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  1. Alternatively we could make the sensor buildings require duplicant operation to set the proper value, just like pipe valves do. Same thing with the door. We can send a duplicant to set it to "closed" or restrict access fromboth sides for the same effect. On one hand it might be realisitc but incredibly annoying on the other hand the dupe operated switch has no place.
  2. As for clothes the next patch (tomorrow) has a fix that should give equipping clothes higher priority. As for atmo suits dupes will not equip those unless they are docked to atmo suit docks, filled with oxygen and having a checkpoint next to them. When passing the atmo suit checkpoint dupes will equip the suits and unequip when going back.
  3. I have to admire how organised the development is. Everything seems to be planned ahead with no weird decisions mid development (well maybe one or two). When compared to other games being constantly developed (even some triple A titles) it looks like they have a clear picture of how they want their game to play but don`t hesitate to improve it based on feedback. Sometimes i think they are using the experience in planning they got when playing the game to plan the development of it. It`s like watching somebody build a perfectly organised base part by part while keeping the whole thing running and everybody alive.
  4. This keeps happening to me as well. Dug out regolith forms tiles on load. It`s really annoying to deal with but has nothing to do with regolith from meteors bypassing bunker tiles. I saw voles path through solar panels so i`d say it might be that. Then there might be some sort of an edge of the map bug.
  5. Long Commutes

    Those shouldn`t really count for long commutes. The commute is the job after all. If the system only counted dupes walking towards work stations, carrying nothing. That doesn`t add value. Carrying stuff does.
  6. Well yes they made dropping critters through doors impossible. You can still drop them using a gantry though (if you want to use steel and 1200W). There are many designs using doors under water to drown critters. Mostly used for dreckos, especially after the change that made them walk out of water. If they didn`t work then why would people use them? Water deletion usually doesn`t happen unless there`s some sort of gas conflict not allowing it to move out of the room. Oh that`s the problem. Mesh tiles work just fine. Air goes out critters stay in.
  7. The top of the map loops so meteors that spawned at the left edge can end up on the right side. Did you have a full bunker tile wall for the entire surface or was it from the edge of the map to somewhere in the middle? Maybe there is some sort of weirdness at the very edge but normal waloffs don`t regolith pass as you mentioned.
  8. I wish the gassy moos would come from a space destination that has chlorine. It would make more sense than them comming from an organic mass that doesn`t have the resource the gass grass needs or nat gas that would be produced by the moos. Space overall needs some balance. Hopefully it will be adressed in the future updates.
  9. A vertical wall of tiles. An asteroid can hit it from the side and it causes regolith to spawn on both sides. Probably the same can happen if you place your tiles diagonally. Horizontally placed tiles (regular floors) always block regolith at least since the rocketry upgrade.
  10. A suit is only 300kg copper ore. You surely had more of it spawn on the map. Just a handful of tiles should be enough for 10 exosuits. I don`t know where is your copper ore but unless you changed it into refined copper it should be somewhere. Mesh and airflow tiles usually take a lot of it, check if you didn`t build them out of copper ore by accident. Tbh i don`t see a reason copper ore is required for atmo suits and can`t be replaced. It just forces us to preserve as much copper ore as possible for eventual suits. I think a recipie using a "metal ore" instead of a certain element should be possible without making 5 of them. I`m sure the devs can make it work like that.
  11. Only through vertically placed tiles and doors hit from the side. And yes it`s a known issue.
  12. Notes

    It would be really useful for stuff like the proper flow of certain valves you took time to figure out but might turn off at some point. Marking stuff connected to a power circuit so you don`t have to manually check every time and other important stuff like "don`t remove this tile or the entire biome will melt and flood the base".
  13. It`s easy. Your copper ore isn`t gone. It`s in the wires, the pneumatic doors, the fire poles, the mesh and airflow tiles. Deconstruct those things and rebuild them with iron ore. Yes it`s annoying but it will grant you enough copper for your exosuit needs. I`m not against using different resources for atmo suits. It should use refined metal as well imo. The current recipie dates from pre automation upgrade. Probably should be changed.
  14. Afaik they don`t. And doors under will stop critters from dropping further. You`ll need to make a much more complicated system i think.
  15. People oftn restrict dupe access to certain parts of the base so it`s fully automated. You could try doing that. Auto sweepers will move stuff based on priority but unlike dupes they can`t move. Try setting stuff you want auto loaded on priority 2 (receptacle on 1). Dupes won`t touch that unless they have no other jobs while aoutmation will take care of it just fine.