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  1. And if you're playing Spaced-Out! you can add radbolts to that list!
  2. Paella? Pescatore? Sushi? Barbesea? (Y'know, since land-based critters give Barbeque)
  3. I had assumed this was something they were adding in Spaced Out with the multiple asteroids (inaccuracies inside the neutronium borders wouldn't matter, after all) but as far as I know, it's all represented as a single map still (with limited camera bounds)
  4. There are Pacu on the Marsh Moonlet with Experiment 52B. That should be the same no matter your starting asteroid.
  5. After a failed initial attempt at taming a Steam Geyser that left half my dupes hospitalized, I had a brilliant blast of insight! After vacuuming the chamber and pumping in O2, cue a second round of scalding the moment the dupes run inside-- all the steel equipment from the first attempt was still 500*, and all too eager to help the oxygen scald them!
  6. I do not know the precise mechanics why, but it has to do with where the liquid is falling onto. In this case I'm almost positive that the tile it drops into is carbon dioxide. But worse than that -- it's carbon dioxide that can't be displaced anywhere. (Oxygen is above it, and CO2 will never naturally rise above O2) So what happens is -- crude oil packet tries to spawn in the tile with CO2, CO2 can't be displaced, crude oil winds up deleted. The simple solution for your situation? Make the tile the bottle-emptier is on into an airflow tile. The oil will displace the CO2 into that, and any oxygen in the airflow tile will displace upwards without issue.
  7. I am embarrassed to say that this was, in fact, my problem. I was not.
  8. Can confirm. Looks like Steam hasn't recognized the update exists for me at all, yet. I'll remove my previous post lest it cause more confusion.
  9. As of the "Mine the Gap" update, this bug still exists.
  10. My wild slugs output 100 watts before today -- Nothing changed on that front. @Beowulfe is correct; Wild Splugs have calories too -- you just can't see them, normally.
  11. Brief testing reveals that to be the case exactly. This is different than the behavior previously (where Splugs could stack on top of one another), so this appears to be working as intended. Thanks for the catch! (Specifically, they stack if they don't have wire to connect to)