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  1. It's if your system can have temporary blocks on the output line, you can loop it back to try to output it again later. Basically just an output buffer.
  2. I just got an Gold Volcano

    Note. Don't use this seed. It's terrible.
  3. I just got an Gold Volcano

    Now you just have to cool down the bloody thing
  4. Obstacles breeds creativity. When you have all options available to you it's easy to fall into the trap of doing the exact same thing, every game you play. It might be in a different order but it will be more or less the same. When maps are random and you have completely different resources available it makes each game more varied and fun. They're hidden, like Easter eggs
  5. Having all 18 new geysers and the oils wells and geysers we had before on a single map would be very cramped, and more significantly would actually limit gameplay variety and replayability in my opinion.
  6. That's just because back when it was posted the colours for inputs and outputs were reversed. Anyway. I made a quick mash up of the simple filter type and its common extensions. Note these are spaced out for maximum clarity but can obviously be compressed a lot. From left to right it's - The standard one bridge filter. - Flow control valve added - Output block flow back added - Filter line loop back added
  7. But that's not accurate. You don't need to limit it to 499g/s ever (unless the filter gas valve is above 1g/s obviously). As I wrote, 1000 minus filter gas valve setting equals flow control valve setting. As I also wrote above, you do not ever need the double bridge version if you use a flow control valve.
  8. One thing you neglected to mention is that with the double bridge version the rotation of the filter gas packets has to be opposite of the direction of flow in the pipe being filtered otherwise packets above 1000g minus filter gas valve setting will overflow the filter. Eg., If you have the gas filter valve set to 1g and it sees as 1000g packet on the first bridge then with co-current flow 999g will get filtered and 1g sent to the next filter bridge then the gas filter packet, now being a full 1000g packet, will also have moved to the 2nd bridge location meaning the 1g packet will still have nowhere to go. With counter current flow however each time a packet moves the filter packet the 2nd bridge sees will be a 1g packet. Note that this also means that the double bridge filter can only handle filter gas valve setting divided by 1000 full packets of the same kind in a row because there will be that amount added to the packet the first bridge sees at every cycle. As I write in the original thread. If you use a flow control valve you only need the original single bridge version as it then cannot overflow. And rotation of the filter gas packets becomes irrelevant. Eg., if you set a flow control valve to 999g/s and the gas filter valve to 1g/s there's no way two merged packets combined can exceed 1000g. Although I use both types I think most people that are new to building them should use the flow control valve version as you can effectively prime the filters with one packet of gas of each type by setting the flow control valve 0g/s first. Then as the first packet hits it you up the setting to 1-10g/s thereby priming the filter (or filters) before you turn it all the way up to 999g/s.
  9. But they do still work through solid tiles, just not mesh and air tiles.
  10. [Game Update] - 260234

    That was how it was before. Tamed critters would starve to death if you didn't have them in the field of view.
  11. Plants don't die with no way of getting them back! Please think about this. The entire problem is the irreversibility. If you decide that something should die then at least check if there isn't a very well known issue with the game already that will cause a lot of players to lose most if not all the critters they have tamed through no fault of their own.
  12. Problem is that you introduce a hotfix that fixes something nobody asked to be fixed but fail to recognize the repercussions it will have on the game with already reported bugs not fixed. That's why I'm so upset by that asinine hotfix. It's as if the devs have no clue how the game works.
  13. But it is a big problem that they die at all and don't just return to wild state. I'm not sure about all critters but hatches do not eat when they're not in the field of view, so you can't leave your computer to let dupes do some chores without remembering to have the hatches in the field of view which is patently stupid considering the tasks you are wanting the dupes to do could be somewhere else entirely which means you basically have to chose between potentially killing of critters or killing off dupes.
  14. I've never talked about coal production though. Only eggs.