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  1. Pops if it makes contact with anything at all (rocks, land, mobs, etc.) causing the player to drown
  2. The only change to make to Wes is allow him to mime an oar on a boat if he has no tools equipped. It will only have 1/100 the power of a normal oar.
  3. I definitely agree. I love Woodie and his new forms are really cool, but his beaver curse specifically was his signature. Half man, half beaver seems so much more fitting for him than 25% man, 25% beaver, 25% moose, 25% goose... It just sucked because beaver form was terrible and it was triggered WAY too easily. He is definitely a lot more powerful now, but I feel that when he gained the two other transformations he lost a little bit of his charm.
  4. I'm gonna do what I'm guessing a lot of people are gonna do over time, which is see that it exists and then forget it exists.
  5. I voted for character just because as of right now, boats aren't my issue. My issue is lack of much sea content so a boat wouldn't really help that. That being said, the future of sea content is obviously going to change, but as of this comment I choose character.
  6. I'm kinda cheating the rules of this thread a little bit, but on the mobile game Simpsons: Tapped Out you can unlock this celebrity as a character since he did a cameo on the show. It's a massive stretch, but I'm gonna lawyer him into this thread:
  7. I love Woodie’s because it is so low pitched. I wish they were all in the same key so when you have two of them singing together it doesn’t sound like death
  8. I don’t think enough people are considering this lol. If Woby can take damage, then Woby can be attacked. If Woby can be attacked, then Woby can draw aggro. If Woby can draw aggro, then things aggroed on her won’t attack Walter if he is using his slingshot.
  9. Wait if they do this then does that mean that they would need voice actors? The should definitely try to swing Morgan Freeman to voice Wes. It might be quite the expense, but I really think Freeman has the capability of giving life to this character. Getting in touch with him or his agent is another issue, but once he sees the material he’s working with, he won’t be able to say no.
  10. She's a pretty iconic character. Her and Wilson are usually depicted as the main characters and just the chaotic personality is very appealing.
  11. With Maxwell I'd like to see a complete magic overhaul. It would be nice for magic combat to be a little more than just darkswords. As for Maxwell himself, I think he is fine as is except make him the Wickerbottom of magic when it comes to knowledge (tier 1 magic unlocked from the start, or at the very least a shadow manipulator). Also adding a way to make shadow puppets passive and not just "OH GOD TREE KILL IT KILL IT" is a long time coming. Finally the change in shadow duelists, whether it be them copying the weapon and armor that the caster currently has or just AI change. One thing I hope stays the same is the max sanity values required to make the shadow puppets. Infinite insanity on Maxwell is good with 2 duelists 1 worker. For Wickerbottom, I'd like to see more combat related books. As powerful as they are, I'm thinking something similar to illusion magic from skyrim. A book to pacify everything on screen to help with mating beefalos or frog rains. A book to make everything on screen aggro to anything, to do the exact opposite of the previous one. Even if they can only be crafted at the ancient pseudoscience station with special gems, I think that Wickerbottom is easily the character with the most potential for a creative rework, and I'd like to see that put into practice when it comes to book combat. For both of these characters, I don't want their refresh to be a total buff (especially Wicker), but I can't think of any additional downsides to add to their upsides right now. My brain is a little fried after work today lol.
  12. From a lore perspective, yeah maybe it would make sense for his mind to be incorruptible, but from a gameplay perspective, it makes absolutely no sense. Since all magic items cost sanity, I always saw sanity as "mana". That's why Maxwell was always the ideal magic user because he is the only one with a passive mana regeneration. If Walter didn't lose sanity, then that would just be broken imo. Come to think of it, does Walter lose sanity from using things like the ice staff or telelocator staff?
  13. My friend pointed this out to me. Don't tell Lucy about this. She might get jealous...
  14. Gotcha. That makes sense. I thought I was using the Thanks emote wrong all along lol