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  1. not sure why it doesn't work or how to reproduce this bug, but I am sure it happen when off screen, see in the picture, it should never reach above 20, only this particular liquid pipe thermo sensor that doesn't work when off screen, the position is far right of the map, liquid tank in the steam turbine room. mods I use: zoom out, pliers, POI destruct, geyser calculation. before I decided to post this, it had froze my coolant and broken my aquatuner, forced me to reload, coolant was polluted water back then, right now I switched to super coolant and keep checking it every once in a while. now42moro1000 Cycle 1235.sav
  2. Ranching problems

    could you just lose the perfectionism?
  3. but when you mouse over the turbine its current wattage still below 1275, maybe because the missing of letter “n”?
  4. Space destination mass mechanics

    I have 3 cargo bay with 10k km destination, checked my command capsule that resource available has reached 3000kg, so launch, but come back with 50% each cargo, anyone know why? current mas is 127988 t
  5. Detecting returning rockets

    I've seen it, but it was off screen and my bunker door built close to red area though I'm just guessing those are the cause. as of right now, my bunker door built 3 tiles below red area and has not broken, maybe later.
  6. Transporting Liquid hydrogen

    I'd say instead pump use liquid tank+liquid shutoff, just to make sure exactly 10kg in pipe. also there is a dispenser here
  7. 2 tiles deep water lock
  8. excuse me, I missed why venting hydrogen down is better design?
  9. Automation help

    please if you could post your final build. I'm curious.
  10. Detecting returning rockets

    this might help
  11. getting worse, now dupes filling the tank that is on the way to rocky asteroid. I will try your solution later. I only need 1 more trip then moving on to liquid oxidizer.
  12. as tittle says, they (they in jet suits) just keep doing it forever even though the tank has reached its amount needed. bug or I got unlucky? feel like I'm still in early access.
  13. AFAIK steel was enough, debris from meteor was my coolant back then.
  14. make fabricator building have dupe image where he/she will be pick up by sensor when operating that building, just so I know where to put my sensor easily.