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  1. I have a mechanic in mind, and it involves making an existing effect (Protect) activate at 3 stacks instead of 1. I.E. enemies will attack this character when they have 3 stacks of it only, not anything below (lose 3 on hit to compensate). Problem was, I couldn't find a place to add it to protect that would make it work without breaking protect in half. The only other option I had was extensive work arounds, each making it even more complicated than before and ending in something that kind of works, but gameplay is about as consistent as a derailed train covered in butter wearing roller skates.
  2. "You barely started reminiscing about the past and Fellemo is already excited"
  3. so 84 times 9 equals 756 submissions shown...add the last 3...we are 141 shown submissions away from a solid 100 pages of submissions. come on people. it's free heirloom skins.
  4. okay so i sent a submission but it says i've reached my limit for them. i tried to send it the first time but it was a pdf and errored. if it's somewhere in the backlog and not working, is there a way to fix it so i can send mine again? I think it was a file instead of a photo because i tried to scan it...it looks like this Hopefully i can get shown instead of one glitch forcing me to not get anything.
  5. i changed it to jpg from pdf. it wouldn't load on my computer, so that's why i'm worried it isn't viewable.
  6. time to hope my little picture works. i tried to scan it but it was being weird to the point i couldn't see it on my computer because it was called a pdf. i tried to change the file type but then it didn't seem to load. if it doesn't work i can send another with normal camera instead of a scanner
  7. PEOPLE OF THE FORUMS. I have been given a vision by kevin himself! He has given me insight into the lore of this game! I have spent countless hours and funky tunes in order to translate it to us mere mortals! BEHOLD!
  8. i'd be willing, although i've never beaten him and don't have much idea on my schedule. However, if you want weekend not during OrangE's server stream i'll try to be there.
  9. Minespatch on one hand i must thank you for such graciously drawn art. on the other hand I did not need this in my life. I did not need my mortal eyes to see this. dear god, dear god. dear. god. why. Did you know that you never truly forget something because of neural connections forming? i certainly didn't. Then i looked up how to forget something (this) and it said you CAN'T. IS THAT NOT THE FUNNIEST THING? HA HA HA HA HA HA HAH HAH HAHH HA HAH HA HA HA.
  10. It provided lore. Lore can make content. Content can make the game more fun. Plus there's my hope that the new end-game areas brought on by this will be incredibly difficult because of all the hurdles they've established to get to it. I.E. Get to ruins, Get Iridescent Gem, Kill Crab King, know where the Lunar Island is, Celestial Detect the third Altar.
  11. just as an extra plushie, a well made version of bernie or ashley. for other items, a physical copy of some of the books including; A cookbook that acts like an empty journal to catalog your own recipes, A Codex Umbra packed with lore a la Journal 3. A few tiny structures like alchemy engines and fire pits.
  12. Hey look. I made something slightly good + Erbla = Internet Validation. I finally tried to make something art related and yes, my skills did in fact make her look like sonic before I fixed it.