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  1. To herald the Arrival of Deltarune Chapter 2 and-definitely-not-because-I-had-a-Ralsei-Griftlands piece lying around because of a joke.
  2. Ban Zeedragon because Pump from Spooky Month probably doesnt represent what you look like in real life as well
  3. Ban Dr. McGillacactus because I just learned about the band IRIS and, more importantly, how good their metal music is
  4. Oh hey this thread isn't archived. Don't know why I thought that but Loads Theroux Glue Eater Propaganda
  5. You want no color, all pencil, frankly dumb drawings? Well I wasn't actually asking for opinion. you're getting them anyways
  6. I though it was another day damn. are you doing this any other days?
  7. I have drawn a few random things. They have been unposted to the forums until now. I shall fix that.
  8. Does the crash screen talk about a mettle indicator? If so, disable your mods. That's how it screwed up for me
  9. Ban ZeeDragon because I will help keep this thread up, even if it means it goes the way of the simpsons
  10. I can already tell that you, blue moth, will be an invaluable asset to the memeification of this game
  11. Depends how good you are at fighting clops in general. Laser beam'll be the biggest screw over, best use a lot of tanking I'd assume
  12. killed one. might be why. Fizluck was the name makes sense if it just counts cumulative instead of one check for exactly 20 hates in the character's grafts. thanks. strike the first point from my list.
  13. I tried out an archenemy run, and Have some thoughts...just some. First of all, bugged a little. This got me the achievement in sal's run. Second of all, it's very RNG dependant. Every fight you either get banes or a murder card. However, you can save scum to get only banes from fights instead of murder cards, so it got repetitive, especially when I got into a crunch and had to grind nadan's minions for a few extra banes. Third of all, Banes just aren't as impactful as a I thought. Granted, I had a rather smashing deck for both battle and negotiation, with a bluster and uppercuts, but still. the banes barely hurt me, despite how many I had. The bigger worry at kashio was not the fact I was bogged down by 19 different banes, but that the boss accidentally had Blast Chamber.
  14. And the crossovers continue, until I get bored, someone picks up the slack while I get bored, or maybe this just becomes my thing. CL4P TR4P and Steven realized they had only one stair-climbing wheel between the both of them. To compromise, Steven got taped to CL4P TR4P's head on their epic quest to follow their programming, shooting bandits, throwing grenades, and above all, Party!