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  1. Get stuff for beefalo taming and start taming beefalo by day 5 - glossamer saddle by day 11 then mapping and base setup
  2. Willow: A character who has consistently been shown to have connections with insanity - whether through lighting fires when insane, Bernie pre and post rework, and her animated trailer A character who during childhood saw insanity monsters and then lit a fire after seeing an insanity monster, subsequently burning down an orphanage - a direct correlation between her insanity, bernie, and fires, just like how her sanity raises when near them A character who. Ok hold up. The accidentally burning her own boat is actually pretty funny (if sad) but I don't think that's any more evidence than how she can burn items in her inventory in single player and kill deerclops in 10 seconds. Just a weird culmination of mechanics. That being said I do think that some more lighter based mechanics would be cool since they're often overshadowed by lanterns and campfires - honestly I rarely find myself cooking with the lighter because the cooked versions of most foods just aren't that much better, and I'll gladly take a small sanity penalty if it means keeping 6 seconds of precious light that I wont use efficiently. Cooking monster meat and mushies on the go is nice though. Otherwise she's fine as she is, and this is coming from a Willow main.
  3. We could make a religion out of this
  4. As long as you put the fire out before the den explodes it'll take no fire damage
  5. Can't wait to use watering cans for snurtle shell farming!
  6. Beefalo don't have electric insulation so maybe it's because the game sees some of the damage being taken out by the insulator and transfers all the damage to the player because of that? Or maybe a charged volt goat attack is considered semi-ranged and hits the player for reasons I can't comprehend? I dunno but sincerely thanks for the help.
  7. When a Charged volt goat hits a player with electric insulation who's mounted on a beefalo, the damage is still passed to the player. The damage from this is 25, the damage of a normal volt goat, so the electric damage modifier is negated by the electric insulation but still passed on to the player instead of the beefalo. This damage is still affected by armor, and also procs the affects from bramble husks, scalemail, and bonearmor. So my question is - Why does this happen? My theory is the electric damage from the attack is passed on after, similar to how when Wagstaff eats butterfly wings and the healing doesn't outright negate the damage from eating raw foods, because the damage is added on after. But shouldn't the beefalo still absorb the physical damage if the player has insulation from the electric damage? Is this some awkward culmination of game mechanics and actually a glitch? Any help/explanation would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Sent an offer but I really don't have anything besides assorted trading cards so sorry if it seems like a gag offer.
  9. Gotta raise your sanity guys (don't edit a lot sorry for low quality)
  10. You'll get another Wortox head and you can unweave that for some spools. Happened for me when I got the free Wormwood with hamlet, you'll get like 900 spools or so.
  11. There's some pretty lame gag vegetable dishes that could do with a new dish/rework. Pumpkin cookies and stuffed eggplant are both weak dishes in comparison to other options, and considering the ammount of dishes that new vegetables got I'd love to see some love given to the classic crops.
  12. I live for the day I can eat mandrake soup every day of the year.
  13. I used to think like this and then I realized basically every character has an upside which combats their downside. Wendy for example has lower damage and her Sister essentially negates that. Or Maxwell a character who gets constant sanity back but is based around working with sanity and nightmare fuel. Warly to his credit can utilize food well and has a larger stomach which allows him a longer time without eating (90/250 per day instead of 75/150), but he ironically doesn't use food in an interesting way to make him more than a niche switch character. I don't want new food tabs or "portable" but only situationally useful new food machines, I want a character with a genuine playstyle that doesn't feel like a burden to play. I like Warly for what he is, but I don't like how he didn't "spice up" how players use food. Alright rant done.
  14. Bernie takes their aggro for the first two stages so you can just tank next to him with a couple of spare bernies. Stage three I get off and magi/cane kite. I guess you could potentially use scalemail or Abigail also.
  15. Fighting beequeen on a boat will more or less keep her in the same place. Useful for tanking her in stage 1-2 if you're playing Willow and happen to have a beequeenhive next to the ocean. Oddly specific but was useful for me.
  16. You can use a saddle to aggro a beefalo by attempting to place it on it. This will cause only that specific beefalo to get angry and chase you, and you wont lose saddle durability like a normal saddle shake off. Much faster than leading them away with grass but only really useful in a beefalo rush or late game horn farming. It even works if they're sleeping!
  17. Maxwell because shadow miners deal with some of the hassle of sea rocks. Plus no sanity problems either.
  18. I completely agree. I was setting up a malbatross feather farm with flingos/star caller staff and Walter's poop ammo (0 damage + still obtain feathers) but I realized that just using 4 weather pains is less hassle for something I really wont need to farm for most of the time. Plus deconstruction staff and construction amulet exist, so there's much more efficient options.
  19. Setting deerclops on fire as Willow instead of campfire tanking - you might burn the drops but at least you'll save 3 grass and 2 logs