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  1. I have been waiting for this
  2. Actually are anenemy friendly to him? I have no idea. I don’t really play wormwood.
  3. Wait how does it make a company scummy if they have a limited numbers of players that can join the beta. yeah, it sucks i won’t be able to get the beta because I don’t live in Germany but that doesn’t automatically make the game bad. It’s probably where the servers have the best connection and the servers are probably limited too at the current time, thus the number of limited people(this is only an assumption, but even if not it’s really just a beta). I feel like people are missing the fact that games are made by multiple people , people that can pour love into a game and try their hardest to make a good product and not only a Company that wants money. Only because you dislike the company doesn’t mean you can’t give the game a chance. Just let the beta release , watch some YouTube videos about it and then I think you should be in a position you could say it’s bad or not. I’m not even trying to defend it . I am unsure if this will be good myself ,but I am trying to stay neutral to the product until I actually have seen gameplay(Well I guess you could already say you hate the art style. That has been shown and would be an understandable point to dislike it).
  4. Maybe give the player like a tiny debuff for a while after the king died(like less attack and being slower maybe to make it a harsh impact) Or the king gives better and better rewards the longer he has been alive.
  5. The picture reminds me of a Venus bud from bug fables.
  6. I think it looks sick. Everyone is so negative about it without even have tried it out.
  7. Your skins are connected to your klei account and the klei account is connected to your psn Id. I am 100% certain you will keep everything.
  8. basically if someone makes a server friends only and you try to join it while you put yourself to appear as offline it doesn’t recognize you being in their friends list.
  9. I was fishing with the winter skin fishing rod and with the fork as bait and the blue quill from grab grandma (sorry I don’t remember the name), if that’s any help.
  10. It must have been around day 35. And I can’t think of anything else that could have caused the crash since it was at the exact moment I caught the lobster and I wasn’t doing anything besides that.