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  1. Eh, I disagree to an extent. I kind of see the whole game of Don't Starve as Wilson's personal journey in becoming a successful scientist. Before he came to the constant he was terrible. Wickerbottom is just the smartest character in my eyes so it would make sense for her not to need to have the journey that Wilson does
  2. I forget who made this suggestion, so for that I apologize. I heard someone suggest that Wilson can create temporary special potions that only have a 66% chance of doing what it is supposed to do. The other 33% wouldn't be harmful effects, just goofy and not what you wanted them to do. I thought it fit his character pretty well. You want a potion that gives you a positive sanity increase? Here, it might turn you into a rabbit though. You want a potion that increases your max health until you lose it? Here, it might put you to sleep though. You want a powerful, yet expensive potion that gives you nightvision? Here, it might make your character only able to do Wes animations for examinations.
  3. If you just have a lot of small questions and want to avoid clogging the forums, I'd recommend the (unofficial?) Don't Starve discord server. The people there are incredibly helpful and there is almost always a few people actively talking in it who can answer your questions. Assuming you have a discord account, you can join here.
  4. Dumpster for Lore

    I just meant the idea of being pulled away from someone or something that relies on you. I agree with you about the severity of each situation, Warly definitely has it worse.
  5. Dumpster for Lore

    If I had to guess, it is probably a Warly's Maman situation. She had a cat when she got pulled into the constant and is sad because she isn't there to take care of it.
  6. Guys, I think I am onto something...
  7. I agree. Love the concept of a walrus character
  8. I've said this a few times, but if Wagstaff comes to DST, I don't want him to be a playable character. Besides being just Winona 2.0, he is so important to the lore that I think he would be better off as some boss. I'm a little rusty on the Hamlet lore, but I do know he isn't actually there, and is just a projection. Maybe he figures he can't experience the true power of nightmare fuel while just being a projection (plus according to Winona's short, he IS in the constant for real I think) so once he arrives there for real, he becomes fascinated with power. Easily manipulated, Charlie and Them now have him as their puppet.
  9. Thank you Klei!!!!!!
  10. I'd love to see these implemented, but I also think he should be weaker with items that aren't magic. This would kind of have the Warly effect to make a character have to live off of lesser used recipes (or in this case, magic items). The only thing I would change is the night light. I would instead make it so that if Maxwell fuels a night light, it would also light any night light within a certain area around the one that was fueled (which reminds me of the lights at the end of adventure mode)
  11. Here it is. I originally made it as an item skin for Warly’s “rework”
  12. No! It's in game! Let me have this
  13. I'm so stoked that they are using my drying rack reskin!!!
  14. I'm more upset about that Wilson skin in game having the hair be the same when facing forwards and backwards...