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  1. Bernie takes their aggro for the first two stages so you can just tank next to him with a couple of spare bernies. Stage three I get off and magi/cane kite. I guess you could potentially use scalemail or Abigail also.
  2. Fighting beequeen on a boat will more or less keep her in the same place. Useful for tanking her in stage 1-2 if you're playing Willow and happen to have a beequeenhive next to the ocean. Oddly specific but was useful for me.
  3. You can use a saddle to aggro a beefalo by attempting to place it on it. This will cause only that specific beefalo to get angry and chase you, and you wont lose saddle durability like a normal saddle shake off. Much faster than leading them away with grass but only really useful in a beefalo rush or late game horn farming. It even works if they're sleeping!
  4. Maxwell because shadow miners deal with some of the hassle of sea rocks. Plus no sanity problems either.
  5. I completely agree. I was setting up a malbatross feather farm with flingos/star caller staff and Walter's poop ammo (0 damage + still obtain feathers) but I realized that just using 4 weather pains is less hassle for something I really wont need to farm for most of the time. Plus deconstruction staff and construction amulet exist, so there's much more efficient options.
  6. Setting deerclops on fire as Willow instead of campfire tanking - you might burn the drops but at least you'll save 3 grass and 2 logs
  7. I would say Klaus but I recently got whooped by him (not even by him, I killed him and the rain from early spring froze me to death WHICH I COULD HAVE AVOIDED SINCE THERE WAS A LGA IN THE SACK THAT I COULDN'T OPEN I really needed to vent sorry) so I'm going to say Shadow pieces because I've been having a blast learning their fight. I prefer going knight -> bishop -> rook since the fight is fairly easy like that and I've fought it both with Ornery Beef/Glossamer saddle and Magi+cane+road+hambat. Super fun fight and I love having more than one way to play it.
  8. TLDR: Walter is the ancients and Them Just trust me on this one. I swear it's what it said please.
  9. Shark fin soup because the naughtiness by food idea is very interesting. Plus rockjaws could use another drop.
  10. Personally I don't feel that things to "balance bosses" would be beneficial, BUT I find that newer players tend to struggle with both difficulty and the game itself. Most of the negative steam reviews are just people who haven't spent an ample time on the wiki like the rest of us heathens, so I think allowing players an option other than "get good noob" is something klei really needs to think about.
  11. Does this work like c_freecrafting() but instead of all recipes it gives character specific recipes?
  12. Spicy Chili. I don't care that it's bad compared to meatballs and pierogi (similar recipes to boot), I'm going to make it and you can't stop me!
  13. The damage multiplier buffs like voltgoatjelly and spicy flakes work but garlic powder doesn't. I'm not sure why garlic powder doesn't work but I think the damage multiplier buffs work for the same reason that using ranged weapons on beefalo give ornery points, because the player is "technically" controlling the attacking. For this reason dismounting from a beefalo that you were attacking with will have the enemy targeting the player and not the beefalo.