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  1. The Oakshell is spelled "Oakshelll" in the codex and tool tips in game.
  2. I have been unable to reproduce this issue, as it seems racy depending on how the payload is exactly moving. But the root cause appears to be that the base game never adds the payloads to update lists, so reachability is never updated. Version 0.9.5 has been released. Replace workaround used for Pacu in the incubator with a better solution that might also reduce instances of unreachable payloads Add compatibility with the mod "Material Selection Properties"
  3. It looks like you are hitting this base game bug:
  4. Heat transfer values are set in the Sim, and Fast Track does not modify the Sim. Changing the Sim would require a different version of the mod for each platform, which would be a nightmare to maintain, and it would be nearly impossible to ensure compatibility with other mods.
  5. Version 0.9.4 has been released. Add a workaround after numerous reports of Pacus that cannot be retrieved from the Incubator - the base game cannot agree on where the Pacu actually is after it spawns, with the chore logic thinking it is one cell off the ground, but the fetch logic thinking it is sitting on the floor, due to rounding errors when placing the Pacu for spawn. This hack forces both sections of the game to agree on the floor to allow pickup Electrical networks with a mix of charged and uncharged batteries should work more reliably Find Safe Area chore triggers more reliably in large open areas
  6. At the request of a few late game players, an option has been added to Fast Track version 0.9.3 to completely disable diseases. If this option is enabled (disabled by default), all germs are removed from the game, and no diseases can be contracted.
  7. This issue was caused by the fix to auto-bottle on canister emptiers: Bottles dropped from Canister Fillers using the Empty Storage button in the UI still have the game tag "GasSource" from when they were initially bottled, which means that they cannot be delivered to the Canister Emptier unless Auto-Bottle is checked. The tag appears to disappear on reload, allowing delivery of the bottle, so attaching a save file is unfortunately useless.
  8. As shown in The Thermo Regulator's internal storage, where gas packets can become trapped when disabled by automation depending on timing, is not insulated and can exchange heat with the environment. This differs from the Thermo Aquatuner, which has an insulated internal liquid storage that cannot transfer heat.
  9. Fast Track version 0.9.2 has been released. Add compatibility with some mods that display skills and stats progress Items that move have reachability immediately updated, which fixes some issues with the payload opener
  10. Fast Track version 0.9.1 has been released. Flush the path cache when selecting the Move To tool, allowing manually saving trapped Duplicants that were recently freed Duplicants can now deliver to storage that is 0 cells away (oops!) Fix a potential race condition if the same room was destroyed twice, possibly caused by POI spawning (like discovering the teleporter world in Spaced Out)
  11. Pacu Pathfinding Bugfix can cause this crash. Since it has been integrated into the base game, you can disable it and try loading without it.
  12. This is a bug in another mod. From the name "Curtain" it suggests that the crashing mod is actually Plastic Door.
  13. As Fast Friends has been stated by Klei to go live tomorrow at 10 AM PDT, Fast Track version 0.9.0 has been released for compatibility with this version. Some new bugs may have been introduced by the version port. Please report any new issues on the GitHub issue tracker.
  14. There is no Fast Track code in this crash. You may be experiencing this bug which is fixed in the public testing branch.