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  1. Morbs spawn slimelung and some polluted oxygen. Morbs usually spawn in caustic biomes so they are present on every map, can also spawn from an uncleaned outhouse after 2 cycles. This might be how it appeared on maps with no slime.
  2. Would be cool to have scenarios as well as a scenario maker tool. I`ve seen people attempt to make their own maps in sandbox and just share saves of them. A preset map would be a great alternative to the usual rng and give us some new challenges as well.
  3. I use sweep only on all of my storage for that reason. At least the amounts of refined metal falling from the sky is relatively low. Putting the storage in water helps to dissipate the heat.
  4. I think it`s to prevent disasters that could happen when a reservoir overheats or the liquid inside boils or freezes. 5t is a lot and it spilling out all at once would be horrible to deal with. Experienced players can deal with it but for newer ones it would be a game ending disaster.
  5. I remember my dupes didn`t fall asleep when they couldn`t breathe. They always moved to oxygen zones if possible Exception was when they were exhausted. Was your dupe exhausted? I lost one dupe due to lack of stamina and him just falling asleep in water. Still if he is just regularly sleeping activating red alert would wake him up. Still dupes should prefer sleeping and idling in: high oxygen areas -> comfortable temperature areas -> high decor areas; in that order.
  6. That`s weird. When i used this setting last time they weren`t able to pass at all. Are you sure they aren`t flying over the docks? In this case changing one ttube segment above them to a crossing would fix it.
  7. Most of the time a dupe eats one food item per cycle, while burning 1000 calories in that time. Early game food items have low calorie amounts, like meal lice has 800. This leads to dupes not having time to eat enough; a dupe needs to eat one item then run back to pick another one. One way to fix it is increasing the lenght of the break time. Another is producing higher calorie foods. Personally i`m getting those alerts for all dupes when using the "hungty" difficulty setting. But after i upgrade food to gristle/fried mushroom it tends to go away.
  8. I believe there are different modifiers for gas-solid and solid liquid transfer. It`s something like x10 compared to tile-tile. Major reason why 2 thick walls are so commonly used. Debris also work in a different way. The actual conductivity is like a log average. It uses the lower for stuff marked as "insulated" but there are still modifiers on top of that. Really the thermal calculations are the most complicated part of this game. There are quite a few threads trying to decypher it.
  9. The water is technically all in one tile at the bottom of the reservoir. That tile needs to be chlorine for it to work. If there is some CO2 trapped in the room it won`t work. Use the material overlay (i think it`s F4 now) to see if there is something besides chlorine in your room.
  10. As for now deconstructing a full resevoir leaves a 5t liquid bottle so don`t worry about a flood. There was a few changes about how pipes work recently. One thing is that now pipes empty with just an output, before they needed an input as well. Reservoirs before worked without an input iirc but actually i don`t remember making one inputless. Most of the time the system checks if the pump is present and not if it`s working. You can disable the pump, either manually, using automation or cutting the power and the system should behave the same. No need to turn off the generator here.
  11. I think i`m not the first to suggest dupes riding critters but i think it might be a cool mechanic for some eventual dlc. For it to make sense the critter would have to be able to climb ladders. For now i`d call it the spiderhorse for a lack of a better name. The critter would allow for much faster movement and more stuff carried at a time. How would it work? A critter found wildly in some sort of grass/savanna biome and eat plants present in it, but also able to eat lettuce and balm lilly flowers. When tamed the criter could be put in a building where it would get saddled and mounted by a dupe (can only happen when the critter is happy). Each one would have to be assigned to a particular dupe. He will mount the critter whenever it`s available. A dupe riding the spiderhorse would be 3 tiles high (to help control paths) but the critter tiself would be only 2 high. During downtime the dupe would have to put the critter back in the ranch first before doing downtime activities but normal jobs could be preformed from it (just leaving it next to the machine a dupe is using). Depending on the diet there would be different morphs available. lettuce would cause it to become a seahorse that can swim through water (above or vertical) and balm lilly would change it to a pegasus. The pegasus could then eat gas grass for the ultimate space horse mount an alternative to jet suits. Another thing possible would be putting the critter into the maunal generator for some power. Could be but there only by the rancher and leave once it gets bored. After each "use" the critter would get a debuff not allowing it to be mounted for for a short while (during the night so the night shift coundln`t use the same mount). Next cyckle it should be ready if it was groomed and fed.
  12. Finding a hibernation capsule with a special dupe would be interesting. You could decide to wake him up or leave in the capsule.
  13. It`s actually a cool idea. Only problem is the lack of control over dupes on the surface. We don`t have an alert building that would force them to evacuate. The docked suit could remain cracked and require repairs before another dupe could use it again.
  14. The game already tracks all the bottled water dupes can reach, but it doesn`t track water in pipes, reservoirs and open pools (except what is reachable via the pitcher pump). A graph showing water consumption, polluted water production, amount of water cleaned etc. But at least for now the game has trouble tracking your water reserves as a whole.
  15. Interesting. But the printing pod is designed for printing organic creatures (well technically it prints all sort of stuff but mostly dupes). What if instead printing a robo dupe we could construct one out of steel. Maybe upload (copy) a dupe`s mind into the robot so it has the dupe stats from the start but can`t get skillpoints or stat bonuses. Soggy/sopping wet would cause damage. They would be immune to germs so won`t need to wash their hands (could still use the hand sanitizer) and would have a special shower using crude oil.