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  1. This seems fairly obvios but the latin suffix for (a) tenth is Deci- so put that together with injector, and you got the Decinjector.
  2. Come on, you know how to do that It's fine if you don't want to do it but it's really not a problem, it'll just take a bit of time. Do the pipes have to be radiant?
  3. Are you asking me to show you? Tip: do the dupe have to be in the steam room to corner build?
  4. It's incredible easy to pump out all the tungsten with that set up I showed Once there's only a single layer left you push the remaining toward the pump by corner building.
  5. You can easily pump it though. Use the new magma pump set up as proposed initially by @Hjoyn and refined by myself on discord, and just modify to suit molten tungsten. This pumps 10kg/s and has zero chance of failure as long as you get the molten tungsten blade the correct length. Petrol reflow pump to make the waterfall is set to 625g/s.
  6. Somewhere on your map totally at random there's probably at least one infinite storage occurring naturally. "Fixing it" basically means destroying most maps.
  7. But you don't have 100 dupes and about 4000 critters like the save I used to stress test with, right? On any normal game save I had this laptop just ran at the v-sync limit of 60fps. OLED displays like on this laptop typically have lower refresh rates but near instant latency so it feels like an IPS panel of at least 50% higher refresh. It certainly feels like my 120Hz monitor on my gaming rig in smoothness.
  8. Well, oddly enough the same save on my gaming rig doesn't run into the RAM limit on that save even though that has 16GB RAM as well. I think the difference is the 2GB of RAM used as VRAM on the laptop APU that makes the difference. But then again, that save is a monster. Try it! Not my save. I got it from @mrEverett on discord. Try it, and see how your PC handles it
  9. @bolenart All saves I had just hit the v-sync limit so I got a save on discord to test with. Cycle 2600ish. Lots of dupes. Tons of critters. After 30 minutes it's at 10-11 fps with 33% CPU and 68% GPU utilization. Limiting factor is the 16GB RAM. Power usage on the APU was 12W when running the save. Save file used so you can compare. Remember to let it run for minimum 20 minutes to get past initial boosting. spacerock prefreeze.sav
  10. Uhm, in every test you can make the Ryzen 4800H is superior to a 10750H. And I do mean in every single test. In some tests up to twice as fast while using less power. Technically, the Intel machine does have a slight memory speed advantage but the cores are so much faster on the Ryzen that it more than makes up for it. I just got a good deal on an ultra portable OLED laptop today with a 5700U. That is basically the same as the 4800U, and not much below the 4800H because Ryzen is a lot more efficient that their Intel counterparts, the U series is much less anemic compared to the H series than on Intel parts. I'll let you know how it performs when it arrives in two days. The exact model I bought today was the Zenbook UM325UA-Pure2 if you want to look it up and see tests for it.
  11. That'd work since it includes natural tiles, even sand.
  12. Curiously actually not true. If any of the two extra tiles is an air flow tile then it will not hold infinite pressure. So while an air flow tile on it's own will hold infinite pressure, it and mesh tiles do not count as tiles for holding back liquids.
  13. And far more power efficient if you combine it with weight plates to turn on/off the sweeper.
  14. Any reason you don't want to make an infinite storage?
  15. Uhm, ok So you skip the things that are easy to ranch and go straight for the critters that are among the hardest to ranch. Yes, that makes sense. You do have sort of a polluted water geyser in petroleum generators though. Either way, you're making it way more complicated that it needs to be because you're focused on continuing to farm mushrooms. Switch to completely automated bristle blossoms or sleet wheat farms, and then use the polluted water from the petroleum generators for a completely automated pincha pepper farm. That'd sort you out and mean that you're not wasting dupe time farming or ranching.