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  1. Seeds don`t root themselves for a year or more already. Only exception is the wheezewort. You can use the wild growing ones only if you don`t uproot them.
  2. This seems to be bugged this patch as cooking increases tinker skill for some reason. Probably not intended.
  3. I noticed quite a few people refuse to print dupes with this trait. I can see it is quite a strong effect and requires you to build your base in a certain way or keep all the sources of floral scents outside. But there`s another issue. An allergic dupe gets the allergic reaction instantly unlike other diseases which kinda makes sense for allergy. But it means he can get the effect up to 5 times per cycle. There is no grace period where the allergy can`t happen again. Allergy seems to have a 100% chance to happen everytime the dupe passes an tile with 100 floral scent "germs". It gets hard to see how far the scents reach and the dupe can get allergic reactions from quite a far from your bristle farm. Immune boosters have no effect on floral scents (and probably shouldn`t for it to remain realistic) and the allergy pills take bristle seeds. Having a bristle farm capable of feeding 10 dupes won`t provide enough seeds for a single allergic dupe. Finally the biggest issue is the stress debuff (200%/cycle which effectively adds 20% stress during one allergy attack). That combined with multiple allergy reactions per cycle can quickly get a dupe to 100% stress out of nothing. I got one dupe that got his stress reaction 3 times during 2 cycles and there was nothing i could do about it other than locking him in a room until i bould enough doors to restrict his access to all the allergy sources. Overall i think either the stress debuff should be lowered (no other disease hurts as much atm) or it hould take more floral scents to get the allergy proced along with some sort of delay. Additionally i think the allergy pills effect should last longer so it`s easier to keep the dupe`s allergy surpressed earlygame when every seed matters.
  4. If nothing changed dupes can`t move morbs unless you use a critter trap. Dupes can`t touch them as they are walking sacks of bacteria. All other critter can be moved using a dropoff set to auto wrangle but morbs can`t.
  5. Each point increases expectation based o the tier. If a dupe has interests in a job the expectation is reduced. You can get 3rd tier jobs easy but you can`t get too many of them before you increase morale.
  6. Pacu require a certain amount of liquid tiles. Iirc it`s 8 tiles/fish.
  7. That thing looks like a smaller manual airlock.
  8. Wireless Signals

    But why do we need the base station? Can`t we have the thing work globally? I don`t think that would be too powerful.
  9. This works if you make the gas unable to expand. Any gas will expand to fill all the available space but if you put it in a canister it will fall down. This also works in the game but it`s hard to notice along other means of heat exchange. Hot gas will go up but will also spread the heat around so it equalizes pretty fast.
  10. An alarm was suggested before. Would be a cool addition to make your own notifications. A geyser sensor would be best if you could connect automation straight to the geyser (to that little swirling thingy your scinetist puts there afer analysing it). Sending an active signal each time the geyser starts erupting. Forcing a dupe to drop an item is easy. Just break the path by closing a door for 1s. Determining what item they are carrying is the hard part. We could use a dupe scanner that would tell us what they are carrying or how hot is it. As for the regolith and mafic rock getting into your base it`s a storage bin setting issue. If you have your filtration medium storage bins set to high priority and not to sweep only it might happen so you need to uncheck the regolith from those as soon as you discover it. The raw mineral storage will accept mafic only if you had all others checked before you discovered it. Just make sure you uncheck those 2 from your storage and/or build some storage for them outside the base. I also advise to uncheck igneous rock so they don`t deliver freshly solidified magma to your base.
  11. You can make a superman dupe, it`s the morale system that holds you back not a limit in the skill points. If you can keep the dupe at high morale you can give him all the jobs (it`s around 50 morale req iirc). If they earn skill points after that then yes those are useless.
  12. The problem with the geysers is not waht they produce but how much. Hot steam vents are actually useful now with the new turbine but as a water source they are terrible. CO2 vents are ignorable since they porduce as much as a few dupes and the heat capacity of CO2 is so low you can`t use it for cooling. At a higher amount you could use it for slicksters or skim to polluted water. Leaky oil vents provide a source of oil outside the oil biome which can be useful when tamed. Polluted oxygen vents at a higher output would be useful for pufts. All of them could be useful if they produced a bigger amount. If you want a truly useless geyser we would need Klei to introduce a hot sulfur vent.
  13. Connect pipes from the green arrow to the white arrow. Green sends water white accepts it. You juts need to swap the pipe connections in your buildings. (yes i know it seems counter intuititve that the output is placed higher than the input but that`s just the way it is).
  14. So if the suits really melt into sand that`s where the sand might have ended. Let us know if placing neutronium there fixed the issue. Might be the cause of the problem. some changes to worldgen could prevent this from ahppening in newer maps.
  15. Wait? This is from the in game files right? Maybe those are in fact related with jellyfish but genetically modified like the other critters. Maybe they got rid of stingers so they are more usable OR they don`t have them in this form. Imagine when it gets too cold wheezeworts start floating away and stinging dupes passing by. Maybe it`s something in between. Being partly a sponge would give it a slightly stronger outer membrane that would help it keep it`s shape. A jellyfish from could be a bit more dense as well so it`s better suited for floating in the air and a lower gravity. Jellyfish are 99% water so they can survive in extreme water pressures. Air has much lower pressure so they might have a different structure. Uhh, i`m sitting at my pc and discussing how would a space jellyfish work in a sci-fi world and it`s easter. I need to rethink my life. Happy easter everyone.