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  1. Yup. Fade is exactly right. They're called "Care Packages" internally (Root Namespace / Immigration.cs), and while some of them have restrictions on whether or not they've been discovered or not (and others are gated behind the cycle count), there's no "extinction check" of any kind. Always available: Sandstone (1000kg) Dirt (500kg) Algae (500kg) Oxylite (100kg) Water (2000 kg) Sand (3000 kg) Coal (3000 kg) Fertilizer (3000 kg) Ice (4000 kg) Brine (2000 kg) Salt Water (2000 kg) Rust (1000 kg) Decorative Plants (Joya, Mirth Leaf, Bluff Briar) x3 Mushroom Seed (1) Bristle Blossom Seed (2) Oxyfern Seed (1) Arbor Acorn (1) Ration (5 kg) Muckroot (6 kg) Shine Nymph (1) Shine Egg (3) Hatchling (1) Hatchling Egg (3) Puftling (1) Pufting Egg (3) Pipsqueak (1) Pip Egg (2) Pokeshell Spawn (1) Curative Tablet (3) Snazzy Suit (1) Available after cycle 6 Omelette (3 kg) Available after cycle 12 Bristle Berry (3 kg) Larvae Egg (3) Available after cycle 12 (only if discovered): Copper Ore (2000 kg) Gold Amalgam (2000 kg) Available after cycle 24 Thimblereed Seed (3) Balm Lilly Seed (1) Wheezewort (1) Dasha Salt Seed (1) Fried Mushroom (3 kg) Drecklet (1) Drecklet Egg (3) Pacu (8) Shove Vole Egg (3) Available after cycle 24 (only if discovered): Refined Copper (400 kg) Refined Iron (400 kg) Available after cycle 48 BBQ (3 kg) Spicy Tofu (3 kg) Vole Pup (1) Larvae (1) Available after cycle 48 (only if discovered): Lime (150 kg) Plastic (500 kg) Glass (200 kg) Steel (100 kg) Ethanol (100 kg) Aluminum Ore (100 kg) [This may be a bug. Perhaps this should be after cycle 12 @ 2000 kg?]
  2. This will work with raw eggs (to omelettes), but that is the only food that transitions based on ambient temperature.
  3. I was kinda hoping for a tweaking of the "Critter" sensor to allow folks to test for Critters, Eggs, or Critters+Eggs. Ah, well. Maybe the next content pack!
  4. It looks like Saunas might be deleting heat, currently? Sort of like an ice-maker (but with the other phases). Is that intended? Because I would love to have different cooling solutions outside of steam turbines, and a sauna-cooled base sounds just splendid.
  5. This appears to have been fixed in one of the latest patches. (As of at most 372041)
  6. I set up 4 "experiment cells" with the following properties: - Lamp (Rowan) - Lamp + Mess Table (Nails) - Mess Table (Nikola) - Empty Control Cell (Jean) Using sandbox mode, I spawned in the above duplicants, and they all had identical calorie counts. Since they were in a small, climate-controlled room, there is nothing to spend excess calories on, and so they should remain at the same calorie count if they are fed the same items. Each duplicant was given a single Mushbar (again, sandbox mode spawned), which should have added an equivalent 800 calories. And yet, now you see how the light has done it's evil work -- Nails and Rowan both are hungrier than their peers. (With Nails having sacrificed an additional 10 kcal to feed the dining table - something the canny Nikola avoided due to not using his dining table (despite it being assigned -- an unrelated bug, presumably). The Quarantined Acropolis.sav
  7. There are two competing ways of counting the # of duplicants involved in this achievement. In "DupesCompleteChoreInExoSuitForCycles", it uses Components.MinionIdentities.Items -- the full list of duplicants. However, in "AchievementWidgets", the logic displaying progress towards the goal uses Components.LiveMinionIdentities.Count. Since Live Minion Identities discounts duplicants currently piloting a rocket (maybe others as well?), the achievement widget will happily give a green checkmark for having, say, 15/15 duplicants having completed a task in an exo suit. However, the cycle tracking counter will never increment, because the spacebound duplicant is holding the rest of the colony back.
  8. Can confirm this as well. Attaching an image of the symptom.
  9. I have animations in Spriter (which an old version of is bundled with Don't Starve Mod tools, so I assume is what the Devs use / used). How do I convert those to _anim and _build files? I've previously used which does the job, but I can't assume is the intended mod development path.
  10. I was attempting to create a water clock, and I have a valve set for 333.3 g/s throughput in a simple loop. (There is a second 10kg stack of petroleum on the shutoff's input end) Letting the liquids pass through the valve gives me this: Magically creating 10.3 mg of both brine and salt water. I assume this is due to rounding, but it makes my multi-element liquid clock rather hard to time
  11. It was previously listed as "Methane Generator".
  12. Yup, updated mine too. Make sure it's up to date and try again!
  13. Ha! I'll take partial credit for this one! In-game UI for achievement tracking soon to follow?