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  1. The Jakes market in Rook`s campaign feels a bit lacking. There`s only 2 vendors, one of them being Plocka. It`s a bit boring. There`s room for more stuff there. Maybe the autodog seller (with the ability to salvage the dog) instead of Phroluk as a mechanical beasmaster. Or maybe the gunsmith could be there instead of being an event.
  2. Iirc there was a noise system in the works but didn`t make it into the game as they devs didn`t have enough time to finish it. I saw some leftover stuff in the datamining thread.
  3. To add to the previous post sulfur is also getting used when manufacturing rubber. Could be amybe used as an alternative to plastic. I can also imagine sulfur getting used as fuel for a chemical plant that could create all sorts of resources. I think it`s possible that it was planned that the skimmer would use lime as fuel. Lime is marked as "consumable ore" despite not being actually used by any machine and only for making steel so "industrial ingredient" would fit more. Skimmers using lime would make sense scietifically but not for the game economy.
  4. A mode where you have to complete a challenge to open another part of the map would be pretty cool. It would be a sort of adventure mode where you`d need to do a couple of challenges each requiring you to use a mechanic of the game to beat the map.
  5. The game doesn`t support much of a pressure system but it could work if it showed 2 kg/tile as green for gasses and a anyhing below more blue and above red. For liquids it would show as red if it`s more than the natural maximum amount of mass per tile. I think that could work.
  6. I can imagine there being an administration room with typewriters and dupes with a special skill would write policies there. It would take some time to make one and required some sort of paper wich you`d have to make out of some resources (maybe a new type of plant).
  7. Those things produce a certain calorie amount. Shinebugs already eat a small part of the fruit. Maybe the plant would just produce half the normal calorie amount.
  8. I hoped that the spores would work like this. Instead of debuffing everything they would be a sort of parasite that gets worse with time. Starting with increasing calories needed and ending with the dupe being incapacitated if not treated.
  9. Looks really leafy. I`m thinking the head should be either more sharp, rusty looking or have a more square mechanical look.
  10. Magma used to be marked as a light emitter but it never actually emitted light. Might be an abandon feature or one comming in the future.
  11. I think they could handle it like Don`t Starve. They integrated a new character to the base game and added some things from together (Beffalo taming). They could use the opportunity to fix the bugs with rockets in the base game but only add new spaceships in the DLC. They could kee the linear space for the base game or even add the hex map but without the DLC funcionallity so they are still getting mined the same way. So basically we could get some mechanics changed but the new buildings would remain locked behind the DLC.
  12. Would be interesting to have a negotiation to tame a critter as a random encounter. With it having a special effect that it doesn`t fully undertand you so some cards do less damage or there`s a max it can take per attack. If you lose the negotiation it attacks you instead.
  13. I wish they redid the clothes. As it stands the sweater protects from both heat and cold while the vest does the opposite, makes the cold and heat effects kick in faster which is kinda useless.
  14. I should`ve finished that. It just took me moe time than i anticipated and i got bored. Nobody was really interested in my list so i forgot about it. Anyway i pointed out the buildings that made interesting sounds rather than ones that could be used for music. For music you should probably use pipes and wires as their tone changes based on their lenght. You should probably start with those.
  15. I`ve been suggesting for a while to make dupes grouped. A group could be set priorities, schedules, door and food permissions etc. It would save a lot of clicking if you could just assign a dupe to a group and he`d have all set already. Hats could be a nice way to identify groups.