save 2565 was increased by a lot compared to 2564, and it increased even more and more at 60 cycles later - 2622. I don't know what really cause the bug but it just happen. Mini Cycle 2564.sav Mini Cycle 2565.sav Mini Cycle 2622.sav
  10. I still don't understand ... rockets won't take off if the doors are closed, of course you need "automation" to open/close doors. If the rockets land while the doors are closed, in previous versions they just get "destroyed" status which is required to repair, now the doors are destroyed completely, literally, they are gone and you had to rebuild instead of repair. These are quite difference as the repair can handle automatically by dupes, while rebuild requires you to do it yourself.