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  1. The theory you proposed about bilebrokers makes a lot of sense. I think if there was just a bit more evidence to the theory, like a bit more explicit information about the purpose of the job, that theory would work as some very well hidden post-foreshadowing. If nothing else, it sounds better than just saying "The Agency hired Rook" and putting down the pen on that lore bit.
  2. The same thing happens with fssh's intro. Starts off giving you the run down of the lore you need to understand sal's campaign, then gets progressively quicker until it randomly picks between a small list of dialogue strings. Oddly enough every run has kashio and fssh get progressively more knowledgeable of sal's intentions. Kashio slowly goes from "I believe you have a bounty hunter here" to "where are you hiding sal" to "Stay. Down." Fssh also goes from "say mate, what're your plans" to "you've got the look like your going after the biggest debt broker in murder bay"
  3. I actually checked the code on that The game remembers how many runs you've done and adjusts the dialogue accordingly. It's meant to be quicker each run so you can quickly get into the action, but it does suck that it happens without any way to fix it I say that because Theres a mod to try and fix that, but I cant figure out how it works.
  4. All rise for the glorious "Wumbo, Noble Steed for the Mighty Wumpus Dynasty" Yes that's his full name. No I don't know why I named him that, or why I never named him something shorter. There was a Wumpetite at one point. All of them have been creative mode beefalos, I haven't gotten one in survival.
  5. "Look, I don't need your entire life story. I just need your name, your loyalty, and an approximate amount of bullets you can withstand before dying."
  6. I found the fix, it somehow straightened itself out when I changed my guard. by the way, do you know how to make the debug menu that says whose been casted and such pop up?
  7. I am trying to make a quest that adds to the vanilla pool of quests from handlers. Problem is, the game seems insistent on saying my locations don't actually exist. Every time I try to test the quest, it pops up this menu and tells me that the locations and a guard are not actually spawned. My main question is where do I find this menu and, if you can, also tell me where the problem is here
  8. they changed the card draw bonuses at some point. day 1 sal gets negotiation and battle drafts at the start of quests, but rook and smith do not. look through the updates if you want to find when they made this change, though I think it was just a difficulty rebalancing
  9. All these questions can be pestered at the devs come this evening during the rhymes with play stream
  10. I remember back before Rook was added (I know that the card was the first reveal of fellemo), they gave the aggressive card if you started the fight, which was way too broad since it basically meant every time you chose to fight instead of negotiate (and even some times where you were forced into the fight) the game would give you the aggressive card for your negotiation deck. i'd guess the devs just commented the code out with the intent of leaving it for later use. as for this, I think it's just because the devs didn't want to leave loose ends like that in a full release version so they pulled it temporarily and might add it back as a feature for post-full release griftlands
  11. I can play a half decent game. keyword half decent
  12. You want no color, all pencil, frankly dumb drawings? Well I wasn't actually asking for opinion. you're getting them anyways
  13. I don't think there's any benefit to sparing them. They end up as a retired agent either way, killing them or sparing them