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  1. I`d actually like to see a tier 4 medical machine that works like an X-ray machine. Imagine a dupe sitting inside and waiting for the doctor and then for a HyEP to activate the machine. We`d just need some really hard diseases that would get fixed by that.
  2. I wonder if it was planned to originally work like that. Like maybe even they considered basing the amount of watts created on calories burnt but they decided to make it simle instead.
  3. I`d search for it on the water planetoid but i`m not sure it spawns yet.
  4. Other than bugfixes and making resource transport between planetoids less tedious i can make a whole wishilst (and i made a few before): Morphs for critters that don`t have any: - Plug slug morphs eating different things, refined metals, nuclear waste/depleted uranium, rust (t-rusty slug) - Pip morphs based on temperature which would modify arbor tress to a corsponding variant with different temperature ranges - Pokeshell morphs based on how much time they spend in water, different molts crushable for algae or diamond - Flying sweetles to tend arbor tree branches and hanging plants New critter for the rust biome (the squeaky puft is out of place there). Eats refined metals, poops ore and rust. Agressive towards dupes. Has a poisonous attack and requires an antivenom from the apothecary. Pokeshells molting more than once per lifecycle and their AI fixed so they actually attack when they should. More robots. An actual rechargable rover for in base operations, programmable for specific tasks. Allow us to wrangle slicksters and airborne critters at ranching lvl 2 skill so we don`t need to put down a dropoff for that. Oh and flopping pacu as well. Gassy moo milk - Gassy milk. Lets make a cake. More insulative materials. A mid tier material for structures like metal smelter and glass forge (why are we building those out of rock?). More alloys as alternative to steel. Useful/interesting PoIs on distant planets. Like an abandon launchpad that is covered in regolith but can be used to land after it gets cleared. Destroyed/molten reactor on the radiated planetoid. Return of artifacts. Findable in lockers early on or as buried objects in harder biomes (hatch skeleton among fossils). I`ll better finish now before it gets too long.
  5. Interesting. Finally we have something to do inside the spacefarer module (other than living of course). I wonder if they`ll bring back the research modules to enhance the research capabilities (i assume that structure produces data banks).
  6. It actually is but not in the long run. The trick is to pump a lot of gas to the pump internal storage, faster than it can pump it out. This way it creates vacuum easily in a confined space. After it has nothing more to suck in it empties it`s storage into the pipe. A pump like this would work amazing for airlocks where it`s more important to get rid of the gas inside than to pump it to it`s destination. For normal applications it would likely get filled fast and just pump stuff with the max pipe capacity.
  7. True, but i meant the overall mechanic how it would be handled for balance purposes. It could just leak the particles as radiation so that it`s much harder to stockpile them, at least without a strong radiation source.
  8. Photons might work but still maintaining a cohesive stream of them over large distances is tricky. It would require a special lense structure to send and catch them.
  9. We currently have 3 add-ons allowing us to transfer solids, liquids and gasses to rocket cargo storage. It`s cool but it could be better. We still need to fuel the rocket and provide oxydizer and those don`t get an add-on building and must be done in the old fashioned way. That makes landing pads less universal and basically forces every rocket to it`s dedicated platform. What if all the cargo ports were condensed into one single add-on building? Then fuel would get it`s own dedicated add-on with 3 ports as fuel can be gas, liquid or solid and oxydizer would get another for liquid and solid oxydizers. This would partially fix the issue with setting up pipe infrastructure for idividual rockets as well as prevent overheating fuel/oxydizer during launch and simplify oxylite delivery (easier to prevent ofgassing).
  10. I`d prefer an actual antenna that can send signals to multiple asteroids and even rockets not jsut the teleport one.
  11. Some tabs should be split into two. The food tab could be split into food management, farmiing and ranching. The decor tab could be split into actual decor items and recreation stuff.
  12. I feel like HEPs should just decay and have a half life period like radiation so they can`t be stored indefinetly. A half life mechanic inside the HEP ollector thingy would effectively limit how much it an store in a low radiation enviroment. Honestly i think space radiation alone shouldn`t be enough to produce HEPs consistently and wheezeworts should allow a slow rate of production so getting tech points without a proper reactor or at least some radioactive minerals would take a long time. HEP also often share the same charge so they repell each other. A stream of HEP would get more and more dispersed over large distances so it would get difficult to catch them all from another planet.
  13. I feel that the bad impression people get from the dlc comes from the amount of changes the devs planned to make and that they decided to push as much content as possible in a small timeframe. That meant a lot of the stuff was untested, buggy, imbalanced and sometimes not thought through. From a development standpoint it makes sense though. The more content is available early the more testing time and feedback it gets and the more time they got to fix it and polish it out. But from a players perspective we get a semi downgraded version of the game with several features removed to make room for changes and their reworked versions and new seystems that are buggy and not fully funcional. I understand it can cause frustration and leads to worse reviews especially from people that sunk many hours in the base game that`s in a much better state. The base game is giving us high expectations beacause it`s really high quality but it wasn`t that good in it`s early stages. The dlc has regressed to earlier stages of development and it feels familiar to beta veterans who dealt with the early bugs. People used to the final product meanwhile see it as a worse version (which it currently is by design, until it gets better) and want it to be polished like the base game. It will surely reach this state but for now it`s in deep development and almost all of the new features need work.
  14. Waterlocks are easy but as i mentioned they can be customized with different liquids and tiles to deal better with different temperatures. All i am saying is that when we add a simplier setup it makes it even more trivial than it currently is. There would be no other option but just building that one airlock as it will become the end game choice gas seals.