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  1. DST Fans: Reap What You Sow Casual Fans: Row With Your Sock?
  2. The carnival's in town and it brought some minigames with it. Time to bust out this classic:
  3. I'd argue that most of Wilson's skins are pretty good. Especially his GoH skin that you can use to uselessly flex on people who don't have it.
  4. So I decided to give the beta a try with some friends and see what the new boss was all about. I thought that the boss itself was fine design-wise. Some of its fighting patterns felt unfair at first, but I'm sure that it's more of a personal issue on my end and can be remedied with practice. What I found to be the most underwhelming aspect of the boss was its reward. The crown, by the time you get it, is a bragging rights reward that shows that when it is obtained, you've proven already that you don't need it. I know that there are other items that could fall under the same category of being uneeded, but I don't remember them requiring such a ridiculous effort in having to be acquired. The Bone Armor comes to mind, but it feels more useful when you have two instances of it, but I am also aware that this can also be seen as unecessary and also a bragging rights reward. What's also ridiculous is that when the new boss is killed (For the effort that needs to be put in to get it), it only drops one instance of the crown. Since the update is still in beta, its properties or quantity dropped could change, but my friends and I frankly found it an item not worth pursuing and a tad underwhelming.
  5. It was one of the oldest inside jokes of the forums to constantly say that Wes was broken or overpowered in some form or another. Well, in my opinion, Wes is now an altered challenge character who has altered some of the game's tedium, for better or for worse. It's time for people to put their money where their mouths are, fully embrace the new Wes and push this joke to the next level.
  6. Happy New Year, I hope. In the spirit of trying something new, how about giving this song a listen?


  7. I wanted to ask a quick question. What show does your profile picture come from? I wanted to say that it came from the show 'Hilda' but I wasn't entirely sure.

    1. ZeeDragon


      It comes from a Show called Costume Quest, the kids name is Reynold.

  8. Hey, whatever happened to that DST Smash mod?

    1. pickleplayer


      I'm actually still working on it. I know I've been pretty quiet about it lately, but I decided I didn't want to keep giving out updates with no sure end in sight, so I've been holding back any info until I can get the mod to a point where it's pretty much done.

      It's getting close though. Like really close.

  9. Are the survivors in Don't Starve actually fighting giants in huge epic battles, or are they just breaking the giants' legs and making it so that they can never walk again without severe knee problems?

    1. minespatch


      Depends on the location I suppose. With Forge, it's a brawl but wildlife mode is the civilians just working with what tools they have.

  10. Wigfrid looks really cute in this short. I think it may be because of the larger eyes and attention to facial details.