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  1. It's okay I think my cookbook is normal now
  2. nothing wrong here, just a normal cookbook page
  3. 1) Hats float behind his head when you wear any of them (easiest example is wearing a tam). 2) Also examining a ghost woodie gives the quote "You wouldn't even noticed if I took a bite." I think there's an extra "d" at "noticed" but correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. I want to love the deer wortox but hats look so terrible with it, I'll say wicker's witch outfit is the 2nd best.
  5. Maxwell shadows take 10 seconds to remake. Merms are overshadowed by a lot of other methods of "farming" bosses, and it's not usable by anyone unless you bundle masks. In the case of wicker, it's free for use by anyone, without needing an extra cost or reprepping. Nona just needs a random gem. I also ain't wasting my time fishing in a pond, making a fish farm is much more effective overall since the spots rate is so low. As a whole we can say that wurt fixes issues that don't exist cuz of swapping, the merms are a sidegrade for bosses, and same for gathering. But I understand the playstyle, I just ain't going as her for that specifically.