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  1. That's increase the computational workload so maybe not a good idea to "fix" that.
  2. I hope for a lot of new content. Although finding new exploits is fun and all that, I really wish there'd be more content that aims at making it possible to play beyond 200-300 cycles without getting bored to death.
  3. @Risu being a seasoned player I'm pretty sure that's not the case... and me being a seasoned player, I was making a joke
  4. Hmmm.... I foresee a bunch of hot fixes coming in the next few days.
  5. Plants got stressed out?
  6. So if I super cool the air generated by a electrolyzer and pump it directly into a hydrogen generator without a gas filter. The hydrogen gets used to generate power and the oxygen cools the generator, and there's no risk of overpressurising? Interesting.
  7. Throughput isn't increased much. Only 25%. But output is massively increased.
  8. I'd say. x3.6 higher output 1 Fert Maker now enough to refine lavatory output for precisely 8 dupes
  9. Remember to point out that in current release, Bristle Blossom gives 2.8kg fertilizer back per 1 kg spent on initial growth if you let the fruits rot and don't store your foods.
  10. Hmmm... I thought it was intentional with the low metal in starting biome to increase difficulty a bit. There was just about enough to make research station, 2 small batteries, a hamster wheel, an electrolyser and the wire to connect them. And then I had to find iron ore and wolfram deposit in the neighbouring biomes. On cycle 380 now.
  11. We just need to make dirt reliably. The dupes themselves provide a surplus of fertilizer from the outhouses/compost heaps.
  12. Oh really? That seems a little much. It's way too easy to make a sustainable build then. I mean, I like that it's doable but I'd also like it to be a challenge at least.
  13. Had the same issue. A reload helped.
  14. Yes, what does: Fixed zombie Morbs mean?
  15. Show Us Your Colony

    Correct. I have no problem with showers... even if the output is looped back to the input for unlimited free water. You just need a pipe at least 12 squares long. Note that it will be patched soon (I hope) so might as well set it up correctly.