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  1. Prestige level 2 and I almost solely do negotiations just because of how fun they are compared to fights where you could either die or accidently kill someone and get screwed by their friend
  2. Large SPOM acting weird

    the gas mixing is something im dealing with on a smaller than that size scale there needs to be both a hydrogen and an oxygen gradient with atmo sensors as to not suck one into the other if its crossing gases, a shutoff does not hurt in the slightest
  3. do not have ocd and build the great hall centered around water cooler. you will drive yourself insane
  4. PokeShell Information (i think)

    ranch pokeshells for most of the lime you need. This is a simpler ranch design that i found on accident which can help start up a ranch without cargo boats of refined metal and planning. also, why do you exterminate all life....you scare me....THINK OF THE SLICKIES
  5. PokeShell Information (i think)

    Okay, thats why i said i didnt know if anyone knew it. it is neat though, and can make pokeshell ranching easier. definitely easier (or at least more resource efficient) to make the ranch sweeping inside the ranch instead of outside and it could use less dupe movement (at the cost of long incubation, cramping, etc. i said resource efficient, not Efficient). good to know people know about it before i did.
  6. In my ONI map, i had built a pip and poke ranch. The obvious problem was that pokeshell's get aggresive from being near an egg.... well, i was low on food, so i wanted a mealwood planted, i left the dirt tile there and it eventually grew a plant i had a ram-shackle sweeper to get the eggs out, with no way to return them, so i, i a clear move of brilliance, placed an automatic dispenser without obstructing arbor tree growth or planting, which i placed next to the dirt tile now, the pips and pokes are hurt, but thats only because the duplicants ran to take the egg out of its cubby hole to return it to the dispenser and drop it back in, but as you can see, the pokeshells arent angry even though theres an egg nearby TLDR: pokeshells seem to only be enraged when they can reach an egg, not necessarily when they are near it i hadnt seen this on the wiki, and i dont remember seeing this on the forums before, so let me be the first (or whatever number it may be) to post this info
  7. All right, this is what I would like. What is a personal gripe is that my mom is a nurse, so I thought that there should be jobs for doctors and nurses. I thought that would also allow you guys to expand and strengthen disease by giving players more to fight it with.
  8. The Gorge Event Extended

    You, shush. Just shush.The screaming adults the internet adores are talking. *ahem* GIVE ME THE FUMPING UPDATE. AT LEAST SOMETHING!?!
  9. Please give us an updated on the console version
  10. Will you have this for console players? Can we have an update on the console version of the event. I JUST WANT TO PLAY IT.
  11. The Gorge Event Extended

    GOD DA...(calm down wumpus,). this is what is happening while I JUST WANT XBOX GORGE. AT LEAST GIVE US AN UPDATE ON XBOX GORGE PLEASE?!?!?