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  1. Don't seeds get messed up in between updates? I thought I read that somewhere, in which case all my good seeds no longer work
  2. I would like this option. My least favorite part of the new farming is that when I stop, that absolute BANGER stops too.
  3. I know that when the game gets an update, the world gen seeds get messed up and you can't use seed from previous updates. However, if a world gets retrofitted, am I able to go in and get the seed from that world?
  4. I would not be surprised if this is in the works and will be a feature at some point in the future. When that will be is still in question, but I have no doubt in my mind that this is something they kicked around the office before.
  5. Challenger skins maybe, but if I recall correctly, the culinarian skins were exactly the same as base skin besides Wes not having rosy cheeks
  6. Although this conversation is over, I do remember when reward points first came out, you got them by following Klei on Twitter, liking them on Facebook, etc. I believe they started doing the links because using those third party sites were kind of a one-and-done deal. I'm assuming that was their reasoning, although the only thing I can truly confirm that you initially got points for using third party sites
  7. It reminded me of this lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIqmskim2jg&ab_channel=HellCattZ As far as the idea goes, I don't mind having hamlet in DST or not, but if it isn't profitable for Klei then I certainly won't blame them for not doing it. I also don't think it would be, as the Forge and Gorge had a plethora of skins to go along with the events and yet Klei still decided to avoid stuff like that in the foreseeable future. I saw more people playing the Forge than I have ever seen them play normal DST and even still (as far as I am aware), they weren't selling enough of the skins. The only way I could see this being profitable is selling the Hamlet DLC for DST, which would cause a LOT of backlash from the community and Klei themselves stated that they would not sell DLC that would separate the fan base. Overall, probably not worth their time financially, and this isn't even taking into account how it would fit in to the whole RoT plotline.
  8. Me waiting for the black winter hat to be restocked
  9. I'd say I want a magic focused character, but I'd also like to see what Wickerbottom or Maxwell's reworks have coming since I don't want any new character to take away from their possibilities. I guess this way of thinking is why I'd rather have them focus on reworks than new characters/content but I also know I'm in the minority for this one.
  10. Because, much like Wilson, the Constant is bad at science
  11. That's how I do it. I never make mini signs, I just organize via knowing what skins mean what type of item
  12. I don't think they are limited time? I know they mentioned that they were only obtainable earlier for a limited time but once you obtained them you had them forever. I think you have them forever now.