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  1. Bee queen has about the best loot of any boss . Jelly beans , bundle wrap , and Bq helmet are all incredibly useful. So yeah she has to be tough.
  2. Nice short , very well done . Top 3 maybe ? Rework seems extra harsh but I guess he gets a few perks . I never play Wes but cool he got some attention.
  3. I find the Glossamer saddle so much easier to construct than the war. I prefer to domesticate my Beef in the Summer. I generally spend the daytime by my bee boxes and flowers killing butterflies , after about 5 days of that method I have enough to build a Glossamer saddle. So this method works great when training a Ornary , and when its tamed I just pop on the Glossamer saddle as a nice reward. Maybe I just have awful luck at spawning a Ewecus but the War saddle usually takes 100 days before I can make one.
  4. Seems like maybe a bunny character could be interesting . Give it a nice buff at dusk and night and a sanity penalty for being in sunlight. Maybe let you shave a bunny puff off every few days so you can build bunny armies easier. Probably have to be veggie only diet lol. Plus some other neat stuff.
  5. Vargs are pretty darn tough. The amount of hounds they can spawn is insane. Even a war saddle Ornary beefalo can have trouble tanking it due to all the hounds. You definitely need a bit of strategy to down one solo.
  6. Thanks for the info. Not sure why people are complaining. Never knew a lava pool was 500 but makes sense. I just go with a Tam o and heat stone for winter and occasionally break the beefalo hat out . During summer I just use 2 rotating heat stones in the icebox and an eyebrella or straw hat if I don't have one. Over heating or freezing is rarely an issue if I do these methods.
  7. Multiple players opening chests at the same time is nice.
  8. Hate the new system . Just want to set my seed and walk away. Old farms should be an option still.
  9. Not sure the wifi is good enough on the Switch but I would love it if it was playable.
  10. Thanks. I always go for a Ornary beef first but if they added that perk I would definitely consider a Pudgy as my second beef to raise. A Pudgy with a war saddle would be just a little slower version of the Default beef , but with a nice sanity and hunger perk. Pretty good really.
  11. The Pudgy beef is a bit weak and could use a slight buff. I agree. One thing I thought would be nice would be to make the riders hunger loss cut in half while riding it. Kind of like a belt of hunger. It would be a solid perk but not too op.
  12. I hate the new farming system and wish they would at least keep the advanced farms as an option for people.
  13. You gotta build a few heating stones (10 rocks , 1 pickaxe , in the survival tab.) Then rotate them out from a icebox when needed as they start to get warm. Cannot build either icebox or the heat stone until you have made an Alchemy machine though. Pine trees will shade you also and there is always the caves too.
  14. I would not mind a little less smoldering range from a player , like a 7 to 8 title range, and a few seconds added to items smoldering before catching on fire. Oh and a legit summer boss like Klaus or something. Other than that summer is ok , I just keep 2 hearing stones rotating in a fridge and rock the eyebrella when the stone starts to warm up. But yeah , smoldering/fires could use a tweak for sure.