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  1. While the decision to have a mobile game be developed by a company that has had a rather sketchy history is disheartening (Feel free to check their WIkipedia page to see some of the controversial stuff that they have done), I'm willing to give the upcoming game a fair shake. If I end up being one of the people who can join the beta and whose phone can run it, I'll make a thread detailing my experiences with the game. I'm rather intrigued of the idea of having a house that can persist and can be customized, but fingers crossed that the execution ends up being better than the idea on paper.
  2. Send them to the ones you love. Use them as Valentine's Day gifts. Use them to spell out, "I love you."
  3. Nah, but no worries, I'm fine with the Krampus Sack drop. I thought this would be an amusing image to post as a response to it. But just this once. If somebody else does the same thing... I'll probably ignore it... maybe.
  4. That's more than what some users will ever earn in their entire lives. So yeah, pretty lucky.
  5. So I was doing a bit of experimenting with Wilson and found a bug. No worries, I reported it but I thought I'd share my findings (and the bug) here. So, as Wilson, you normally don't have access changing your beard skins through the Wardrobe. They cannot be changed when starting at the Portal. However, starting with your chosen Elegant automatically equips you with the corresponding beard skin. So if you have his Victorian Elegant and start the game with it, you'll automatically be equipped with the Victorian beard skin. If you wish to change your beard skin as Wilson without changing your skin set through normal gameplay, you can cast the Clean Sweeper on yourself to change your beard skin. So you could be using the Guest of Honor skin and decide you want to use the Triumphant beard. You're allowed to do that. The Snowfallen's beard skin, however, does not come assigned to the Snowfallen Elegant by default. Even if you change from one Elegant to another via the Wardrobe, it sets itself to the default skin by default when going back to the Snowfallen skin, so you'd have to use the Clean Sweeper to get the beard that goes along with it. It's still nice to have the beard skins, however. It adds an extra layer of customization to Wilson that other characters don't have.
  6. Wilson now has beard skins, which change if you have the corresponding Elegant that goes along with them. They cannot be changed in-game via the Wardrobe without changing into the same Elegant. The Snowfallen beard skin does not apply itself, however, when Wilson changes into the corresponding skin while using the Wardrobe or when he starts a game. The skins for the Guest of Honor, Survivor, Victorian and Triumphant apply themselves correctly when switching sets using the Wardrobe or when starting with them. The Snowfallen Elegant uses his default beard rather than the Snowfallen one. The bug was noticed after growing a level three beard and using the Wardrobe to change skins.
  7. I know that bumping a thread for visibilty's sake is seen as obnoxious, but I would like this version of the thread to remain visible and not archived.
  8. I mean, I already bought it, but alright.
  9. I chose this photo because it encapsulates what the update brought along with it; new forms for Woodie and his ability to piss off a never ending amount of Treeguards. The new quote could probably be, "Using his newfound strength, Woodie fought to continue doing what he loves most."
  10. @ImDaMisterL could you move this since this isn't technically a suggestion? I'm merely suggesting that you do.
  11. As of May 2, 2020, Wilson's Mad Scientist set has no shoes. I have made threads before about how this set does not have shoes, merely using the default socks that appear on a character when they appear to be missing something. I then made another thread when the old one was archived. In the first thread, I linked a post where user @jantonio showed that Maxwell's Guest of Honor set had no shoes. A bit after the thread was made, Maxwell's GoH set was given Winklepickers in an update to complete the look. @FuffledBeeQueen stated in the second thread that it may have been intentional to not give this set shoes or boots. I was unable to find a source proving this, however. I realize that I did not give any ideas as to what potential shoes could look like to complete the set in my other threads. I took some screenshots showing some ideas that could work if they were modified a bit. For example, here's one where he's wearing WX's Merrymaker shoes: They're dark brown, but they help complete the look and the yellow soles go really well with the yellow accents on the gloves. I also think that plain boots could work on this set: Or use his default legs when wearing the torso piece of this set. Either way, I would like for shoes or boots to be added to the set to complete the look. Thank you for reading.
  12. Meanwhile, us Wormwood players can get as close to a Lureplant as possible without a care in the world.
  13. I've received an Elegant... But at what cost?
  14. There was once a man who recorded all of the skins in DST. But when new ones were added and the forums needed him the most, he vanished...
  15. When Don't Starve: Hamlet was in beta, an update was released that allowed the player to use multiple crafting stations at once if they were in close proximity to one another. As a small Quality of Life improvement to DST, I think this change should be ported over.
  16. I have yet another for the Elegant pile. I bring to you... a puppy! He's so cute!
  17. As a huge fan of Wilson, I think he'd be left last in terms of a rework. But here's hoping that he might be next...
  18. Perhaps my drop from today is foreshadowing what the next rework will be? You be the judge.
  19. Throw one more Elegant onto the pile. Looking back on it, I wished I had saved the screenshot of my very first Elegant. It was the Smallbird Backpack. Good times...
  20. If you're looking for a show to watch, I would highly recommend watchingĀ Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. It's this new show that was created by Dreamworks, specifically their animation department and can be watched on Netflix.

    The premise is that the world has gone through an apocalypse and our main character, Kipo, wishes to get back home after being taken away from her burrow (Which the show explains what that is). She runs into a colorful cast of characters, not all of them human, and the show does a good job of world building and keeping a good pace. The show has a great cast of characters and what really sold me it were its action scenes and music. My goodness, it was some of the best music that I heard accompanying high-octane scenes in a long while.

    This is now one of the few shows where I am now patiently waiting or a second season and I hope that by recommending it to other people, at least one person can become hooked on it like I have.

    1. minespatch


      I also recomend you check out Captain Underpants and Turbo Fast by dreamworks. Klei animators have worked on those shows.

  21. Did you take Daylight Savings Time ending into account?
  22. She has returned... Now this is a pleasant surprise!