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  1. Factually speaking, the Carrat is the most adorable mob to have come from the beta. Rats are also really good pets in real life, despite the stigma that surrounds them. You must do what is right and allow the cute little guys to be a part of the Critter Den! Otherwise, all we'll be able to do to is dig them up, put them in a cage and cry over what might have been. If we don't start befriending them, who will? Rally for them, for they have no voice of their own. Won't you adopt a Carrat today?
  2. Repairing Boat in DST?

    @ImDaMisterL, this belongs in the beta discussion.
  3. It's a bit crazy to say since rollback exists, but Don't Starve tries to teach you to let go and refocus your efforts into making something new. I don't think that they'll be able to retrofit the new content into old worlds, but I feel that giving up a mega base in exchange for being able to sail to a new island (Heck, being able sail at all) is well worth the trade off in the long run. If sailing doesn't appeal to you, just keep the old save around in case you wish to build upon it.
  4. I feel as though Wilson will be the last character that they rework. Considering that he's a in decent place right now, other characters sort of need the rework more than him. Like Woodie or Maxwell for example. Woodie just needs some changes to his Beaver mode and Maxwell needs some better/more minions to control over. Plus, we already know a bit of Wilson's backstory.
  5. EZ Shake N' Bake recipes on the go, what else? That portable crockpot of his is going to be immensely helpful if he gets to keep it.
  6. Wormwood skins?

    It reminds me of Wortox's uncorrupted set, in the sense that is was what he looked like before a turn of events happened. Maybe it could be something similar? Maybe a skin that people can buy and users can receive?
  7. While the beta is great, I wanted to give some advice in case anybody was wondering how anything worked. This does mean that spoilers are up ahead, so I suggest leaving the thread if you wanted to discover how things work for yourself. Boats The Lunar Island I'll add more when I can. Feel free to share your tips in the thread as well.
  8. Does the Living Artifact count? You can use beard hair to create that one type of turf that they introduced, though that is arguably something all characters can do when they bring beard hair from, say, RoG. This might be intentional, considering he can go up in flames if he stands next to a Campfire for too long. Does he smolder before bursting into flames in Summer? He might be able to put it out using Rot before he catches fire.
  9. After Hamlet was introduced, it seemed to make it so that Birchnuts can be eaten raw now instead of having to cook them first.
  10. The Skyworthy does not have a finished description. Not a game breaking bug by any means.
  11. [Game Update] - 333702

    I think it wouldn't be crazy to cut the devs some slack. The DLC was given away for free to anyone who opted into the early beta, and it seems now that the devs are now focusing their efforts onto making bug fixes. Klei, in my opinion, are now refocusing their efforts into Don't Starve Together and I think that this DLC is as good as Shipwrecked after that received some love and attention.
  12. I think that if anyone were to be a medic, they would still be outdone by Wortox since souls are really easy to get and have a great healing ability that I see being really hard to outdo. Now for the alchemist bit, I could see that working. Maybe being able to apply helpful buffs to the whole team? Wilson was never really given much of a team role when he was transferred to DST.
  13. Speaking of The Forge, maybe having some sort of team buffing ability that activates when she attacks enemies would be a really nice thing to have in the main game.
  14. I would like to see, uh... More of them.