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  1. Fair. Even still I'd say it's a safe bet that it was either Warly or some human we haven't seen yet. If the question of "who" has an answer, I'm convinced it has to be Warly
  2. Other people are kinda saying it, but I'll add my arguments for why it was Warly. For one, the man can cook. The idea that there was a single survivor who managed to pass through that dimension would mean that they had to be good at cooking, otherwise they wouldn't have "passed through" and would have been mermified. The only humanoid character that we know of who is a skilled culinarian is Warly. We even have proof that he was in that dimension. Look at this official artwork that was also his main menu banner, and compare the background to the background of the official Gorge trailer:
  3. Because it's a garbage weapon for a range oriented character. Honestly just increase the fire rate, maybe even the range, but don't let the ammo stun enemies and it should be alright. That way he still has to kite, it's just a different kind of kiting. Rather than counting the hits you do before you run away, you see wait until the mob gets close and then run
  4. I did that once as Warly... a Maxwell died to freezing and everyone got mad at me, but them I made soup out of him and everyone thought it was funny so we cool
  5. "Hello.... helloooo?.... I'm here to record a message for you, to help you get settled in on your first night. You don't look so good. You better find something to eat before night comes..."
  6. I want a rare failed survivor setpiece that is a skeleton, compass, a feather pencil, and a map scroll that reveals some of the map
  7. All jokes aside, a pantomimed footballball helmet would be really cool. Some character skins look great without headgear, but given the hostile nature of the constant, it's not ideal to be wearing no headgear. It would be cool to have an option to be protected while still showing off my character's luscious locks. Maybe a new line of pantomimed stuff that is all headgear/body items?
  8. "But we have been working for a while to make it easier for people to eventually get the skins they want, no matter what." -JoeW, 5 hours ago Eventually we'll get them, no matter what. Come to think of it, I quite like the idea of having a different colored portrait frame. I'll be eagerly awaiting the day that they add the competition backgrounds and icons to the rewards page. - As far as the thread goes, yes I believe people who were around for something the first time deserve more than the color difference between 6CC17B and A2C46F that can only be seen only on an unprivated steam inventory
  9. (sorry for the comment spam on this thread, I just wanted to make sure Mysterious box got the notification and I don't think editing a comment would do that) https://accounts.klei.com/link/welikepoints https://accounts.klei.com/link/thankspeter Try those
  10. Even though the debate is pretty much over, this didn't age well
  11. They have links just about every major update. I think there are 2 active ones currently. I'd be happy to post them when I get back if no one else has