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  1. Have the devs ever commented on this skin being visually complete? I remember when Maxwell's Guest of Honor skin lacked the white winklepicker shoes when it came out, he had the same situation of being in his socks all of the time. The artists or devs then snuck it into a patch and his set was visually complere. I just wish i could remember which update added them in. I think they could either change the legs or add unique shoes if they wanted to to Wilson's set.
  2. I think a simple fix would be to make it so that the set had Wilson's legs that he uses in his default set . Yeah, those. Also, a link to a previous thread that has the previous threads I've made about this.
  3. Okay, I haven't thrown my hat into the ring and I haven't voted yet, but how about this? What if Shadow Wilson were to make a comeback as a form for Wilson to use? The idea could be that you could still have the normal Wilson that everyone knows and loves, and then an alternate form that you could activate through certain conditions or items being met/consumed. Think Woodie's idols allowing you to pick your form, but without the hassle of turning when the moon is full. The alternate form would have its drawbacks for being in it, but would also allow you to have some unique perks while the form is active. Plus, Shadow Wilson hasn't been seen in forever and I would also be cool with them just being a skin set for Wilson. Bring back Shadow Wilson, is what I'm saying.
  4. Finally got to day 100 with my cat. Now onto day 365...
  5. Educated guess here, it would just be Ragtime all the way down to the atomic level.
  6. Well, whenever you're playing Wurt, you'll notice that she wants to one-up the Pigmen society. You notice how their society only has a single, measly Pig King? What's the best way to one-up that? That's right. Two Merm Kings. Now Merm society will be twice as great as that other society that I've already forgotten about because it wasn't even that great.
  7. I agree, to an extent. Not so much in terms of new content for the DLCs, but bug fixes. It's very easy to glitch out the day count via going into the caves in Reign of Giants, as well as having your seasons de-synced between worlds whenever the game chooses to crash. In Shipwrecked, if your game crashes in the volcano, you might enter a strange state where the volcano threatens to erupt, but you're already in another season. It's also easy to duplicate the followers (i.e. Chester and Packim) by using the Seaworthy. Also, off-topic and a slightly more harmless glitch, but a friend of mine was somehow able to make it so that the BFB's legs were unable to despawn, but they remained on-screen without the rest of its body. Also, where did Baby Water Beefalo go despite being in the promotional image for the Home Sea Home update? This game and its DLCs are great, I just wish it got a few more patches to fix some of its more outstanding issues. There are way worse bugs than the ones that I've listed, and I would like to see others chime in to explain some of the more notable bugs that they've gotten.
  8. The old system was so boring. Plant a seed on a single farm plot that took forever to make, and get nothing but the one seed and crop associated with it? If I do it over the course of a millenia, I might have some fun then. Now, we've got jumbo sized crops, a boss associated with farming and a character who can capitalize on it and contribute to the team greatly. I'd almost like to see it in single player if it was an option.
  9. My thoughts on the WX-78 rework beta. Some suggestions for the rework. Final Thoughts Pardon the spoiler boxes, I wanted to break this up without completely overloading people who wished to read this thread.
  10. If you disconnect from the server while a hound wave is active on a boat, the wave will be despawned.
  11. Phew, I thought they almost went the way of the Baby Water Beefalo.