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  1. It truly is an awful boss fight especially playing on consoles. The only good thing is doing it once is enough per world imo. I did the bee method but even that was a slog on ps4.
  2. Thanks very much. This sounds like a cool update. Looking forward to trying it out .
  3. Can someone please explain what the circuits do exactly? Or just give a actual decent list of this re-work ? All the original post says is circuits create different perks .....well what are they !? Thanks
  4. Wow very cool. I have been playing my Switch more by far lately than my other consoles. Klei , is it possible to do an offline system link option with players in the same room ? That's one of the Switchs best attributes is most multiplayer games having a system to system option instead of straight up online. Please consider adding this as an option.
  5. Nice short , very well done . Top 3 maybe ? Rework seems extra harsh but I guess he gets a few perks . I never play Wes but cool he got some attention.
  6. Multiple players opening chests at the same time is nice.
  7. Exact same thing happened to me also except it's an Ornary. Have the Glossamer saddle too.
  8. Ok thanks. Guess I will plow ahead and finish domestication without rolling back. Playing a solo Wormwood and having an Ornary will be a nice addition. Edit: ok finally domesticated the sob , but it took 18 days instead of 15? Not sure why, but 18 days is still better than 20 , so I'll take it lol.
  9. What does it mean if your taming a Beef and he stops being hungry but isn't yet domesticated ? I was on about day 10 or 11 brusing once a day and fighting butterflies and spiders most of the day. When not on the beef and he made the hungry sign , I would feed twigs until it stopped. A new day started and he never makes a hungry sign and I never overfeed . He has an ornary face . Just wondering what the heck is going on ? Is it glitched ? Or did I somehow mess up? Tempted to roll back a few days to when he still signals being hungry and try again. Anyone have any ideas ? I have raised about a dozen beefs in various maps but have run into issues like this a few times recently.
  10. I find if you burn the pine trees when they are in their 1st growth phase they routinely produce more then the 2nd or 3rd growth stage. So try to plant all at once in a safe area. Wait a half to full day till all are small and burn. Just try to watch out for loose pieces falling and burning . You should get a bit more then what you normally harvest.
  11. Not sure if someone mentioned this since this thread is so long . But I have been using the antlion to my advantage to harvest a bunch of wood during summer. I just plant about an 80 tree or so dense forest 2 screens from my base. When the ground starts to rumble , I have just enough time (if I am at my base) to run to my forest and the antlions earthquakes take care of about 30 or 40 trees instantly, stumps included. As a bonus treegaurds can even spawn too. Just have to watch for wildfires since summer , but makes for easy logs.
  12. I finally got to level 10 and got Pearl's pearl ! It was a Puffy vest she took that got me the pearl. Now I just need to locate the Crab king . This quest takes forever...
  13. I am trying it on my longtime Wolfgang solo world and have watched a fair amount of strategy vids , so as long as I'm in mighty form , use the 8 purple gem method and spam the ice staff when the water starts bubbling . Oh and have the boat positioned in the right spot. Thinking that may be easier than Pearl's bs . But I'm sure it'll take a few tries either way. Is that the basic idea of the fight ?
  14. Thanks , Pearl and Crab king will definitely be a one and done quest for me per world. What a tedious bunch of crap it is.
  15. Ok , guess I will probably have to skip it for now since its late winter and I have to sail back and construct one and sail back. Weird though , the wiki says any insulatory gear works. I should have it completed by Summer anyway hopefully . To get the pearl do you just have to get to level 10 ? Or do you have to get to 10 and trade empty bottles as well ?