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  1. People to play with

    @ImDaMisterL, move this thread, will ya?
  2. I was initially under the impression that whenever the characters referred to the shadows as 'Them', they meant a shadow force unseen to the Player Characters and the players themselves. However, I also came up with the theory that 'Them' could just refer to us, the player-base and the team of developers who work on Don't Starve and DST. We, as players, have an immense amount of control over what we do in the world that the characters inhabit, and we can also introduce new characters and mods whenever we please. We see the characters and we can decide what happens to them in a world that we craft and generate for them. Whenever a game of Don't Starve is started, we can decide how we want the world to be shaped. We can make it easier for the characters to survive in a playground that we had a part in creating in, and we can also make it impossibly hard for them to survive. I'd argue that there are parts of the player-base that are amused when the characters are killed off in a manner that they would like to see them die in. When I saw the EXP Bar that is filled whenever the world is changed or when the player character dies, I'd argue that it is a reflection of how we would like to play with something new. We treat the characters as nothing more than playthings and when one character has lived long enough, we decide to introduce a new character because the old character has started to bore us. We desire a new plaything and we would like to see how a new character would react to the world around them. Webber is still a character I can't explain, though. I also find it strange that Maxwell is one of the few characters to sometimes break the fourth wall through their dialogue. The devs also decide what new challenges and monsters the characters can get introduced into the world. They also decided when the characters could enter the caves, when they visit the Ruins, and when the new seasons were introduced, when they brought about new challenges associated with them. You could say that they're somewhat akin to Gods in the world that they have created, seeing as how they can introduce new mobs whenever they see fit. Players can also do this, though through the use of modding. In DST, one of the games' associated puzzles was the Cyclum puzzles. In it, a panel is shown where Wolfgang, Wes, and Wendy are shown walking out of the recently created portal. Perhaps this could be referring to how there are many players who play Don't Starve, and that there are multiple versions of the Constant, referring to save files and characters that we decide to play with in the save file in the original game? I'd also argue that as players, we are beings not yet known to the characters, and we can always keep an eye on them, but they can never see or refer to us directly. We also decide if a character is allowed to co-exist with multiple version of themselves without the fabric of the reality that the devs have created tearing itself apart like a cheap dishrag. Were there other threads that might have theorized the same thing? I wasn't able to find any. I'd love to read your thoughts to this. It was something I came up with when I was bored.
  3. Why are we getting heated and throwing insults about chopping trees in a game again?
  4. When people talk about Maxwell being a better logger than Woodie, they mean that Maxwell's puppets can potentially be better than Woodie is at his own job and role, seeing as how Maxwell does not have to worry about turning into a werebeaver or worrying about a log meter. Plus, Maxwell gets a shovel shadow puppet, so he can do 2 jobs at the same time (Digging up stumps and chopping trees). Maxwell does 2 jobs at the same time, does not have to worry about turning into anything, while Woodie seems as if he gets penalized for doing his intended role. It isn't so much about speed, but who's punished more for doing a simple task.
  5. next sale?

    @ImDaMisterL, could this, quite possibly, have the chance of being moved elsewhere?
  6. So what's good what the forge?

    He asked two separate questions and you respond with "...yea". That's like someone coming up to you and asking, "What's your favorite platform to play games on?" and you responding with, "Yes."
  7. I have also noticed this with WX. Sometimes, his sentences won't end with a period, while at other times they will. Maybe it's on purpose?
  8. Looking for an event Movie14 Victini.

    The offer is still available. I am also open to PMs if you wish to trade for a 6th Gen event Pokemon not listed here. Edit: The Victini has been found. The option to trade is now closed.
  9. Recently, I've been getting into Omega Ruby (6th Gen Pokemon game). I've completely filled out the Dex and turned the Trainer Card gold, so I've been hunting down and capturing and trading for rare Pokemon, along with breeding just for the fun of it. One of the Pokemon that caught my eye was the Movie14 Victini. Released during Black and White's event run, this version of the Mythical Pokemon had V-Create (Its signature move that is only available through events) Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare, the signature moves of Zekrom and Reshiram respectively. In return, I'd like to offer the Legendary Bird Event Trio (Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres) that were released with their Hidden Abilities. Their OT says "Aldora", with their ID Numbers being 03116 and all three having the Classic Ribbon. The Articuno has the Naughty nature, the Zapdos with a Gentle Nature, and the Moltres having a Sassy Nature. They're all at level 70 and I am willing to trade all 3 for the Victini. I am also willing to trade away a Darkrai with an Enigma Berry in addition to the Bird Trio above. It has the ID number 05016, is Docile, has a Classic Ribbon, the OT is 'GF', and comes within a Cherish Ball. It is also at level 100. I am also willing to trade this in addition to the Bird Trio above for the Movie14 Victini. If that isn't enough, I am also willing to trade an event Volcanion and event Diancie. If you're wondering if you've seen this post before elsewhere:
  10. This may be a bit awkward to ask here, but would anyone be interested in trading Pokemon? Specifically, I'm looking for an event Movie14 Victini, which could learn V-Create, Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare. I have a few event Pokemon from events during ORAS of my own to trade in return.

    1. minespatch


      Good luck on your search man.

    2. TheKingDedede


      Would it be weird to make a thread in Off-Topic about this?

    3. minespatch


      Go ahead man. Maybe someone will notice.

  11. (Spoiler?)How can I find Wilbur's raft?

    Personally, I found him near one of my islands that I was planning on living on. I suggest filling your map out to the best of your ability and checking out places you haven't filled in yet. He could be hiding in undiscovered parts of the map. It will be tedious, but if you have any of the ship items that boost your speed, the process should go a bit faster.
  12. I found the thread where PeterA responded to someone over Steam as to why Wilson's beard would be a hassle to change.
  13. The Snowfallen Collection

    Careful there, you don't want people thinking this for realsies when nothing official has been said on the matter. While this would be cool, I just want to stress to those who are reading that nothing like this has been said by an official Klei dev.