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  1. @ImDaMisterL, I'll trade you my plate of pancakes for your plate of waffles if you can move this. Syrup included.
  2. @JohnWatson, you yourself made this mod. Why not advertise it? @The Curator, give this a look.
  3. Thinking of a private DST server

    @SkyCommision, did the server ever go up?
  4. Rumor has it that if you're able to get a strand of JoeW's mustache, you can use it to make a wish.

    My wish would be, "I wish JoeW actually had a real mustache."

    1. minespatch


      He doesn't?:wilson_shocked:

    2. ImDaMisterL


      It's an alien, not a real mustache.

    3. Donke60


      I would like to meet the Dev team

      finding companiship would be a close second 
      though a moment with Nome must not be wasted!

  5. So, at the moment, character Elegants have nothing special attached to them apart from looking snazzy or different. Why not add in lines of dialogue that match the theme of what the character looks like? Triumphant characters could have dialogue explaining how they now have complete control of the world, or how they now see the appeal of Nightmare Fuel. Maybe the Survivor sets could change the dialogue to show how the characters wish for freedom now more than ever, or how time passes... but they do not age, with Charlie's control over the world being absolute with no visible way out. I just thought to suggest this, as it wouldn't give any player any gameplay advantages over other players, as well as give a small incentive to go out and seek the Elegants out in the first place, if only for altered flavor text.
  6. Whats going on ?

    We aren't asking for a constant string of updates that introduce new things into the game constantly. As contradictory as this may sound from the last post I made on that other thread, I'd also be fine with a roadmap or something from a dev that explains what they might have in store for players in the future. Not just, "Yep, we're working on it. Can't tell you guys anything yet." And yes, I am aware that we recently received the 'A New Reign' series of updates, but the team went mostly silent after it was released. If a dev had said something along the lines of, "Well, we hope you enjoy the new update! We have some other projects at the moment, but once we properly finish and release our other games in development, we'll be sure to let you know what's in the future for DST/ ONI/ Griftlands etc. etc..." I get it, if something can't be implemented properly and it was a feature that was promised/announced, members of the community will be upset and betrayed. But I still appreciate the level of communication that we have now. At least it isn't what players have to put up with with TF2, where Valve keeps their updates developing in secrecy and then announce it a week before it's released, while not really telling what the update brings specifically to the game. It's a fragile balance, promising something and announcing new updates. I get it. The dev team is only human.
  7. Who is Wendella? Is it a character idea that you came up with? The name of the character whose name was discovered in an update and quickly removed in a patch was called 'Winona'. Strangely enough, it was a thread that you yourself made. Although, if I'm wrong, please provide evidence to show that a character by the name of Wendella quickly had their lines removed from the game or that there was something else to prove that the concept of such a character was in either DS or DST's files.
  8. I'm not really into community discoveries. I'm more interested in the content that an update provides, which gives me an incentive to hop back into DS/DST (I haven't done so in a while. I've been playing other games that have grabbed my attention). When I think of community discoveries, I think of somebody making a new account and finding out stuff through making threads, when a wiki might have done the job better at teaching them how to play the game. Some users might be into that, I'm not. This isn't a jab at those who do that, I'm just more into updates and content than experimenting with a new mechanic in the game. As a quick side-note, I used to experiment on learning how to summon Klaus when most of the community were unaware of how to do so. I found it interesting for about half an hour or so. I was more interested in what the next update would bring, but appreciated the Winter's Feast update.
  9. I used money to buy the game, and then I was faced with the rather difficult choice of whether to use mouse or keyboard controls. But then I realized that you could use both at the same time! My jaw hit the floor so hard that I nearly caused collateral damage in the building I was living in. Then, I decided to use both control schemes at the same time. Thank goodness YouTube is a good place for finding visual representations to show others what you mean:
  10. I think it's because the skins are something that the community has been clamoring for for quite a while, but a definitive answer has never been given out by a dev as to why they haven't made their way to Steam yet (Besides platform exclusivity). That, and I also personally think that there hasn't been much else to talk about concerning DST lately. I haven't read that anything huge might be coming to the game, and as I'm sure we're all aware, the people working at Klei are pretty much preoccupied with developing 3-4 other projects at the moment. As to your second point, that's subjective. What might not appeal to you may appeal to an individual who thinks that the skins look lovely. But I do think that they shouldn't be such a huge issue/ hot topic to talk about. They're simply cosmetic and do not change the game in any meaningful way.
  11. I'm still alive. I've just been doing an internship, which means having the life sucked out of you.

    Also, this new forum design is weird. Really bright for some reason.

    1. minespatch


      At least you're safe. Good luck on where this internship takes you.

  12. I noticed that YouTube recently added a 'Pin Comment' feature, meaning that when a comment is pinned, it gets pinned to the top of the comments section and shows up prominently when a user scrolls past the video. I think it'd be useful to have a function like that on the forums around here. One example that comes to mind is something like this: If the comment in question was pinned, it could show up under the main comment without users having to look through 96 pages to find it (Though to be fair, it is located on page 8 of the thread).
  13. Do you mean fact? Do you have any data to back up that statement? LuxuryHeart, how many hours do you have in DST? Why would you recommend Willow if the character has a harder time staying sane than most? Based on your previous statements, you made it sound as if beginners should just use Wilson and Willow because everyone else does. If you're going to be giving out advice to beginners as to who they should start out with, at least make sure that you've given all the characters a try and have spent some time with them.
  14. Update: Gold wx-78 figure

    No. Just a reference to the Bible and pointing out not to worship false idols.
  15. Better Shiny pokemon

    The reason why Shedinja is such a nightmare to fight is because of the fact that it has only five elemental weaknesses and attacking it using only its elemental weaknesses is the only way to hurt it. It is immune to a wide variety of types and only 5 types will actually do any damage to it. Savvy trainers can use a Focus Sash, making it so that because Shedinja's Max HP is at 1 (And therefore at 100%), it will always trigger the Sash's effect. Even if you think to use a weather effect to hurt it (Sandstorm, Hail, ETC.), you have to be prepared enough to have a Pokemon on hand that can actually use one at the time (Even then, Shedinja can use Safety Goggles to negate weather effects). Trainers attempting to steamroll other teams with Shedinja can make it so that, with the right setup, get rid of three of its weaknesses, ensuring that only two types will be able to hurt it. Fortunately, I think future Generations of Pokemon games made it so that the Sash's effect can only activate once per battle. I need to find the source of where I learned this from. EDIT: Not exactly the video I was looking for, but this shows why Shedinja can be a real pain to fight.
  16. Better Shiny pokemon

    @Gotheran, will you ever make more Shiny color tweaks?
  17. Never mind, I'm okay with the thought of never becoming a moderator. Celebrate or continue living your lives as usual.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TheKingDedede


      I guess I could moderate those forums if need be (Along with Arlesienne becoming a moderator. Whatever happened to her? She barely posts nowadays...), but Griftlands is quite a ways away from being released, and Hot Lava still looks deep in development.

    3. ImDaMisterL


      I've heard beta keys for Hot Lava will be coming out "sooner than we think".

      Not sure why Arles hasn't been too active, but my guess is probably her job.

    4. Arlesienne


      I'm sorry, I'm out of the loop as I'm trying to secure stability of work I got this autumn. Besides, DST is being buggy for me (has been ever since the bonus update), the workshop clashes with Windows 10 and it's a royal pain. It also runs noticeably slower and generally mulls my system. I'm not dead, which perhaps is a plus, but I'm certain there are other people who would actually be suitable to be moderators.

  18. (H) Wickerbottom Triumphant (W) Offers

    No, they mean sell your items on the Steam Community market before they drop in price so you can use the money to buy games. Elegants have a chance to drop all year round. What are you talking about?
  19. Thinking of a private DST server

    Is it EST or whatnot?
  20. DST suggestions

    I'll give this a small bump, since it was a forum bug that pushed this thread into obscurity. If this mod were to be ported over to DST, would more classes be added?
  21. Come on, why'd you go off-topic in that thread you recently commented on? That was kind of rude.

    1. WishIHadAFridge


      Ah yes, I see what you mean.

      My apologies.

  22. Did you disappear from the forums? Also, I sent you a PM that one time. Did you read it? I asked if we could play together sometime, but that was months ago. Hopefully, you get to read it soon.

  23. (H) Wickerbottom Triumphant (W) Offers

    Good luck trying to find someone to trade with. You'll need it.
  24. kraken121, I wanted to tell you that other users are incapable of responding to your threads due to the theory that it may be a forum bug preventing users from doing so, or that only devs working on the mod are capable of doing so. I've tried responding to the thread where you ask what players would like to see if it was ever ported over to DST. I suggest you ask JoeW as to what the issue may be.

    1. TheKingDedede


      This one, just to be clear.

    2. TheKingDedede


      Hey, JoeW got it working. I'll just bump up that thread of yours.