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  1. I hate the idea of it, but I live with it lol. They need a strong perk that isn't just "makes-a-thing". Give Winona a workbench or something that allows her to repair tools, weapons, and armor. Make it require tape to use, but only Winona can use the workbench. Make Warly have doubled food buff effects, both from the dishes themselves and the spices. These don't make the characters broken, but give them a nifty little use that might promote someone to play as them and not just pick and swap. Alternatively there could be a 15 day cooldown from switching characters so that people are forced to play with the character they chose, but I don't recall that idea being too popular. I'm cool with either though.
  2. When this event is over, is it safe to assume that as long as you have a tree, you can play the event in its entirety? Or do you guys think that Goodfeathers will not spawn if the event isn't active, even if you ring the bells?
  3. I agree, but if this happens then there will be backlash. Some people can argue that they bought it for the sole purpose of having it look funny to use nothing. The only way around this I could imagine is implementing some sort of easily accessed feature in the settings to just disable skins for the client. This would allow them to quickly switch it on and then get the screenshot they need. That being said, you would have a better idea of how easy this would be to do, and with my limited knowledge on programming, I couldn't imagine it being very easy.
  4. I'd like this if when the crockpot is harvested it gives yields not one dish, but four. Make the hunger on par with meatballs, and give four of them. That way the rare ingredients (assuming milk, and 2 specific crops are considered "rare") are worth the payout of either amazing hunger that you don't have to eat all at once, or something to share as a team. Make it more unique than just good stats.
  5. I agree. I'd imagine that it would be less forgiving than the portal's protection, but something that lasts like 2 seconds would be welcome
  6. Wendy when she finds a dead soul: Wortox when he finds a dead soul:
  7. This probably belongs in Maxwell Memes, but I'm impressed lol. People say it's cringey, but so is the song it's a parody of and that's the point. Good job lol
  8. Awhile ago I wanted a DLC character that was a member of the MacTusk family, but then Walter came out and has any upside I would want from a new character (ranged combat & nomad potential), so I'd say a magic character is welcome.
  9. I have some really good seeds but I think they become obsolete in between updates. I hope that they can get to a point where that doesn't happen, but I know that it isn't possible until they are done adding World Gen changes
  10. Yeah I am a bit disappointed on that one. You'd think the main antagonist of the first game would be a bit more important in the "sequel". I wonder if the artists who work on the shorts just really hate drawing him, which would explain his look in Forgotten Knowledge. Either way, I hope he gets some more representation.
  11. How long until the Wilton speculation threads I wonder