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  1. You want no color, all pencil, frankly dumb drawings? Well I wasn't actually asking for opinion. you're getting them anyways
  2. I don't think there's any benefit to sparing them. They end up as a retired agent either way, killing them or sparing them
  3. I think we can all agree this is objectively the best answer.
  4. I though it was another day damn. are you doing this any other days?
  5. I have drawn a few random things. They have been unposted to the forums until now. I shall fix that.
  6. yes, which is why I bring confirmative proof of the length of the weapon Gaft had, proving the theory BEHOLD
  7. Does the crash screen talk about a mettle indicator? If so, disable your mods. That's how it screwed up for me
  8. Ah yes. So sayeth the original Gaft, founder of the admiralty, fought with nothing more than an abnormally large spoon, at least twice her height! That has also been speculated to be the reason she died.
  9. It's 5 gambles, and it's basically the only thing that almost every player could benefit from, save for people who for some reason rush Kroger's coin
  10. Research all the plants. if you're particularly flush, you could just shove compost wraps in the floor repeatedly and never worry about other nutrients. If you are not particularly flush, use the garden hat to find the resources spent by each crop. Refer to the starver's farm guide if you want a nutritionally self-sufficient farm. Otherwise, just weed, water, talk to, and research each farming related item and continue to tend to them for a decent sized harvest, complete with extra plant specific seeds.
  11. Ban ZeeDragon because I will help keep this thread up, even if it means it goes the way of the simpsons
  12. Archenemy...Archenemy Kill people. If you are willing, start save scumming. There's a 50/50 chance that murders will give you a card or a bane from friends of the victim. Kill those who you have banes against. The game checks for cumulative hates, not concurrent banes, so killing people who hate you is the best thing you can do apart from killing them in a non-provoke fight for more bane train. Go with Oolo on sal. Nadan fight can spawn bandits, and each bandit can have their own hopes, aspirations, and importantly, friends. You can hit the bane jackpot on Nadan from just him alone. At any point possible, undercut and betray allies where you can. Know where banes are possible and take them. Pin blame, never take blame. Run Away from fights, mainly from options and not from actual run away option.