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  1. The Effects currently applied to Duplicants are all erased when the Duplicant is sent to the surface from a Rocket via the Trailblazer Lander. While this might remove debuffs like Popped Eardrums or Sopping Wet, it also removes desirable buffs that the player may have applied to avoid early Morale issues such as Wind Swept or Recently Danced.
  2. A fix for this bug is now included in the mod Stock Bug Fix.
  3. There appears to be a typo in the Forest start - it has the line while all other starts have Therefore, no polluted water vent will appear on these starts, when it appears that it was intended.
  4. One thing that might improve the food situation (especially early game, where it is easier to keep food supply in sync with consumption) is to reduce the Refrigerator's power usage. 120 W all the time is actually an incredibly high power usage - 120 W * 600 s = 72 kJ/cycle (two full Jumbo batteries worth!). Most early game bases will uses less than that for everything else put together, as high wattage loads like the Rock Crusher or Water Sieve usually have very low uptimes, and the Rust Deoxidizer / Oxygen Diffuser use much less power. Even if the Refrigerator preserved food indefinitely for 72 kJ/cycle, almost nobody would power it until late in the game - one Duplicant must run on the Manual Generator for 180 seconds (almost a third of a cycle) just to keep one Refrigerator running before any other power demands are taken into account.
  5. Thank you for putting in the effort to update Harmony! I am curious about the timing of your "mergedown", however, will June 10th also feature code base changes to unify Vanilla and the Spaced Out! DLC?
  6. The radbolt generator has no overheat temperature and can be made of Obsidian. Combined with its self heating, perhaps we could use it to create sour gas or melt metals?
  7. A fix for this bug has been implemented in the mod Stock Bug Fix.
  8. For duplicants with +10 or more Construction (or other similarly long attribute names), the text wraps to a new line in the Duplicant selection dialog.
  9. The tooltip when first loading a colony for switching asteroids is far too large for its text.
  10. The priority cannot be set for delivering metal to the Oxygen Mask Station, and it appears to always be stuck at priority 5 Operate:
  11. The text overlaps the quantity for long item names in the Resources screen, making it very difficult to tell how much is available:
  12. In the tool tip shown when looking at a trait on the Duplicant Select screen, the stated bonus (+13 in this case) and the bonus in the tooltip (+7) do not match.
  13. The game crashed to desktop, with no black hole dialog, after reloading an autosave. No mods were in use (obviously). Save file attached. DLCSettlement.sav SimDLL_CRASH_release_441002_20201119-16.26.11.dmp DxDiag.txt
  14. A fix for this bug has been implemented in the mod Not Enough Tags.
  15. Potential other buildings that could be affected include Heavi-Watt Conductive Joint Plate Farm Tile Hydroponic Farm Tile Solar Panel Fish Feeder Gantry