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  1. We got one building that`s good in removing germs from water. The liquid teptizer. At 80 C the germs die off. The issue with this is that hot water i worse than germy water so that`s a solution worse than the problem.
  2. I`d even go further. Stuf inside the rocket should be set to "in flight only" so that dupes don`t eat the supplies, use the lavatory or sleep in the beds in the rocket unless the rocket is in flight, even if they are the crew. Cleaning the lavatory and delivering supplies would be exceptions.
  3. What about the resource transporter? Would that one require radbolts too? It would have to have a slider showing when it runs out of juice. I think the current implementation is fine. It allows you to go in and out if you decide you aren`t ready but not take the unfrozen dupe so you are kinda forced to deal with the new planetoid but still bring both dupes back after a while and try again later. If you needed to recharge it then after you bring dupes back you`d have to do the research and make the radbolt setup before you can try again. Honestly it wouldn`t affect how i play as most of the time i just send a single dupe and not use the teleport later. Other than that it`s just a needless complication that doesn`t add much to the game. How often do you need to send a dupe one way or another?
  4. There is more of that: Wash basins and outhouses are in different menus while you want to build both at the same time usually. Farming and ranching is under food making that menu a bit overcrowded. Both farm tiles and critter dropoffs are mostly used for other means than food. Probably at least ranching should be separate. The "stations" menu is kinda wierd. It`s for science stations, suit docks and ranching/farming stations. This kinda makes ranching all over the place. I think this menu should be just for science stuff and suit docks should get a separate one along with transit tubes. Base menu should be for making rooms and ladders so the basic layout of the base. I`d put storage compactors in a separate one straight away (maybe shipping) as it`s a different purpose.
  5. Reminds me the screenshots from early alpha when stuff was much darker. It had a cool climate.
  6. Actually once i saw the plant mutations for the first time i thought they would be good for new bases. I could improve them in my main base and use the improved version on one of the planteoids. Especially some of the low maintainance variants like the self harvesting one or the one with minimal fertilizer reqiurement. The radiation requirement kinda kills that purpose.
  7. Basically early game batteries help you save on dupe travel time as you`d rahter have a dupe spend the whole cycle running on the hamster wheel than run to it twice per cycle. Once you get your generators automated extra batts don`t add much as long as you got your generators fueled all the time. But then there are generators that can`t be turned off like solar or steam turbines. Extra batteries will make sure you don`t waste the power they produce.
  8. I wished we had refined minerals for insulation purposes like we got refined metals for advanced power suystems. Early refined minerals would be like crushed rock that wouldn`t be too good at insulation but cheap to produce and better than making a regular wall/pipe. Ceramic could remain a raw mineral but the kiln should produce bricks instead whch would have similar properties. Then we could process plastic into foam or fiberglass composite for better insulation and eventually produce aerogel in the molecular forge.
  9. Once germs are stronger we could use a chlorine powered machine that cleans air around itself out of germs (also a building using bottled chlorine). Then maybe a uv light version that`s higher tech but uses power. A water filter needing plastic and being suplied with refined carbon could work for cleaning germs from liquids.
  10. To do that the clothing needs a rework. Instead of providing insulation they should modify the frostbite/scalding thresholds as well as add/remove heat passively to handle hypothermia/hat stroke better. Atm the chilly vests do nothing as reducing insulation makes both hypothermia and heat stroke happen faster.
  11. Just add a "vintage terra" as a harder starting option and make it the same map we got in early beta of the vanilla game just smaller.
  12. It would be nice to balance out the lost mass. Additionally it could be processed to get some sulfur out of it. Imagine it boilling into 10% sulfur and 90% CO2.
  13. I`d love one for gasses. It`s so annoying to build pipes along half the map to move 5 tiles worth of gas.
  14. Add it as a perk for the tier 2 building skill.
  15. Materials above a certain temperature should be forbidden for picking up by default so supes don`t hurt themselves (auto sweepers should have a higher temperature). This would fix both the construction and storage issue.