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  1. I like to watch FreddoFilms, because his stream schedule is really consistent, plus he's been making content since my early days of this game.
  2. I second this. That world gen is really freaking cool. To build a base on a private island with wormhole access is a really fun idea
  3. The Guest of Honor/Survivor actually weren't as close to the Triumphant/Roseate as might think. The order that they came out was Guest of Honor, Survivor, Triumphant, Roseate. DST's full release was when they added Maxwell as a playable character as well as the Triumphant skin set. As far as I'm aware, the only skin sets that no longer drop are the ones that were added when DST was still in beta, which would be Guest of Honor and Survivor.
  4. I was gonna put the creepy face on it but fortunately for everyone on the forums, my computer is packed up for me moving
  5. Hmm... If I had to guess I'd say that 2 of them you either ate without actually cooking it (someone else made it for you) or you cooked it but weren't the one who ate it. I don't know if it only counts the entrée if you cook and eat it, but its the only thing I can think of. I'd say go through and make sure each dish displays stats and recent recipes.
  6. Anyway back to the topic... Yes it would make sense for Walter to be in front of Wortox
  7. I'm reviving this. I took classes on this for my major in electrical engineering. We can do this! Think of it as normal numbers except 1 is the highest as opposed to 9. So when you reach 9, the next number starts at the beginning (0) and you add 1 to the value in front of it, so 1, 10, 11, 100, 101, 110, 111, etc. As a cheat you could also just think "What is the lowest number after this one that only has a 1 or a 0 in it?" Apologies for geeking out... Attempt number 11: 0
  8. I'm glad to hear she is home safe. I'd see about taking her to a vet to make sure she is healthy. Hopefully her curiosity taught her not to do that again
  9. Not to give false hopes, but cats like to stick around an area they know is theirs. Make sure people in your neighborhood are aware that the cat is missing and maybe make some signs. I hope you find her soon
  10. I like to hide ingredients in my crock pots. Sometimes its the only way to protect yourself from icebox leeches, and non Warly players aren't able to open the crock pots. No one plays as Warly anyway so while others are starving at base, I'm comfortably harvesting resources knowing full well that there is a meaty stew waiting for me when I get back to camp.
  11. Cats are usually very territorial. I couldn't imagine them going far. Not really an expert on these but I have a couple of house cats myself. How old are the cats out of curiosity?. Also for future reference, try to keep the DST forums strictly related to DST, however there is an off topic section here that isn't reserved for any topics in particular! I suspect that one of the mods will move this thread there so no point in making a new post over there. I'm sorry to hear about your cats. In my eyes pets are like family and I wish you the best in finding them!
  12. The GL Happy reaction is supposed to be really excited, I know this. However every time I see it as a reaction, this is the only thing I can think of
  13. Nevermind, Wormwood Bee Queen. He looks like her. I'm sold on this.