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  1. my xbox says there is a new update for dst but it doesn't start updating the game no matter how many times i hit update. if anyone has a idea on how to fix this please tell me
  2. Dont Starve BUG Help Please ! Xbox One

    I recently started replaying shipwrecked and I've gotten this glitch on two(inhale) default worlds as Wolfgang on days 28 and 14 in which It just boots me back to the xbox dash. I can create new worlds and that's why I have two worlds instead of one. I haven't played it for a while except for these worlds and i dont know if this problem is in other worlds pre "Home sea Home" update. (Sucks in air) I know it affects at least 2 saves, the first and the fifth.
  3. My game won't let me play

    I have two shipwrecked worlds now where I did something better than suck and die. For some reason in the first world at day 28 in a normal world when I got a wobster and in the second world day 14 after leaving the slot machine and standing at (inhale), everytime I open the world they would start loading before the game closes and I have to start the game up. Their was some other glitches that caused the game to delete my progress so if nothing else I want to get in off my character for the xp
  4. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    I am also scared of not having the spools. I want at least the wicker skin and hambat, but i dont have the spools and it takes a long time to get any elegants
  5. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    I know you prolly heard alot of people say this, but i cant custom match even though other people can. I dont want to use the quick match made server because i get alot of lag
  6. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    didnt exactly expect that I live in florida. I think its about 3 hours between us and canada. Parrently my xbox says florida shares haitis time zone
  7. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    Yeah. I didnt see any updates on my console. Is it coming out today tommorow, or later this week?
  8. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

  9. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    (Inhales extremely deeply) im not even mad that summer is almost over. Im just happy its happening. Starting the school year and already counting down the days, just not for school... ... ... isnt cert boys over their really good? I would love you guys to pull a scott cawthon and release it ahead of schedule
  10. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    Happened to nearly every player
  11. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    (Drunken speech) whaaat, iss teh ting finalllly spent tah cert? Hasvent ye ben bargin bout how gud thems cert boys beeen. Isve been drunkin myself inder teh bridge waitin fer thee updatte, andd ya finmaly gav me somthin ta care aboout. ( translation: finally sent to cert. You people bragged about how good cert boys were. Finally ahead of schedule. AA is going to suck)
  12. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

  13. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    I thought late this week and early next week meant thursday to tuesday.
  14. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    Seriously chrlie boy, have you at least sent it to cert. Its friday.
  15. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    K Charlie b, it's officially hump day. It's about to be the latter half of the week. We getting a date for the gorge or..?