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  1. I am sad, since it is Halloween, and he has no shoes for this set. Eternal sadness...
  2. Hey, whatever happened to that DST Smash mod?

    1. pickleplayer


      I'm actually still working on it. I know I've been pretty quiet about it lately, but I decided I didn't want to keep giving out updates with no sure end in sight, so I've been holding back any info until I can get the mod to a point where it's pretty much done.

      It's getting close though. Like really close.

  3. I apologize if this is a bit off-topic, but I remember seeing how JoeW once responded to a thread asking why character skins were developed and released so far apart. Here's his response, if you were interested: So I would disagree a bit. I can't say for sure, but it wouldn't take exactly two minutes to develop an alternate skin or design for a mob, but it wouldn't be asking too much for a slight reskin as some mods have done to censor and change the aforementioned pre-existing mobs.
  4. If an artist or dev from Klei were to show up in the thread, I'd like to ask if there were plans to add more mobs to the Moon Island, but were not able to be added due to how some players were disgusted by them or if they had to continue following the roadmap with adding new content. I would also like to ask if they have any plans to introduce new mobs onto the Island with a similar artstyle and theme like the three mobs I had brought up in my original post.
  5. Are the survivors in Don't Starve actually fighting giants in huge epic battles, or are they just breaking the giants' legs and making it so that they can never walk again without severe knee problems?

    1. minespatch


      Depends on the location I suppose. With Forge, it's a brawl but wildlife mode is the civilians just working with what tools they have.

  6. One example of a game comes to mind when giving players the option to change the look of an enemy is Grounded. Some people can't handle spiders or have severe arachnophobia, so there's an 'Arachnophobia Safe' option that allows you to change how the spiders in the game look. On its highest setting, they become white, featureless blobs that still behave like spiders, but are much less distressing to look at. I'd be cool with DST implementing a similar option.
  7. So, I've been a fan of the Don't Starve franchise for a while. I was pulled in by the art style and the world that the characters were forced to survive in. I was there when DST was in its beta state and when SW and Hamlet were also going through their beta periods. When the "Return of Them" content updates had begun, three creatures in particular were given additional forms that several forumers found disturbing. Those three creatures being the Horror Hound, Shattered Spiders and the Moonrock Pengulls. Allow me to preface the following by saying that I understand where others are coming from. Players shouldn't feel afraid for playing a game where they just wanted to play to have fun, and not be startled by something that they could not have seen coming. However, I am here to make an argument that these creatures should stay (They have not been removed, nor has anything been said that there were plans to remove them), and that more should be added into the game if the developers intend to. I also realize that this is a bit late, but I still felt that it was a point that should be brought up and discussed if needed. I am also aware that some games make it their gimmick to hide behind a cutesy facade before blindsiding the player with something disturbing, such as Eversion. When I first encountered these creatures, my first reaction was one of awe and surprise, not fear. I thought that this was a genius way to show that the Moon was not what it appeared to be, and that preexisting mobs and creatures would be altered and changed by its forces. When I first saw the creatures, I was also interested in seeing how other mobs would be affected if they were to live on the Moon Island. My friends and I were playing the sailing beta at the time and were also surprised by the designs, and we had wanted to see more. Some users were disturbed by them however, and understandably so. The Horror Hound has several characters quoting that its existence is suffering and its design is certainly freaky and nightmarish. Some people went so far as to create mods that would censor the mobs by changing their designs and keeping their behaviours intact, which was certainly a kind gesture. I will also admit that I was childish and that instead of speaking up and discussing how I was against the new mobs/monster designs being changed in any significant manner by the artists or developers, I instead chose to change my profile picture to one of the Moonrock Pengulls. This was childish of me. I did not speak up then about it, but I wanted to now. I want to make the argument that their designs, along with being freaky and disturbing, were also quite cool, as subjective as that sounds. I believe that the developers and the artists at Klei should continue to provide alternate designs for creatures that may or may not appear on the Moon Island by player intervention or as a natural occurrence, but on the other hand I understand that some people do not wish to see such creatures. In my opinion, the intended reaction was to shock players, but it may have been too successful. There are arguments to be made that the content associated with sailing is completely optional and that players don't have to engage with it if they don't want to. But there is also an argument to be made that players should be able to experience all that the game has to offer without being scared off by it. I don't have any evidence to support the following, but I feel that after the threads were made, Klei decided to shift their focus from the Moon Island and its mobs to creating and focusing on other things, such as Pearl, her island and the Crab King. I could be completely wrong about this and am willing to accept that. Perhaps Klei decided to merely introduce the mobs at first to test player reactions to them, or that they decided to more forward with the rest of the road map that they had planned. If the focus is brought back around to the island, I would like to see more macabre designs introduced as preexisting or new mobs, similar to what happened to three mobs mentioned above. I can't make an argument that others can just get used to them, but I can say that I've gotten used to the designs and consider them normal by now, as selfish as that sounds. If anything, the designs show that the creatures who live on the island are not to be messed with and perfectly capture why the island itself is inherently 'wrong'. Please feel free to discuss or disagree with my viewpoint. Thank you for your time.
  8. Wigfrid looks really cute in this short. I think it may be because of the larger eyes and attention to facial details.
  9. After reading a whole bunch of threads throughout the years seeing how other people would want to see the character changed, at this point I'd just like to see how the devs would tackle his rework. While I did like the fact that he recently got beard skins for all of his skins, it's not enough for me to continue playing WIlson o a regular basis. I've since moved on to playing mainly as Wormwood in DST, but I still primarily play Wilson in singleplayer DS. This is a character who we've seen the backstory for and has had other parts of his life revealed outside of the game (Such as his middle and last names being given out on a business card, if the wiki is to be believed). If anything, I want to be shown something about Wilson that we've never seen (Or read from in-game flavor text) before, and maybe tie it into his rework trailer. Until then, I will continue to wait for his rework, hoping that he'll continue to feel familiar and easy to use, yet unique enough to offer something to the rest of the team in the future. If Wilson's role in the game is to be a beginner friendly character with the (Hopefully) soon to be added appeal to vetearn players, then I will continue to wait in suspense and wil be eagerly waiting to see how the devs strike such a delicate balance. Until then, I can only wait in anticipation, hoping that I can continue to use the character more often in the future. Also, bring back Shadow Wilson.
  10. Maybe when Wilson gets his rework, they'll consider giving him some shoes?
  11. I thought that my luck had run out, but I guess not.