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  1. Iirc you just turn off the notifications but the stuff still gets tracked. If we could disable the tracking of this stuff it might help a bit since before it was added the performance was better. But there mightr be other factors we don`t know about that hurt the performance after the dlc.
  2. This really looks like it`s baked deep into the game`s worldgen engine. Since the worldgen dates back to the early versions of the game i doubt it`s an easy task to change something as fundamental. Smaller changes tend to break the game. I`m not saying it`s impossible but it might be unlikely due to how many systems were build on top of it. I see this as them focusing on different aspects of the game. The build and design aspect is pretty solid and allows for a ton of creativity as we can see on the forums. Even small changes and improvements that are basically QoL can and will be exploited in super optimized and straight out weird designs and the devs seem to be really careful they won`t break the current status quo with new additions and not make the game too trivial. On the other hand adding recreation, food items and emotional reactions doesn`t affect that part of the game but stills adds to the overall experience making the dupes feel more alive (less like robots) and sometimes providing new challenges around some new mechanics like keeping shove voles fed with warm regolith or setting up a sauna. Stuff like that isn`t mandatory but it`s an optionary thing you could do if you desire. For me it makes the game interesting but i understand if it`s a useless gimmick for others.
  3. About once a month somebody suggests ONI multiplayer. Sometimes it ends up in a discussion but most veteran players don`t see a possibility for it due to performance issues and the general character of the game. That said there was an attempt to make a sort of shared save version (i can`t find the thread right now) and it ended up with players doing random builds and not really caring about other player designs. As for playing simultainously there are a lot of potential issues with control and pause. If players start on the same planetoid do thay share control or have their own set of dupes? If they start on different ones what happens when they travel? Also that`s potentially hours of play before they can interact. It`s not as easy as just adding another player controlling a separate character.
  4. The cargo modules in SO are made for automated transfer and aren`t accessible by dupes directly. This is an issue with solids as conveyors are locked behind the mechatronics skill. Most players resort to storage bins and sometimes filling them then deconstructing to save space while storing stuff on the floor of the spacefarer modules. As for how the loader and unloaders work to avoid the "cargo transfer complete" message you need to specify what cargo the module accepts. Ideally the rocket should wait to be fully loaded with fuel oxydizer and cargo and then launch automatically (which is kinda possible but requires the pilot to remain inside) at the destination it would be refueled unloaded and launch back on it`s own.
  5. Yes, i`m sure i`d use that. Pretty simple solution but would save a lot of tedious clicking to set stuff on and off.
  6. A lot of those things could be fixed if there was a building that requested a certain maount of resources and no more. I made a suggestion for that so i don`t derali this thread:
  7. A lot of annoying issues come form not being able to precisely request an amount of resources to be transfer to a certain place. This is why i think we could use this small QoL structure i call a request box. It`s a 1x1 structure that doesn`t need foundation. It holds up to 200kg of resources. The building can request any amount of resources from and it gets delivered to it once. It can be then reset to request the resources again similar to meter valves. 3 other variants of the building would be 1x2 and connected straight to gas/liquid pipes and conveyor rails. Each would use power and pump at a reduced rate compared to regular pumps. Each would be supplied manually and request a selected amount of resources before putting into the pipe system. That would be more accurate than meter valves and stuff wouldn`t be stuck in pipes but wouldn`t be as convenient since manual delivery would be required for gasses and liquids. The conveyor loader on the resource teleporter in SO would then be replaced with conveyor request box.
  8. You can always hook them to a button to do that but i guess you mean a manual override button on the building itself.
  9. It should not only lose heat but also recieve it from sunlight. Technically the top tile that has nothing but space above itself should act like if there was a phantom tile above it that transfers heat with it. It would have around -200C during the night while during the day it would go up to +150C on the hottest planetoids and to like +20C on the coldest.
  10. I had to google Voronoi pattern. I wonder what is wrong with this approach. It gives you something that looks alike a semi natural formation and for somebody who never heard a bout Voronoi patterns it does look pretty random. What would be the alternative? Rectangles or hexagons would benice for a more tidy asteroid that looks like pre build. Maybe some fractal shapes would work as well.
  11. It wouldn`t hurt especially when you can plan longer pipes/wires than you got resources for. Just give us an option in the build menu, somethin like "allow placing with insufficient resources".
  12. Iirc no critter gets a higher chance for the base morph based on food. Hatches don`t get a higher chance for regular ones when eating sandstone and glossy dreckos won`t get a higher chance for regular morphs based on food since they can`t eat the food the base morph eats.
  13. Maybe it should have a "hands off" tile that doesn`t get sweeped back to it once it drops to avoid that.
  14. Flatulent dupes are an issue early in the game. If there was a cure i should involve something more common like mealwood seeds or fungal spores. Curried beans as a late game food requiring mastering the space biome, keeping regolith in a narrow temperature range, getting cold ethanol for nosh beans and keeping them below zero and on top of that having a gas range with a stabile amount of natural gas (which can be tricky at times) should give a much better bonus. Something like an athletics or strength buff.
  15. The game is fun when you are doing meaningful things. Making cool designs, improving the base, exploring distant planetoids. But there`s the stuff you hate to do. Things that ake unnecssary amounts of clicks, require a ton of attention for no reason, stuff that needs to be toggled on and off all the time. Examples: 1. Critter feeders - They could be organized so much better without the baby critters being separate and critter morphs in a subcathegory. 2. Pinning resources - Requires you to scroll through the entire list to find the resource you want pinned. We should be able to pin a resource when clicking on a piece of it. And new resources should be at the top in the menu. 3. Transferring small amounts of resources between planetoids or rockets - Dupes don`t know the meaning of "a little" once you order to send something they`ll load all they can fit. Yes we got the meter valves which are nice but sometimes we want to send a single seed, egg or a single atmo suit and it`s way to little for a valve. Only way seems to be to set a storage bin with a specific amount then, drop it and sweep it to where it`s needed. 4. Moving critters between planetoids - moving them around your base is annoying enough but getting them into a rocket and out is a next level of annoyance. I wish we could have a critter container(maybe a cryo one) that would allow to move them around and not get released on drop. 5. Managing food spoilage and suit durability - You don`t want stale food in your rocket, neither you want a low durability suit during a space mission. But there`s no way to separate those. You can resort to not spoiling food or compost stale pieces but you can`t force a repair on a suit it should be a possibility. 6. Rad pills - You want the exposed dupes to use them but that requires to turn it on and off when dupes get exposed (like during space missions). They should be used only when dupes get radiaiton symptoms. 7. Filters and valves - When constructed you need to look just in time to set the right parameters or it can lead to disaster when a valve is set to 100% or a filter lets everything through. It should be able to set them before they are constructed. Anyone has more tedious tasks that take unncessary time and attention to do?