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  1. islands, early game stuff so beginners can see how great the game is without needing to get to late game to have fun - it's a multiplayer game afterall and most peoples friends are filthy casuals
  2. yeah it's a little annoying that they don't have a REAL function. Items like the malbatross canvas thing that you need before you can make the actual sail and the fashion goggles make less sense outside of an extra step but its not too annoying that I feel any major chance would need to be made. I don't see klei changing something like the fasion goggles but maybe they'll give it some love in the next qol update that they've teased.
  3. For me it depends on I'm using a "cheat" for enjoyment vs unrestricted gain. I'll gladly use a rollback if I'm on a single player world where I'm not playing like a crazed maniac but on my traditional survival worlds I won't use simple mods or rollbacks for that clean vanilla experience. Stem your use of tactics or cheats from the enjoyment you'd get from them and how it affects your experience instead of simply going off guidelines that may restrict you.
  4. I'm picturing a dramedy based around 1900's life where William (not Maxwell because he never gets courage 100 via the Codex Umbra) meets Charlie in some kind of awkward incident and they gradually fall in love. The main cast consists of traditional archetypes but also has sneak peaks of characters like Winona or Wendy who occasionally visit them with general chaos ensuing. The running overall joke is the book William is writing - the Codex Umbruh - a fantastical world (the inconstant) of light creatures and enlightenment with every character having their name start with M and a symbolic consistent reference to checkers. William overtime begins to understand the surroundings of the new world of America which he has immigrated to and as he goes on wacky job adventures he gains fortune and becomes known as a King. Only streaming in Canada.
  5. I don't feel like we should be making too harsh claims about Walter before his actual release but we've seen that both complicated and non-complex characters can be interesting in their own rights. Both Wendy and Woodie reworks made originally basic characters much more complex, and even though they've been given much more items it makes their gameplays more interesting and gives them more options. Characters that are overcomplicated are only problems if their complex side is just fluff with no real value to the character itself. That being said though I would like to see more meaningful downsides and I'm very interested to see how Walter's sanity downside plays out since most sanity downsides/upsides are next to meaningless. I hope he's at least fairly hard to play, and I actually am afraid of that bee downside since bees are little demons in their own right.
  6. A lot of the recipes are sort of meant to be semi-scams, that dumb eggplant one for example or monster lasagna. I'd say pumpkin cookies falls into that category at least a little bit, even though make em for some aesthetic flavor. Tbh I was a little sad that the new crops weren't like the old ones that had basically one corresponding recipe since that gave every crop a unique flare to them and now all I see is "whoah cooked potato 20 health, whoah Toma Root 20 health"
  7. Because Winona is objectively the best character of all time, not just in Don't Starve Together but the universe itself. Tbh it's a little sad she doesn't have more skins.
  8. When I'm testing stuff my go to is c_spawn("deerclops") so I've got deerclops at like 65%
  9. I was thinking of gemini when I heard the name so I guess it could be a couple of puns in one. It certainly sounds interesting but I want to hear about the crystal cave biome before hearing about a potential boss.
  10. Have you tested if its worth farming it vs just going with the traditional gear? The slightly lower damage could potentially make the fight take longer since its like attacking with an axe. Definitely interesting though and its great to have a new use for it. It also basically stun locks him so fighting with a team of players could synergies with this maybe too. I guess I'll do some testing and see.
  11. Agh if they do that sucks since they're literally halfway submerged in water :/
  12. Glommer snake is a horrifying boss but it only appears on the map for some reason.