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  1. I think the pillar that blocks 1/4 of the screen in the ancient fuelweaver part of the trailer is a metaphor for Klei blocking the knowledge of who "Them" is. Really brilliant stuff, not quite sure how it fits in the lore though.
  2. Ornery is best to rush for solid combat abilities, boss strats and additional speed. I also highly recommend rushing glossamer saddle as well, it make the experience much better.
  3. I can really only get behind vote kicking and removing spawn resources depending on context. I can kind of understand why someone would use a mod to check if a griefer is holding a torch/hammer but if you're really concerned about that you can press tab and check their character any time.
  4. It reminds me of the robot from the incredibles and from what I've seen the battle looks pretty fun. (first time I fought it I used 50 houndius shootius so don't ask me) I don't know why it doesn't drop a supersuit though.
  5. He was the best. The memories I've made in the community he created will be cherished, and I wont soon forget what he has taught me. All my condolences and love.
  6. Beefalo will take the damage when you pick cactus or roses while riding them now - off topic but I love the new update and the beefalo changes, I basically only beefalo rush and this was exactly the right direction to take
  7. As long as you put the fire out before the den explodes it'll take no fire damage
  8. Can't wait to use watering cans for snurtle shell farming!
  9. Gotta raise your sanity guys (don't edit a lot sorry for low quality)
  10. You'll get another Wortox head and you can unweave that for some spools. Happened for me when I got the free Wormwood with hamlet, you'll get like 900 spools or so.
  11. Bernie takes their aggro for the first two stages so you can just tank next to him with a couple of spare bernies. Stage three I get off and magi/cane kite. I guess you could potentially use scalemail or Abigail also.