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  1. Leopardfur and Sunfish from warriorcats per tumblr request
  2. attempt to draw humans. to be fair I wasnt really trying much, just doodling human faces are what I have trouble with, the body anatomy is pretty decent I think, but anything above the neck is eeeh
  3. Princess from warriorcats, for tumblr art requests.
  4. Jambu from wings of fire, really proud of this one.
  5. one of my wings of fire ocs, blueberry. they just do a little sit.
  6. Cats made from A random cat name generator
  7. nah, he actually just has A crown but I made it this thing instead. the gem thing isnt really a headcanon per-se as much as it is just like A personal design choice thingy idk. Anyway mermay sol from warriorcats!
  8. c!ranboo (aka the character not the person) doodles