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  1. Playtime record

    are you from the future?cyborg?does oni take over the world?
  2. Playtime record

    I'm at 1575 hours. I wonder can we know when we started playing?
  3. it's easier to drown dupes?
  4. have you seen jukedbylife youtube channel? I follow his gas conflict steam turbine, it works really well.
  5. so I try your @riwennasave, I managed to keep it from sublimating. here are the ss and the save, I haven't let it run for long though. what I did is dig when the geyser was dormant, not sure though if that is the case to prevent sublimation. 5c772135d5299_TheFullFridge-BeforePWV Cycle 745.sav
  6. what if you put the pump at the same level as the geyser at.
  7. I believe I read someone's post in this forum said that 'insulated' use the material conductivity while 'normal' use the average, so if you want perfect insulation you need insulation insulated. CMIIW
  8. my last gameplay before qol mkii I only use steel, working just fine.
  9. @mathmanicancould you explain a little how this build work? I'm assuming the heat is from petroleum, and the chlorine to keep it from losing heat? is this turbine still delete heat in the steam?
  10. stinky might gain super saiyan buff from this training
  11. don't know if this related to OP post or not, my dupes pick and drop egg if I set the cracker to break 2 types of egg with each type only have 1 unit available, I wonder if my dupes now aware of critter extinction and want to preserve wild critters, but I think they know about upgraded printing pod.
  12. ultimate sustainable green power?
  13. you could use a buffer tank if you want to cool to certain degree.
  14. [Game Update] - 308684

    I have a problem with egg cracker, if I try to break 2 type of eggs with only 1 unit each, the task will just cancelling each other, I already post this problem in the bug tracker but I couldn't explain it well, so I hope someone here can test it. There is a solution for this, it is don't queue more than one type of eggs.
  15. trying to break 2 type of eggs with only 1 unit available each, I'm bad at describing things in english, so here are the save. altfnctrl Cycle 50.sav