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  1. i saw this during the morning and have spent a bit of time thinking of this. mostly my thoughts came down to there being a downside to wurt more than just the vegan thing. my main thought is that since wurt is just cute little baby girl who may not fully understand the problems of the world, she would have a downside related to the merms. my main thought being she loses sanity whenever she sees a merm die, especially when she befriends them and then sends them on the suicide missions to kill an entire pig village. the sanity loss would be the highest on merm guards, since lore-wise, wurt is going to be a merm guard when she grows up, so she'd be traumatized at the sight of a merm guard dying. there might also be some massive sanity loss from seeing the king die, mostly due to her thinking she failed mermkind with the dead king and would therefore have big sanity loss during the time between kings. i mostly thought of this as a sort of "no random crits" downside, but my thoughts feel a bit more like characters should have more downsides when they're reworked as opposed to massive upsides with minor shortcomings.
  2. i'm trying to think of a way to fix this, in case you did not get the lesson of how you've been boned and what to avoid, but how in gods name did you get that much wound? i didn't think flead queen could apply all that wound, or at least too slow to reach 11 god damn wound. best i can say is don't get chain cards unless you really like them. they generally aren't worth the action points.
  3. i remember something about how you could increase your own prestige and card collections if you tinker'd with the files. scout around the forums, you'd find it soon enough.
  4. damn it, i've missed my chance to beat "thoroughly broken boss rush" and join markiplier in the halls of "beating things before nerfs". i at least got to nadan and one time almost beat him if it weren't for nadan and a thief focusing me on one turn.
  5. me: looks down on all of those who hated the first boss while i cleared threekwa flawless also me:... alright, alright, i'll be blunt. i definitely agree with you guys and possibly gals that it was hard as Damascus steel, and my cheeky grin was ripped away by arint. my main benefit was that i got buster on my first graft, which tears through threekwa like a red hot knife through a centimeter of butter. i definitely wish there was an immediate card upgrade for maybe 5-7 cards to make you be a little more on-level than at first or the ability to skip card drafts.
  6. check fssh, they both have the same problem...or is it improvement...eh, who'll know?
  7. @SpicyNiceCream 'OI. get to making the video on these. goons had billy club so i wonder what would be new attack.
  8. As i had been grappling with ideas for modded features that i know i'll never be able to do myself because i have the knowledge of programming as much as i know how a combine harvester works, i had been thinking about a book that i loved and more specifically thought about ways it could be implemented as modded characters, cards, and as i want to say here, boss fights. my main inspiration is the insignia series, which short answer, it's military sci-fi done right, and insignia has a scene in it that made me think of this idea. I'll use rook for the context i thought of for this negotiation, since this seems like a rook thing to happen. So rook is in another operation, but unlike the bog job, his benefactors don't have the collective intelligence equal to the amount of raisins you'd find in an eggplant. he's been captured and/or forced to talk to one of the big-wigs of the factions, and specifically had to relinquish his guns before he could be interrogated. rook had allegedly done some damage to said faction's assets, and said big-wig character (who i'll just call...greg...fitting name, don't you think?) is ready to punish rook for these damages, using the security guards inside the interrogation room to enforce these "punishments". the player has 3 options to choose from in this dialogue. A) confess to everything. this will cause the player to endure one of the three punishments at random, as well as forcing the player to switch to greg's faction. B) stay silent. this will cause one of the three punishments to play and then the option comes up again, without option C present. continuing to stay silent will cause the next punishment to occur. further silence levies the last punishment before eventually being allowed to leave, without being a turncoat. C) negotiation. this is where the player disputes the charges against them and involves the player negotiating against greg, who acts somewhat like glofriam in the claims against rook department. now what did I think these "punishments" should be? 3 in particular, which show up as bounties in the negotiation Bone Breaker; x resolve, dismiss to avoid x maximum HP loss. Lock Up (This one has many ideas swirling around my head, but for now it'll be); x resolve, dismiss to avoid x max resolve loss Unfortunate accident; x resolve, dismiss this to avoid flagging a future event that has higher chance to occur the closer you are to the end of the campaign and the lower your health is. it could be something like a heshian group that wants to kill rook for spreading heresy, or a group of rook's enemies, or screw it, just a weak boss enemy. now for actual negotiation abilities. i didn't think of it just being like glofriam, who uses his intents for the bulk of his damage and has no cool negotiation abilities beyond that. he spawns in arguments and also has many strong arguments, appropriate to his difficulty rating. these ideas also aren't likely to be used all at once, just me spit-balling ideas Bully; x resolve, attack cards have random targets. this would essentially be stinging eyes in negotiations (creative, i know) Intimidate; x resolve, cannot gain dominance while this is active. if possible, it can occur more likely when the player uses more hostile cards or has high enough dominance. Delegate; either his personality or an argument with x resolve. incepts the day shift card and night shift card that i believe foremans no longer give. Fragile ego; bounty, gives x vulnerability or possibly gives +1 damage for the rest of this negotiation. More scotch!; since the scene i'm basing this on has *ahem* "greg" be a heavy drinker, this would restore greg's resolve but gives him a drunk argument. More scotch v.5; my first thoughts on a drinking related bounty. either it would be an empathy that gives slurred speeches, or it would restore x resolve to greg and to the player, based on the player's influence. most of these are just ideas, and since i have somewhat INCREDIBLY INSECURE doubts about my ability to make a compelling and challenging feature ideas to this game, most areas that would have numbers are x's, dependent on difficulty and on the thoughts and feedback anyone wants to give about this. my main thoughts about this would be that it isn't a fight you die in per se, but instead that you'd walk out of it incapable of spelling in a straight line or walking your own first name. the unfortunate accident is the only one that gives an actual fight, and it would still not be fought immediately after the negotiation. it would still be bad to fail the negotiation in the way that you'd be massively handicapped for the rest of the run if you had been going on a combat only run. again, feedback is appreciated...or you can just let this drift to sea amongst the rest of the archived posts.
  9. "restrained" i have numerous incapabilities in the meme making department. as such i can only say that about 90% of this video is applicable to smith and his entire personality, specifically such moments as 1:59 bad words as well
  10. since i can't say anything new that hasn't already been said, i'll just yammer on about who I know have static/unique relationships.
  11. i got a crash and tried to send a crash report. didn't go through. given what i typed in, maybe that's for the best you never saw it.
  12. Uhm...crashreporter. I've gotten used to the blue lua screens but these specifically booted me out of the game and showed a very cool image of sal, smith, and rook.
  13. i've had a few crashes on steam version and i am no where near confident enough to tinker with that in the same way. i crashed after talking to kalandra and negotiating with the foreman during the rise infiltration quest on day 1.