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  1. why not just heavy watt wire directly to those small transformers?
  2. try reload the game, couple days ago I experienced this too.
  3. not sure why it doesn't work or how to reproduce this bug, but I am sure it happen when off screen, see in the picture, it should never reach above 20, only this particular liquid pipe thermo sensor that doesn't work when off screen, the position is far right of the map, liquid tank in the steam turbine room. mods I use: zoom out, pliers, POI destruct, geyser calculation. before I decided to post this, it had froze my coolant and broken my aquatuner, forced me to reload, coolant was polluted water back then, right now I switched to super coolant and keep checking it every once in a while. now42moro1000 Cycle 1235.sav
  4. me too all the time since last update, oh nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I have a problem with egg cracker, if I try to break 2 type of eggs with only 1 unit each, the task will just cancelling each other, I already post this problem in the bug tracker but I couldn't explain it well, so I hope someone here can test it. There is a solution for this, it is don't queue more than one type of eggs.
  6. trying to break 2 type of eggs with only 1 unit available each, I'm bad at describing things in english, so here are the save. altfnctrl Cycle 50.sav
  7. queue for egg cracker acting up again, I'm guessing this affect all fabricators?
  8. so I load your save, too afraid to unpause, back to main menu, stuck for 5 minutes, forced to close ONI, lol edit: oh no, happened to my own save too
  9. I thought it was changed not too long ago, but sleet wheat grain can be stored in storage compactors again. ah yes...idling dupes like to hanging around atmo checkpoint, lucky for me I don't pressurize that room in my recent gameplay, so if they decide to breath they will come inside base area.
  10. egg cracker forever queue won't work after loading even though there are eggs available to crack
  11. so this why my open ranch losing stone hatch quick, poor hatches.