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  1. Not sure if it has been posted , but when you hear hounds starting to growl, go down a cave before they spawn , come back up after a few seconds. You still hear growling for a few seconds but the hounds never appear. Good trick when your out doing stuff and dont want to bother dealing with them.
  2. Its ok , I would not mind seeing the ability to replenish them with a salt cystal or 2 though , as others have said
  3. Hooray , cannot wait to try it out. Thanks for the mushlight buff too Klei !
  4. So has the consoles gotten Salty dog update yet ? I thought it was this week they were getting it and newer woody update ?
  5. Ideas for Wolfgang's rework

    I would not mind a bit harsher sanity drain at night or near monsters , but would not want any big changes to his damage output. He is already perfect for deep solo play , and as a boss fighter in multiplayer. Hope his rework is minor and among the last characters.
  6. Thoughts on disease

    Its ok I guess. It prevents or curbs unlimited easy resource harvesting. But it can be frustrating when out on a 3 to 7 day journey away from base and come back to see a bunch of disease. But I just kind of deal with it best I can without too much hassel. Usually I just go the grass gecko pen route after a year or so. But I usually keep just an 8 to 12 berry bush farm and about 2 dozen twig bushes due to disease. It could use a tweaking or reasonably difficult way to negate it IMO. The only thing I alter in my worlds is making the world large and caves large. Everything else is default
  7. Excited to hear about ROT update and new boss to try and work towards, for consoles . Hope its a good challenge! Glad the Woodie peeps are getting a bone tossed their way. Will have 0 effect on my worlds likely but its new content so yay!
  8. Nah , their roadmap of 2019 has been a long enough running joke already.
  9. This person gets it. Wig is just great at solo-ing hard to do things , especially early on. Wolfgangs my guy , but Wig does things he cannot without a lot more work/prep. Shes basically a bada**
  10. I agree Wolfgangs a bit better overall, but your kinda over stating it. Wolfgang only does 2x damage with a full belly which decreases very fast . It also takes nearly 5 meatballs for example, to get from 0 to 300. Which people dont always have just kicking around in their inventory. Wigfrid has constant damage with out the crazy food requirement. So for the world exploring non boss fights I prefer Wig . Wolfgang is great but takes some good prep to make sure you can transform to Mighty whenever you need to (bundling wrap usually) . Wigs meat requirement is easy to work around honestly. The only easy and good crockpot meal she really misses out on is dragonpie imo. And also taffy works now for her I think , so even better. Yes its a handicap to not eat green caps and cacti , but she gains good sanity by fighting anything so it evens out imo. Wolfs speed boost is nice can't deny that . Mostly helpful with full belly fights that you are kiting the target. And I'm sorry but football helmets really suck compared to Wigfrids. Like, they are straight up crap really. So her Helmets are invaluable in my opinion. Anyway , Wolfgangs been my main for a few years and I think he is the most dominant player overall. But if I had only 1 teamate I would choose Wig over Wicker or Wx.
  11. I use to only play Wx , and have/had several worlds into the late hundreds and early thousands of days . I am well aware of his pros and cons . He is definitly a powerful charactor. However his max stats can take 100 to 200 days to reach depending on gear rng world gen luck ,tumbleweed luck ,and how fast you rush the ruins. For a decent minimal base I feel like you need at least 10 gears for Ice flingos and multiple iceboxes . So thats about 25 or more gears needed to find to have a fully upgraded WX and ok base. Very do-able yes , but it will take a good amount of time to get that many gears usually. His 400 health is nice when fully upgraded .But if you are really low on health , my god does it take a lot of resourses (and time doing the healing animation also) to heal him fully. 9 or more pierogis , 11 or more honey poultace, etc , etc. The dude takes a lot to heal . Its sort of a double edge sword since you have to leave the battle so long to heal and requires a lot to bring back to 400 hp. Imo where he shines the most as a team player is to be the tank during raid fights (man can he take a pounding, lol) . And as you already mentioned , to be the garbage disposal of the team and make great use of his no spoiled penalty. The overcharge , while nice ,is too hard to rely on consistantly without a Wickerbottom on the team. And yeah , his downside of losing health in rain is super easy to negate early game. He is a great charactor. But I will take Wigs Helmet making , increased damage, and lack of needing sanity boosters often on my team 7 out of 7 days and twice on Sunday. I really have little use for a WX on my worlds compared to what Wig can do. Just my opinion many hours of playing.
  12. Well thats your opinion. I say Wig is more OP then Wx (if no Wickerbottom to supercharge ).
  13. How is Wigfrid not considered one of the top tier power players ? Anyway , I voted for light changes option.
  14. Hey there . I have thought for a while now that a cool update would be the ability to craft some sort of body armor for your domesticated beefalo. It would be fun to take on bigger bosses and mobs with our beefs I think. As well as I just feel like domesticated beefs need a bit of a refresh or new item to strive for. It should be considerably hard to craft , like the 2 premium saddles are. Maybe something like mutiple shelmets , marble pieces and dragonfly scales , but it has to be difficult to obtain. Since it would be hard to craft, I feel it should be "fixable" maybe by using marble pieces to fix it. Ideally it would not dissapear when depleted , rather just go to 0% until fixed. I could go on , but thats the basics of it. I know the fighter beefs w saddle is pretty diesel , but a little armor boost would be cool in my opinion . Any thoughts ?