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  1. Yes if you dont have an insulated pack it's good just to keep your powerful crockpot dishes that are close to rotting right in the fridge and use at the base after battles and scraps . Once you take dishes in the yellow or red from the fridge they practically evaporate to rot before your eyes. Save fresh dishes for battles and adventures away from your base , at least enough to get back to your base and replenish stats on rotting items . Of course a lot of this strategy becomes semi moot once you get bundling wrap.
  2. I always tried to time my gear upgrades around needing health or sanity badly as it's a great booster.I always liked carrying a few gears as emergency food/health/sanity saviors . It's a superfood that never expires and without needing bundling wrap blueprint. Nice little perk imo . That and the fact he eats spoiled or worse food while getting full benefits were my favorite aspects . I never played with a Wicker , so getting struck by lightning was hard to plan around and kind of a meh feature for me usually. It's pretty fun to get all tanky after maxing out stats too , but I swear your sanity goes down darn near as fast whether upgraded or not .
  3. I love me some beef taming . I usually go with the Ornary with a Glossamer but have a war saddle incase I need more power. Pudgy could use a little something extra imo
  4. I love it when I can get bundling wrap blueprint and a Krampus sack on the same Klaus drop 1st winter. That's happened a few times . Also one time when me a random were getting ready to take on Klaus before I really knew how to fight him good . The goal was a Krampus sack , well during his Krampus summons phase they dropped a sack ! I was like "well shoot that's the whole reason we came to fight , let's bail " left the fight and came back for the sack lol
  5. Is it just me or does the pic on the left wall look like Wortox ? Not that I think the update is Wortox though . Just looks like him in the pic
  6. If you guys love to tank then start a map with one as Wortox and the other Woodie. Woodie can tank like no other in his Moose phase and Wortox to do the healing and a little tanking. Good combo for tanking right there. Add a Wolfgang or Wigfrid for even better results in 3 player situations
  7. I use them for moggles , other than that they tend to annoy me. They are ok overall
  8. I put other , it's ok now but hoping we some larger new areas on land or caves with bosses to match . Ocean stuff is ok but prefer land and caves
  9. I started a solo Woodie map a few weeks ago . I selected a big map and big caves and everything else was default. After mapping out the above ground section , I have no Glommer statue and no set piece statues where you put the star callers staff to turn it to a moon caller staff . I am on ps4 and have never played a map that lacked anything really , so I was surprised . I am about 150 days in and will probably just delete the world since it seems glitched. Anyone else run into something like this ?
  10. You can speed up your honey production by leaving a little to harvest at the start of the day. You harvest and it gets all the bees out of the box and on to flowers , where as leaving it alone the bees only come out 1 by 1 slowly thru the day . With charcoal collection in early to mid game , I have found the small evergreen trees give the most charcoal compared to medium or large versions of the tree. Its surprising how much more you get. What I like to do is find a clear area plant 15 to 20 trees and wait about a day until all are small trees ,light them all up and reap the charcoal.
  11. Hi all , I thought maybe we could have a general thread with QOL suggestions for the next update. I have a few I could come up with if I put some thought into it. But I'll just leave 1 for now... Anyone think it would be fair to use the sewing kit on a football helmet for a repair. Since it's made of skin and rope seems like it should be repairable. And you would basically be trading some silk for a pig skin . Seems like it would be handy when you have a lot of silk but low on pig skin. Anyways just a thought and keep the suggestions coming if you all have any.
  12. I would not mind this but it should be only received from toadstool or maybe misery . Not a Klaus drop too
  13. Not sure if it's been posted , but if your in a bad spot with shadow creatures after you and are gonna die just quit out of the game. Shadow creatures are not saved when reloaded. So it's a decent way to get rid of them and get yourself out of trouble . Kinda cheesy but meh
  14. Constantly be on the hunt for spider glands , reeds and get some bee boxes set up by day 10 to accrue some honey before winter. You'll need these to heal as he can't heal from food. Others will add more but for your health , prioritize glands and reed harvesting and honey
  15. Just make sure you have a save state with an unopened loot stash and big antler on the ground ready to unlock . You should get one eventually . I have had it take 15 to 20 tries before. Seems like it appears most when I dont need one haha