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  1. I've been using this contraption in at least two different bases in dlc: It has 250g chlorine per tile and that stays constant over 10's of cycles at least. (It's a bit overdone since it's manually operated at first and then there is a spot for germ sensor to make it fully automated. And also the fact that germs don't die inside pipes which only way I found for is to simply loop the water.)
  2. I agree on the name.. altho I haven't seen it yet I have no idea if it defines the game or not - but from descriptions here it seems like something added for most hardcore players and unobtanium for the rest. If thats the intended design it seems to meet it.
  3. Either way it seems like toy for people playing for thousands of cycles.. not really useful for anyone else. Maybe some rebalance is in order to let us actually use the stuff?
  4. Looking at this calculation means only one thing for me really - it's useless. If 100? pimped out plants gives you 1 insulated pipe per cycle.. thats like grinding^2. Why would you make getting resources so insanely difficult if it's supopsed to be a building material? It looks like right now it's just a novelty.. might need to work few hundred cycles when you need some super insulation for volcano taming or something. Was it so bad without DLC? I think I've used it and it wasn't that kind of effort. I do hope I misunderstood something so pleace correct me
  5. It's not random - given set of same type food they will eat the freshest one. And with recent changes fridges are quite nice but consumption order makes wasting food easier - dupes will constantly eat latest deliveries while even slightly less fresh food gets stale. Dupes should at least take lowest freshness food from same range (fresh or stale).
  6. Did anyone play the forest classic start in spaced out? It starts you literally right next to swamps filled with slimelung. In spaced out forest start you have rusty biome but for classic start it has been switched to swamps. So you start next to lots of slimelung with not that much space for base and need to research everything. This start seems quite far from the ideal survival conditions listed in description.
  7. I'll admit.... I discovered that you can inspect your first printing pod.. yesterday. (I do have 600+h on ONI atm) I think I did not find quite a few of log entries till now - few I've seen first time here.
  8. Please take a look at your GPU stats while doing those tests not only on fps. You should be able to figure out if it's GPU that's not catching up not CPU.
  9. I tried figuring out what needs to happen for food inside unpowered refrigerator to have frozen state but I'm still not sure. Can't figure out if it looks at building temp, tile temp or gas temp of building tile. I might switch to food in gas directly might be more reliable - will it work in the C2O pit as nicely as with those separated tile designs?
  10. It's kinda against a normal reasoning to let my whole suit docks to be constantly contaminated along with suits themselves. Won't contamination get to suit oxygen from it (or through dock contamination)? I guess that long wash basin line after suits would work then. It seems strange that doing this without any protection would offer more decontamination options. Especially with oxygen masks pretending to be suits for hand washing.
  11. I have a bit of a problem with preventing Slimelung from spreading - I'm looking for hints how to do that in Spaced Out. I don't have lead to make the decon shower (nor the material research). Main question is - how to no spread the slimelung all around after mining one tile of it? Wash basin doesn't work on suited dupe and when dupe gets to hang the suit off everything is covered in germs - dupe, station and suit: Am I actually forced to find lead and reserach decontamination to be able to handle slimelung in reasonable manner? (I can handle slime itself by dumping it into chlorine room and handling it there no problems - but germs on dupes seem untouchable without decontamination). I'm considering degrade to oxygen masks maybe that would work... seems like silly solution where suits would be worse then oxy masks. Edit: Test with oxygen masks shows exactly same beahvior - wash basin doesn't work at all and it's ignored, dupe will carry germs back to mask dock and both dupe and dock will be covered by germs.
  12. I'd disable med bed and wait for dupe to need to go to toilet since thats how they remove the accumulated rads. With the bug as you have dupe won't go to toilet I think? You can make anti-rad pills but those are to reduce received radiation I think not to get rid of accumulated one.
  13. From posts above it seems quite.. harsh. Was base game really that much faster? I haven't noticed stuff but I do small dupe count bases and have a 5800X so wouldn't notice it on small bases. It sounds concerning tho.
  14. You mean like this line from change log: Space Scanner once again gives warning of approaching meteors. (Disclaimer: I did not check if it works actually yet )