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  1. There's a solution to most problems already on the forum really. I carefully not saying all problem but it's very close.
  2. For me it got really serious when O2 pressure in the base got to about 1400g/tile. Then it started deleting CO2 like crazy.
  3. I've discovered a side effect of this bug in my current play-through. You can completely ignore CO2 produced by dupes. It will vanish on it's own now. Unfortunately, it works a bit too well. Where I could before just close of the bottom of my base off. Let CO2 sink down and grow mealwood and store food in the CO2. Now the CO2 disappears completely fairly quickly. There's only a small pocket of CO2 left in the bottom right corner of my base now, and I can literally see the pressure of that dropping as it's being deleted by the game.
  4. Vents obviously shouldn't delete gases or liquids. Another bug. Seems a lot of the optimisations done to improve FPS revolves around deleting gases and liquids around the map to reduce the number of calculations needed to be done instead of optimising how they're done.
  5. Use gas lock instead
  6. Yup. If it is indeed not a bug that input and output temperature are the same why even have germs on the output as it's pointless. It's not a big deal really but it's just another weird decision that makes no sense. And quite frankly, although I still like the game, I'm liking it less and less with each weird unannounced ninja change. At the very least the devs should note the changes they make in the updates... or don't make them at all.
  7. See, I don't actually use showers, so I apologize for assuming they were the same as they've always been before. I will need to test that again it appears. Lavatories and sinks output water at the temperature of the lavatory though. That is certain. If showers output water at input water temperature you should make a bug report as that is most definitely not intended. It would mean that if you use input water at above 55C you automatically disinfect the output polluted water.
  8. It's possible that it's so in the tubular beta. I have not played it very much yet only tested and rejected it at first release. To me, it did not feel like a worthwhile use of my time.
  9. There's 2 water, 2 natural gas, and 1 chlorine geyser on every map*. No more, no less. *excluding the preconfigured maps naturally.
  10. Exactly. It's the CO2 that pushes the water away. Use airflow tiles and the CO2 sinks through without causing this issue.
  11. And to add to what @chemie just said. You can use the water sieve heat destruction twice. Use the polluted water before the sieve and the clean water after the sieve to cool things down and you have double use as sinks/showers/lavatories also destroys heat.
  12. Absolutely correct, and worth pointing out. I see a lot of people trying to remove germs from their waste water loop when it's completely pointless to do so. Currently at least.