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  1. I mostly enjoy the early scrappy game when resources are low and you need to stabilize your colony. I don`t think i ever went past 700 cycles. At that point i just get stuck tinkering with the base with no good idea what the plan is.
  2. With the radiation suit we get another type. It either gets a new dock type or we get multiple suits in the same docks. If that happens then there`s room to add lower tier suits like one that just filters germs from the air or just provides oxygen with no other protection.
  3. Would make sense for the juicer as it`s using food items but probably should give less than the ingredients on their own. The espresso probably should remain as is.
  4. It needs to retain it when not delivered but the job gets intrrupted. I also wish critters dropped that way remained wrangled or at least had be marked to get wrangled.
  5. Critters have both a livable and comfortable temperature range. A status on the critter when the temperature is outside those would be pretty useful.
  6. I don`t think multi can work for ONI but i can imagine some asteroids being hostile, maybe even inhabited with dangerous aliens that could try to invade you at some point. But they need to be far so you could safely avoid them especially before you are ready to face them.
  7. I got the Admirality envelope in a random event just walking from one job to another.
  8. I think they should drop less meat if starving. Maybe also less if they weren`t happy before dying. Critters being happy is supposed to increase their production and some critters just produce meat so it would make sense.
  9. Depends on how much ice you need. My thinking is that if i have a large water pool i can use it`s high thermal capacity to keep the area from becoming too hot. But if the amount of water is small an i need a lot of ice then i`d put it elsewhere of course.
  10. It`s useful earlygame. On some maps you`ll need the early cooling via ice fans. Putting it above to your water pool will minimize both the travel time on supplying it with water and the impact of the heat it produces. The downtime between supply isn`t much of an issue when using ice fans. But adding extra storage wouldn`t hurt and might make this thing more useful later in the game.
  11. Before they added space research i was suggesting a research tier that required oil. Oil is used only for petrol and it`s not as straightforward to obtain as water and dirt. Mking it a requirement for some higher tech stuff would be interesting.
  12. Nice suggestions. Most of this stuff was requested. Some even worked on. Bulding tiles over ladders and vice versa was in testing for a while but was disbled due to bugs. Hopefully they try to add it back at some point.
  13. Some things could work like the oil well. You can select the theshold at which they depressurize the thing. It shouldn`t be too hard to add a slider for the grooming station to call a dupe when grooming effect is at 80%. Probably could be done for tune up and medicals as well. Harder for harvesting. Imagine a dupe goes to harvest a plant before it`s fully grown. Would need some code to handle the dupe waiting for the plant or it would crash the game.
  14. I suggested protective suit tiers before. Basically the lowest tier protection should be a suit that filters the germs out of the air. No oxygen requirement for that one. Second tier would be one that just provides oxygen. Maybe give it an easier setup with amnually delivered oxygen, we could use places with manual gas delivery. Third tier would be the current one that protects from most stuff. Maybe make it require glass so it`s a bit harder to get (and we don`t have many things that need glass anyway). Final tier would be the jet suits, like currently. I think a biome that is filled with hostile creatures would be similar to the oil biome in how you approach it. You`ll need some infarstructure that handles the critters. I was thinking of them being like spiders from DS. A biome would be full of them crawling around and breaking in would be risky. But they could fear something like bright light so you could build the strong lamps it to keep them away. I think polluted oxygen should reduce morale or cause stress for dupes breathing it. It`s stinky after all. Chlorine should cause more stress and cause damage to dupes if they spend some time in it but not instantly. There should be also a better way to get rid unwanted gasses from your base. Like a sweep command for gas or a building that traps non-breathable gasses (except CO2) on it`s own.
  15. Nuclear power seems like a natural next step in power production. It would make sense if the setup was more complicated and required more advanced resources. Currently each new generator requires a more difficult setup, starting from manual that only needs dupe time all the way to petroleum tha needs piping, waste management and cooling. I think nuclear will be a separate branch rather than extend from renewable power. Addition of robots as a cathegory might indicate we get more of those. A robo-dupe would be pretty handy and an interesting thing to work with. Maybe other bots would make it in. Auto repair bot, harvester bot, there are a ton of possibilities. Force fields were teased both in one short and as a space artifact. Maybe we will get to construct those. Would work nicely as a power sink for the nuclear generator if that happens. If it stopped asteroids (vaporized them) it would definetly help with managing the surface. Space as a whole could use some work. It`s pretty boring atm and not really rewarding as a lategame. More enviromental dangers. The asteroid is pretty safe most of the time. Cold doesn`t cause damage to dupes and machines. Toxic gasses aren`t really toxic. Agressive creatures don`t seem to bite most of the time (i think that might be a bug). I`d like to see a "dangers" dlc. It would change quite a bit in the midgame and make it more challenging but could be optional for people that prefer to focus on building and designing their base rather than fight the dangers. I`d like to see a true hostile biome like the swamp in DS, full of stuff trying to kill you but having like 1 needed resource so you eventually have to move in there and conquer it.