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  1. Come back. We can both be Wilson fans together.

  2. @ImDaMisterL, could/can/will/ you move this?
  3. See if this works for you.
  4. Profil Experience stuck ?

    EXP and levels cannot be gained by playing regular DST worlds. You must participate in the event called 'The Forge'. It involves working in a 6-man team to take down waves of enemies. Click on the option that says 'Enter the Forge' and you should be set. Welcome to the forums, by the way.
  5. The (Holy Trinity) tables have turned!

    Just a suggestion, not a fact. I've noticed that while 2 roles on Wicker may be a bit much, but both healing and the petrification tome involve grouping the enemies together so that they can temporarily put out of commission (Putting them to sleep with the healing circle and using the petrification tome on them.). Plus, a Wicker is still encouraged to attack as a healer to kick in her perk. If you have Wilson as the healer and he dies, you just lost yourself the person who can revive the quickest and the healer in one fell swoop, which is why I suggest not giving him both roles. The x3 healing factor is from his revival perk, not from what he can do with the staff. Revive someone and they get three times the amount of health from being revived than any other character who doesn't have the perk. I suggest editing your post so as to not mislead other users.
  6. The (Holy Trinity) tables have turned!

    WX's shock can do up to 50 points of damage. Where did you get this information? You shouldn't put too many roles on one person. It's nice to try and spread them out between the individual players and try coordinating between them. Also, how does Wilson have x3 the heal speed? If anything, Wickerbottom should be the healer, thanks to her perk supercharging the healing effect. Wicker could also be the person that handles the Infernal Staff, but not both roles at once.
  7. Please add the Nox Helmet Skin

    I love the design of the Resplendent Nox Helm, and it would be a shame to see it go to waste.
  8. Forge Skins?

    You should turn duplicate items into Spool. That way, you can save up for stuff you don't have.
  9. Opinions on the forge update

    It's a nice change of pace. I also like the emphasis it puts on fighting and working together in a group. Plus, the skins are just dandy.
  10. What skins did you get?

    I got the sexy CHISELED ABS Marble Armor Elegant, along with the Feathered Wreath Garland reskin (Aw man...). I also got the Elegant for Willow, and a good deal of the emotes that I wanted. Now I can flex in style, along with laughing at the Forge enemies! You know, when they aren't trying to kill us.
  11. I've made some changes to the character bios and removed some misleading information. Thanks for the tips.
  12. Others have made guides to the Forge enemies, so I feel it would be more appropriate to give them the information. The offer is appreciated, though. Thank you for your contribution.
  13. Back them up the old fashioned way and keep them on a flash drive that isn't connected to your computer when you start up Steam.
  14. So what was the point of Winona again?

    Humor is subjective. What might be funny for someone else may not be funny for you. I think the character needed an introduction video. It felt really weird that she popped out of nowhere and we were just supposed to go, "Yep, she's a natural addition to the cast. She was here the whole time. It was foretold." Reminds me of this character:
  15. Even though the Forge is currently unavailable to players, was there anything I needed to add to this guide?