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  1. I wonder if console players will now finally be allowed to use more then just default after this update.
  2. Wasn’t there a mod for don’t starve that turned it into smash bros
  3. I’m sure they will add the bell and beefalo improvements to the core game. It would seem like such a waste if they didn’t.
  4. I wonder when the year of the beefalo will start. Good roadmap tho. I like what’s coming.
  5. I would actually welcome a refresh, by that I don’t mean a nerf but something that makes him interesting.I personally find him very uninterested to play and him and wes are the only characters I rarely play as.
  6. I think Wolfgang is probably one of the best characters in the game ,but I don’t like his playstyle so I never play him.
  7. Yeah I noticed that too. @CharlesB is this intended to happen or is this a bug?