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  1. Happy New Year, I hope. In the spirit of trying something new, how about giving this song a listen?


  2. Judging by how their response was structured (The syntax somewhat confused me as well until I gave their post another close read), Toros was referring to the developers as the professionals in that instance. Anyways, as a general response, I did not like disease as a mechanic and it was nothing fun or special to play against. Anytime I played with my friends, the option was turned off due to no one in my group of friends finding the mechanic fun to play against. Toros already outlined everything about the mechanic and how it was replaced thematically with the flies and their Lord. You also acknowledged in your post that it was a bad mechanic. But we can point out how the mechanic was essentially replaced with a subjectively superior alternative and can voice how we do not wish for it to come back in a manner following the forum rules. We're allowed to disagree with your viewpoint in a constructive manner. Also, please find a better metaphor. With it as it is now, it barely makes any sense and moreso implies that you cannot help someone who isn't willing to help themselves. If the developers are still reading this thread, please do not bring back disease. The latest update dealt with it appropriately and replaced it with a far better alternative of having to keep a close eye on crops.
  3. I wanted to ask a quick question. What show does your profile picture come from? I wanted to say that it came from the show 'Hilda' but I wasn't entirely sure.

    1. ZeeDragon


      It comes from a Show called Costume Quest, the kids name is Reynold.

  4. Hey, whatever happened to that DST Smash mod?

    1. pickleplayer


      I'm actually still working on it. I know I've been pretty quiet about it lately, but I decided I didn't want to keep giving out updates with no sure end in sight, so I've been holding back any info until I can get the mod to a point where it's pretty much done.

      It's getting close though. Like really close.

  5. Are the survivors in Don't Starve actually fighting giants in huge epic battles, or are they just breaking the giants' legs and making it so that they can never walk again without severe knee problems?

    1. minespatch


      Depends on the location I suppose. With Forge, it's a brawl but wildlife mode is the civilians just working with what tools they have.

  6. Wigfrid looks really cute in this short. I think it may be because of the larger eyes and attention to facial details.
  7. I thought that my luck had run out, but I guess not.
  8. Finally, some proof showing that the Guest of Honor could still be drops. Several people believed that they were no longer capable of dropping, but thank you for this piece of evidence showing otherwise. I'd argue that because of all of the new Elegants being put into the drop pool, it made the old Elegant tier skins harder to get and this in turn lead to people believing that the GoH skins were gone.
  9. So I got an email earlier today. The developers of Don't Starve: Newhome announced that the game's open beta would be delayed for a bit. I'll still be down to play it in the future, however.

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    2. TheKingDedede


      Here's their email in its entirety.

    3. TheKingDedede


      Hello Future Research Subject,

      Firstly, we just wanted to say thank you all for the outpouring of support and suggestions from the Don’t Starve: Newhome community! We hope you will keep sending us feedback and join our communities on Reddit, Discord, and social media so we can keep our team’s connection to the players strong.

      We worked very hard to make the game ready for the Closed Beta Test with new features we wanted to show off as well as a ton of planned features. When we examined the feedback across all our channels, we saw that players have extremely high expectations for the game. We want to ensure that both new and veteran players alike have a stable and worthwhile beta experience as they explore Don’t Starve: Newhome’s unique world and we want players to feel the passion that our developers have. This means we need to add more time to get things right before we start the test.

      As a result, we will be changing our test date to make the experience up to our expectations. In our previous email, we said that invitations would be sent on July 14th; however, at this time we will now be sending the invitations at a later date. We don’t take this decision lightly and are urgently working to get the game to you as quickly as possible. We promise we will update you all with a new schedule as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your understanding and we hope you will stick with us through the development process!

      The Don’t Starve: Newhome Team

    4. minespatch


      I know, I posted it to on a thread.:wilson_ecstatic:

  10. Nah, but no worries, I'm fine with the Krampus Sack drop. I thought this would be an amusing image to post as a response to it. But just this once. If somebody else does the same thing... I'll probably ignore it... maybe.
  11. That's more than what some users will ever earn in their entire lives. So yeah, pretty lucky.
  12. Wilson now has beard skins, which change if you have the corresponding Elegant that goes along with them. They cannot be changed in-game via the Wardrobe without changing into the same Elegant. The Snowfallen beard skin does not apply itself, however, when Wilson changes into the corresponding skin while using the Wardrobe or when he starts a game. The skins for the Guest of Honor, Survivor, Victorian and Triumphant apply themselves correctly when switching sets using the Wardrobe or when starting with them. The Snowfallen Elegant uses his default beard rather than the Snowfallen one. The bug was noticed after growing a level three beard and using the Wardrobe to change skins.