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  1. Why does Inspector Gadget have so much good music? Most people just remember the theme song.

    My personal favorites would have to be Penny's Look Out theme, as well as the slower paced instrumental posted above.

  2. Imagine having the roadmap delayed because everyone was on their worst behaviour. Dang.
  3. That just sounds like a skin, but then you just added teleportation at the end to justify adding controlled Terrorbeaks under Maxwell's abilities. Teleportation is also something you could attach to the normal shadow miners instead of looking for random mobs to replace them with.
  4. Carrat on Beff (research)

    Poor choice of words on my part, apologies. It would be more apt to say that Carrats obtained from Beefalo have better starting stats than those that can be bought from the shrine or found on the Lunar Island.
  5. I still wish a variant of the Carrat could be a part of the Rock Den, but don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of this update and the ability to race Carrats. If I could give the devs an idea, why not keep Carrats separate from the Rock Den, letting them continue to be raised for races? Meanwhile, Baby Carrats could be introduced as the pet variant for the Rock Den and fulfill Klei's pun quota.
  6. Carrat on Beff (research)

    I was also able to have the phenomenon happen, and I was also able to goad the Carrat off of the Beefalo. When you see the Carrat on a Beefalo, place a Seed near it and it will climb off the Beefalo to eat it. The window of time is really short, as you have to place a seed when you see it on appear on the Beefalo. You should also make sure that you also place a small trap near the seed so you can catch the Carrat, or else it will head back to the Beefalo after it eats the seed. In addition to that, the Carrats found on Beefalo can also have special ear and tail colors, which can also be invoked on Carrats that you find or buy from the shrine by feeding them seeds in your inventory. Carrats obtained from Beefalo have increased base stats for racing and are superior from the ones you can buy or find on the Lunar Island.
  7. Finally, the Carrat may not be a pet, but other pets can't boast about being able to win and train for tiny rat races now, can they? Also, that gif of the Carrat cheering while being held by Winona brings me life. I'm a happy camper.
  8. Can we give the Carrats individual names?
  9. Island Biomes

    I was thinking of making my own thread about some island ideas, but I'll just hijack this one and call it a day. - What if there were islands that ran on their own seasons separate from the main island? One island could just be stuck in Spring non-stop, while another could be stuck in Autumn. Of course, in finding these islands, they'll have their own special mobs and drawbacks to stop people from just going, "Hey, let's find the Autumn island, it should be easy to live there forever." Or come up with new seasons/weather effects to use on specialized islands. I'll be the first to admit it would probably be a nightmare to implement, though. - More islands with more effects on sanity or some other stat. I'll state a bad idea here. What if an island had an effect where, the hungrier you are, the slower you become? However, the opposite would be true, and having the hunger meter at full would make you move faster, but not to some insane degree. The islands should, of course, have something like a reward or resource that is equivalent to the amount of hassle needed to put up with such effects, or something fair as a trade-off. - And of course, more islands with mobs that you can't find on the mainland, along with resources and whatnot. I would also just really want an island that I can make my own, eking out a living and making a sick base while I was at it.
  10. [Game Update] - 388647

    Look at this dude, trying to be all cool and stuff... That was pretty cool, actually. Do it again.
  11. OP dropped a hotly contested topic for a thread, allowed themselves to respond to some of the comments, made people squabble amongst themselves about said topic and then bounced. The absolute madman.
  12. If I had a minigun with infinite ammo, The Constant would be a pretty cool place to live in.