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  1. Poison means new critters or plants, this means new biomes or improvements to old ones, also more enviromental hazzards and potentially more medical stuff to cure them, like some sort of antivenom. Could also mean a new critter for the rust biome or a new negative effect of chlorine gas.
  2. Fun thing is that Klei Twitch channel is live all the time now with the new soundtrack animation.
  3. It`s doable with automation. You can put a weithgt sensor or motion sensor to detec the dupe running on the wheel and a buffer gate and NOT gate to disable the wheel after 30 seconds.
  4. Kitchen Room?

    A kitchen room only makes sense if it adds some sort of bonus. Earlier i was thinking about a special kitchen station where dupes would make spice to improve the created food but maybe just a cook spped bonus would be enough. The thing is cookong never takes that much time that i would need that sort of bonus.
  5. So basically different skins for buidings like in DST?
  6. The problem is that would make strong gas too easy. You could store infinite amounts of gas in canicsters on a single tile.
  7. Just make them require phosphorite so they aren`t completely free.
  8. This would be a nice touch. Actually slimelung should spread kinda like this. Coughing dupes spread germs to the air but unless it`s polluted oxygen they die off instantly. If they created much more germs per cough it would work more like that. We need more germ types. Maybe ones that make dupes covered in them passively. Like some sort of fever, they sweat and get covered by germs. You`d have to quarantine them or they spread the germs around the entire base. Still with instant healing quarantine doesn`t make much sense. It was cool with the old system that required multiple cycles to recover from disease.
  9. Flying Critters Stuck in Liquids (again)

    I`m not sure. For me they get stuck at the edge of the liquid and loading a save fixes it. Do your critters show any possible paths trhough navigation? Mine didn`t.
  10. Guess i missed that. I thought it just showed exposure on any contact. I never noticed there were actual levels of exposure since the start.
  11. Recently i`ve noticed that my dupes had different levels of slimelung exposure. It was either "mlid", "medium" or just exposure. I don`t remember it having different tiers before. It seems like the effect is amplified by the exposure level. It seems like Klei is still working on the disease system behind the scenes. Or maybe i just missed that before. (i`m playing the live version)
  12. I`d say most likely he instantly finishes one research point. Haven`t seen it myself but that seems most reaonable.
  13. Wierd. Is it possible that the glass moves to the left while it`s still liquid? then solidifies under the bridge and it looks like the bridge is leaking?
  14. FAN

    I often use tempshift plates. But the problem is those tend to have high mass and the temperature it`s at when constructing matters more. It`s also hard to find good condutors early game.
  15. Actually tame do that as well iirc. I suggested a burrow building for hatches before so they have a place to burrow. It could affect their happness so they stay productive even if not groomed (but slightly less productive). Currently they can be happy at +5 happiness when groomed which gives them 100% metabolism or glum at -1 happiness which gives them 20% metabolism. Lets say the burrow would give them +3 happiness and 60% metabolism. Maybe plants would affect that as well, like the briar bluff could give them +1.