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  1. That's what I do too. No need for complicated set ups. Here's what I typically do.
  2. Playtime record

    So do I. @Oozinator has appearantly played the game about twice as long as it's been out as it's 3.6 years. Apparently.
  3. Instead of having the fridge on constantly. Just check it once per cycle. A clock sensor on 1% duty cycle turns the power shut off on which powers up the fridge. The clock sensor signal also goes to the set input of a memory gate. After being powered on the fridge then sends a signal out if it's full. We delay the signal with a 2s buffer gate before sending it to the reset input of a memory gate. The output of the memory gate will now be negative if the fridge is full, and will remain so until next cycle where the fridge is checked again. Likewise the output of the memory gate will be positive if the fridge is not full, and will remain so until checked again next cycle.
  4. This should really be tip number 1: Digging vertically up or down, especially for exploration and digging out large areas, is done much faster without using ladders by digging S-bends like this.
  5. It's discussed at length here. The general consensus is that the steam turbine is release ready now. No further changes needed or desired. It's primary function is to delete heat, not to generate power as without super coolant it is now impossible to make a self-sustained infinite power source using an aquatuner.
  6. Sealed Apartment Strategy.

    Technically yes. But QoL mkIII gives a debuff if a dupe have relieved himself in the atmosuit. Moreover, at the docking station. All expulsions are now dumped on the floor. That means any pee, CO2 breathing or farts the dupe made while wearing the atmosuit is dumped at the docking station. Actually, not completely sure about the flatulence being retained in the atmosuit until docked now as I've not tested it myself, so this is on secondary information only.
  7. Before the update if you had for example five hamster wheels on a circuit where the consumers was separated from the producers by a transformer of any kind then all five hamster wheels would produce power even if just one was actively being used. I'm not completely sure if the bug applied to all generator types but hamster wheels, petroleum generators, coal generator, hydrogen generators, and natural gas generators was affected.
  8. 40kg/s Regiolith Melter

    Absolutely. However, we needed to dump it in for testing so we could read the heat exchange from observations. Had we not done it, we probably also wouldn't have noticed that the regolith doubles in mass when melted, and thus throwing a spanner in the works.
  9. 40kg/s Regiolith Melter

    Should be noted that I don't disagree that it should but observation of how it actually works in the game does not support that assumption.
  10. No. That's what I said, and have always said. Jeez.
  11. Adding diseases = Quality of Life. The devs' got a wicked sense of humour.
  12. Live branch 1 hour ago Preview branch 1 hour ago
  13. For Goodness sake. It's not delayed. It was pushed forward. The original release schedule said 18th April. That's why those on the live branch saw "2 days to update", and those on the preview branch saw "less than a day to update".