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  1. Don't Starve EP (RoG)

    Did you travel to another dlc (shipwreckd) or from it when you were at day 64?
  2. I guess buying an Xbox PS4 , or pc would be a start!
  3. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I’ll definitely put that cheeky Wilson to good use! Thanks.
  4. Waaiitt the work theme changed!!! But that was my favorite. That just ain’t right ;(
  5. Proof of Purchase Skins

    The thing is don’t starve together basically got ported from pc to PS4. The Ingame code redemption was always illegal for games , but since it was a port and no one from Sony noticed it, it wasn’t a problem. With the new update with the store I assume someone realized that this feature was there even tho it shouldn’t be in the game at all. So they had to remove it. Code redemption is only allowed in the ps store and klei 100% won’t be really experienced with how this system 100% will work with codes and is completely new with this. The chances of them moving them there are there but unlikely I’d say, at least for now. If you have a code , i would hold onto it for now and stay faithful, but keep in mind they made no promises nor did they say they will be adding it in any way again.
  6. eyyy , PS4 is definitely getting it at the same time too. Hype!!!
  7. Exactly! I mean it’s a bummer but I want the plushy more than the code anyway. And I don’t want to make any trouble for anything I can’t prove!
  8. I do actually have the plush , but my friend unboxed it when I wasn’t at my house and threw the code away .
  9. I meant more the rarity factor in getting them from presents. Loyals are items that are gifted to everyone at a certain timeout by doing sth besides playing the game like watching twich. I just would feel like the rewarding of playing the game would be gone. Since what you get in like maybe (it was 1 year until I got my first elegant) in I second by paying 1 or 2 €. I know my rant won’t stop anything, but I would have loved to see at least the basic skins unbought. I mean I think I just hate the idea because I play on PS4 and we have no steam market where we can buy any skin. That’s why I am more against the idea I think , but whatever the devs will do. I will still support them.
  10. The first three skin sets should stay, unbuyable. What’s the fun in collecting when everything rare is buyable and the only thing that would be actually rare at that point would be the common and uncommon clothing items.
  11. I would love the robot skins so much if they would do them. That would be by far my favorites.
  12. Noooo I need the sign , that’s the item I need!